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There's no problem. Me and my friends, we’re just looking for a place to lay our heads.
From the Ashes

Hatch was a recurring character in the seventh season. He is portrayed by Chad Rook and debuted in "From the Ashes".

He is a member of the Eligius prisoners and was among the 36 prisoners woken from cryosleep on Eligius IV after Season Six. He acted as their leader until his death.

Early life[]

He was born on Earth and at some point he married Nikki. It was implied that both Nikki and Hatch were a wealthy couple before losing their money and their penthouse, which led to them becoming bank robbers. The two became bank robbers, something that he enjoyed, but during a heist in Columbus, Nikki shot two cops, causing them to kill all of the hostages to get rid of witness. Both eventually got captured, imprisoned and were sent to Proxima Six on Eligius IV.

Throughout the Series[]

In From the Ashes, Hatch is present in the tavern with Nikki as tensions arise between the factions. He asks them to forgive his wife and asks her to let Jordan Green go as she had a knife to Jordan's neck.

In False Gods, Hatch, Nikki and three other prisoners are sitting around a small camp where Nikki complains about their accommodations while Hatch is more sensible and accepting. Raven Reyes approaches the prisoners for help with stopping a nuclear meltdown, lying to them about how bad the situation is. Hatch agrees to help with the other three prisoners, though Nikki decides to stay behind.

As John Murphy and Emori fix the reactor core, Hatch and his men work on repairing the cooling system with welding torches. Hatch repeatedly requests that Raven turn the cooling pressure down, but she can't as the reactor is too close to meltdown to risk it. As the prisoners become sick, Raven realizes that the radiation in the secondary containment chamber where they are working is worse than she expected and they have suffered fatal exposure.

Unwilling to trust Hatch to do the right thing, Raven lies to him about the source of the issue which Hatch passes on to his men who collapse and die as they continue. With Hatch calling for more nitrogen, Raven sends Murphy to help him and locks Murphy in to ensure Murphy's help. Hatch recognizes Murphy as a Prime who has the protective Nightblood and reveals that he already knows the truth about the radiation. However, Hatch states that he is going to continue on to save the woman he loves, knowing that Murphy is doing the same. As they work together, Hatch reveals his background to Murphy who suggests that his sacrifice will make up for his past. Hatch regretfully tells Murphy that there is no making up for what he did. Together, the two men manage to fix the cooling system at the last possible second, stopping the meltdown. Covered in radiation burns, Hatch tells Raven that "you're welcome," before collapsing dead.

Raven and Murphy subsequently remove the bodies from the reactor to the machine shop. Upset, Raven states that she was responsible which Murphy agrees with stating "how the mighty have fallen. Welcome to the world of gray." Moments later, Nikki enters and is grief-stricken to find her husband dead. Nikki violently assaults Raven for Hatch's death before being dragged away by a couple of other prisoners.

In Hesperides, Raven continues to be haunted by the deaths of Hatch and his men. After opening the helmet on one of the Disciples, Raven experiences a hallucination of a radiation-burned Hatch underneath commenting that "Nikki did you good."

In Nakara, after Wonkru's guns are stolen, Indra asks Murphy about Hatch and Nikki. Murphy explains that they were bank robbers and Hatch was in it for the money while Nikki was in it for the chaos. As a result, if Nikki has the guns, they have a problem. Nikki makes it clear that she wants revenge for Hatch's death and that she wants her husband back.

In The Flock, Nikki takes 30 hostages with the help of some of the other prisoners, Nelson and the Children of Gabriel. One of her demands is that Raven surrender herself so that Nikki can kill her to get revenge for Hatch's death. As Nikki is about to kill Emori for Raven's failure to show up, Murphy reveals that it was his idea and not Raven's to use the prisoners to fix the reactor. Murphy calls Hatch a true-blue hero and a good man who gave his life to save everyone else. Murphy points out that killing everyone would be spitting on Hatch's actions, causing Nikki to hesitate before Wonkru invades, forcing the prisoners and Children of Gabriel to surrender.

In The Stranger, Murphy asks Nikki if she thinks Hatch would've kneeled to Sheidheda. Murphy thinks that Hatch would've and even would've gotten the Dark Commander to think that Hatch was working for him, but Hatch never would've actually done the job. Murphy points Nikki to the patch that he and Hatch made on the cooling system and tells Nikki that Hatch already knew he was gonna die when they did it, all of Hatch's men were down and Raven locked Murphy in to help Hatch as she didn't think Hatch was going to finish the job once he knew. Murphy explains that Hatch did it anyway to save Nikki and warns Nikki that if she doesn't stop "freaking out", they will have to lock her in the reactor core room where the radiation from the reactor that Hatch helped keep from melting down will eventually kill Nikki. This will make Hatch's sacrifice worthless which Murphy doesn't want to see happen and Nikki agrees. Murphy suggests that once it is all over, he and Nikki drink to Hatch in the tavern and she agrees before Murphy leaves.

In Blood Giant, after entering the reactor room, Raven has a flashback to Hatch's death under the effects of the Red Sun toxin. Later, Nikki confronts Raven where Hatch died and Raven tearfully admits that she allowed Hatch to die because she was too afraid to. Nikki decides to let Raven live with what she has done and departs without harming her.

In A Sort of Homecoming, Murphy manipulates Raven into trying to fix the broken Disciple helmet by asking her if she let Hatch and the others die to fix the reactor so that she could save only her friends.

In The Dying of the Light, a dying Emori urges Raven to make the hard choice like she did in the reactor with Hatch and his men. However, Raven tells Emori that she had made the wrong call and treated Hatch like a pawn when she should've given him a choice. In the same sort of situation she wouldn't make do it again and she won't do it now with Emori.

In The Last War, when Raven thanks Nikki for her help, Nikki tells her that its what Hatch would've done.


Unlike many of the Eligius prisoners such as Paxton McCreary, Hatch is not a bad person at the core. Before the Nuclear Apocalypse, he had enjoyed being a bank robber, not a murderer, until a robbery gone bad caused him and Nikki to kill everyone else to get rid of witnesses. While talking to John Murphy, Hatch shows remorse for his actions, stating that there is no making up for what he did even by making the ultimate sacrifice to save many lives. He also had no love for McCreary, calling McCreary a jackass that he doesn't miss. Hatch's attitude is noticeably friendlier and more accommodating than most of the prisoners as well, treating Raven Reyes with a friendly attitude in contrast to his wife and only asking for all of the Jo Juice that they can enjoy in return for his help rather than asking for something harder or more unreasonable.

Hatch is shown to be driven by his love for Nikki. When Raven lies to him about his radiation exposure as she doesn't trust him to continue working, Hatch reveals to Murphy that he has already figured out the truth and that he intends to continue for Nikki's sake, knowing that Murphy is doing the same for Emori. With his last words, Hatch tells Raven she was welcome for him finishing the job, proving that she was wrong not to trust Hatch to do the right thing.

Hatch is shown to have a friendly sense of humor, often cracking jokes in a situation. For example, when Raven called out that the reactor temperature was 1,492, Hatch responded back with "Columbus sailed the ocean blue!" When Raven said it was 1,494, Hatch quipped that he didn't have a witty retort for that number.

Physical Appearance[]

Hatch is tall, with brown hair with the sides shaved very short, slicked back and a jawline beard.



Nikki is Hatch’s wife and he loved her deeply. As shown by his conversation with John Murphy, Hatch was driven by his love for her, even willing to sacrifice his own life if it ensured Nikki's survival. Later, after giving up on revenge, Nikki helps rescue Raven's friends from the bunker, stating that its what Hatch would've done.

Raven Reyes[]

Hatch had a friendly relationship with Raven who in turn didn't think she could trust him to do the right thing if he knew he was going to die, possibly because of her previous experiences with the Eligius prisoners. Unlike most of the prisoners, including his wife, Hatch was nothing but friendly to Raven and aside from recognizing her as "McCreary's guest," didn't taunt her or use her time as a prisoner against Raven, instead acknowledging his own hatred of her captor. In turn, Raven was shown to be devastated by having caused Hatch's death and having lied to him for her own benefit. Raven is subsequently shown to be consumed with guilt over the deaths of Hatch and his men, telling Clarke that she can't forget their faces.

John Murphy[]

Though the two didn't know each other long, they had a good relationship, in part due to Hatch recognizing that they were both driven by their love for a woman and need to protect them at all costs. Hatch indicated to Murphy that he already knew the truth and didn't buy Raven's xenon gas story, pointing out that as Primes and a Nightbloods Murphy and Emori were the best suited for work on the radioactive core. Murphy found himself interested in Hatch's background in turn and in a more vulnerable moment, Hatch admitted that he knew he could never make up for the people he'd hurt even by making the ultimate sacrifice to save many more. After Hatch died, Murphy crouched over his body and was clearly devastated by his loss despite only knowing Hatch for such a short time. Murphy later tells Nikki that Hatch was a good man and calls Hatch "a true-blue hero."


Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAppears
The GardenAbsent
False GodsAppears
Welcome to BardoAbsent
The Queen's GambitMentioned
The FlockMentioned
A Little SacrificeAbsent
The StrangerMentioned
Blood GiantFlashback
A Sort of HomecomingMentioned
The Dying of the LightMentioned
The Last WarMentioned

Killed Victims[]

  • Bank robbery hostages (executed alongside Nikki during a bank robbery)

Notes and Trivia[]

  • His character was announced on September 26, 2019.[1]
  • As pointed out by John Murphy, unlike most of the Eligius Prisoners, Hatch does not appear to be one of "the worst of the worst." This is because his career started out as a bank robber and only included homicide after a robbery went bad. This is different from someone like Michael Vinson who was a serial killer, Paxton McCreary who was a cartel enforcer, or Charmaine Diyoza who was a political terrorist.
  • During Murphy and Hatch's conversation, when Hatch says that there's no making up for his past actions, a burn visibly begins to appear on his forehead from the radiation, the beginning of the burns that covered his face when he died.


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