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I'm Trikru.
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The Trikru, also known as the Woods Clan, People of the Woods, Trigedakru, and Tree People, are a Grounder Clan that inhabited the expanse of woodlands around the area in which the Sky People landed. Their borders also extended to the location which was once Washington, D.C., but is now known as Tondc. Their largest city was Polis, which also served as the capital of the Coalition and was where the Commander resided.

The Trikru initially had a hostile relationship with the Sky People, as well as a long history of fighting the Reapers, Mountain Men, and Azgeda. They were the primary antagonists of the first season.

The clan's origins can be traced back to the pre-apocalypse environmentalist group known as Tree Crew. After the Final Conclave, Trikru was merged with the other clans into Wonkru.


The Trikru are a group of Grounders who came together after the Nuclear Apocalypse in 2052. Two years after the apocalypse, a group of Second Dawn defectors led by Callie Cadogan left the Second Dawn Bunker to reclaim the ground. These defectors were associated with the pre-apocalypse environmentalist group known as Tree Crew. The bunker itself is located in what later became Polis and Trikru territory. This group are thus likely the foundation for the Grounder clan, and the clan also adopted the Tree Crew symbol as their own.

Not much is known about Trikru's early history after that. At some point they were invaded by Sangedakru, another Grounder clan that was led by Sheidheda. They were also at war with Azgeda until Commander Lexa united the 12 Grounder Clans under her Coalition. Even then, the animosity between Trikru and Azgeda continued to persist. Besides rival clans, Trikru's biggest threats were the Reapers and Mountain Men.

When the delinquents first landed in their territory and burned a village to the ground, Trikru retaliated and a conflict broke out. With the armies of the Coalition coming to Trikru's aid, the Sky People were told to leave their territory or die. The Sky People wanted to seek peace instead and offered to help the Grounders cure the Reapers and defeat their common enemy, the Mountain Men. An alliance between the Grounders and the Sky People was thus formed to free their people from the Mountain Men's fortress, Mount Weather. The alliance was jeopardized however, when Lexa betrayed the Sky People by making a deal with the Mountain Men to ensure the Grounders' safety.

After the Sky People wiped out the Mountain Men, there was tentative peace as Trikru allowed the Sky People to live on their land. The Sky People eventually joined Lexa's Coalition as the thirteenth clan so as to make peace with the Grounders. However, a civil war broke out among the Sky People, leading to Charles Pike and his followers slaughtering 300 Trikru warriors who had been sent to help them. After Pike's faction was defeated, tensions between both sides died down as they were faced with bigger threats, first with A.L.I.E. and then with the impending Second Nuclear Apocalypse. After the Final Conclave, Trikru was merged with the other Grounder Clans and the Sky People into a single clan known as Wonkru.

While they were no longer an independent clan, Trikru members were still shown to be loyal to each other under Indra's leadership.


Most Trikru children begin to learn from a young age how to be warriors and are taught English, weapon skills, and their people's customs. Trikru warriors are known to wear black war paint. Many also have black tribal tattoos on their face, chest, back and/or arms.


Main article: Trigedasleng

Trikru are known to speak their native language, Trigedasleng. Typically, only the warriors also speak American English (Gonasleng), which makes them bilingual.

Death Ritual[]

It is customary for Trikru to burn their dead on funeral pyres. When they ready their dead for the fire, part of the ritual involves saying the phrase: "Kriken sonraun en branon. Kom graun, oso na graun op. Kom folau, oso na gyon op." (From the earth, we will grow. From the ashes, we will rise.) In "Remember Me", Finn Collins's body is given to the people of Tondc so that "murderer and murdered [can be] joined by fire."




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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Trikru is one of twelve Grounder clans in the Coalition, and later one of thirteen overall clans.
    • The Coalition's capital, Polis, is located in Trikru territory.
  • Given the names of known Trikru members, their borders likely stretched across parts of Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland.
  • Anya mentioned that the Delinquents were not the first to try to wipe them out.
    • This might be a reference to the Reapers and/or the Mountain Men.
    • This might also be a reference to another Grounder clan, such as Azgeda, with whom Trikru had long been at war against, or Sangedakru, who under Sheidheda had invaded Trikru land.
  • Members of Trikru learn to be warriors at a young age.
    • Tris was Anya's apprentice despite being a child.
    • Artigas was also identified as a warrior despite his young age.
  • After Octavia won the Final Conclave, the twelve remaining clans united to become Wonkru.
    • Octavia gave each surviving clan, including Trikru, one hundred spots within the Second Dawn Bunker.
    • In addition to the 100 Trikru spots, Niylah (who is a member of Trikru) was given one of the Sky People's spots.
    • After the Second Nuclear Apocalypse, all known surviving members of Trikru are those who took shelter within the bunker.

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