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Scene 1 - The Countryside
[Open on Lexa and Clarke riding through the countryside, followed by their entourage which features Nia's body.]
Lexa Thinking about home?
Clarke Thinking about whether Arkadia is home. When I left, it had a different name. I was different.
Lexa You left a hero to your people and you return one. The mountain slayer returns with the body of the Ice Queen. You bring them justice.
Clarke You bring them justice.
Lexa We bring them peace.
Scene 2 - Arkadia
[Cut to Arkadia's gates. Pike, Bellamy, Hannah, and the other 7 return from their massacre. They are covered in blood. Abby, Kane, and Octavia are all watching.]
Abby My God, look at them.
[Octavia runs up to Bellamy.]
Octavia Bellamy, you okay?
Bellamy I'm fine.
Octavia What happened out there?
[Bellamy walks away from her. Pike comes in last.]
Pike Lock it up.
[The gates close. Pike steps a top a platform.]
Pike Everybody, listen up. 24 hours ago you elected me your chancellor. Every action I've taken since and every action I will take will be to achieve one sacred goal. The creation of a self-sustaining, prosperous, and safe Arkadia.
[Miscellaneous cheering. Abby and Kane look disturbed.]
Pike This morning on a muddy field our people paid tribute to those who have been taken from us by sending a message to the Grounders. This land is ours now!
[Crowd cheering.]
Pike Resist, and you will be met by force. Fight, and you will be greeted by death. Today is a new beginning. Mark it down, remember it, just like the Grounders will remember it.
Abby No wounded. 10 against 300 and there's no wounded. How's that possible?
Scene 3 - The Countryside
[Cut back to Lexa and Clarke. They're smiling at each other.]
Grounder Heda!
[Everyone pulls up short. Clarke and Lexa find themselves looking on a field covered in the dead bodies of Lexa's peace-keeping force.]
[Lexa, Clarke and co. are picking through the bodies.]
Clarke All bullet wounds.
Grounder Heda! Come quick!
[Lexa and Clarke come running to find Indra, wounded.]
Lexa Indra!
Indra Heda!
Clarke I need bandages.
Indra Stay away. You're one of them.
Lexa Indra, let her help. Indra, what happened here?
[Clarke starts to bandage Indra. Clarke and Lexa look upset.]
Indra They attacked while we slept. Our watch was to the north looking for Azgeda. They killed our archers first. Our infantry couldn't get close. Then they executed the wounded.
Clarke The summit was two days ago. How could Kane do this?
Indra It wasn't Kane. It was Pike.
[Indra's a little offended that Clarke thinks it was Kane.]
Lexa How did you escape?
Indra Bellamy.
Clarke Bellamy was with them?
Indra He wanted to spare the wounded but they wouldn't listen. He convinced Pike to let me live so I could deliver a message.
Lexa What message?
Indra Skaikru rejects the coalition. This is their land now. We can leave or we can die.
[Lexa hesitates, then jumps into action.]
Lexa Send riders. I call upon the armies of the 12 clans. In a day's time, we lay waste to Arkadia and everyone within its walls.
Clarke Wait. Give me time to fix this.
[Clarke turns to walk away.]
Lexa Stop her.
[Guards stop her before she can get three feet. She turns to Lexa.]
Clarke What are you doing?
Lexa I can't let you leave, Clarke.
Clarke So I'm a prisoner now, just like that?
Lexa Yes.
Clarke Lexa, let me go to Arkadia.
Lexa No.
Clarke At least let me talk to Kane. We can bring him here.
[She turns back to Indra.]
Clarke Indra, at the summit, Kane told me he gave you a radio. A way to signal him. Do it. Please.
[Indra looks to Lexa who nods.]
Scene 4 - Arkadia
[Open on Kane and Octavia, stalking through the halls of Arkadia.]
Kane Is it true you tried to leave camp to see Indra yesterday?
Octavia Look, don't you have more important things to worry about than me sneaking out of camp?
[They step behind a doorway made of dangling red strips of plastic.]
Kane As it turns out, that's why you're here. Indra signaled. She wants to meet. I'd go myself but Pike's watching everything I do now.
[He hands her her sword.]
Octavia You want me to go see Indra?
Kane I need you to.
Octavia I'm in, but how do I get out? The gate is armed with-
[He pulls away paneling, exposing a passageway. She smiles.]
Kane Crawl space, door in 20 feet drops you outside the camp wall. You get out there, you find out what the hell happened and you report back here. Can you do that?
[Octavia steps into the crawlspace.]
Octavia I was born for this.
Voice over P.A. Marcus Kane, report to the chancellor's office. Marcus Kane to the chancellor's office.
[He closes the panel behind her.]
[Open on Bellamy, Pike, Hannah, and various others in the chancellor's office, standing over a table with maps.]
Pike Our goal is secure access to water and arable land with defensible terrain on as many sides as possible. A 15 kilometer perimeter around Arkadia should be sufficient.
Bellamy 15 kilometers? Sir, there's a Grounder village.
Pike Which will no doubt be the staging grounds for a retaliatory attack. Clearing it will be our first order of business. What's the location of the village?
Bellamy Clear the village?
Pike Give us the room.
Hannah Yes, sir. Kane and Lincoln are waiting outside.
[Everyone but Bellamy and Pike leave. Pike steps around the table to Bellamy and holds out his old guard jacket.]
Pike Thought you might like this back.
[Bellamy is indifferent. Pike sets it down on the table.]
Pike Do you have something to say to me?
Bellamy We went too far.
Pike I know it seems harsh, but we don't leave survivors. We don't have the medical supplies to treat their people, and we can't risk them coming back to kill us. You know, we've all learned pretty quickly that war causes us to do things that we'll spend the rest of our lives trying to forget. The only advice I can give you is to think about the lives we saved today, not the ones that were lost. Can you do that?
Bellamy Yes, sir.
[Pike picks back up the jacket and holds it out to Bellamy. He puts it on and turns to walk out the door, nearly walking into Kane and Lincoln. They're pissed. Bellamy hesitates, then tries to walk past them.]
Bellamy He's ready for you.
Lincoln What the hell happened out there?
[Bellamy stops and looks at Lincoln.]
Bellamy We did what we had to do.
[Bellamy starts to walk away again but Kane stops him.]
Kane Wake up. You attacked an army that was here to help us. You murdered innocent people. Is that who you are now? You thought you couldn't live with yourself after Mt. Weather? Well, you just started a war that'll kill us all.
Bellamy You need to wake up. And don't tell me the difference between Azgeda and Trikru.
[Lincoln is facing away, shifting from foot to foot and clenching and unclenching his fists.]
Bellamy Trikru killed 37 of my friends before you even touched the ground. We didn't start anything. They did.
[Lincoln turns to Bellamy and is in his face.]
Lincoln They?
Bellamy You know what I meant.
Lincoln I used to.
[Lincoln backs away and goes into the chancellor's office. Bellamy walks away.]
[Open on the med bay where Jackson and Abby are tending to sick Grounders.]
Jackson Denae's still getting worse.
Abby Antibiotics every two hours.
[Raven enters and is visibly pissed and on the verge of tears.]
Abby Keep me updated.
[Abby crosses to her.]
Raven What the hell, Abby?
Abby Calm down. I know that you're upset.
Raven Upset? I just showed up for work and found out you fired me.
Abby I don't fire people.
Raven Not clearing me medically is the same damn thing.
Abby Come on, let's go sit-
Raven I don't need to sit down, my leg is fine!
Abby No, it's not. And riding on patrol and working that wall are making your conditions worse.
Raven So what? Do nothing? That's gonna make my leg heal?
Abby No, your leg is never gonna heal. Our goal is pain reduction. That's it. And if you keep pushing this hard even that's not gonna happen. You can still be useful.
[Raven looks at her with complete disgust and then storms away.]
[Open on Jaha, Otan, and A.L.I.E. just outside Arkadia.]
Jaha They've been busy.
A.L.I.E. Welcome home, Thelonius. Let's begin.
Jaha Otan, stay close.
[They head down the hill towards the gate. A guard sees them coming.]
Guard #1 Open up!
Jaha I didn't see that coming.
[The gates begin to open. Out comes a few guards and Gillmer. Jaha puts his hands up.]
Gillmer Chancellor Jaha? Sir, it's good to see you.
[Gillmer and Jaha hug while the guards surround Otan with guns drawn. Only Otan seems concerned about this.]
Jaha Shawn Gillmer? Farm station made it?
Gillmer Not enough of us, sir.
Guard #2 Hands where I can see them.
Jaha It's okay, he's with me.
Gillmer Sorry, sir. No Grounders through the gates. Chancellor's orders.
[One of the guards reaches for the A.L.I.E. backpack and slips it off of one of Otan's shoulders. Otan clutches it and backs away.]
Jaha I said he's with me!
[Gillmer is suddenly interested and puts his hand on his gun.]
Gillmer Tell him to hand over the pack. Right now.
[One of the guards jerks the backpack out of Otan's hands and Otan follows.]
Otan Hey, stop it! No!
Jaha Otan!
[Otan is on the ground on top of Shawn reaching for the backpack. The guards swarm. Jaha just seems content to yell. Suddenly a gunshot and Otan drops to the side.
Jaha Otan!
Guard #2 Medic! We need a medic!
[Gillmer stands up holding the backpack. Jaha advances and jerks it out of his hands.]
Jaha This belongs to me.
Gillmer He was going for my gun.
[Jaha clearly doesn't buy it. He bends and embraces Otan and whispers in his ear.]
Jaha You'll be alright, Otan. Go to the city of light. A.L.I.E. will be waiting for you on the other side.
[Abby comes running, she is shocked see this.]
Abby Thelonius?
[She feels for Otan's pulse.]
Abby He's gone. I'm sorry.
Jaha Don't be. Death is not the end.
[Jaha smiles at Abby and she clearly realizes something is off.]
Jaha It's good to see you, Abby.
Scene 5 - The Woods
[Open in the woods. A Grounder is dragging a wheelbarrow full of items and comes across Murphy in the middle of the road, half-naked and bloodied and apparently dead.]
Grounder You there.
[He kneels and flips Murphy to his back. Murphy is apparently lifeless. He looks at his shoes and begins to take them off.]
Grounder I'm an honest man, but if you're done walking I'll have your shoes.
[A knife appears at his throat. Emori smiles.]
Emori My friend will keep his shoes, thank you. But if you don't resist we'll allow you to keep yours.
[Murphy sighs and stands.]
Murphy Took you long enough.
Grounder May those you love be eaten by wolves before your eyes.'
[Emori knocks him out with the butt of the knife.]
Murphy What did he say?
Emori He said you're cute for a thief.
Murphy Yeah, well, too bad he's not really my type.
[They kiss.]
Emori Let's get out of here.
[Murphy heads to grab their bag while Emori gets the wheelbarrow.]
Scene 6 - Arkadia
[Open on the med bay, with Jaha's line about John fading over him and Emori leaving. Jaha and Abby are standing by Otan's body.]
Jaha Don't worry about John Murphy, that boy's a fighter.
Abby And the others? You left with 12 people, Thelonius.
[Kane enters and stops in his tracks.]
Jaha Kane.
[They hug.]
Kane Ah, welcome home my friend.
Abby Where's your uniform?
Kane Pike just relieved me of my command. Stripped Lincoln of his commission. You always did have good timing.
Jaha Abby caught me up. I'm sorry about the election, Marcus.
Kane Oh, forget the election. The war you predicted the day you left is about to happen.
Abby Ask him where he's been.
Jaha I found the City of Light.
Kane Well, that's great. Isn't it?
Abby Ask his friend Otan. Apparently, he's there right now.
[She gestures to him. Kane is mystified.]
Jaha I don't blame you for doubting, Abby. I know how it sounds. But it is real and it is incredible. Everything that you worry about now, war, power, none of it matters in the City of Light.
[Hannah enters.]
Hannah I heard you were here, sir.
Jaha And I heard you made it, Hannah. I'm so glad.
Hannah Chancellor Pike would like to speak with you.
Jaha We'll finish this later.
[He leaves. Abby tries to tell Kane something is off with Jaha with her eyes.]
[Cut to Jaha entering the chancellor's office where Pike is drawing lines on a map.]
Guard Right this way, sir. The chancellor is waiting.
[They shake hands.]
Pike You look good for a man who's been in the wilderness for four months.
Jaha So do you. I heard you had it pretty rough.
Pike We gave worse than we got.
Jaha I heard that, too.
Pike You don't approve?
Jaha I don't judge.
Pike Since when?
Jaha I'm not the same man that I was on the Ark, Charles.
Pike None of us is. I was a teacher and now I'm chancellor. I am wondering, though, what are you now?
[Pike crosses to sit on a table and Jaha follows. Suddenly, A.L.I.E. is there.]
A.L.I.E. He's threatened by you.
Jaha I'm just a man who wants to save his people. No threat to you.
Pike Save us? Forgive me for being blunt, Thelonius, but I need to ask why you've returned.
Jaha I just told you. To save my people.
A.L.I.E. Do you want him to think you're a fool?
Pike You actually believe that?
Jaha Yes, I do.
Pike Okay, I'm game. How exactly are you going to do that?
Jaha By freeing the minds from the bonds of physical and spiritual pain. I'm here to show the people of Arkadia the way.
[Pike thinks Jaha's nuts. A.L.I.E. sees that Pike is skeptical.]
A.L.I.E. You've lost him.
Jaha Have some faith.
[Pike sighs, and escorts Jaha to the door.]
Pike Tell you what. As long as you stay out of my way, you can save whoever wants saving. Lord knows there's enough pain here to go around.
Jaha Thank you, chancellor.
[Pike smiles fondly.]
Scene 7 - The Field
[Cut to Octavia crossing the field of the dead looking horrified.]
Scene 8 - Lexa's Tent
[Cut to inside Lexa's tent. She's staring moodily into the distance while Clarke tends to Indra in a corner.]
Clarke The bleeding's stopped. We need to get you something for the pain.
[Octavia enters.]
Clarke Octavia? Where's Kane?
Octavia He sent me.
[She crosses to kneel beside Indra.]
Octavia Indra, thank God.
Lexa How did this happen?
[Octavia stands and turns to Lexa.]
Octavia Kane lost the election to Pike. Everything's different.
[Clarke stands and Lexa glares at her.]
Lexa Your people voted for this?
Clarke No. No, I don't believe that.
Octavia What do you know, Clarke? You haven't been here.
Clarke Listen to me. The Grounder army is going to be here in less than a day. I need to see Bellamy.
Octavia Bellamy was a part of this. He's with Pike. What makes you think he'll help us?
Clarke He saved Indra's life. If what Octavia's saying is true, then Pike trusts him. If I can get to him, he can get to Pike.
Lexa You can't just walk through the gates, Clarke. You've been living with their enemy. If it were me, I'd kill you on the spot.
Octavia I can get her in.
Scene 9 - Cave
[Open on Murphy and Emori's cave. Murphy's packing.]
Murphy So where you want to head next? The north? South? We've been on a heck of a roll.
[Emori crosses to him.]
Emori I want to go after my brother.
Murphy We've talked about this. Otan's with Jaha at camp. Why would you want to go there?
[Murphy turns and crosses to her.]
Emori He's my brother. If there's a chance, I have to try and get him back.
Murphy Going after Otan's not a good move.
Emori John.
Murphy It's not a survivor's move.
Emori Then wait for me. I'll come back.
[He smiles bitterly.]
Murphy In this world when people leave they don't come back.
Emori I did.
Murphy Not for me, you didn't. I just so happened to be there.
[She puts her hand onto his face.]
Emori John, come with me.
[He pushes her hand away.]
Murphy I'm not that stupid.
Scene 10 - Arkadia
[Open on the medbay. Pike, Bellamy, Gillmer, and assorted guards are rousting out the sick Grounders. Pike and Bellamy are standing watch, the former looking smug and the latter looking troubled. Abby rounds on Pike.]
Abby What are you doing? These are sick people, you can't just throw them out into the cold.
Pike We're not. They're being interned.
Abby What?
Lincoln Out of my way.
[Lincoln and Jackson enter.]
Bellamy Lincoln, you don't want to be here right now.
[Lincoln advances on Pike, Bellamy, and Abby with a guard following him.]
Lincoln We asked them to come here.
Pike We can't spare the supplies.
[One of the guards bodily sits Denae up.]
Lincoln Denae.
[He crosses to her but Gillmer stands in his way.]
Abby Lincoln, no.
Lincoln She's too sick to move.
[By this point, the guard has got her on her feet. She's barely conscious.]
Gillmer Looks like she's moving just fine to me.
[Bellamy advances. Gillmer and Lincoln are within inches of each other's face.]
Bellamy Gillmer, back off.
[Gillmer doesn't flinch. Bellamy rounds on Jackson.]
Bellamy Jackson, why did you bring him here?
[Denae hits the ground. Lincoln reaches for her, and Gillmer moves to hit him with his gun. Lincoln retaliates. He puts Gillmer to the ground in two punches and bends over to grab him by the collar and continues to beat him.]
Bellamy Lincoln!
[Bellamy comes up on Lincoln and grabs him from behind. Lincoln quickly dispatches him with an elbow to the face, then turns to get in his face when Bellamy rights himself.]
Abby Lincoln! Lincoln!
[Lincoln finally turns to look at Abby who nods towards Pike who is casually pointing a gun at Denae's head.]
Pike He goes with them. Take him.
[Guards advance and cuff Lincoln. Lincoln glares at Bellamy.]
Guard Move.
[Lincoln is escorted out.]
Pike Sorry, we had to do this the hard way.
[Abby turns and glares at Pike before storming out.]
[Open on Jaha leaning against a pole and preaching to a group of about a half-dozen Arkers.]
Jaha We all have pain. Some of it is physical from injuries or age. Some is mental from living with the loss of our loved ones. If you think about it, whether we fight that pain or succumb to it the result is the same. It diminishes our lives, robs us of our passions and past times and damages relationships between friends and lovers. What if I told you there's a simple way to eliminate it?
[Raven's there looking pissed.]
Raven I'd say you're full of crap. There's no simple way to eliminate pain, and you know it.
A.L.I.E. So much suffering. If we get her, the others will come.
[Jaha comes down to stand in front of her, offering a pill.]
Jaha This can make it go away.
Raven Please.
Jaha The key to the City of Light. To you salvation and relief.
Raven Okay, okay. And you're telling these people, what? That they swallow that and they'll be living in happy town for the rest of their lives? You should be ashamed of yourself.
[She turns to walk away. Unbeknownst to her, she passes A.L.I.E.]
A.L.I.E. We need her.
Jaha She's not ready.
[Raven turns to look at Jaha and Jaha waves.]
Jaha I'll be here when you are.
[Open on the guards leading all the grounders, handcuffed and at gunpoint, through the Ark. Bellamy leans against a wall watching them go past. Lincoln's glares at Bellamy as he passes.]
Guard Straight ahead. Move. Pick up your feet, come on.
Octavia Lincoln! Lincoln!
[Lincoln stops and turns to look as Octavia heads towards him. Bellamy reaches out and catches her around the waist. Lincoln is now being led away backward.]
Lincoln I'm okay, don't fight this.
Bellamy He's right.
Octavia Lincoln! What the hell is going on?
Bellamy We're interning the grounders. Lincoln's here because of a disturbance in sick bay.
[Lincoln, the last, is pushed into a cell.]
Octavia What's happening to you?
Bellamy Octavia-
Octavia (shouting) I saw what you and Pike did to Lexa's army. Bellamy, you killed everyone!
Bellamy Keep your voice down.
Octavia What's wrong? You're not proud of massacring an army that was here to help us?
Bellamy We're not doing this here.
Octavia Good, then let's go because I'm not even close to done.
[They turn and walk away. Bellamy grabs her by the arm and Octavia fights him off.]
Bellamy You need to be careful, O, if you keep this up I won't be able to protect you.
Octavia Thanks for the warning.
Bellamy I'm serious. Look at yourself. It is time to stop playing Grounder before you get yourself hurt.
Octavia I'm not playing anything. This is who I am. You're my brother, I shouldn't have to tell you that.
[She throws open a door. He steps through before he notices Clarke inside. He is surprised.]
Octavia Now I'm done.
[She turns, leaves, and shuts the door behind her.]
[Open on Clarke staring at Bellamy.]
Clarke Go easy on Octavia. I had to beg her to get me into camp.
Bellamy What are you doing here, Clarke?
Clarke We need to talk.
Bellamy Oh, you've decided that. The mighty Wanheda. Who chose the Grounders over her own people, who turned her back on us when we came to rescue you. Now you want to talk.
[She crosses to him.]
Clarke I came here to tell you that the Ice Nation has paid a price. Justice has been served for the attack on Mt. Weather. I came here to tell you it's over.
Bellamy There it is again. Why do you get to decide it's over?
Clarke We did our part.
Bellamy We?
Clarke Lexa and I. The Ice Queen is dead. The problem was solved and then you let Pike ruin everything.
[He crosses closer to her.]
Bellamy Why are you here, Clarke?
Clarke Arkadia needs to make things right or Lexa and the 12 clans will wipe us out.
Bellamy Let her try.
Clarke Please tell me that going to war is not what you want.
Bellamy We've been at war since we landed. At least Pike understands that.
Clarke Pike is the problem. This isn't who you are.
Bellamy You're wrong. This is who I've always been. And I let you and Octavia and Kane convince me that we could trust these people when they have shown over and over who they are and I won't let anyone else die for that mistake.
Clarke Bellamy, I need you and we don't have much time.
Bellamy You need me?
Clarke Yes, I do. I need the guy who wouldn't let me pull that lever in Mt. Weather by myself.
Bellamy You left me. You left everyone.
Clarke Bellamy-
Bellamy Enough, Clarke! You are not in charge here and that's a good thing because people die when you're in charge.
[Bellamy and Clarke both begin to tear up.]
Bellamy And you were willing to let a bomb drop on my sister. Then you made a deal with Lexa who left us in Mt. Weather to die and forced us to kill everyone who helped us. People who trusted me.
Clarke I –
[Bellamy turns away. Clarke sits, head down.]
Clarke I'm sorry.
[Bellamy turns.]
Clarke I'm sorry for leaving. I knew I could because they had you.
[She drops her head. Bellamy crosses to her and kneels at her feet, his hands in hers. They look into each other's eyes. She smiles.]
Clarke I know we can fix this.
Bellamy I'm sorry, too.
[Bellamy handcuffs Clarke to the table.]
Clarke Hey! No, don't know. Bellamy, don't - God.
[He leaves. Clarke drops her head and weeps.]
[Open on mess hall, Raven is at a table sorting through bits of metal. Jaha comes to her.]
Jaha The zero-g mechanic sorting scrap metal out for ammo, huh?
[Raven starts to sort it with much more anger, ignoring Jaha.]
Jaha Was this Abby's idea? Is it supposed to make you feel better? I can help you, Raven.
[She looks up, angry.]
Raven Don't, alright.
[She stands.]
Raven Everyone thinks they have an idea on how to make me feel better. Stay in camp. Only do jobs where I can sit down. Ask every time I need something on a high shelf. But you know what? I'm not that person. People think I can just change and my pain will go away but I can't. I can't do that and I can't do this.
[She smacks all the metal off the table and then sits back down. Jaha silently sits the pill on the table in front of her.]
Jaha What have you got to lose?
[He walks away.]
[Open on Bellamy dragging a cuffed Clarke through the halls with Gillmer.]
Bellamy Pike should be in his quarters.
Clarke Bellamy, you don't have to do this.
Bellamy Yes, I do.
Clarke Just let me go.
Bellamy Believe it or not, I am doing this for your own good.
[Octavia comes around the corner and kicks Gillmer in the knee, then knees him in the chin.]
Octavia Believe it or not, I'm doing this for yours.
[Gillmer hits the ground, out cold.]
Bellamy You can't just hit a guard.
Octavia I just did. Let her go.
Bellamy I can't do that.
[Sounds down the hallway. Octavia turns to look.]
Octavia They're coming.
Bellamy You should go.
[Clarke grabs Gillmer's shock stick thing off his body and catches Bellamy in the guts who goes down out cold. She gets the handcuff keys off him.]
Octavia Clarke, hurry up.
Clarke Let's go.
[They take off running down the hall away from the voices.]
Octavia Follow me, come on.
[They burst through the aforementioned red plastic door where Abby and Kane are waiting.]
Clarke Mom!
[Abby and Clarke hug as Octavia and Kane open the panel.]
Abby We know what happened. We know what Pike did. Is there anything we can do to prevent a retaliation?
Kane Abby, hurry.
Octavia We came here to give them Pike.
Kane He's the duly elected chancellor. Our people knew what they were voting for. Besides, he has the guards and all the guns. We can't get close to him.
Abby And that's not the way we do things.
Octavia Then maybe it's time we change the way we do things.
Voice on PA Security breach. Lock down the exits.
Kane You two need to go now.
Octavia What about Lincoln?
[Clarke and Abby come up on the panel as Kane pulls out his walkie-talkie.]
Kane You want to help him, do it from the outside with this. The range isn't great – you stay close and wait for me to contact you. Now go.
[Octavia disappears down the passageway and Clarke steps in but turns back. Abby follows her to the doorway.]
Clarke Come with me.
Abby I wish I could.
[She holds her face.]
Abby May we meet again.
[Clarke runs off and Kane shuts the panel.]
Scene 12 - The Woods
[Open on Murphy, rubbing animal blood on his face. Emori sneaks up on him from behind. He jumps and turns.]
Emori I do a much better job of making you look dead.
Murphy Your brother-
Emori Can wait until I can convince you to join me. Which I will.
[She advances on him, they're smiling, and then hear Grounders coming.]
Murphy Perfect timing.
[She grins and runs to hide while Murphy tosses his bag and the animal carcass out of the way before stretching out in the road. The Grounders ride up and dismount. One pulls a knife. Emori promptly looks anxious. He jerks Murphy to his feet.]
Grounder #1 We've been looking for you for days.
[Grounder places his sword to Murphy's throat. One Grounder seems to head towards Emori.]
Grounder #1 We know you're not alone. Where's the girl?
Murphy She left.
[The Grounder that was headed for Emori finds Murphy's bag.]
Grounder #1 Find her. On your knees.
[Emori pulls her knife.]
Grounder #1 You've been caught stealing in the Commander's woods. The punishment for this is death. I'll ask you once more. Where's the girl?
[The Grounder finds the pill Jaha gave Murphy.]
Murphy Go float yourself.
Grounder #2 Wait!
[He picks up the pill.]
Grounder #2 The sacred symbol.
Grounder #1 Where did you get this?
[Murphy smiles.]
Murphy I guess if you kill me know you'll never find out.
[The Grounder pulls Murphy back to his feet and drags him away.]
Grounder #1 On your feet. Keep walking.
[Emori pants against the tree.]
Scene 13 - Arkadia
[Open on the cell holding the grounders. Nyko is feeding someone some nasty looking soup. Lincoln is pacing like a caged animal. Miller approaches the cell.]
Miller Careful. This one doesn't like to be chained up. Girlfriend's not here to free you this time.
[Miller opens an opening in the door and slips through a small bottle. Checking to see if the other guard is looking, Miller whispers.]
Miller It's from Abby for Denae.
[Lincoln takes the bottle then leans in close.]
Lincoln Octavia?
Miller She got out with Clarke.
[Miller turns and stands guard against the cell.]
Scene 14 - Lexa's Tent
[Lexa is pacing inside her fancy tent. Indra leans against some pillows.]
Indra I don't know if we can beat their guns. Not unless we use them ourselves.
[A guard enters.]
Guard Heda, she's back.
[Lexa nods. The guard leaves and Clarke enters. Lexa continues to pace.]
Indra Where's Octavia?
Clarke She's watching over camp.
Lexa So, tell us, Clarke, how does this end. Have you come up with a way to save your people yet again?
Clarke No. Only you can do that. What happened her was an act of war. Your army was here to help us and my people slaughtered them. You have every right to respond. Every right to wipe us out. Or, you can change the way you do things.
Indra Why should she change? Blood must have blood.
Clarke Really? Because from where I stand, the only way that ends is with everyone dead. So what kind of leader you want to be? The kind who kills every chance she gets because that's your way? Or the kind who shows the world a better way?
[Lexa stops face to face with Clarke.]
Lexa You consider letting massacre go unavenged a better way?
Clarke If it ends a cycle of violence, yes. If it brings about peace, yes. Someone has to take the first step. Let it be you.
[Lexa turns away and Clarke follows.]
Clarke You say you want peace, that everything you've done was to achieve that, yet here we stand on the brink of another war. A war you can stop.
Indra Commander, you can't seriously be considering this.
Lexa I'm not considering it. I'm doing it.
Indra Heda, please.
Lexa Indra, our people act as if war is easier than peace. If that's so, should we not try and achieve the more difficult goal?
Indra Polis will not support you. Titus-
[Lexa turns and shouts at Indra.]
Lexa Titus is my subject! They're all my subjects. Do you say they will defy me? Will you defy me?
Indra No, Heda. I will not.
[Lexa turns back to Clarke.]
Lexa Then let it be known. Blood must not have blood.
Scene 15 - Arkadia
[Open on Raven, in the rain, walking down a pathway in obvious pain.]
♪Undo this storm
♪And wait.
♪I lie awake and watch it all
♪It feels like thousand eyes.
[She sits on the edge of the walkway with visible difficulty and wipes away tears.]
♪I'll be the calm.
♪I will be quiet.
♪Stripped to the bone
♪I wait.
[She pulls the pill from her pocket and considers it.]
♪No, I'll be a stone.
♪I'll be the hunter.
[She takes it, eyes closed.]
♪A tower that casts
♪A shade.
[She frowns, considers it, then looks away, disgusted.]
♪I lie awake and watch it all.
♪It feels like thousand eyes.
[She stands and starts to walk back the way she came, still with visible difficulty.]
♪I lie awake and watch it all.
♪It feels like thousand eyes.
[Suddenly, her walking is easier. She stops and reaches down to hold her leg. When she looks back up, standing in front of her is A.L.I.E.]
♪I am the storm.
A.L.I.E. Time to get back to work, Raven.
♪I am the storm.
♪I am the storm.
♪So wait.