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Kane: Previously on The 100...

Echo: In the name of King Roan, Polis is now under Azgeda rule!

Clarke: The reason ALIE created the City of Light. Nuclear reactors inside power plants that survived the bombs are melting down. If we can't figure out a way to fix it, all of us will be dead in six months.

Indra: There are a thousand Ice Nation warriors on the street who want to kill us today.

Clarke: They won't kill us.

Octavia: How could you possibly know that?

Clarke: Roan we need your help. Something's coming.

Roan: Our ancestors survived Praimfaya.

Clarke: Not this time, not without us.

Roan: I King Roan of Azgeda, let it be known that an attack against Skaikru is an attack against us all.

Kane: We'll do our best, keep the King in his throne.

Clarke: And we'll find a way to beat the radiation.

Octavia: If either of you screw this up, we die.

Bellamy: Okay, Princess, what now?

Clarke: Now, we survive.

(Open on a blue glowing butterfly on Ilian's farm 9 days earlier.)

(A woman, Ilian's Mother is seen tied to a fence. A man, Ilian approaches her.)

Ilian's Mother: Demon. Where's my son?

Ilian: Take it, mother.

(He offers her the chip. She refuses and chipped Ilian walks towards his brother putting a knife to his throat.)

Ilian's Mother: No! Not your brother, please!

Ilian: I'll stop if you take the Key.

ALIE: Do it. She'll break.

(Ilian cuts his brother's throat. His mother wails in despair)

Ilian: I told you, he's with father in the City of Light.

(The camera lingers on Ilian's father, dead too and evidently killed by him.)

Ilian: Take it, mother.

ALIE: Put the knife to your own throat.

(Ilian puts the knife to his own throat his mother weeping.)

ALIE: Clarke, don't.

(She disappears.)

(Unchipped, Ilian realizes what he has done.)

Ilian: Mother! No, hold on!

(He rushes towards her and cuts her loose.)


Ilian's Mother: Ilian.

Ilian: Yes, it's me. I'm here.

Ilian's Mother: Avenge me.

Ilian: Mother...

(She dies in his arms.)

(Ilian picks up the chip and screams.)

(Title Sequence)

(Open on the Polis tower where Abby and Kane are having sex.)

Abby: You are a terrible influence. Roan is expecting me.

(She kisses Kane, once, twice.)

(She puts on a tank top and takes her necklace with Jake's ring from the bed. She looks at it a little hesitantly.)

Kane: Abby... Jake's a part of who you are.

(He helps fasten the clasp around her neck.)

(She kisses him again.)

Kane: Go. The king needs you.

(Abby moves to leave, Kane pulls her back.)

Kane: But be careful. The tower's safe enough but we're in dangerous ground here.

(Abby caresses his cheek then leaves.)

(Open on Polis. Ilian is speaking with members of Trishanakru.)

Ilian: The King protects Skaikru. Why?

Rafel (Trishanakru ambassador): Because he is their puppet, Ilian. And anyone who protects the people who did this are as guilty as they are. Roan of Azgeda will hear me.

(Octavia is seen discreetly spying on the meeting.)

Rafel: As your new ambassador I have the right to challenge him. Single combat.

Ilian: I want justice, Skaikru did this, not the king.

Rafel: Do you want revenge for your family, or not? When Trishanakru controls Polis you will have it. I promise when the King's head falls, Skaikru falls with it.

(Polis Tower. Roan enters the throne room.)

Echo Welcome to your throne room, my King. Now that the lift has been repaired, I've doubled the guards at the door on every floor.

Roan: Expecting trouble?

Echo: I trust only Azgeda. Your mother taught me that, our people loved her for it.

Roan: Our people feared her, Echo.

Echo: Because she was fierce, ambitious.

Roan: My mother's ambition, her disregard for Lexa's alliance got her killed.

Echo: If I may, why do you insist on ruling as Lexa did when it's not what's best for our people? At least tell me there's a reason.

(Kane and Octavia burst in the throne room.)

Kane: Forgive the intrusion, your highness. May we have a word?

(Echo looks at Kane.)

Kane: Privately?

Echo: You can wait like the other ambassadors.

Roan: Echo, leave us. Please.

(Echo leaves.)

Kane: You were right to be concerned about Trishanakru. Rafel is going to challenge you for control.

Roan: Bold move for a new ambassador. So? Let him come.

Kane: With respect, you're still recovering.

Octavia: The law says you can pick someone to fight in your place.

Roan: No. The clans will never accept a leader who hides behind the law. Or another warrior's blade.

Octavia: You'll lose. Lexa kicked your ass without a bullet hole in your chest.

Kane: We should cancel the gathering or delay it until you're strong enough. 

Roan: No. Letting the ambassadors have a voice keeps the peace here. Azgeda holds this city through force alone, and the Flame won't keep the clans at bay forever. If they unite against us, we could lose. And if we lose.--

Octavia: They come for Skaikru.

Roan: And the radiation comes for us all.

Kane: No one has to die. The point of our arrangement is to give us time to find a solution to save everyone.

Roan: And how is that solution coming?

Kane: We're working on it. In the meantime, I'm here to keep you in power. Let me talk to the ambassador.

Roan: Go ahead. Talk..

(Kane turns to leave.)

Roan: But if you fail, I'll have no choice but to fight.

(Open on Arkadia. Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, and Monty are searching for a way to beat the radiation.)

Bellamy: We've been at this for two days. There must be something we're not thinking of. What if we could reach the nearest nuclear reactor?

Raven: I told you, the meltdown started months ago. There's no magic button to turn them off. Today this isn't black rain but it will be soon. That's why we have to focus on riding out the radiation, finding some place safe and big enough to hold all five hundred of us.

Clarke: This isn't just about saving us. I made a promise to Roan. It's about saving everyone.

Raven: That's why we need to tell everyone. Crowdsource it. If there's another Mount Weather out there, the Grounders will know about it.

Bellamy: You think they're just gonna tell us? Just like that? If you tell everybody they're going to die the Coalition is over, Roan falls, and the Grounders will be at our gate.

Raven: Then just tell our people. We need more minds on this problem. On the Ark, people volunteered for the Culling because they were told the truth and given a choice.

(Monty is seen watching rain drip into the Ark.)

Raven: A choice your dad died for.

Clarke: You think I've forgotten that?

Bellamy: Okay.  We'll tell everybody the truth as soon as we have a viable solution. Without one, it'll start a panic.

Raven: You don't know that.

Monty: That's it!

Clarke: What are you talking about?

Monty: Think. Alpha Station survived for ninety-seven years in space, through elevated radiation levels and extreme temperature fluctuations. Sound familiar? All we have to do is patch up the ship. We're standing in our viable solution.

(The next day. Bellamy is with Miller and Bryan.)

Bellamy: Raven says we can get it sealed up in a month. The Ark is our Ark.

Miller: I get it. Okay, so freeze dried meat until we can grow our own food, we'll get oxygen scrubbers but how do we get enough water for five hundred people?

Bellamy: We don't. That's why we're heading to Farm Station.

Miller: Why the hell would we do that? It's in the damn Ice Nation.

Bryan: You just said it. We need a hydro generator and Farm Station has one for the crops.

Bellamy: You think you can get us there?

Miller: No way. Find us another machine.

Bellamy: There are no others, and without it, we won't last a year inside this ship. Let alone five.

Miller: Fine, I'm in. Bryan stays here. His leg is still healing.

Bryan: I'm in, too.

Bellamy: Good. We roll in an hour.

(Bellamy leaves)

Miller: You don't have to do this.

Bryan: Actually, yeah, I do. Since Octavia murdered Pike, I'm the only one left who knows where it is.

Miller: Why are you defending him? Pike was a dictator.

Bryan: He was an elected Chancellor. And if you don't care about that, he kept me alive for three months!

Miller: Then why did you help us turn him over to the Grounders?

Bryan: To save you, Nate.

(Miller and Bryan hug.)

(Jasper is showering and singing "I don't like Mondays" as Monty approaches him.)

Monty: Nice cap. You know you're wasting our drinking water, right?

Jasper: You know we're all gonna die in six months, right?

Monty: Not if we find what we're looking for today.

Jasper: Please. Tell me about another pointless task Clarke has roped you into. Or better yet, don't. I don't want to keep any more of her secrets.

Monty: We're going back to Farm Station. Why aren't you coming with us?

Jasper: Monty, look at me.

Monty: I'm really trying not to.

Jasper: Look, I'm fine, alright? I'm having fun.

Monty: Jasper.

Jasper: I'm not gonna kill myself, what's the point? But you know what? If you want to cheer me up, while you're at Farm Station, get that weed we stashed behind the wall of your old bedroom. Huh?

(Jasper raises his hand.)

Jasper: Don't leave me hanging, man.

(Monty and Jasper do the Jonty five.)

Jasper: Yes! Music to my ears. Hey, you want a hug?

(In the hangar bay, Miller, Harper, and Bellamy are preparing for the mission.)

Raven: Hey, blueprint for the hydro-generator. And don't forget it's filled with hydrazine that combines with oxygen to make water, so go slow.

Monty: Or the hydrazine could go boom. I know. Raven, I got this. Don't you have a ship to fix?

Bellamy: Battery's full. If we're lucky, we won't have to stop to recharge.

Clarke: Even luckier if Roan's seal will work it's supposed to. If you get in trouble, just show this.

Bellamy: Got it. Thanks. Load up! You could still come with us.

Clarke: No, I can't. Arkadia is just plan B. It doesn't help the Grounders. I'm not stopping until we have a solution that saves everyone.

Bellamy: We save who we can save today.

(Bellamy nods goodbye to Clarke.)

Bellamy: Alright, let's go!

(The rover pulls into Azgeda territory and Bellamy, Miller, Harper, Bryan, and Monty exit the rover.)

Bellamy: This is as close as we can get. From here, we go on foot.

Bryan: We get the machine and get out of here. I don't want to stay any longer than we have to.

(Monty takes Harper's hand. Miller looks at Farm Station through binoculars.)

Miller: Guys, we got a problem. The barn isn't empty.

Bryan: They moved in. If it's the same guys who attacked us, with our guns, we could take them.

Bellamy: I'm sure we could, but we didn't come here to fight.

Bryan: They butchered us. Killed kids, our friends, our families.

Monty: I don't like it anymore than you do, but Bellamy's right. We need that machine.

Harper: Guys?

(A grounder has a bow and arrow to Harper's neck. The delinquents turn their guns towards them.)

Bellamy: Weapons down. Now.

(More Azgeda emerge.)

Bellamy: Now!

(Bryan keeps his gun up.)

Bellamy: Bryan, now.

(Bellamy takes the seal from his jacket.)

Bellamy: King Roan of Azgeda sent us.

(The Ice Nation grounder looks at the seal then hits Bellamy in the head with it, knocking him out.)

Ice Nation: Take all their weapons and let's introduce them to the Chief.

(Bellamy, Miller, Monty, Harper, and Bryan are brought into Farm Station.)

Tybe: Where did you get this?

Bellamy: King Roan. Skaikru and Azgeda are allies. He sent us to get a part of the ship, a machine.

Dakiva: King Roan hasn't returned to Ice Nation in three years. The banished prince is not my king.

(Tybe takes out a dagger.)

Bellamy: Look. If we'd come to take this place back, there would be a lot more of us and you know that.

Tybe: Let's just get this over with, Dakiva.

(Tybe cuts them free.)

Tybe: Free them! Where is this machine for the King?

(Arkadia. Raven is leading a repair team.)

Raven: We've got a lot of work to do to get the ship ready for winter. Sector four - the crack in the outer wall, we need to patch it up. Start by repairing the damaged panels. Sector five -  we need to get that tree out of the hole and seal it up. Any questions? Okay. Go.

Clarke: You okay?

Raven: There was so much to do and I get a total of five volunteers to help me fix the ship?

Clarke: It's a start.

Raven: I can't run this repair alone, Clarke. Even if I had complete mobility. Even if Sinclair was still alive. Who the hell am I giving orders? I'm-I'm not the chief.

Clarke: I'm not the Chancellor, but here we are. For what it's worth, there's nobody I trust to do this more than you. As soon as Bellamy gets back with that machine, we go public with everything and get you the help that you need.

(Jaha approaches.)

Jaha: Am I interrupting?

Raven: What do you want?

Jaha: I was an engineer before I was Chancellor. I supervised the redesign of sector five.

Raven: And how many people died from Sector five in the Culling when you sucked the air out of their lungs?

Jaha: Forty-two. Would you like to know their names?

(Exasperated, Raven walks away.)

Clarke: Raven, wait. We could use the help.

Raven: You do know he made me cut my wrists to force your mom to take the chip, right?

Clarke: He was chipped, too.

Raven: He searched for the City of Light. He brought ALIE here. He showed her how to overcome free will.

Jaha: Yes. Those are my sins and I have to live with them.

Clarke: Raven.

Raven: You wanna help? Go sort the scrap.

Jaha: Whatever you need.

(Bellamy, Monty, Bryan, Miller, and Harper are being led through Farm Station by the Ice Nation.)

Monty: Ever meet a grounder who could power up a spaceship?

Dakiva: No talking.

Tybe: Slaves, eyes down.

(He looks at Bellamy.)

Tybe: Do what you came to do.

Ice Nation (to the slaves): You heard him, back to work!

(Harper steps forward but Bellamy holds her back.)

Monty: Up there, the generator.

Tybe: Let's go.

(Bryan looks at the slaves and recognizes one of them.)

Bryan: Riley?

(He steps toward the slave.)

Bryan: Riley.

Bellamy: Bryan, wait!

Bryan: I thought you were dead.

(Tybe pushes Riley and Bryan apart.)

Tybe: Only the machine. The rest is ours.

(Polis. Roan is sparring with Echo. Abby is watching.)

Roan: Damn it.

Abby: Let me take a look.

(She checks his wound.)

Abby: You're healing, but you need more time.

Roan: I don't have time.

Echo: Why accept this challenge at all? You're a king, make your own rules.

Roan: I told you. I won't be that type of king.

(Echo and Roan continue sparring, Echo clearly having the upper hand. Roan clutches his chest. Echo kicks Roan down.)

Echo: I would be honored to take your place in this fight.

(She offers him her hand.)

Roan: I will not run from this challenge.

Abby: Echo's right. I didn't save your life so that you could tear yourself apart again.

Roan: Since when are you two on the same side? And if you can't help me, why the hell are you still here?

(Abby leaves.)

Echo: This fight can still be avoided. Protecting Skaikru gives the other clans an excuse to challenge you. Let me take care of the problem. Let me do what you mother would've done.

(She continues to spar with him.)

Echo: Then please just tell me what did Wanheda offer? What deal is worth losing the faith of your people?

Roan: Chance to survive the end of the world. That's what they're offering to all of us. Soon Praimfaya will once again destroy everything. Skaikru is trying to stop it.

Echo: My king, they're lying to you. They'd say anything to save themselves. Let me prove it to you. Send me to Arkadia.

Roan: Your only concern now should be helping me win. Once I do, you may go to Arkadia, prove my trust in Wanheda is deserved.

(The Polis Square.)

Rafel: Once I have accused Roan of crimes against our people for protecting Skaikru he'll demand proof. Ilian will be my first witness.

Kane: Ambassador, may we speak privately? We know you plan to challenge King Roan.

Rafel: Leave us. Ilian, stay.

Kane: I'd like to ask you to reconsider.

Rafel: Ask? After everything your people have done, you expect diplomacy.

Kane: Skaikru is not your enemy.

(Ilian slams the chip onto the table.)

Ilian: Skaikru made me murder my entire family. I have no one left.

Kane: I'm sorry for your loss, but the chip technology, it affected all of us, every clan. You blame Skaikru for the City of Light. Shouldn't you also credit us for destroying it? After everything we've suffered, why spill more blood? The clans are stronger together.

Rafel: You see Ilian? The King can't fight or his minions wouldn't be here trying to stop us.

Octavia: If the King wasn't hurt, do you think this coward would give a crap about your family?

Rafel: Since you landed here your people have done nothing but rip our world apart.

Kane: Rafel, I urge you...

Rafel: Reap what you sow, Ambassador. The time of Skaikru is over.

(He and Ilian leave.)

Octavia: Well, that went well.

(Arkadia. Clarke is overlooking a population list.)

Clarke: It's too many people.

(She paces around the room before slamming her papers onto the desk and burying her head in her hands.)

Clarke: Damn it!

(Music is heard in the background and Clarke looks up. She storms angrily through the hallway of the Ark and finds Jasper with a bunch of Arkadians who are relaxing and drinking.)

Jasper: (singing) Tell me why I don't like Mondays. Tell me why I don't like Mondays.

(Clarke approaches him.)

Clarke: Hey. Can we talk?

Jasper: Sure. I got about six months. No waiting. What's up?

Clarke: I'm trying to make sure that we have more than six months. Which is why these people need to get back to work.

Jasper: I didn't force them to stop. I guess they think it's the end of the day, not, you know, the end of days.

Clarke: Don't you want us to survive, Jasper?

Jasper: Nah, I don't want us to survive. I want us to live.

Clarke: If we don't repair that ship, none of us will have that chance.

Jasper: What about free will? That's why you destroyed ALIE, right? Why don't you tell them all the truth?

Clarke: Keep your voice down.

Jasper: You should let them decide what they want to do with their last six months. What are you so afraid of?

Clarke: We can't just go to them with no solutions. People will panic.

Jasper: Ah, I see. That's spoken like the council that sent a hundred kids to die on the ground.

(Jasper leaves.)

(Farm Station.)

Bryan: I don't care if they're unarmed. We can't just leave them.

Harper: We're in the Coalition now, So we ask the King to free them. It's our best bet.

Bryan: Not if it means leaving Riley.

Bellamy: We won't okay but Harper's right. We try diplomacy first. If that doesn't work, we come with reinforcements for the slaves. After we take home the machine, right?

Bryan: Yeah.

(A girl slave drops a note. Bellamy lifts it and reads it. It says: "Moving us tomorrow. Help!")

Bellamy: They're moving them.

Bryan: It's now or never.

Bellamy: Are there any other exits in here?

Bryan: No, It's completely sealed. Came down from space in here because it's the most secure room in the ship.

Monty: It's designed that way in case the hydrazine blew.

Harper: What?

Bellamy: We have a bomb.

Miller: Wait a second. The end of the world is coming, and you want to destroy the one thing that will keep our people alive?

Bryan: Yeah, not all of our people. What about Riley?

Miller: I vote that we take it home.

Bryan: No. Blow it up.

Harper: I'm with Bryan. I know what's like to be locked up and afraid. You didn't leave us in Mount Weather. We shouldn't leave them here.

Bellamy: Can we build another machine?

Monty: No way! The techs too advanced.

Bellamy: We have six months. We have Raven. Are you telling me she can't figure out another way to make water?

Monty: Yes. Look. I know you want to make up for the things you've done - believe me, we all do - but we need to think of the big picture - twenty-five people instead of five hundred. We're talking about the human race, Bellamy. We need to get this machine back to Arkadia. It's the only way.

Harper: It's two and two. Your call, Bellamy. What's it gonna be?

(Bellamy, Monty, Miller, Byran, and Harper appear to be taking the hydro generator.)

Bryan: Watch it, Miller.

Monty: Wait, wait wait. Just set it down.

Dakiva: What are you doing?

(Bellamy sets off the bomb. Bellamy, Miller, Bryan, and Harper run trying to get away from the bomb.)

Dakiva: Kill them!

(The machine explodes and Tybe comes for them. Bellamy and Miller knock him down. Miller and Bellamy continue beating him.)

Bryan: Okay, Nate. This isn't your kill. This isn't your kill! This is Monty's kill!

Monty: What are you talking about?

Bryan: This is the man that murdered your father.

(Monty takes the ax as if preparing to kill Tybe.)

Bellamy: You don't have to do this.

Monty: Yeah, I do.

(Monty strikes the chains with the ax, freeing the slaves.)

(The slaves rush forward and beat Tybe to death.)

(Arkadia. Clarke is looking for Raven.)

Clarke: Raven? Raven, you here?

Jaha: Polyethylene silicon elastomers. We don't need that for a winter storm or to protect us from a grounder attack. What are we really bracing Alpha Station for?

(Clarke doesn't answer.)

Jaha: Heavy lies the crown. I know the burden of keeping a secret you think is going to destroy your people.

Clarke: You locked me up. You floated my father.

Jaha: And now you understand why. No leader starts out wanting to lie or imprison or execute their people. The decisions you face just whittle you down piece by piece.

Clarke: So what do I do?

Jaha: I'll tell you what I told your mother after the Culling. We make the best decisions that we can with the information that we have, then hope that there's a forgiving god.

(Cut to Abby staring out a window in Polis. Kane enters the room.)

Kane: Can Roan fight?

Abby: It's too soon.

Kane: One simple task, and I'm failing.

Abby: No, you'll figure it out.

Kane: What's wrong?

Abby: There's nothing more that I can do for Roan.

Kane: You have to go back to Arkadia, to Clarke.

(Kane brushes Abby hairs away from her neck and notices Jake's ring is no longer there.)

Kane: Your necklace.

(Kane and Abby kiss and embrace.)

(Octavia is walking through the Polis streets, concealing her identity with a black cloak.)

(Ambassador Rafel is eating a meal.)

Rafel: It's about time, pour the wine.

(He looks up to see who has entered and is shocked to see it is Octavia.)

Rafel: What the hell do you want?

Octavia: I'm here to ask you one last time to back down.

Rafel: Are you trying to frighten me, little girl?

Octavia: If your problem really is with Skaikru, not Roan, then challenge me instead. We can settle this.

Rafel: You're not worthy of my blade.

Octavia: I came here to change your mind.

Rafel: You can't. Trishanakru will have its justice. Now leave before I-

(Octavia lifts her blade and stabs him, killing him instantly. She wipes removes her blade and wipes away the blood.)

Octavia: Long live the King.

(She puts her hood back on her head.)

(Polis Tower. Day.)

Grounder: Your Highness, your loyal ambassadors.

(Kane and the ambassadors of the other 12 clans enter the throne room.)

Kane: Roan, please, it's not too late to cancel.

Roan: You failed. We do this Azgeda's way. Single combat. Take your seat, ambassador.

(Kane takes his seat, Roan notices the Trishankru ambassador's seat is empty.)

Roan: Where is Rafel kom Trishankru?

(Echo enters the throne room and whispers something into Roan's ear.)

Echo: ...his heart stopped.

Roan: The Ambassador was found dead this morning. His heart stopped. May the spirits of the Commanders guide him safely home.

(Kane looks at Octavia with extreme disappointment.)

Roan: Let us begin.

Ilian: You gonna kill me, too?

Octavia: I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm sorry about your family.

(Octavia leaves the throne room, Echo watching.)

Roan: We are stronger together.

(Bellamy, Monty, Harper, Miller, and Bryan arrive back in Arkadia.)

Miller: Hey Bry. Are we okay?

Bryan: Tell me you think saving these people was worth it.

Miller: I wish I could.

(Miller reaches out to Bryan.)

Bryan: I can't. I can't. I'm sorry.

Miller: Bryan.

(The saved grounders and Riley get off the rover.)

Clarke: Riley?

Riley: Clarke.

(Clarke and Riley hug.)

Clarke: I can't believe you're alive.

Riley: I am now. 

Bellamy: Get Riley and the others to medbay. Tell them we'll take them to their villages in the morning.

(Raven approaches the rover confused to why they don't have the hydro generator.)

Raven: Where is it?

Bellamy: We didn't get the machine.

Clarke: It didn't survive landing?

Bellamy: No, it did. But I had a choice - bring the machine home or use it to save them.

Raven: Oh, we are so screwed.

Bellamy: We have time, but I am not sacrificing any more innocent lives.

Clarke: You just did.

Bellamy: I made the call, and I'll live with it.

Raven: Yeah, you're not the only one who has to live with your call, as usual.

Bellamy: Go tell them. Go tell Riley I should've left him to die.

Clarke: Okay, how many of us will the ship sustain without a hydro-generator?

Raven: No more than a hundred.

Clarke: What am I supposed to tell the people now?

Raven: The truth. Crowdsource it like we talking about.

Clarke: Call for a general meeting.

(Raven leaves.)

Bellamy: What are you gonna do?

Clarke: Hope that there's a forgiving god.

(Clarke is giving a speech to the inhabitants of Arkadia.)

Clarke: So now you know the truth. I know you're afraid. I know you're angry, but when I shut down A.L.I.E. I knew there was to way for us to get through this together. Alpha Station is that way. Every single one of us will survive on this ship. It won't be easy. Raven needs volunteers if we're gonna get it ready in time. It'll be a lot of work, but now you understand why we need to do it. If we stick together, I give you my word, we won't just survive. We'll thrive.

(Clarke is speaking with Bellamy and Raven)

Raven: Nice speech.

Clarke: Sometimes hope is more important than truth.

Raven: You dad would be so proud.

Clarke: You wanted workers. You got them.

Raven: Everyone to the hangar bay. Now.

(Raven leaves with a crowd of people.)

Bellamy: We save who we can save today.