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Hope: Mom? Back off! This is my house! 

Dev: Seeds! 

Hope: Not those! 

Dev: Ten years. Til then, it's just you and me. 

Hope: Get out! I need to save Mom and Aunty O. Teach me. I'm ready. 

Dev: Not quite. Let's go over this again. I'll attack first. When you hear me, you make your move. Fear will be a factor, but you have to fight through it. Once they're down, we'll only have five minutes to suit up before the bridge closes. From there, we jump to Bardo. You get your mom and Aunty O and call me. 


Guard: Something's wrong. He's not here. Check the cabin. Dev, Absolution day! Let's go! 

Dev: Hope, come on! Run! Save Them. 


Gabriel: Do you realize what you've done?

Orlando: I couldn't let you leave for all mankind! You don't understand! 

Hope: Stop! Let him go. He can't help us off this planet if he's dead. 

Echo: Help us? He just destroyed our one way off this planet. Does he look like he can help us? 

Hope: If he doesn't, then we're dead. We have five years to train for a jump into the middle of a fortress guarded by thousands of highly trained soldiers to rescue the people we love. By then, he'll love us. That's why he'll help us. Trust me. I've done this before. 


Miller: Bullet holes. Bellamy? 

Clarke: Had to be. He had the only gun. 

Gaia: Maybe not. The foragers that found it said that they saw no sign of our people. 

Jackson: Well, let's see who's in there. 

Clarke: Whoa, no. We need it intact. Raven will figure it out. Where is she? You said she was here. 

Niylah: Scene of the crime. The reactor. She's taking it pretty hard. 

Clarke: I'll get her. 

Man: Another one? 

Miller: Oh. Golden face has friends. 

Clarke: How many were there? 

Jordan: It's okay. He came to the tavern looking for you. Tell her how many you saw. 

Man: Just one outside the shield. 

Gaia: Alive? 

Jordan: Apparently, he asked for Clarke by name. 

Clarke: They have our people. We'll need backup. 

Jackson: Wait a minute. You're going just like that? 

Niylah: Of course she is. 

Miller: No backup. Thanks to Gaia, everyone we got's on duty. 

Gaia: We are the backup. 


Clarke: Hey. 

Raven: Hey. I'm busy. What do you need? 

Clarke: Bellamy, Echo, and Octavia are in trouble. 

Raven: Yeah. You should see the other guy. Tell me what's wrong. 

Clarke: Raven. 

Raven: Clarke! I'm fine! Tell me what's wrong. 

Clarke: You're not fine. 

Raven: Fine. You're right. I'm not. 

Clarke: You didn't kill those people. A nuclear reactor almost melted down. If you didn't do what you did, those people would still be dead, and so would everyone else in Sanctum. 

Raven: I can't forget their faces. 

Clarke: And you won't. Just don't forget the ones you saved. Come on. It's easier if I just show you what we're dealing with. 


Man: Clarke Griffin. Thank you for--

Clarke: Where are my friends? 

Man: Your friends killed three of mine. I believe you have one of their bodies. I'll need her back. 

Clarke: Maybe you think we can't shoot through the shield. We can. 

Man: Good. That means we can, too. Your friends are safe for now. 

Miller: What the hell does that mean? Who are you? 

Man: We are the disciples of a greater truth, and we need your help, Clarke. Our leader believes that you are the key to winning the last war mankind will ever wage. 

Niylah: Just that, huh? 

Man: Come with us, Clarke. You have my word you'll be unharmed. 

Miller: You're out your mind if you think she's going--

Clarke: Fine. First, I want my friends back. 

Man: Done. We'll retrieve them. You can meet them at the bridge. 

Clarke: Bridge?

Man: I believe you call it the anomoly. We've harnessed its power. Gabriel Santiago's camp. Shall we? 

Clarke: We'll meet you there. 

Man: You should know time moves much faster where your friends are. Every second counts. 


Raven: There must be some kind of latching mechanism. What?  

Jordan: A lot's happened... since the first time we worked together just us on the ship. We realized Sanctum was a moon, before we screwed everything. 

Raven: Yeah, I was there. 

Jordan: I got stabbed. Did you know that?

Raven: I'm sorry we didn't come for you sooner, okay? 

Hatch: Damn. Nikki did you good, huh? 

Jordan: Cool tattoos. What do they mean? 

Raven: How should I know? I need a minute. 

Clarke: We don't have that long. What have you found out? 

Jordan: What have you found out? 

Clarke: Invisibility. 

Jordan: No way. 

Clarke: They have our friends. I'm leaving now to get them back, but I need to know what else we're dealing with. 

Raven: We're on it. 

Clarke: We're taking two of the bikes to Gabriel's camp. Miller claims he can ride. If you find out anything else about these suits--

Raven: I'll ride out and meet you. Ryker showed me. 

Clarke: Okay. Work fast. 

Raven: Clarke, wait. Bellamy, Octavia, and Echo-- where are they? 


Echo: Five years. 

Hope: Thinking about it makes it worse. 

Gabriel: She's right. Give us a hand. 

Echo: Playing in the dirt won't make time pass faster. 

Gabriel: Maybe not, but it will give our friend out there something to long for, seeing the three of us working together as a team. Trust me. He'll want that. 

Echo: We should hunt him down. 

Hope: Is that how you make friends in the ice nation? 

Echo: Just Ice Nation. There's no 'the'. 

Gabriel: There's clearly no gardening either. That one's still alive. Raspberries? 

Hope: Paint berries.  Eat them, and they make you sick. 

Gabriel: Is that what you used on this? Is H for Hope? 

Hope: No. Hesperides. 


Hope: Hess-pe-rides.  

Octavia: Hess-pair-ih-dees. Three maidens. 

Hope: Like us. 

Octavia: Yep. You're right. Exactly like us. Three maidens... guarding a garden. 

Hope: You said that they were guarding a golden apple, the one Herc-a-lees stole, but we don't have any apples. 

Octavia: Duh. That's why I planted those. 

Hope: But those aren't apple blossoms, Aunty O. 

Octavia: I know that, smarty pants, but they're beautiful just like you. What should we call them? 


Echo: The Hercules roses are opening. 

Hope: It's Herc-a-lees. Don't pick them. 

Echo: Here you go. Some powdered jelly fish. Trust me. It's better than Monty's algae. Sorry. Yes, Gabriel, I'm talking to the plants. Makes them taste bet-

Orlando: I found these. Uh, pumpkin seeds. Hope likes pumpkin. 

Echo: Um... go for it. 

Orlando: Is she here?

Echo: She is. Plant the seeds. I'll go get her. Right there's fine. 

Gabriel: Hey, hey. No. It's okay, it's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you. No. Wait. 

Hope: Three months playing happy family to lure him in, and you blew it. 

Echo: Screw that. Look at the tomatoes. 

Gabriel: He'll be back. He's on the hook now. We just need to reel him in. 

Hope: Let's eat lunch outside again so he can see us. Bait on the hook. 

Echo: I got a better idea. We bait the hook... with you. 


Orlando: Okay. Pay attention. Okay. Really? Are you sure? Okay, but not too smart. See? I warned you. 

Hope: Help! Somebody, help! 

Orlando: Hope! Hold on! I'm coming! 

Hope: Help me! 

Echo: Hope, are you okay?

Hope: I am now, thanks to you. 

Gabriel: What the hell were you doing? 

Hope: I was trying to get to Bardo to save my family. 

Orlando: You can't. The bridge is too deep. 

Gabriel: Hey, hey. We're your family, too, okay? We'll get there together. We'll find a way. 

Orlando: The only way off this planet is on my absolution day. Four years, 10 months, 22 days. 

Echo: It's your absolution day maybe, but they'll kill us. Hope, too. 

Orlando: I won't let that happen. 

Hope: Thank you. 


Hope: The garden will be producing soon, but for now, jellyfish ettouffee. Do not listen to them. They love it. It was my mother's specialty. 

Gabriel: Yeah. Navy seal turned terrorist chef. Hate to see what happened if you sent it back. 

Echo: You okay? 

Hope: Terrorist? 

Echo: She didn't tell you. 

Hope: I was ten when they took her. 

Gabriel: She was a freedom fighter, not a terrorist, but that wouldn't have been as funny with chef, so...

Echo: It wasn't that funny. 

Hope: I always wondered why she wouldn't let Aunty O train me. She was so adamant. Now it makes sense. 

Echo: She didn't want you to be like her. Wait till she sees you now. Guys, we're being rude. Orlando, tell us about you. What are these? 

Orlando: Uh, it's um-- 

Hope: 12 symbols. It means you're level 12, right? 

Orlando: The L-7 who atoned here before me, he teach you that? 

Hope: Yes. Dev, and he taught me as much as he could, but we were afraid that I wouldn't have answers if I was stopped by anyone higher once we were inside. 

Orlando: And was he right? Is that why you failed? 

Hope: Uh... no. We failed because I hesitated when it was time to kill. He's dead because of me. His body is at your skeleton picnic. 

Gabriel: So, uh, tell us about Bardo, Orlando. You know, I've got a theory about how your people got there. Would you like to, uh--

Orlando: The shepherd delivered us. I'm sorry about Dev. I'll bury him with honor. You have my word. 

Hope: Thank you. 

Gabriel: Was the shepherd on Eligius III, as well? 

Orlando: Don't say his name. 

Echo: You still believe all that stuff even after they locked you up? Why did they lock you up? 

Orlando: Shepherd's law number four-- 'honor the day of rest to be efficient the rest of the week.' I chose not to rest, and I was punished for it. And, yes, I still believe. 

Hope: Wait, Orlando. Stay, please. 

Orlando: Nah. Thanks for everything. It was-- it was lovely. 

Hope: Orlando. 

Orlando: Too bad your mom, the navy seal, didn't teach you how to swim. 

Gabriel: Well, that could've gone better. 

Echo: Mm-hmm. 

Hope: Level 12 is hardcore. If we can turn him, we'll have access to everything in Bardo. 

Echo: Well, then it's a good thing we have time because we're gonna need it. 


Jordan: You can take it apart and put it together again after we find out what it can do. 

Raven: As of now, we can't even turn it on. I don't even see a power source. I've read theories on how certain materials charged a certain way can produce an invisibility field, but this... this is way beyond what we're capable of. 

Jordan: You think? 

Raven: You think. That's it. It worked! 

Jordan: Thought control. Cool. So beyond our capabilities means what, alien? 

Raven: We're all aliens now. Oh. One of the symbols that was on that girl's face is in here. I'm gonna select that one. 

Jordan: What is it? What's wrong? 

Raven: Nothng. 

Jordan: So what do you see? 

Raven: Everything. Oh, it's beautiful. Jordan, there's an anomoly here, too. 

Jordan: Where? How about I get a turn? 

Raven: Hold on. Widen out one step. How are they all connected? Wormholes. 

Jordan: What? No way.

Raven: Yes way! The anomoly is a wormhole, and whatever these people are, they can travel anywhere in the universe. Oh. Guess I'm out of a job. 

Jordan: What do they want with Clarke?

Raven: They know things. How's that possible? Rendition? Clarke's a target. We have to warn them. 


Echo: One! 

Hope: Damn it! 

Gabriel: Every time. 

Echo: You're dead. 

Gabriel: I'm not dead. I'm invisible. You're dead, and that really hurt.

Echo: Is this a game to you? 

Hope: Easy. He's back. And Gabriel's right. If they ghost, we're dead. Let's go again. 

Echo: Are we entertaining you? 

Gabriel: Echo, calm down. 

Echo: If you got something to say, say it! Or maybe you're gonna run away again, huh? 

Gabriel: Hey. Hold on. 

Echo: L-12, huh? Is that supposed to scare me? 

Orlando: If it doesn't, it's because you don't know what we can do. 

Echo: Now I'm really scared. I'll tell you what. If I lose, you get the cabin back. If you lose, you help us train. Tell us what we need to know. 

Orlando: Need to know to kill my people? 

Echo: That's gonna happen anyway. The only question is are you gonna die with them when they come? 


Hope: Aunty O would have loved seeing you get your ass kicked. 

Echo: Careful. That stuff's dangerous. Tell me about M-cap again. 

Hope: Memory capture. It's not torture unless you fight it. Aunty O did, and apparently, so did my mom. 

Echo: Bellamy will, too. I don't know what I'll do if I lose him. 

Gabriel: You won't. A year here for us has only been a few days for him. Well, from now on, you want to bet something-- you leave my bed out of it. 

Hope: Good night, Echo. Good night, Gabriel. 

Gabriel: Yep. 


Orlando: In the shadow of the shepherd, for all mankind, he saved us from the fire that consumed the Earth. In the light of the shep--

Gabriel: Sorry to interrupt. Just, um-- just wanted to give you these. 

Orlando: Why/

Gabriel: Your skin tone's off. I've noticed you lost weight. Fairly certain your body's in ketosis. Trust me. Eat your greens. 

Orlando: You a doctor or something?

Gabriel: I am, so take the advice. I should go. Echo's firing live rounds again. 

Orlando: You won't pull it off. Because what happened last time with Dev, they'll send more people. 

Gabriel: They? 

Orlando: We. 

Gabriel: I see. Well, we have more people, so--

Orlando: Not enough. 

Gabriel: So help us. 

Orlando: Thanks for the veggies. 

Gabriel: We don't want to kill your people, okay? We just-- we just want to save ours. Would the shepherd not understand that? 

Orlando: I told you not to say his name. 

Gabriel: Sorry. Okay. It's just I know a thing or two about worshiping false gods. 

Orlando: What did you just say? 

Gabriel: I mean no offense. Look. We all come from Earth, okay? A ship brought us across the stars to escape a world on fire largly thanks to people bastardizing the words of their gods. Would the shepherd that saved you condone torturing my friends, who did nothing to you. Would he condone sending a man as devoted to him as you to prison? No. No. Men condone those things. Weak men follow their orders. Enjoy your salad. 


Hope: Still not fast enough. 

Orlando: We don't kill anyone, you get your people, and you get out. 

Echo: Best efforts. You're a soldier. You know that in battle things can--

Orlando: Done. I've got four years, eight months, and 17 days to turn you into disciples. If you survive, you may be ready. Get some rest. We start at dawn. 


Orlando: Congratulations on reaching Level-12. Hey. Dev would be proud of you. I know I am. That goes for both of you, too. I wish all my trainees were as determined as you. The war to end all wars would be a lot easier. Who's next? 

Gabriel: You go. I'm eating. 

Echo: You're always eating. I can never eat the night before battle.

Orlando: I wouldn't know. 

Echo: It must be hard to dedicate your whole life to something that may never come. 

Orlando: Not really. I didn't know anything else until I met all of you. 

Gabriel: Once it's done and we're out of your hair, what're you gonna do? 

Echo: He's gonna miss us. 

Orlando: Of course I am. 

Hope: So come with us. 

Orlando: Where? Sanctum? Red sun toxin, immortal body snatchers? Thanks, but I'll stick with honor and duty. Now stop talking, or I won't just take the beating I'm about to let you give me. 


Guard: Master Orlando, time for your absolution. Quiet. Knowing Orlando, he would have been at the bridge. I don't like this. 

Guard #2: No! It's a trap. Ghost mode now! 

Gabriel: Nice shot. Bridge closes in five minutes. Move, move! 

Echo: Get the armor off and secure them before they wake up. 

Hope: Not again. 

Echo: Thank you. Suit up. 

Hope: Okay. 

Echo: How much time?

Gabriel: Four minutes, 10 seconds. 

Echo: She had no choice, and you know it. 

Gabriel: Orlando, we're sorry. We'll suit up, then cut you loose. Two and a half minutes to spare. It's time to go. 

Echo: No. He knew that girl, trained her I'm guessing. How many more people will he know on the other side? I have to save Bellamy. 

Gabriel: Echo. Echo, what in the hell are you doing? This isn't the plan. 

Echo: Plans change. If we leave them alive, he'll tell them everything, and they'll come after us. 

Hope: We're running out of time. We have to go. 

Gabriel: Echo! He'll be with us, acting like our hostage, leading us through the compound. That's the plan!

Echo: No, he won't! 

Hope: We're leaving him here? 

Gabriel: No. No way. He's our friend! 

Echo: Yes! But we are not his people. Grab your helmets. 

Gabriel: Echo, this is wrong. 

Echo: You want to stay, or do you want the answers that are waiting for you on the other side? 

Gabriel: Echo, no, no, no, no! 

Echo: Cut yourself free. I am sorry. 

Gabriel: He'll be alone for years. 

Echo: The bridge is closing. 


Clarke: Nice fence. Not sure Gabriel would approve, but I like what you've done with the place. Where are my friends? 

Man: In the woods watching your back, no doubt. 

Clarke: Good guess. Not those friends. 

Man: They were on Penance. They're not anymore. 

Clarke: Penance? 

Man: Penal planet. I told you time moves much faster there. They managed to kill five more of my people. We found the graves along with the body of a disciple prisoner, who apparently spent five years with them. He killed himself after they betrayed him. 

Clarke: You're lying. 

Man: Then he is, too. Suicide note. 

Clarke: Toss it. 

Man: I've been civil with you despite the fact that at last count nine of my people are dead. 

Clarke: I'd really rather not make it ten. 

Man: On this we agree. 

Clarke: Good trick. Trust me. These things only work if you're willing to pull the trigger. Since you already said you need me, give me the damn note. 

Man: It seems our intel on you is correct. You're smart, brave, willing to risk your own life. Too bad you're not willing to risk the lives of your friends. Once she shoots me, kill her friends. Now you can answer my questions voluntarily, or you can wake up connected to a machine that will extract everything we need to know. Either way, you're going to serve the shepherd. 

Jordan: Good. I'm in time. 

Clarke: Jordan? What are you doing? 

Jordan: Saving you. You can thank me after you get down! 

Miller: Raven Reyes, ladies and gentlemen. Everybody, eyes on the woods! There may be more of them. 

Jordan: Hey. It's okay. You did it. 

Raven: I just killed eight people. Nothing about that is okay. Now let's go find that wormhole and bring our friends home. 


Niylah: Where does it lead? 

Raven: Everywhere.  

Clarke: We need to go to Penance and find their trail. How do we get there? 

Raven: We use the map. Show me Penance. It's not responding. It-- the map doesn't use names, only symbols. Okay. Looks like there's six planets in what could be a network. One seems to be offline, and one is Sanctum. 

Jordan: Two stars?

Raven: Yeah. 

Miller: So that gives us a one in four chance. That's if one of them is Penance. 

Clarke: We try them all. Pick one and enter the code. 

Raven: Okay. This one looks fun. It's showing me what symbols to touch. 

Clarke: No one has to do this. You should each decide for yourselves, but I'm not losing anyone else. 

Miller: Well, in that case, maybe you should consider what happens when the dead disciples up there don't check in. 

Gaia: They'll send more. I'll stay to warn the others and protect Madi. 

Raven: Boom. Who wants to go for a ride? 

Niylah: Why not? 

Jordan: I'm in. 

Miller: What the hell! This planet sucks anyway. 

Clarke: Thank you. 

Gaia: Bring them home. We'll be waiting. 

Jordan: Ladies and gentlemen, Clarke Griffin has left the planet. 


Clarke: Is everyone okay? 

Niylah: You like this planet better, Miller? 

Jordan: I say we try the next one. 

Raven: Yeah. Only one problem. We need an anomoly stone for that.