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The decisions you face just whittle you down piece by piece.
Jaha to Clarke

Heavy Lies the Crown is the second episode of the fourth season of The 100. It is the forty-seventh episode of the series overall.

The burden of leading weighs heavily upon Clarke and Bellamy when different challenges force them to determine who will live and die.


The episode unfolds with Ilian in his farm where he is torturing his mother to try and force her to take the chip. When A.L.I.E. is defeated by Clarke, Ilian awakens and cuts free his mother but it is no use and she dies in his arms. He vows to avenge his family.

In Polis, Abby and Kane relish in a moment of post-coital bliss while Octavia spies on the Trishanakru ambassador Rafel, who plans to challenge Roan for protecting Skaikru and vows to help Ilian get his vengeance. Kane and Octavia then meet with King Roan and try and convince him against accepting the challenge. Roan refuses as Kane asks for permission to speak to ambassador which Roan grants.

In Arkadia, Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, and Monty try to find a way to ride out the radiation and debate whether the masses should be told. Suddenly, Monty realizes that they can survive inside Alpha Station as long as they patch up the ship. The next day, Bellamy explains the plan to Miller and Bryan and tells them they need to go to Farm Station to fetch a hydro generator. Miller is at first against this idea though Bryan agrees it is necessary. Miller tells Bryan he can't come but Bryan insists saying he's the only one who knows where Farm Station is.

At the same time, Monty approaches Jasper who is showering and tries to convince him to accompany them on the mission. Jasper refuses and says that he'd rather no longer keep Clarke's secrets. He then asks Monty to fetch the stash of weed they hid behind [Monty's] bedroom door and Monty agrees Monty, Harper, Bellamy, Miller, and Bryan leave Arkadia while Raven and Clarke stay behind to patch up the ship. They arrive in the Ice Nation and find that Farm Station is inhabited by members of the Ice Nation. Suddenly, Ice Nation members surround them and take them to the station to meet the chief. Bellamy tells them they're just they're for the hydro generator at the request of King Roan. The Ice Nation members agree to let them take the machine.

Back at Arkadia, Raven is briefing those who have volunteered to help fix the ship. Raven expresses annoyance at the low turn out but Clarke reassures her more will come over time. Jaha then interrupts their conversation to offer help. Raven is against it, but Clarke convinces her to give him a chance.

Back at Farm Station, Bellamy, Monty, Harper, Miller, and Bryan go to get the machine, but notice many people, including Riley, serving as slaves. The Ice Nation members tell them the deal was the take only the machine and the rest will remain theirs.

In Polis, Roan is sparring with Echo while Abby watches. Echo defeats Roan and offers to take his place in the fight but Roan denies. Abby says that she agrees with Echo though Roan questions why she is still in Polis if she can no longer help him. Abby leaves and Echo begs Roan to tell her what Clarke offered to him. Roan then informs Echo of Praimfaya. Meanwhile, Kane and Octavia are trying to convince Rafel not to challenge King Roan. Ilian says that Skaikru made him kill his entire family and Rafel refuses Kane's pleas.

Back in Arkadia, Clarke is still trying to find a solution to save everyone before hearing music and exiting the ship. She finds Jasper and a large group of Arkadians playing instead of working. Clarke asks Jasper what he's doing and Jasper tells her he'd rather live than just survive.

At Farm Station, Bellamy, Monty, Harper, Miller, and Bryan are debating whether they should save the slaves or take the hydro generator. Bryan and Harper want to free to slaves while Miller and Monty want to take the machine. The final decision is Bellamy's and he decides to use the machine to free the slaves. They take the machine, rigging it as a bomb and free the slaves. Many of Azgeda die in the explosion and their the chief is beaten to death by the slaves.

In Arkadia, Clarke is looking for Raven when Jaha confronts her about the radiation crisis. Clarke at first shows hostility towards him, but eventually allows him to give her leadership advice. Meanwhile, in Polis, Abby says goodbye to Kane and confronts her about not wearing Jake's ring and they kiss. At the same time, Octavia assassinates the Trishanakru ambassador.

The next day, at the meeting of ambassadors. Kane begs Roan not to accept the challenge before it revealed that Rafel is dead. Ilian and Kane immediately suspect Octavia, but she denies it.

Bellamy, Monty, Harper, Miller, and Bryan arrive back in Arkadia to be met with by Clarke and Raven. Bellamy confesses they didn't get the machine and rather used it to save the slaves. This reduces the number of people who can survive inside of Alpha Station to only one hundred. Clarke finally agrees to tell their people of the radiation but lies informing them they all can survive and the Arkadians get to work.



Guest Starring


  • Jana Mitsoula as Willa
  • Kyle Toy as Ilian's Brother
  • Darcy Laurie as Tybe
  • Jennifer Cheon as Dakiva
  • Jason Beaudoin as Rafel
  • Ben Sullivan as Riley
  • Eliza Faria as Grounder Girl
  • Laura Picado as Grounder Woman in Hood


Monty: "Alpha Station survived for 97 years in space through elevated radiation levels and extreme temperature fluctuations. Sound familiar? All we have to do is patch up the ship. We're standing in our viable solution."
Miller: "Why are you defending him? Pike was a dictator."
Bryan: "He was an elected chancellor, and if you don't care about that, he kept me alive for 3 months."
Miller: "Then why did you help us turn him over to the Grounders?"
Bryan: "To save you, Nate."
Jasper (to Monty): "If you want to cheer me up, while you're at Farm Station, get that weed we stashed behind the wall of your old bedroom."
Bryan: "Ok, Nate. This isn't your kill. This isn't your kill. This is Monty's kill."
Monty Green: "What are you talking about?"
Bryan: "This is the man that murdered your father." (Monty grabs Tybe's axe and stands over him)
Bellamy Blake: "You don't have to do this."
Monty Green: "Yeah. I do." (releases the slaves who beat Tybe to death)
Jaha (to Clarke): "Heavy lies the crown. I know the burden of keeping a secret you think is going to destroy your people."
Jaha (to Clarke): "The decisions you face just whittle you down piece."
Jaha (to Clarke): "We make the best decisions that we can with the information that we have, then hope that there's a forgiving God."
Ilian: "You're gonna kill me, too?"
Octavia: "I don't know what you're talking about."
Bellamy Blake: "What are you gonna do?"
Clarke Griffin: "Hope that there's a forgiving God."

Notes and Trivia

  • The episode's title is retrieved from a line used by Thelonious Jaha while talking to Clarke Griffin: "Heavy lies the crown. I know the burden of keeping a secret you think is going to destroy your people."
  • Clarke is shown looking at list of locations with population numbers:
  • Bryan reveals that Tybe killed Monty's father. Instead of taking the kill himself, Monty frees the slaves, allowing them to kill Tybe.
  • "I Don't Like Mondays" can be heard playing and being sung by Jasper during this episode.

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • The opening scene with Ilian was originally supposed to be for "Echoes" but for timing reasons, they moved it to "Heavy Lies the Crown".[1]
  • Bob Morley joked that he wished Bellamy said his opinion first when the group was debating on whether to free the slaves or not, so he wouldn't have the pressure of breaking the tie.[2]
  • The episode title is a common misquote of the line "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown", from Shakespeare's play Henry IV, Part 2. It was picked because it sounds better.



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I Don't Like Mondays Loudmouth Boomtown Rats Purchase



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