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Blood must have blood. One of you will die, here, today, by the other's hand. I will hear the terms of your surrender from the man who lives.
— Gustus to Kane and Jaha [src]

Gustus was a recurring character in the second season of The 100. He was portrayed by Aleks Paunovic and debuted in Fog of War.

Gustus was a close confidant of Lexa's and was killed after trying to break up the alliance between the Grounders and the Sky People because he believed it would lead to Lexa's death. He showed incredible strength while being executed, telling Lexa to be strong even as she was forced to execute him.

Early Life

Gustus was an original inhabitant of Earth. He had been living with the Trikru in the area the Delinquents landed in before the events of the series premiere.

Judging by his role in Fog of War, he is likely an important and high-ranking warrior in the clan. It is shown Gustus may be the personal bodyguard of Lexa.

Throughout The Series

In Fog of War, he is first seen confronting Kane and Jaha in their underground prison cell. He gives them a knife and tells them that since they are responsible for the deaths of his people, one of them must kill the other by the end of the day or they will both die. Gustus returns when Jaha takes Lexa hostage using the knife. However, Lexa easily disarms him and reveals herself to be the real Commander, and Gustus gives Lexa her armor back. Kane struggles in his shackles as he watches Gustus, Lexa, and few other Grounders walk off with Jaha.

In Long Into an Abyss, Gustus is seen outside Lexa's tent, telling Clarke that if she even does so much as look at Lexa the wrong way he will slit her throat. He enters the tent behind Clarke and watches her closely as she talks with Lexa. Later, he journeys to the dropship to see if Clarke was telling the truth about being able to turn Reapers back into men. However, Lincoln dies, leading Lexa to believe that Clarke was lying, and that leads to Gustus, as well as the other Grounders, to take out their weapons and prepare to kill the Sky People. Luckily, Abby manages to save Lincoln, and Gustus and the other Grounders put their weapons away and return to their camp.

In Spacewalker, he is briefly seen among the Grounders who await Finn's execution. He waits in his usual spot in front of Lexa's tent. He is the only Grounder that remains where he is, as all the others begin to charge when Clarke mercy kills Finn.

In Remember Me, Gustus is seen alongside the Commander when they are heading towards TonDC and they discuss her safety. When they arrive at the camp, grounders are enraged by the sight of Sky People. One grounder threatens the Commander, however, Gustus steps in and beats the grounder. Clarke then tells Lexa to stop him, as this will only cause more issues for the Sky People. Later he gathers with other grounders who watch Finn's burning ritual. During the feast to celebrate the truce with the Sky People, Gustus tests a drink given by Kane as a gift to Lexa from the Sky people to make sure it is safe for her to drink. However, Gustus starts to heave and hiss as he has been poisoned by the drink. Eventually, Gustus

Gustus drinks from the poisoned cup

recovers, and after searching all the Sky people they find a small bottle on Raven Reyes and accuse her of poisoning Gustus. Raven is taken away and the Grounders begin her execution by a thousand cuts. However, Clarke realizes that it was actually the cup that was poisoned and not the drink itself. When asked by Lexa, Gustus admits that he poisoned himself to try to frame the sky people and break their truce for the sake of his own people. Raven is set free and the death ritual on Gustus begins, with Lexa delivering the final blow.

Lexa kills Gustus

In Bodyguard of Lies, Gustus is mentioned by Clarke when she is arguing with Lexa about moving on. Clarke states that she know that Lexa hasn't forgotten Gustus and what she did to him.


Gustus is a clever Grounder and this is shown when he pretends to be the Commander for Trikru. He also has a relatively calm demeanor. This is demonstrated when Clarke mercy-killed Finn and the other Grounders started to charge at her, whereas he just remained where he was. He also talks in a calm way, even when he's threatening people. Gustus can be considered respectful, and this is shown when he allows Clarke to speak with Lexa without interrupting her, whereas Indra interrupts her several times. He is also shown to be very protective of his leader, Lexa.

Physical Appearance

Gustus has very long, braided, grayish-black hair with a long, grayish-black beard to match. His eyes are dark brown and his skin is tan. He has a muscular build and is tall. Like most Grounders, he has tattoos around his face.



"If you so much as look at her the wrong way I will slit your throat."
- Gustus about Lexa while threatening Clarke[src]

Lexa is Gustus' leader and Gustus is presumably one of the high-ranking warriors in her clan. Gustus is very protective and holds high respect for Lexa. Gustus pretended to be the Commander in Fog of War so Lexa could gather information from Jaha and Kane when they were imprisoned in an underground cell together. After Lexa is revealed to be the real Commander, Gustus hands Lexa her armor back.

Later on, it is Gustus' loyalty to Lexa that gets him killed. In Remember Me, he tries to ruin the alliance between the Grounders and Sky People in order to keep Lexa safe, however, Lexa orders him to be killed by the Death by a Thousand Cuts. Gustus seems to accept his punishment and tells Lexa to "be strong" before she kills him.


Season Two
Episode Appearance Status
The 48Absent
Inclement WeatherAbsent
Many Happy ReturnsAbsent
Human TrialsAbsent
Fog of WarAppears
Long Into an AbyssAppears
Remember MeAppears
Survival of the FittestAbsent
Coup de GrâceAbsent
Bodyguard of LiesMentioned
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)Absent
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)Absent


Gustus to Kane: "You speak of peace while you send an assassin into one of my villages?"
Gustus to Kane and Jaha: "Blood must have blood. One of you will die, here, today, by the other's hand. I will hear the terms of your surrender from the man who lives."
-- Fog of War
Gustus to Clarke: "If you so much as look at her the wrong way I will slit your throat."
-- Long Into an Abyss

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