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Clarke: Please tell me that going to war is not what you want?

Bellamy: We've been at war since we landed. At least Pike understands that.

— Bellamy turns against Clarke.

Hakeldama is the fifth episode of the third season of The 100. It is the thirty-fourth episode of the series overall.

Clarke's hope for peace is dashed by a new threat. Raven becomes a target. Meanwhile, Murphy is running a dangerous con.


Clarke and Lexa ride back to Arkadia with Nia's body in tow, but on a muddy field discover three hundred Grounders dead, all with bullet wounds. The only survivor of the slaughter is an injured Indra, spared by Bellamy. She tells her Commander and Clarke that it was Charles Pike, not Kane, who murdered her infantry, and delivers them a message from the Chancellor: "Skaikru rejects the Coalition. This is their land now. We can leave, or we can die."

In Arkadia, ten of Pike's soldiers return from the battlefield. Pike gives a speech about how he will expand and bring prosperity to Arkadia. He wants to kill all the Grounders in order for this to happen. After his rally, Abby wonders how none of the soldiers were wounded against three hundred warriors.

Horrified and angered by this traitorous act of violence, Lexa decides to call upon the armies of the Twelve Clans to destroy Arkadia and kill everyone inside. Clarke, now a prisoner of war, convinces Lexa to allow her to talk with Kane. Indra signals him with her radio, and Kane sends Octavia to go and rendezvous with them outside the walls, sending her through a ventilation shaft.

Within the Chancellor's office, Pike, Bellamy, Hannah, and more of his followers discuss the expansion of Arkadia by fifteen kilometers. Bellamy informs Pike about a village, which is within that perimeter, and appears to be distraught when Pike suggests they must "clear the village," fearful it will be the base of command for a hostile retaliation. After Pike gives Bellamy his Guard uniform-jacket back, Kane and Lincoln berate Bellamy for killing three hundred innocent warriors who were there to help. Bellamy responds by saying Trikru and Azgeda are the same and he needed to do it, upsetting Lincoln and breaking their friendship.

Meanwhile, Raven confronts Abby for firing her due to her injury. Abby explains to Raven that without the medical supplies from Mount Weather, her leg will never heal. Even more frustrated, Raven storms off. Thelonious Jaha and Otan arrive outside Arkadia, where Otan is shot and killed by Shawn Gilmer. However, it is implied by Jaha that Otan is still alive in the City of Light.

Somewhere in the woods, John Murphy and Emori, who have now started a romantic relationship, become thieves and steal from people they scam on the streets. Emori, oblivious to Otan's death, wants to go look for her brother, but Murphy continuously refuses. Later, during another con, Murphy is found by Grounders from Polis, realizing he is the thief, and prepare to kill him. However, they find the pill Jaha gave him, calling it "the sacred symbol," and apprehend him to find out where he received the object.

Jaha informs Abby that Murphy will be fine and tells Kane he has found the City of Light. Neither Abby nor Kane believe him. Pike does not either, but it seems as if Jaha wants Pike to ignore him instead of assume he is a threat. On the bloody field, Octavia meets with Lexa, Clarke, and Indra. She tells them that Kane lost the election to Pike, infuriating Lexa even more. Believing she can sway Bellamy, Clarke and Octavia return to Arkadia.

Before this event, Bellamy and Pike imprison the sick Grounders. After Lincoln attacks Gillmer, he is forced to go with the other Grounders. Later, Miller gives Lincoln medicine to help Denae, one of the sick Grounders. Jaha tries to organize people to join the City of Light. Raven is outraged for him believing that pain can be relieved so simply. In response, Jaha gives her a pill. He continues to interact with her but only ends up angering Raven even more. Octavia argues with Bellamy about his decision until she leads him to Clarke. Bellamy is resentful toward Lexa, blaming her for forcing them to kill so many people and is still angry at Clarke for leaving them all those months ago. Even after she apologizes, Bellamy detains her.

Octavia attacks a guard and rescues Clarke (she electrified Bellamy in order to break free), meeting with Abby and Kane who send them back to Lexa. Clarke convinces Lexa to choose peace over war, in which Lexa responds that "Blood must not have blood," upsetting Indra.

Back in Arkadia, Raven, feeling physically and emotionally defeated by her disability, takes Jaha's pill. When the effects do not set in immediately, she starts walking away. During her walk, Raven's leg begins to function normally, without pain. A.L.I.E. materializes right in front of her and says, "Time to get back to work, Raven."



Guest Starring


  • Georgia Hacche as Denae
  • Craig Blair as Lexa's Sentry
  • Patrick Sparling as Polis Sentry
  • Eric Mazimpaka as Second Polis Sentry
  • Warren Abbott as Ark Jail Guard
  • Tomas Mauro as Ark Tower Guard
  • Rick Dobran as Merchant


Pike (to Arkardia residents): This morning on the muddy field, our people paid tribute to those who have been taken from us by sending a message to the Grounders. This land is ours now. Resist and you will be met by force. Fight and you will be greeted by death. Today is a new beginning. Mark it down. Remember it. Just like the Grounders will remember it."
Lincoln: "What the hell happened out there?"
Bellamy: "We did what we had to."
Kane: "Wake up. You attacked an army that was here to help us. Murdered innocent people. Is that who you are now? You thought you could live with yourself after Mount Weather. Well, you just started a war that will kill us all."
Bellamy: "You need to wake up. And don't tell me the difference between Azgeda and Trikru. Trikru killed thirty-seven of my friends before you even touched the ground. We didn't start anything; they did."
Lincoln: "They?"
Bellamy: "You know what I meant."
Lincoln: "I used to."
Jaha (about Camp Jaha name change): "Didn't see that coming."
Lexa: "You can't just walk through the gates, Clarke. You've been living with their enemy. If it were me, I'd kill you on the spot."
Murphy: "Going after Otan is not a good move. It's not a survivor move."
Emori: "Then wait for me. I'll come back."
Murphy: "In this world, when people leave, they don't come back."
Emori: "I did."
Murphy: "Not for me, you didn't. I just so happened to be there."
Bellamy: "You need to be careful, O. If you keep this up, I won't be able to protect you."
Octavia: "Thanks for the warning."
Bellamy: "I'm serious. Look at yourself. It's time to stop playing Grounder before you get yourself hurt."
Octavia: "I'm not playing anything. This is who I am. You're my brother; I shouldn't have to tell you that."
Clarke: "Please tell me that going to war is not what you want."
Bellamy: "We've been at war since we landed. At least Pike understands that."
Clarke: "Pike is the problem. This isn't who you are."
Bellamy: "You're wrong. This is who I've always been. And I let you, and Octavia, and Kane convince me that we could trust these people when they've shown over and over again who they are. And I won't let anyone else die for that mistake."

Notes and Trivia

  • In Aramaic, Hakeldama (or Akeldama) means "field of blood." The little-known English word "aceldama", which derives from Akeldama, means site or scene of violence or bloodshed. This is reference to the field in which the 299 Grounders were found dead.
  • Eliza ad-libbed the script from "the Grounders" to "Lexa and I."
  • This episode marks Ricky Whittle's 25th episode on The 100.
  • This is the only episode to have Mik Byskov credited in "Guest Starring".

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