The Desert Clan, also known as Sankru or Sangedakru (sometimes misspelled "Sandgedakru")[1], is the clan Brell and Caris[2] are from. Little else is known about this clan, although it does seem to be separate from the Nomadic Grounders in the Dead Zone. They live in the desert near the Dead Zone, which the clan got its name. According to Brell, Sangedakru's capital punishment law is stoning to death.

After the Final Conclave, Sangedakru was merged with the other clans to form Wonkru.

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According to Brell, it is implied that theft and stealing from the clan, is also a capital punishment by stoning. If someone gets stoned to death for stealing, their family members will be cast out.

Languages Edit

The Sangedakru speak the native Grounder language, Trigedasleng. The warriors also speak English, Gonasleng. This makes the Sangedakru members bilingual. However, according to Queen Nia of Azgeda they have a distinct dialect.

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Notable Members:

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