The Trikru, also known as the Woods Clan, People of the Woods, Trigedakru, and Tree People, are a Grounder Clan that inhabit the expanse of woodlands around the area in which the Sky People landed. Their borders also extend to the location which was once Washington, D.C., but is now known as Tondc. Their largest city and the Coalition capital is Polis, where the Commander resides.

The Trikru maintain a hostile relationship towards Azgeda, the Reapers, Mountain Men, and Sky People. When the delinquents first landed in their territory and burned a village to the ground, they retaliated and a conflict broke out. The Sky People, however, continued to seek peace with them. At first, Lexa, the Commander of the 12 Clans, was willing to extend peace to the Sky People provided that the Sky People leave their territory. Eventually, the Sky People and the Grounders formed an alliance and agree to work together to free their people from Mount Weather. However, the Mountain Men made a deal with the Commander, freeing all the imprisoned Grounders in exchange for the Coalition abandoning the Sky People. This left the delinquents at the mercy of the Mountain Men and jeopardized the alliance between the Sky People and the Grounders. However, after the Mountain Men were completely killed, Lexa told the Sky People to join the Coalition as the thirteenth clan, in order to make peace with them.

After the Final Conclave, Trikru was merged with the other clans into Wonkru.

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The Trikru are a group of Grounders who came together after the Nuclear Apocalypse 97 years prior. Most children begin to learn from a young age how to be warriors and are taught English, weapon skills, and their people's customs.

If a child is born with a mutation, they are cast out and abandoned to erase the stain from the bloodline.

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Main article: Trigedasleng

Trikru warriors are known to speak their native language, Trigedasleng and American English (Gonasleng). Only the Warriors speak English, which makes them bilingual.

In Season Two, Lincoln teaches Octavia Blake some of this language to help her blend in as a Grounder.

In Season Three, Octavia, Clarke, and Kane are shown to be rather fluent in Trigedasleng.

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  • The Woods Clan
  • Indra and the other Trikru members
  • A number of Trikru members killed in a massacre.
  • Trikru members
  • Trikru members launching a surprise attack.
  • The Trikru flag
  • Village of TonDC, Trikru capital
  • Another Trikru village
  • Trikru villagers
  • Trikru villagers

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Trikru is one of twelve Grounder Clans in the Coalition.
  • Anya mentioned that the delinquents were not the first to try to wipe them out.
    • This might be a reference to the Reapers and/or the Mountain Men.
    • This might be a reference to another Grounder clan, e.g. Azgeda, with whom Trikru has been at war against.
  • Members of Trikru learn to be warriors at a young age.
    • Tris was Anya's apprentice despite being a child.
    • Artigas was also identified as a warrior despite his young age.
  • After Octavia won the Final Conclave, the twelve clans united to become Wonkru.
    • Octavia gave each surviving clan, including Trikru, one hundred spots within the Second Dawn Bunker.
    • In addition to the 100 Trikru spots, Niylah (who is a member of Trikru) was given one of Sky People's spots.
    • As of Praimfaya, all known surviving members of Trikru are those within the bunker.

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