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Clarke I was born in space. I’ve never felt the sun on my face, or breathed real air, or floated in the water. None of us have. For three generations, the Ark has kept what’s left of the human race alive, but now our home is dying, and we are the last hope of mankind. A hundred prisoners sent on a desperate mission to the ground. Each of us is here because we broke the law. On the ground, there is no law. All we have to do is survive. But we will be tested, by the Earth, by the secrets it hides, and most of all, by each other.
Bellamy Previously on "the 100..."
Clarke [at Finn] Calm down!
Finn We're dead to them! And we're alone!
Clarke We're not alone! You're not alone. [they kiss]
Finn Raven!
Raven Finn! [they kiss. Clarke looks horrified] The council is voting whether to kill three hundred people to save air. We have to tell them! The radio's gone.
Scene 1 - Flashback - the Ark, 17 years ago
Bellamy [Aurora groaning with labor pains] Mom, please, let me get a doctor.
Aurora [gasping] No! You can't tell anyone. Tell me what happens if you do. Say it.
Bellamy Y-you get floated. I don't understand. Why is it wrong to have more than one baby?
Aurora The Ark couldn't survive. The chancellor can't allow it.
Bellamy He's, like, the emperor Augustus, right?
Aurora That's right. Just like the emperor we read about. [gasping] The baby's coming. Get the blanket. [Bellamy grabs blanket as baby comes out. They wrap her in the blanket]
Aurora My brave boy. You have a sister. [gives her to Bellamy] You should name her.
Bellamy Augustus had a sister. Octavia. [Octavia starts to fuss]
Aurora Bellamy, you can't let her cry. Here. Give her to me.
Bellamy No, mom, mom, you can't fall asleep.
Aurora I'm so tired. Your sister. Your responsibility. [Octavia starts to cry]
Bellamy Mom, mom, what do I do? Mom! [Aurora falls asleep] Shh! Please! Shh shh shh! [puts his index finger in Octavia's mouth] See, I told you. It's okay. I won't let anything bad happen to you, Octavia. I promise.
Scene 2 - The Camp
Bellamy [looking for Octavia with torch] Octavia! [looks in tent]
[Bellamy moves on to Clarke'S tent]
Bellamy You're up?
Clarke [gets out of tent] Yeah. Knowing that hundreds of people might be dying on the Ark makes it pretty hard to sleep.
Bellamy Raven's flares will work.
Clarke Her radio would've worked better.
Bellamy Have you seen Octavia?
Clarke No. It's Octavia. She's probably chasing butterflies.
Bellamy Clarke, I've checked the camp. She's not here.
Clarke Ok. I'll help you find her. Let's check again. You go to the dropship. I'll check the rest of the tents.
Bellamy Thank you.
Clarke Don't thank me. I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing it for Octavia.
Scene 3 - The Cave
Octavia [wakes up with a groan and bad leg. Hears footsteps and scrambles to get up] Aaah! Aaah! [to Lincoln] Please! Please, don't hurt me! Please don't- Aaah! No! [he pulls her towards him] No, please! Nooo! Noooo! [Lincoln brings heated sword towards her]
Scene 4 - The Camp
Bellamy Hey, everybody, gather around and grab a weapon. My sister's been out there alone for 12 hours. Arm up. We're not coming back without her.
Clarke Hey, Jasper, you don't have to do this. You haven't left camp since we brought you back.
Jasper Clarke, I need to do this.
Bellamy We need all the people we can get. [to Clarke] We need a tracker. [raising voice] Finn. Get out here.
Raven [Finn turns his head while Raven is cutting his hair] You want to lose an ear? Can't believe you let it get so long in lockup.
Finn This couldn't wait till morning?
Raven I was inspired. So... what did you want to talk about?
Finn Nothing. It can wait.
Raven [grabs his face and turns it towards her] That wasn't your 'nothing' face. That was your 'going on a spacewalk' face.
Finn No more spacewalks. Get some rest, ok?
Raven 'Kay. [kisses him]
Bellamy [from outside] Finn, we're leaving.
Finn All right. I'm coming. [exits tent] Hey, wait.
Clarke Nice hair.
Finn We should talk about this.
Clarke You have a girlfriend, Finn. There's really nothing left to say.
Finn Hey, hold on. It's true. I care about Raven. But you and me, we started something.
Clarke It's nothing we can't stop.
Finn Are you sure? Because I'm not.
Delinquent Guys, guys. Come here!
Delinquent What is that? So bright.
Delinquent Did you see that? Look up there. It's so beautiful. [hundreds of shooting stars fall from the sky]
Raven They didn't work. They didn't see the flares.
Bellamy A meteor shower tells you that?
Clarke It's not a meteor shower, it's a funeral. Hundreds of bodies being returned to the earth from the ark. This is what it looks like from the other side. [to Raven] They didn't get our message.
Raven [marches towards Bellamy] This is all because of you!
Bellamy I helped you find the radio.
Raven Yeah, after you jacked it from my pod and trashed it!
Clarke Yeah, he knows. Now has to live with it.
Bellamy All I know is that my sister is out there and I'm gonna find her. [to Finn] You coming or what?
Finn Yeah.
Bellamy [to delinquents] What are we waiting for? Move out!
Clarke We have to talk to them. Three hundred won't be enough. The oxygen level will just keep dropping. And if we don't tell them that they can survive down here, They'll kill more people. They have to.
Jasper Guys... They're leaving. We gotta go.
Finn [to Raven] I gotta do this. And you should stay and fix the radio, ok?
Raven Fix it? The transmitter's smashed. Unless there's a parts depot down here, we're not talking to the ark.
Clarke Art supply store. [to Raven] I know a place you might be able to get a transmitter.
Raven [looking between Clarke and Finn] Great. It looks like you're coming with me instead.
Jasper Finn? We're not gonna find her without you.
Finn [to both Clarke and Raven] Be careful. [he makes to leave]
Raven [stopping him] Hey. [she kisses him] I love you.
Finn [hesitates] I love you, too. [leaves with the search party]
Clarke It's this way.
Scene 5 - The Cave
Octavia [gasping] Hello? Is anybody here? He fixed it?
Scene 6 - The Woods
John Mbege Look! Over here!
Bellamy What is it?
John Mbege Right there. You see it? Is that Octavia's?
Bellamy Rope.
Finn What are you doing?
Bellamy We need the rope to get back up. Flashlight. It's hers. I'm going all the way down. Someone else was here.
Finn The prints are deeper going that way. He was carrying her.
Jasper If they took her, she's alive. Like when they took me.
Scene 7 - The Cave
Octavia is holding an elf horn looking for a way out and finds a breach. She digs through some of the rocks and squeezes through the hole she dug and escaped.
Finn I don't speak grounder... but I'm pretty sure this means keep out.
Delinquent Let's get out of here.
Delinquent It's crazy.
Delinquent I'm outta here.
Delinquent Yeah, me, too.
Bellamy Go back if you want. My sister, my responsibility.
Jasper I'd walk into hell to find her.
Finn I think we just did.
Scene 8 - Flashback - The Ark
Octavia Go! I want another pony ride.
Bellamy You want another one? Ok, you want to go through the jungle or the forest?
Octavia I want to see the Ark, Bell. Take me out the door.
Aurora That's enough. Both of you. It's time.
Octavia But--no. I don't want to! How do you even know?
Bellamy Yeah, mom, tell us why you're never surprised by surprise inspections.
Aurora Mind yourself, Bellamy Blake. Tell your sister what happens if they find her.
Bellamy She knows what happens. You've told her a thousand times. O, you know the drill.
Octavia I hate the drill. Sometimes I wish I was never even born.
Aurora Stop it, Octavia. I know you're afraid, but fear is a demon. Close your eyes and tell yourself that you are not afraid. That is how you slay the demon.
Detection! Open up!
Aurora Say it.
Octavia I'm not afraid.
Aurora Ok.
Open the door, now!
Grus Miss Blake, by authority of the council, we're here to perform a random inspection.
Aurora Inspector Grus, it's good to see you. Your uniform's ready. There you go. Just like new. Do you have something for me? Bellamy's letter of recommendation.
Grus You think you're guard material, kid? Come here. Let's have a look at you.
Bellamy I'm good, thanks.
Aurora Bellamy. Stand up. Now.
Octavia I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid.
Bellamy I don't think so.
Grus You want to be in the guard or not? Come here. 3 seconds. 1...2...
Aurora Bellamy! I'm so sorry, inspector. I--
Grus Don't be. Maybe the guard will make a man out of him. Clean that up.
Bellamy Sir.
Yes sir, this one got clear.
Grus Come to my quarters later. He'll get that recommendation.
Octavia I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid.
Scene 9 - The Woods
Octavia I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid... I'm not afraid.
Raven They're so beautiful.
Clarke Raven, I know you just got here yesterday, but we don't have time for this. Come on.
Raven Hurry up and save the world. You're just like your mom.
Clarke I'm nothing like my mom.
Raven Relax. That's a compliment. Abby's a badass. The pod was her idea. It broke her heart not being able to come down with me, but she never stopped believing you were alive.
Clarke Yeah. Mother of the year.
Raven Well, my mom was awol most of my life. When she did show up, it was empty-handed. Pretty sure she had me just to trade in my rations for moonshine.
Clarke How'd you survive?
Raven Boy next door. Finn. He shared his rations. Remembered my birthday. Saved my life. He's my family.
Finn I got nothing. We lost the trail.
Bellamy Keep looking.
Finn Wandering around aimlessly isn't the way to find your sister. We should backtrack...
Bellamy I'm not going back.
Roma Hey, where's John?
Jasper I just saw him a second ago.
Bellamy Spread out. He couldn't have gotten that far.
Finn They use the trees.
Diggs We shouldn't have crossed the boundary.
Roma Now can we go back?
Jasper There. Right there
Diggs Another one.
Finn We should run.
Scene 10 - The Bunker
Clarke Let's try this one.
Raven How did you find this place?
Clarke I didn't. Finn found it. Hey, will this work?
Raven Sweet. Rf. Radio frequency. If we can just find the controller, we'll be golden.
Clarke All right.
Raven Finn made this.
Clarke Oh, uh, yeah. we saw this two-headed deer our first day on the ground. Welcome to paradise, right? Got it.
Raven Finn always does that. Finds the beauty in the unexpected.
Clarke Good to go?
Raven Hurry up and save the world, right? Yeah. We're good.
Clarke Ok.
Scene 11 - The Woods
Diggs Let's go! Let's go!
Jasper What are we gonna do? They keep heading us off.
Finn Just keep running.
Jasper I can't run much longer!
Diggs I'm not stopping for him!
Bellamy I'm sick of running anyway.
Finn Hey, what are you doing?
Bellamy They know where she is.
Roma Diggs, where are you?
Diggs Roma!
Finn Wait! Roma. Could be more. Stop.
Jasper They were leading us here. It's the only direction we could run in.
Finn Hey. Where'd they go?
Bellamy After Roma.
Scene 12 - Flashback - The Ark
Bellamy You'll never guess what's about to happen.
Octavia Inspection. I'll get in the hole.
Bellamy No, no, no, no, no. Sit, sit. This is great.
Octavia Please, Bell, I don't want to hear about another amazing moonrise When I'm never gonna be able to see one.
Bellamy You're going to see one right now. The unity day masquerade dance starts in 10 minutes. Now, I didn't want to say anything until I was sure my cadet unit was working security. I'm gonna be there watching you the entire time.
Octavia This is real? How do I look?
Bellamy Mysterious.
Octavia Oh, Bell, what about mom?
Bellamy Hey, will you stop worrying? We'll be back before she even knows you're gone. Want to go for a walk? It's ok.
Jasper Who's that?
Horace Another girl who won't notice us.
Scene 13 - The Woods
Octavia My leg. I need to rest. Thank you. You saved my life. That girl back there, I knew her, So, if she's here, then so is my brother. Please, you have to help him, too. They'll kill him. You don't understand me, do you? Great.
Octavia Why are you taking care of me? You found me at the bottom of that ravine. Fixed my knee. What the hell are you doing?
Octavia Please don't do this. Aah! Stop it! No, stop it! Stop! Please! Please don't do this.
Monroe There she is. Roma!
Finn They're playing with us.
Bellamy She only came because of me.
Finn They can kill us whenever they want.
Jasper Then they should get it over with! Come on! We know you're out there! You want to kill us...
Monroe Bellamy!
Bellamy They're leaving.
Jasper That horn. What does it mean?
Finn Acid fog.
Monroe We have to run.
Finn There's no time.
Scene 14 - Flashback - The Ark
Nice eyes. What station are you from?
Woman on PA Solar flare alert. An x-class solar flare has begun on the starboard side of the ark. All citizens must report to the nearest shelter zone immediately. This is not a test. This is a solar flare alert.
Octavia Bell, I need to get home!
Bellamy You will.
Shumway Ladies and gentlemen, you know the drill. Masks off. I.D. Chips out.
Octavia Bell, what do we do?
Bellamy Listen to me. Whatever happens, You get back home and get under the floor. You'll be safe there from the flare, like always.
Octavia What are you gonna do?
Bellamy Create a distraction. Go on.
Octavia Bell, how do I get home?
Shumway Cadet Blake. Why is your weapon out? Mask off.
Bellamy Sir, she's--she's fine. I already scanned her.
Shumway You don't have a scanner. I.D., please.
Bellamy Please, lieutenant Shumway, I'm begging you, she needs to leave. As a fellow guardsman... just let us walk out of here And I'll do anything you want. Anything
Shumway You are not a guardsmen yet cadet. I.D. Now. Stop her.
Scene 15 - The Woods
Jasper How long are we supposed to wait?
Monroe Will this even work?
Finn We'll find out.
Bellamy No, we won't. There's no fog.
Finn Maybe it was a false alarm.
Bellamy They're coming back.
Jasper I think he's alone.
Monroe Now can we run?
Bellamy He doesn't see us. I'm going after him.
Finn And what? Kill him?
Bellamy No. Catch him. Make him tell me where Octavia is, Then kill him.
Jasper How do we know he's not leading us to another trap?
Finn We don't.
Scene 16 - The Camp
Clarke How's it coming? Are you ok? You hardly said a word the whole way back from the bunker. Raven...
Raven Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me Finn didn't make this for you. Tell me you weren't screwing my boyfriend as I was risking my ass to come down here.
Clarke I can't tell you that.
Raven He made one for me, too. Just in case you thought you were special.
Clarke Do you think I wanted this? I didn't even know you existed. Look, as far as he knew, Or you would have been soon enough. My mom, too, and everyone we ever knew on the ark, And there was nothing we could do to stop it.
Raven He could've waited more than 10 days. Do you love him?
Clarke I hardly know him.
Octavia Bellamy?
Bellamy Octavia.
Octavia Get the key.
Bellamy Monroe, watch the entrance. It's ok. You're ok.
Scene 17 - Flashback - The Ark
Shumway Cadet Blake.
Bellamy It's Janitor Blake now, lieutenant.
Shumway Commander. A lot's changed in the past year. May I?
Bellamy You've got some nerve coming here after pushing the button that floated my mother.
Shumway I was following orders.
Bellamy What the hell do you want from me?
Shumway You were a hell of a guardsman, Smart, hardworking, resourceful.
Bellamy I wasn't a guardsman. That's what you said. I remember.
Shumway You also said you'd do anything to protect your sister. I remember, too. I hope that's still true.
Bellamy Is she ok?
Shumway What I'm about to tell you is classified. Chancellor Jaha has approved a mission to earth. He's sending the juvenile prisoners to the ground. 100 of them. Your sister included.
Bellamy N-no. You can't. It's not safe. You have to stop them.
Shumway I wish I could. What I can do is get you a seat on that dropship. You're right. It's doubtful those kids will survive, but if you're there, At least Octavia won't be alone.
Bellamy What do I have to do?
Shumway Kill the Chancellor.
Bellamy How about I kill you instead?
Shumway Kill me and your sister goes alone to a radiation-soaked planet And you get floated like your mother. Ship launches in 20 minutes, Bellamy. If you're gonna do this, we have to leave. Right now.
Scene 18 - The Cave
Octavia How did you find me?
Bellamy Followed him.
Octavia We should go. Now. Before he wakes up.
Bellamy He's not gonna wake up.
Octavia Bellamy, stop. He didn't hurt me. Let's just go.
Bellamy They started this. Finn. Move.
Finn Foghorn.
Octavia Stop! That's my brother!
Scene 19 - The Camp
Jasper Clarke! Where's Clarke? Get Clarke now.
Clarke Hey. I'm here. What's up?
Clarke Finn. Finn? Oh, my god. Oh, oh, my god.
Raven Oh, my god.
Clarke He's alive.
Jasper Bellamy wouldn't let me take the knife out.
Clarke No, that was a good call. Get him in the dropship now. Go!
Raven Clarke, can you save him?
Clarke No. Not me. I need my mother. I need to talk to her.
Raven There's still no radio.
Clarke Raven, fix it! Go!
Clarke Hey, you ok?
Octavia Ok. Yeah. Just go.
Bellamy Why were you defending him?
Octavia Because he saved my life. That spear that hit Roma was actually meant...
Bellamy No, you're wrong. I saved your life. For all you know, he was keeping you alive to use you as bait for one of their traps.
Octavia No. I don't think so.
Bellamy You don't think, O! That's the problem. They killed 3 of our people today. And if you would've let me kill him when I had the chance, Finn wouldn't be in there dying right now.
Octavia Stop blaming me for your mistakes. What happened to Finn is not my fault. I wanted to leave, so if Finn dies in there, that's on you. Everything that's gone wrong is because of you. You got me locked up on the Ark. You wanted me to go to that stupid dance. You got mom killed! Me?
Bellamy [sniffles] Mom was floated for having you. She's dead because you're alive. That was her choice. I didn't have a choice. My life ended the day you were born. Where do you think you're going?
Octavia Where do you think you're going? You can't keep me locked up in here forever.
Bellamy Get inside. Go! A storm's coming.
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