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Sometimes, I wish I was never even born.
Octavia to Aurora and Bellamy.

His Sister's Keeper is the sixth episode of the first season of The 100. It is the sixth episode of the series overall.

When Bellamy's little sister Octavia goes missing from camp, he gathers a group of delinquents to help him in his search for her. His search leads the group into Grounder territory and takes a deadly turn. Flashbacks reveal Bellamy and Octavia's childhood on the Ark.

Meanwhile, Clarke Griffin and Raven Reyes search for a way to contact the Ark. Raven tries her hand at bonding with Clarke over her mother, not knowing about the tension between the mother and daughter. Raven also begins to notice a connection between Finn and Clarke.


Octavia as a baby.

In a flashback to 17 years ago, a young Bellamy is watching his mother, Aurora Blake, give birth in secret because on the Ark, no one is allowed to have more than one child. Aurora lets Bellamy name his new sister and he calls her Octavia after the Roman emperor Augustus' sister. His mother tells him, "your sister, your responsibility." He promises her he won't let anything bad happen to her.

Clarke agrees to help Bellamy search for Octavia.

In present time, Bellamy is looking for Octavia because he can't find her in the camp. Clarke offers to help search.

Octavia awakens to find herself injured and alone in a cave. A Grounder enters, carrying a heated blade. He pins her down and cauterizes her leg wound, causing her to pass out again.

Bellamy gathers a search party of Delinquents to help look for Octavia and asks for Finn specifically because they need a tracker. Raven is busy giving Finn a haircut and they kiss. Finn and Clarke talk as a meteor shower appears overhead. It is actually the bodies of the 320 Ark citizens who were culled being returned to earth. Raven tells Bellamy it's all his fault for taking the radio. Bellamy brushes her off, saying he needs to find his sister and the search party leaves. Clarke and Raven stay behind to go to the bunker to see if they can find a transmitter for the radio.

Octavia awakens again, alone in the cave. She realizes the Grounder had fixed her knee and she begins to look around the cave, trying to find a way out.

Bellamy, Jasper, and Finn find the location where Octavia fell down a hill and discover footprints leading away that they begin to follow.

Octavia discovers some loose rocks and begins to pry them out, exposing a very tight opening out of the cave.

Bellamy and the search party come across several impaled corpses, symbolizing they've reached Grounder territory. Half of the delinquents head back to camp, but Bellamy and several others continue forward.

A flashback featuring young Octavia, Bellamy and their mother.

In another flashback, Bellamy is playing with a young Octavia in their room on the Ark while their mother sews. An alarm goes off, signaling that it's time for their "surprise" inspection. Octavia is forced to crawl into a space under the floor and hide while their room is inspected. Aurora is sleeping with Inspector Grus to not only keep ahead of the surprise inspections but to also hopefully get Bellamy a position on the Ark Guard. Under the floorboards, Octavia repeats to herself, "I am not afraid."

Octavia escapes from the Grounder's cave.

As Octavia crawls through the narrow cave opening she discovered, she repeats to herself, "I am not afraid," before finally squeezing her way out into daylight.

Clarke and Raven are headed to the bunker as they discuss their mothers. Raven tells her that it was because of Finn that she survived on the Ark.

Finn loses Octavia's trail while they're deep in Grounder territory. Roma asks where John Mbege went just before his body is dropped from the trees above. Jasper and Diggs spot Grounders and Finn tells everyone to run.

Clarke and Raven are digging through the supplies in the bunker when they find part of a remote control car that will work for their radio transmitter. Raven finds the metal two-headed deer trinket that Finn had made for Clarke.

Meanwhile, Bellamy and the rest of the search party are still running through the woods when Bellamy stops some of them. Diggs keeps running and triggers a tripwire, impaling himself on a Grounder trap. Roma sees this and panics. She takes off again with the Grounders following after her.

Roma is speared by a Grounder.

Octavia is running through the forest when she hears Roma scream. As she pauses, she is grabbed from behind and a hand covers her mouth and holds her still and quiet while Roma runs by. Suddenly, Roma is speared to a tree right where Octavia had been standing and she realizes the Grounder just saved her life.

Octavia sees a moonrise for the first time.

In another flashback to the year before, Octavia is sewing alone in their room when Bellamy enters carrying a mask. He tells her that he got Cadet duty for the Unity Day Masquerade Dance and he'll be able to keep an eye on her. He leads her for the first time out of their room and Octavia is finally able to see the Ark and Earth. Bellamy shows her a moonrise and she is in awe. Other kids start arriving for the dance and Bellamy sends her off to enjoy herself, keeping a close eye on her the entire time.

Octavia is carried by the unknown Grounder.

Octavia is following behind the Grounder when she stops because of her leg. The Grounder turns around and picks her up and carries her. She thanks him for saving her life and tells him that if Roma was there, then her brother is also there and she asks him to save Bellamy. The Grounder doesn't respond, making Octavia think he doesn't understand. Once they get back to their cave, the Grounder chains her up so she can't escape again and leaves.

Bellamy, Finn, Jasper, and Monroe find Roma's body and realize the Grounders are playing with them. Jasper gets overly upset and begins screaming at the Grounders who start to close in on them. Suddenly, the Acid Fog horn is heard and the Grounders take off while the Delinquents hide under a tent.

In a flashback to the Unity Day Celebration, the dance is interrupted by a solar flare alert. Bellamy tells Octavia to run home and hide under the floor like always and he takes out his shock baton to create a distraction. Octavia admits to him that she doesn't know how to get home. Lieutenant Shumway notices Bellamy has his weapon out and begins to question him. Octavia tries to run but is easily captured. Octavia looks to her brother in panic and a single tear falls down Bellamy's face.

While hiding under the tent, Bellamy gets impatient and realizes there is no Acid Fog. He spots a Grounder heading away from them and they follow after him.

Raven confronts Clarke about Clarke Finn's relationship.

Back at the camp, Raven confronts Clarke about the two-headed deer. Clarke tells Raven that she didn't even know Raven existed. Raven asks Clarke if she loves Finn and Clarke replies that she hardly knows him.

The Grounder returns to the cave to unlock Octavia. Octavia, however, is not happy about being chained up so she knocks him out first. She gets the key from his hand and is trying to unlock the chains when Bellamy arrives and they hug.

Commander Shumway offers Bellamy a gun to assassinate the Chancellor.

In a flashback on the Ark, Bellamy has been reduced to a janitor, his mother was floated, and Octavia was locked away. The now Commander Shumway comes to visit him and tells him that Octavia is being sent to Earth with the other Delinquents. If Bellamy wants a seat on the drop ship, he has to kill the Chancellor.

Bellamy wants to kill the Grounder but Octavia tells him that they need to leave. Finn sees the Grounder's foghorn and realizes the Grounder had blown it to save their lives. The Grounder thinks they're trying to kill him so he stabs Finn and attacks Bellamy, pinning Bellamy to the ground. Octavia begs him not to kill her brother before Jasper knocks the Grounder out.

Bellamy carries an injured Finn back to camp, calling for Clarke to save his life. Clarke tells Raven to fix the radio because she needs her mother's help to save Finn's life. Octavia tries to leave camp again but Bellamy stops her. They get into a heated argument and Octavia storms off back to the dropship just as Bellamy remarks that there's a storm coming.



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Bellamy Blake: "You're up?"
Clarke Griffin: "Yeah, knowing that hundreds of people might be dying on the Ark makes it pretty hard to sleep."
Bellamy Blake: "Raven's flares will work."
Clarke Griffin: "A radio would've worked better."
Bellamy Blake: "Have you seen Octavia?"
Clarke Griffin: "No, I mean . . . it's Octavia. She's probably chasing butterflies."
Bellamy Blake: "Hey, everybody gather around. Grab a weapon. My sister has been out there alone for twelve hours. Arm up; we're not coming back without her."
Raven Reyes: "They didn't work, they didn't see the flares."
Bellamy: "A meteor shower tells you that?"
Clarke Griffin: " It's not a meteor shower, it's a funeral - hundreds of bodies being returned to the Earth. This is what it looks like from the other side. They didn't get our message."
Raven Reyes (to Bellamy): "This is all because of you."
Bellamy Blake: "I helped you find the radio."
Raven Reyes: "Yeah, after you jacked it from my pod and trashed it."
Clarke Griffin: "Yeah, he knows. Now he has to live with it."
Finn Collins (upon seeing a lot of skeletons strung up on trees): "I don't speak Grounder... but I'm pretty sure this means keep out."
Jasper Jordan (about Octavia Blake): "I'd walk into hell to find her."
Finn Collins: "Looks like we just did."
Bellamy Blake: "O, you know the drill."
Young Octavia: "I hate the drill. Sometimes I wish I was never even born."
Lieutenant Shumway: "Cadet Blake. Why is your weapon out? Mask off."
Bellamy Blake: "Uh, sir, she's -- she's fine. I already scanned her."
Lieutenant Shumway: "You don't have a scanner. ID please."
Bellamy Blake: "No, please, Lieutenant Shumway, I'm begging you, she needs to leave. As a fellow Guardsman... just let us walk out of here and I'll do anything you want. Anything."
Lieutenant Shumway: "You're not a Guardsman yet, Cadet. ID, now. (Octavia runs) Stop her."
Raven Reyes: "Finn always does that. Finds the beauty in the unexpected."
Raven Reyes: "Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me Finn didn't make this for you. Tell me you weren't screwing my boyfriend as I was risking my ass to come down here."
Clarke Griffin: "I can't tell you that."
Raven Reyes: "He made one for me, too. Just in case you thought you were special."
Clarke Griffin: "Do you think I wanted this? I didn't even know you existed. Look, as far as he knew you were dead, Raven, or you would've been soon enough. My mom, too, and everyone we ever knew on the Ark. There was nothing we could do to stop it."
Raven Reyes: "He could've waited more than ten days."
Raven Reyes (about Finn): "Do you love him?"
Clarke Griffin: "I hardly know him."
Commander Shumway: "Cadet Blake."
Bellamy Blake: "It's Janitor Blake now, Lieutenant."
Commander Shumway: "Commander. A lot's changed in the past year. May I?"
Bellamy Blake: "You've got some nerve coming in here after pushing the button that floated my mother."
Commander Shumway: "I was following orders."
Bellamy Blake: "What the hell do you want from me?"
Commander Shumway: "You were a hell of a Guardsman, Bellamy, you know that? Smart, hardworking, resourceful."
Bellamy Blake: "I wasn't a Guardsman. That's what you said. I remember."
Commander Shumway: "You also said you'd do anything to protect your sister. I remember too. I hope that's still true."
Bellamy Blake: "Is she ok?"
Commander Shumway: "What I'm about to tell you is classified. Chancellor Jaha has approved a mission to Earth. He's sending the juvenile prisoners to the ground. 100 of them. Your sister included."
Bellamy Blake: "N-No. You can't. It's not safe. You have to stop them."
Commander Shumway: "I wish I could. What I can do is get you a seat on that dropship. You're right. It's doubtful those kid will survive, but if you're there, at least Octavia won't be alone."
Bellamy Blake: "What do I have to do?"
Commander Shumway: (hands Bellamy a gun): "Kill the Chancellor."
Bellamy Blake: "How about I kill you instead?"
Commander Shumway: "Kill me and your sister goes alone to a radiation-soaked planet and you get floated like your mother. Ship launches in 20 minutes, Bellamy. If we're gonna do this, we have to leave. Right now."
Octavia Blake: "Stop blaming me for your mistakes! What happened to Finn is not my fault. I wanted to leave, so if Finn dies in there, that's on you. Everything that's gone wrong is because of you. You got me locked up on The Ark. You wanted me to go to that stupid dance. You got mom killed!"
Bellamy Blake: "Me? Mom was floated for having you. She's dead because you're alive. That was her choice. I didn't have a choice. My life ended the day you were born."

Notes and Trivia

  • The flashbacks in this episode start 17 years ago and end 20 minutes before the events of "Pilot."
  • Bellamy, Finn, and the group are attacked by the Grounders when crossing into their territory.
  • It is revealed that Bellamy gave Octavia her name and was responsible for her from the day she was born.
  • Out of anger, Bellamy reveals he blamed Octavia for their mother's death.
  • The bodies of those who died in the Culling enter the Earth's atmosphere and are seen by the Delinquents.
  • It's revealed that Bellamy made a deal with Commander Shumway to kill Chancellor Jaha so he could make it to the ground with Octavia.
    • The gun Bellamy carried in "Pilot" and "Earth Skills" was the one Shumway gave him.
    • The deal was previously mentioned in "Twilight's Last Gleaming" when Bellamy mentioned someone offering him a deal to get to the ground, but Shumway wasn't named.
  • Raven confronts Clarke about her relationship with Finn.
  • While on the Ark, Bellamy snuck Octavia into a Masquerade party, where she was discovered by the then-Lieutenant Shumway.
  • Lincoln took Octavia into his cave, fixed her leg, and protected her from the other Grounders.
  • Lincoln blew the fog horn that saved Bellamy and the rest of the search party from death.
  • Finn was wounded by Lincoln in this episode.
  • The current population of the 100 is 90.
  • The boy Jasper talks to at the Unity Day Masquerade is named "Horace."[1]
  • This is the first episode in which Abby did not appear.
  • The episode title, "His Sister's Keeper", refers to Bellamy being responsible for his sister. This is a topic that is addressed multiple times throughout the series as Bellamy and Octavia's sibling relationship changes.
    • The term derives from the Bible story of Cain and Abel.
  • When Finn hears the fog horn, he immediately realizes that it means Acid Fog. This is because in "Earth Kills," as the Acid Fog approached, Clarke, Finn and Wells heard the same fog horn which they suspected to be a war cry or a warning right before the fog hit.
  • The Ark only appears in flashbacks in this episode though a star moving across the sky during the funeral scene might be the Ark at a distance since Clarke pointed out a similar star as the Ark to Charlotte in "Earth Kills."

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