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This article is about this main character, whose last name is Diyoza. You may be looking for Hope's mother named Charmaine Diyoza.

I don't want to hurt you.
— Hope to Echo [src]

Hope Diyoza is a major character[1] in the seventh season, after appearing as a minor character in the sixth season. She is portrayed by cast member Shelby Flannery and debuts in "The Old Man and the Anomaly".

She is the daughter of Charmaine Diyoza and Paxton McCreary.

Early life[]

Her mother, Charmaine had been pregnant for almost 235 years due to the two times she went into cryosleep before she went through the Anomaly to another planet. Hope was born on a different planet and after 20 years she was able to finally come back from it, due to the time dilation.

Diyoza is about to give birth by herself when Octavia emerges from the Anomaly and helps her to deliver the baby. Over the next several years, Diyoza and Octavia raise Hope together, forming their own family with Octavia becoming Auntie O to Hope. Octavia teaches her about gardening, while Diyoza talks about biology and math. The planet is eventually named Skyring by Hope.

Four years later, ten years after their arrival on Skyring, Diyoza teases Octavia about repairing her clothes from their arrival when men arrive on Skyring through the Anomaly from Bardo. The men reveal that they have the message Octavia tossed into the Anomaly and Diyoza futilely attempts to cover for her friend. Failing, Diyoza yells at Octavia to come out and save Hope at any cost. Octavia gets captured as well, but manages to hide Hope from detection. The men, the Disciples, place helmets upon Diyoza and Octavia so that they will remember everything and disappear with them through the Anomaly to Bardo. Hope later runs around shouting for her mom, but no one is answering. A few months after Octavia and Diyoza are taken, Dev, a prisoner from Bardo arrives on Skyring to serve a ten-year sentence for breaking one of the Disciples' principal laws. Dev takes care of Hope, helping to raise and train her for the day that the Disciples come back for him in ten years. However, their ambush goes wrong, resulting in Dev's death, forcing Hope to effect a rescue mission for her mother and Octavia on her own. With the help of Levitt, a Disciple scientist who befriended Octavia, Hope is able to rescue Octavia and return her to Sanctum, but is captured in the process and forced to help the Disciples recapture Octavia.

Throughout the Series[]

In Acceptable Losses, Diyoza reveals to Abby that she is pregnant.

In How We Get to Peace, Diyoza reveals to Marcus Kane that she is pregnant with an unborn daughter. Then she confesses to him that she was terrified to raise her child in this terrible world but after she met Marcus, he has given her hope. Marcus then repeats the word 'Hope' adding that it could be a good name for her daughter.

In Sic Semper Tyrannis, during the fight between Diyoza and Paxton McCreary, Diyoza reveals to McCreary that she is pregnant with his baby. As McCreary assesses what Diyoza just told him, he loosens his grip on her neck, allowing Diyoza to stab him with a piece of broken glass and gain the upper hand in the fight.

In Damocles (Part 2), Clarke threatens McCreary's unborn baby in an attempt to get him to stand down.

In The Old Man and the Anomaly, on the way to the Anomaly, Diyoza hallucinates a future 5-year-old Hope. Not being able to resist, she follows this vision into the Anomaly, perceiving that she is holding the hand of her future child.

In The Blood of Sanctum, after Gabriel Santiago and Octavia Blake input the symbols tattooed on Octavia's back into Anomaly Stone, the Anomaly expands, surrounding the Verge. A grown Hope emerges whom Octavia immediately recognizes. Hope tells Octavia that she has no choice and that her mother is in danger. Hope stabs Octavia who whispers to her to be brave and to tell "him" that the job is done. As Echo and Gabriel restrain Hope, Octavia vanishes as the Anomaly returns to normal.

In From the Ashes, Hope is still unconscious while Gabriel is trying to decipher the symbols on her face. When she wakes up she immediately tries to evaluate the situation and asks Gabriel who he is. He tells her that Octavia said that her name is Hope - a name that Charmaine chose for her unborn daughter. Gabriel also points out that her arm is hurt and tries to reach it. But Hope hits Gabriel in the chest and runs away from the tent.

After she gets some distance, Hope looks at her arm and discovers a note hidden there ordering her to 'trust Bellamy', a note apparently she wrote by herself. She explains to Echo and Gabriel that they need to get to Bellamy asap and joins in their search, leading to Echo killing three of Bellamy's kidnappers. Moments later, the Anomaly begins to close which the group suspects is being done to prevent anyone from following Bellamy's kidnappers. Unwilling to leave him, the three jump through the Anomaly together just before it closes.

In The Garden, swimming out of the lake, Hope returns to Skyring with Echo and Gabriel Santiago, though they arrive centuries after Hope left due to the time dilation. Hope explains part of her life story to the two as well as the fact that she had made a deal with the Disciples' leader Anders -- the "he" that she had previously mentioned -- wherein Hope would help to capture Octavia by tagging her so that she would be sent back through the Anomaly in exchange for Diyoza's life. Hope is confident that both her mother and Octavia will understand her actions.

In Welcome to Bardo, in a flashback, Hope arrives on Bardo and, following the plan set out for her by Dev, locates Octavia in M-Cap. Holding her blade to Levitt's throat, Hope demands that he release Octavia who mistakes Hope for her mother. Hope releases Levitt after Octavia insists that they need him and reveals herself to Octavia who is surprised to see Hope grown up. Octavia orders Levitt to take them to Diyoza, but she can hardly stand so Hope decides to send Octavia home first before she rescues Diyoza. Hope threatens to kill Levitt if he fails to follow her instructions to claim that they are escorting a prisoner back to the cell block which he agrees to.

Levitt leads Hope and Octavia to the Stone room where he realizes that Hope triggered a biohazard alert to keep people away, something that Levitt calls clever. Hope admits that it wasn't her idea and Levitt realizes that the retrieval team sent for Dev isn't coming back and warns Hope that she only has 30 minutes before the Disciples send another team which Hope already knows from Dev. Levitt deactivates the alarm while Hope attempts to use the star map to reopen the Anomaly to Sanctum for Octavia, but can't get the star map to work. Levitt starts inputting the code instead and warns Octavia that due to time dilation, she will be returning at almost the exact moment she left despite the years Octavia has spent away from Sanctum. Levitt warns that as soon as the Anomaly opens, people will know and orders Hope to give Octavia her helmet so that she doesn't lose her memory from traveling to a slower time dilated world. However, Hope still needs the helmet to use the armor's cloaking device and Levitt comes up with the idea of recording Hope's biometric signature code onto Octavia's back using a native Bardoan device so that Octavia can pull Hope through the Anomaly to Sanctum at a later time. Before traveling back through the Anomaly, Octavia apologizes for never returning for Hope and states that Diyoza would be so proud of her. Once Octavia is gone, alarms go off and Levitt tries to get Hope to leave through the Anomaly too. Hope refuses, stating that she has to try and runs off as Levitt tries to warn her that even with the cloak, the Disciples will be able to detect her with their helmets. Hope is ultimately captured before she can rescue her mother.

Later, Hope sits on the floor of the Anomaly Stone room with blood dripping from her arm where Levitt has implanted the message about trusting Bellamy and surrounded by Disciples. Captain Meredith is unsure of where Hope's injury came from, only that she had an M-Cap session with Levitt though Anders finds his report useless as unlike Octavia, Hope doesn't know anything useful. Anders orders Meredith to be careful of Hope as she turned a Level 7 Disciple, Dev, against them and set free their most important asset before she was finally captured. As Anders orders Hope's sleeves rolled up to see her injury, Hope draws a knife and threatens not to go through with her mission if they touch her. Anders points out that her mother's life depends on Hope completing her mission and states that they gave her a tagging device, not a weapon. Anders mocks Hope's actions done in the name of love, pointing out that its led to her current predicament. Hope questions why Anders cares so much about Octavia, but Anders states that he only cares about Clarke who is the key to everything.

Before Hope can question him further, she vanishes as Octavia enters Hope's biometric code into the Anomaly Stone on Sanctum. Anders immediately sends Meredith and his men through the Anomaly after Hope, ordering them to kill her once Hope's job is done. Emerging from the Anomaly on Sanctum, Hope apologizes to Octavia, explaining that she couldn't get out of her mission as Anders has her mother. Hope stabs Octavia with the tagging device, sending her back through the Anomaly to Bardo.

In the present, Gabriel, Hope and Echo arrive on Bardo, cloaked using the Disciples' armor. After the three Disciples in the Anomaly Stone room are killed, Gabriel chides Echo, only to learn that the killer was Hope instead. Hope explains that without Orlando they don't need to take unnecessary risks, but Gabriel argues that leaving Orlando was the unnecessary risk and stops Echo from stabbing the men to ensure that they are dead. Gabriel reminds Echo and Hope that they only have 30 minutes to get to the cell block, get their people and get back to the Anomaly Stone room before shift change. However, they need to hurry as with Orlando opening the doors in their five years of practice, the best that they ever managed was 28 minutes. Gabriel points out that they need an inside man to succeed, but Hope and Echo believe that they have that in Levitt, the man who helped Hope and Octavia before and who will be in M-Cap.

As they reach M-Cap, the group is interrupted by Disciples heading to one of Anders' sermons who simply believe that Gabriel, Echo and Hope are running late. As Hope sneaks off in an attempt to assassinate Anders, Gabriel is shocked when Anders mentions that the Shepherd delivered the Disciples to Bardo using the Anomaly Stone. Gabriel explains to Echo that this means that the Disciples are not from Eligius III but instead came from Earth itself through the Anomaly. Echo talks Hope down from trying to kill Anders and the three depart once the sermon is over.

Returning to M-Cap, Gabriel, Hope and Echo discover Octavia hooked up to the machine and another scientist named Kirsch manning M-Cap instead of Levitt. Echo forces Kirsch to show them Bellamy's apparent death a week before during a failed attempt to rescue Octavia. As alarms go off since the Disciples now know the group is there, a grief-stricken and enraged Echo kills Kirsch despite Gabriel and Hope's protests that they need him as a hostage. As Echo screams in grief, Hope states that they will never find her mother now.

In A Little Sacrifice, Echo and a Disciple guard arrive to send Hope back to Skyring. Angry at Echo's complicity, Hope tries to attack her friend, only to be restrained by the Disciple who chokes her from behind. Suddenly, Echo kills the Disciple from behind and comments to a surprised Hope that she never really believed "this garbage." Echo reveals that she intends to kill all of the Disciples and that after "some convincing", Levitt helped her to set it up. However, there has been a complication in the form of the arrival of Clarke Griffin, Jordan Green, Nathan Miller, Raven Reyes and Niylah. Echo orders Hope to put on the guard's uniform and her watch while Echo gives Hope exactly an hour to get everyone they care about off the planet before she enacts her plan. Echo warns that if their friends are still there in an hour, they will die too and she won't tell Hope what she's doing as she knows that the others will want to know what her plan is.

As Clarke and her friends reunite with Octavia and Diyoza, Hope arrives, causing everyone to turn their guns on her before Diyoza reassures them that Hope is not one of the Disciples. Hope instantly recognizes Clarke, Raven and Miller from her mother's descriptions of them and Diyoza explains that Hope is her daughter and that "time dilation's a bitch." Hope insists that they need to get off of Bardo immediately and that there is currently no time for explanations or introductions.

As they leave the room, Clarke realizes that Echo is missing and Hope brushes it off, stating that Echo will catch up which no one believes and Octavia quickly realizes that Echo is getting revenge for Bellamy. Hope warns them that they only have 45 minutes to get off of Bardo and that she doesn't know what Echo's plan is, just that Levitt helped her with it and didn't tell Hope more because Echo knew they'd get it out of Hope and try and stop her. Worried about Levitt, Octavia heads off to check on him followed by the others. Diyoza angrily confronts her daughter who admits that she wants Echo's plan to work since the Disciples took everything from her. Diyoza, knowing what it's like to kill innocent people for a cause, berates her daughter, stating that it won't make her feel better and that only her family can. Hope is unrepentant, feeling that there are no innocent people on Bardo.

The group discovers a tied-up and beaten Levitt who admits that he broke after Echo killed two people in front of him. Levitt states that he was forced to help Echo get Gen-9, the bioweapon that wiped out the native Bardoans and will deploy it through the central humidification system on the Machine Level. Raven realizes that it will take time to go from its entry point to the vents and Echo will make a run for the Stone room. Hope insists that they should too while they still have time. Levitt begs Octavia to release him so that he can get help, but Hope warns Octavia that if they do, the Disciples will kill Echo. Octavia decides to replace the gag in Levitt's mouth as she and the others go after Echo.

As Echo is about to release Gen-9, Hope and the others show up to stop her, upsetting Echo as Hope was supposed to get them all out. Raven ultimately manages to talk Echo down, but they are interrupted by Anders who is enraged at Echo killing three more Disciples, torturing Levitt and attempting to use Gen-9 to commit genocide. The situation dissolves into a standoff when 4 Disciple guards decloak behind Anders who agrees to send Echo to Skyring for 20 years for punishment unless Clarke fails to help them use the final code to begin the last war in which case Echo will die on Skyring instead.

Suddenly, Hope states that she has a better idea, "you die here" and slits Anders' throat, killing him. As Anders drops Gen-9, Hope catches it and attempts to release a single drop into the humidification system. However, Diyoza catches the drop in the palm of her hand and shuts the hatch on the humidification system. As Diyoza begins to crystalize from the bioweapon, Hope tries to rush to her mother's side but is restrained by Octavia while Diyoza orders the others to get Hope out. Octavia drags a desperate Hope from the room as she shouts apologizes at her mother for her actions. In her last moments, Diyoza tells Hope "don't waste this little one. Be better than me." Consumed with grief, Hope watches as her mother, Anders' body and the entire room is crystalized.

In The Dying of the Light, Hope listens to Jordan's explanation of why he believes it to be a test and not a Last War. As Octavia is about to depart for Bardo, Hope tells her that she doesn't want to be alone again. Octavia reassures her adopted niece that doing the right thing isn't easy and Hope's mother knew that. After Octavia vanishes, Jordan takes Hope's hand and promises her that she isn't alone.


Ever since she was born, Hope was a good, happy, nice, and kind, little girl, but the separation and isolation from her mother and Octavia for ten years, and the death of her best friend, Dev, causes her to psychologically become a selfish, rude, arrogant, ruthless, and a vengeful, young woman, thus losing her own innocence and vowing revenge on the Disciples, who caused her misery. She was psychologically-scarred from these events as her soul was damaged, due to losing of her loved ones, but she was extremely strong through it all. She grew independent, fast to react and impulsive to situations. Hope was the most familiar with her surroundings, and aware of her capabilities.

Hope, at her worst, is aggressive and short-tempered. Though she can be seen to be brave, and hold true to her beliefs. She is outspoken about her values, and bases most of her decisions upon what is true to her as well as what she knows. Hope is a natural born warrior, easily navigating what’s around her and looking for the best time to strike. She is loyal to her family and very affectionate to those she loves. She struggles letting people see her vulnerability and her more sensitive side.

In the aftermath of her mother's death, in the episode "A Sort of Homecoming", Hope begins to feel guilt-ridden and remorseful of her worst actions, after realizing she was a selfish, terrible person. Because of this, she seeks out redemption, trying to live with what she had done.

Physical Appearance[]

Hope has her mother's light brown hair which she wears in a sort of messy bun with accessories braided in it. She has tattoos and drawings on her face which seem to be the same symbols as Octavia's back tattoo. Her clothing looks like the clothes of a Grounder.

In Season 7, like Echo, Hope cuts her hair shorter and dyed her hair blonde.


Main article: Hope and Charmaine
They have a mother-daughter family relationship. Charmaine was pregnant with her for 235 years and seemed to care about her child very much. Hope wanted to save her mother so much that she didn't struggle to inject her "Aunty O" with a locator tag to get her back safely. When reunited on Bardo, they maintain their close relationship, although Diyoza is strongly opposed to Hope's reckless nature, wishing for her to not make the same mistakes she did. This reckless nature in part causes Diyoza's death, as she sacrifices herself to stop Hope causing mass genocide when she attempts to release the Gen-9 bioweapon.

Main article: Octavia and Hope

For the first 10 years of Hope's life, they had a very close relationship with Hope calling her "Aunty O". Octavia told her stories about what happened on earth (similar to Jordan Green and Madi Griffin, John Murphy also being her favorite). Octavia taught her some "Earth Skills" like sewing and gardening and even started teaching her how to fight, but Diyoza forbid it.

When Hope appears from the Anomaly in "The Blood of Sanctum", Octavia recognises her despite presumably not having seen her since she was 10.

Main article: Jordan and Hope
714 Hope and Jordan

Jordan and Hope

Main article: Echo and Hope

Ever since she was born on Skyring, Octavia tells Hope the stories of all the terrible things that Echo has done when she was part of Azgeda, which led to Hope's hatred towards Echo.

However, after she met Echo, Hope gave up on holding a grudge against Echo for her past actions and decides to team up with her to save her family.

While on Skyring for 5 years with Gabriel, the two form a sisterly bond.


Season Five
Episode Appearance Status
Red QueenAbsent
Sleeping GiantsAbsent
Pandora's BoxAbsent
Shifting SandsAbsent
Exit WoundsAbsent
Acceptable LossesMentioned
How We Get to PeaceMentioned
Sic Semper TyrannisMentioned
The Warriors WillAbsent
The Dark YearAbsent
Damocles (Part 1)Absent
Damocles (Part 2)Mentioned
Season Six
Episode Appearance Status
Red Sun RisingAbsent
The Children of GabrielMentioned
The Face Behind the GlassMentioned
The Gospel of JosephineMentioned
Memento MoriMentioned
The Old Man and the AnomalyAppears
What You Take With YouAbsent
Ashes to AshesAbsent
Adjustment ProtocolAbsent
The Blood of SanctumAppears
Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAppears
The GardenAppears
False GodsCredit Only
Welcome to BardoAppears
The Queen's GambitAppears
AnacondaCredit Only
The FlockAppears
A Little SacrificeAppears
The StrangerAppears
Blood GiantMentioned
A Sort of HomecomingAppears
The Dying of the LightAppears
The Last WarAppears


Hope Diyoza: "I couldn't get out of it. He has my mother. I'm so sorry, Octavia."
Octavia Blake: "Be brave. Tell him it's done."
-- in The Blood of Sanctum

Octavia Blake (hallucination): "Hope. You have to stay quiet. No matter what you hear, you stay quiet. Do you understand?" (Hope shakes her head and moves towards Octavia)
Gabriel Santiago: "Hope, Hope, Hope. It's just in your mind."
Octavia Blake (hallucination): "I promise you, Mommy and Aunty O will come back for you. Now, shh." (Octavia backs up and vanishes)
Hope Diyoza: "No, no, don't--."
-- in From the Ashes
Gabriel Santiago: "Listen."
Echo: "What is it?"
Gabriel Santiago: "The Anomaly. It's quieter. They're shutting it down."
Hope Diyoza: "What does that mean?"
Gabriel Santiago: "It means they can control it."
Echo: "What if it means they're taking Bellamy through and they don't want us to follow?"
Gabriel Santiago: "Let's go."
-- in From the Ashes
Echo: "It's closing!"
Gabriel Santiago: "We go through together. If we're even seconds apart, we could be separated by months. Ok?" (three walk into the Anomaly together which closes behind them)
-- in From the Ashes
Echo: "A Mind Drive? How?"
Gabriel Santiago: "Eligius III was here. We're on Planet Beta."
Hope Diyoza: "Skyring's better."
-- in The Garden
Gabriel Santiago: "Everyone on the Eligius mission got one. Becca Franko designed the Mind -- I mean Memory Drives to be a data retrieval system so the mothership crew could determine what happened if they returned to find a mission team dead, you know, like a -- like a airplane black box. Russell and I reverse-engineered the tech to hold an entire mind."
Hope Diyoza: "Wait. That'll play his memories?"
Gabriel Santiago: "Yeah."
Echo (as Gabriel removes a Mind Drive from his computer): "Josephine?"
Gabriel Santiago: "Yeah. I needed to make sure she was really gone."
-- in The Garden
Hope Diyoza: "Mom?"
Octavia Blake: "Diyoza."
Charmaine Diyoza: "Oh my god, Hope!"
-- in Nakara
Hope Diyoza: "What?"
Echo: "What? You didn't really believe I believe this garbage. We're gonna kill them, all of them."
Hope Diyoza: "You have a plan."
Echo: "Took some convincing to get our friend Levitt to help me, but, yes, I have a plan."
Hope Diyoza: "What can I do?"
Echo: "There's been a complication. Our people are here -- Clarke, Raven, Miller, Niylah, Jordan. The watches are synched. Put on the guard's uniform and take this. I'll give you exactly one hour to get everyone we care about off this planet. One hour only."
Hope Diyoza: "What if I can't?"
Echo: "Can't isn't an option. You tell them if they're still here, then they die too. They'll want to know why I'm doing this, that's why I haven't told you. One hour."
Hope Diyoza: "Ok."
-- in A Little Sacrifice
Charmaine Diyoza: "Wait! She's not one of them."
Hope Diyoza: "Clarke. Raven. Miller. You described them well."
Charmaine Diyoza: "This is Hope, my daughter. Time dilation's a bitch. How'd you get out?"
Hope Diyoza: "Doesn't matter. Right now, we need to get ourselves to the Stone room and get ourselves out of Bardo. We can get acquainted later. Let's go!"
-- in A Little Sacrifice
John Murphy: "Hey. We haven't, um, properly met, I am..."
Hope Diyoza: "John Murphy. I've heard stories."
John Murphy: "I tend to play well in stories."
Hope Diyoza: "Hmm. Not these."
John Murphy: "Those stories. Yes. You ok?"
Jordan Green: "Hey, Murphy? I... got this."
John Murphy: "Ok. I was his favorite though, wasn't I Jordan?"
-- in A Sort of Homecoming
Octavia Blake: "In peace, may you leave this shore. In love..."
Hope Diyoza: "No!"
Octavia Blake: "May you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey on the ground."
Gabriel Santiago (in Spanish) "Death is life."
Octavia Blake: "May we meet again."
Jordan Green, Hope Diyoza, Clarke Griffin, John Murphy, Emori, Nathan Miller and Eric Jackson: "May we meet again."
-- in A Sort of Homecoming
Octavia Blake: "My inside man is sure taking his sweet time."
Indra: "We should discuss the plan. Clarke and Octavia bring us over. We get Madi and kill their leader."
Gaia: "Killing Cadogan won't change anything."
Indra: "He can't chase us if he's dead."
Gaia: "You've seen faith, mother. You kill the Commander, another takes her place. You kill the Flamekeeper, another takes his place. Faith doesn't just die. It gets carried forward. Cadogan's people are no different."
Nathan Miller: "Then how does this end?"
Octavia Blake: "Bellamy asked that question, too. One last war, and then we Transcend and we become the light."
Jordan Green: "It's a beautiful idea, but fighting is not how we get there. War is a failure of everything, which is why it's a test, not a war."
Hope Diyoza: "Test, war, test, war. The Disciples have been studying the Bardo texts for over a thousand years. You really think you know better?"
Jordan Green: "Yes. And it's not just that I read some old books. I felt it. That Red Sun toxin showed me something. I couldn't figure it out, but I knew it was important, and then I read the Bardo texts, and it hit me -- the next step in human evolution. I don't claim to fully understand it, but... in my heart, I know there's a purpose to everything, and we don't find out what it is by killing each other in another war. I just wish I could've told Bellamy."
Clarke Griffin: "Nonsense. All that matters now is saving Madi and killing Cadogan. There's no Last War or test. Bellamy's dead because he believed that crap, and I've heard enough!"
-- in The Dying of the Light
Clarke Griffin: "It's working!" (Clarke vanishes)
Octavia Blake: "I'm next."
Hope Diyoza: "I don't wanna be alone again."
Octavia Blake: "Sometimes to do the right thing, you have to take a risk. Your mom knew that, too." (Octavia vanishes)
Jordan Green (taking Hope's hand): "You're not alone."
Nathan Miller: "What now?"
Indra (to Gaia): "Now we have faith."
-- in The Dying of the Light
Jordan Green: "Well, they're distracted."
Hope Diyoza: "Long enough for us to die."
Indra: "We all die. When is out of our control. This is a good how."
-- in The Last War
Clarke Griffin: "I don't wanna be alone."
The Judge (as Lexa) "You're not."
Clarke Griffin: "What do you want?"
The Judge: "To explain."
Clarke Griffin: "There's no need. I get it. I bear it so they don't have to. Again."
The Judge: "Such a curious species. You've added so much to us already. I'm glad to have been wrong about you."
Clarke Griffin: "Wait. Does that mean... you're here to take me with you?"
The Judge: "No. You can never join us, Clarke. Your actions must have a cost."
Clarke Griffin: "Just mine? Am I the only human being who ever sinned?"
The Judge: "Of course not. But you are the only test subject from any species anywhere in the universe since the dawn of time who committed murder during a test."
Clarke Griffin: "I'd do it again."
The Judge: "Madi knew you'd say that."
Clarke Griffin: "Madi's with you then?"
The Judge: "In a manner of speaking, yes. Her consciousness has joined ours. She's at peace. She'll never feel pain, she'll never die. She knew that living here without anyone her own age to love is something you wouldn't have wanted for her even if it meant you being alone. I suppose that choice was made easier with the realization that you wouldn't be."
Clarke Griffin: "Transcendence is a choice? You can choose to come back?"
The Judge: "Of course. Though, until now, no one ever had. (Clarke sees her friends nearby) There won't be offspring, and they won't join us when they die. None of them seem to care."
John Murphy: "Hey. There she is."
Niylah: "Clarke!"
The Judge: "A curious species, indeed."
-- in The Last War

Killed Victims[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She was portrayed by six actresses. This makes her the only character in the entire series to portrayed by that many actors/actresses.
  • She is the second person to come out of the Bridge on Sanctum. The first one was Octavia Blake.
  • She is the second child born to a recurring character during the series. The first one was Jordan Green.
    • She also the second child of a recurring character to be promoted to a main character after one previous appearance, also following Jordan.
  • She, Blythe Ann Workman, Jae Workman, and Trey are the only characters introduced in Season Six that are known to still be alive.
  • Marcus Kane suggested to her mother that her name be "Hope" while she was still in the womb.
  • Because there is a time dilation from the Anomaly (time is perceived differently, expected faster) Hope is born on a different planet and returns as 20 years old in the same (Sanctum) year.
  • Hope is the sixth and last main character to debut after the first season. (Echo was the first, Roan was the second, Jordan Green was the third, Sheidheda was the fourth, Gabriel Santiago was the fifth).
  • As of "Hesperides," Hope is considered a Level 12 Disciple thanks to the training she received over 4 years and 8 months from Orlando. Previously she had received training equating to a Level 7 from Dev.
  • Octavia tells Hope the stories of the terrible things Echo has done, which led to Hope's resentment towards Echo, because of Echo's past as an Azgeda member. Hope grew up hating Echo, because of Octavia's stories of the terrible things Echo has done when she was part of Azgeda.


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