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The Ice Nation can be ruthless.
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Azgeda, also known as Azgedakru[1], or the Ice Nation, was a Grounder clan that was ruled as a kingdom. Previous monarchs included King Theo, Queen Nia, and King Roan.

Azgeda had a reputation for ruthlessness and maintained hostile relationships with some of the other clans, particularly Trikru. Their territory on Earth stretched for a thousand miles. Azgeda bordered Trikru territory at Sector 8, but the ice was farther to the north.

After the Final Conclave and the death of King Roan, Azgeda was dissolved and merged with other clans into Wonkru.


Azgeda is known to be ruthless even by Grounder standards. At least one of their chiefs, Tybe, is shown to practice slavery, enslaving other Grounders and at least one Sky Person. Azgeda characters such as Ontari, Echo, and the original Echo are shown to have been separated from their parents and trained from a young age to be warriors, spies and assassins.

They maintain hostile relationships with several of the other Grounder clans, particularly Trikru. Azgeda and Trikru were at war with each other before Commander Lexa united all of the clans and founded the Coalition. Lexa tells Clarke Griffin how Queen Nia[2] tortured and killed her lover, Costia, because she believed that Costia knew all of Lexa's secrets. In retaliation, Lexa banished Nia's son, Prince Roan, as part of the conditions[3] for allowing Azgeda into her Coalition[4].

Azgeda warriors are known to wear white war paint. They tend to favor blue and/or white clothing.


The Ice Nation speak the native Grounder language, Trigedasleng. The warriors also speak American English, Gonasleng. This makes the Ice Nation warriors bilingual.

They are referred to as the "Azgeda" in Trigedasleng.[5]

Facial Scars[]

Many Azgeda have distinctive facial scarring. Roan went so far as to hiding them when he was on his mission to find Clarke Griffin on behalf of Commander Lexa, indicating that these scars are often used to identify members of the Ice Nation. Similarly, Niylah's family had to live in the outskirts of Trikru territory so that no one would see her mother's Azgeda scars.

Echo later reveals to Octavia Blake that the facial scars signify that "the pain is over, the wound is healed, so that we never forget." She subsequently tells Anders that the scars are how Azgeda show that they're ready to go to war.



Unknown Status[]



Notes and Trivia[]

  • The Ice Nation are militaristic and expansionist.[6]
  • Lexa forced them to join the Coalition.[7] Azgeda did not like the deal that they made to join the Coalition and only agreed to it because Mount Weather was a large threat to them.[6]
  • In Rubicon, the Ice Nation sent two members to Tondc for the Coalition gathering that Mount Weather blew up, resulting in the death of their War Chief.[8][9]
  • Farm Station crashed in Ice Nation Territory.
    • Only 63 people out of 189 survived the four months isolated from the rest of the Ark.
  • Carl Emerson joined forces with the Ice Nation after the Sky People wiped out the rest of the Mountain Men and provided them with the information necessary to blow up Mount Weather, killing 49 Sky People inside.
  • There were a thousand Ice Nation warriors in Polis when A.L.I.E. was terminated.
  • After the Final Conclave, Azgeda was absorbed into Wonkru.
    • As of Praimfaya, there are 101 members of Azgeda alive, 100 within Wonkru and Echo.
  • In "The Face Behind the Glass", Echo mentions being brought to "Troy" to be trained by Queen Nia. ("Troy" is what is written in the subtitles, though some fans have argued that Echo instead said "Troit".) This might be Detroit, Michigan, which is creator Jason Rothenberg's hometown.[10]
  • Azgeda appears to have had something to do with the burial of the Anomaly Stone in the Second Dawn Bunker: an Azgeda symbol is burned into the floor over the Stone's burial site. How, when and why this was done is unclear.

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