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Grace Cadogan is an minor character in the seventh season. She is portrayed by Crystal Balint and debuts in "Anaconda".

She was Bill Cadogan's ex-wife and the mother of Reese and Callie Cadogan and a former member of the Second Dawn.

Early life

She was born on Earth and at some point in her adulthood married Bill Cadogan and went onto have two children with him. At some point their union dissolved. At that at point, she and Callie left Second Dawn although Grace still kept in contact with her ex and heeded his warning about an incoming Nuclear Apocalypse even though people dismissed him as crazy including their own daughter. During Bill's call with Callie he suddenly gets news of a situation. At Cadogan's demand, Callie gets her mother and Cadogan tells them "Anaconda." Cadogan reassures her that its real and she has 20 minutes with him having already sent the chopper which will be there in 5 minutes, "I pray that you're both on it." Cadogan cuts the transmission while his message alarms Grace. Grace explains to Callie that it means that "the missiles are in the air" and they need to get to the bunker. Though Callie questions how her father knew ahead of time, Grace states that he didn't and people all over the world are scrambling for bunkers. Grace believes Cadogan, stating that he is many things but a liar is not one of them. Grace also states that her family should present themselves as strong unity in the bunker as other will look up to them.

Two years later people are getting more hopeless and despair in the Bunker as suicide rates rises. Becca arrives on Earth from Polaris and Cadogan has the bunker locked down to prevent anyone from knowing of her arrival. Becca finds herself drawn to the Anomaly Stone and Cadogan allows her inside the room after realizing that the Anomaly Stone is causing Becca's symptoms. Commenting that "music is mathematics," Becca is able to activate the Anomaly Stone, opening the Temporal Anomaly Becca introduces herself to Cadogan who tells her to call him Bill. Cadogan is shocked by Becca's immediate success as he tried for years with nothing, but Becca comments that given the number of symbols, that's not surprising without an instruction manual. The Cadogans and Becca argue about what to do next and Becca offers to alter the blood of everyone in the Second Dawn so that they won't have to survive underground or risk a trip through a wormhole. Cadogan instantly refuses, arguing with Callie about it who points out the number of people who have committed suicide over the last six months. However, Cadogan is only further convinced that the Anomaly is their only hope with both Reese and Grace agreeing with him. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life," Cadogan asserts.

Callie later tells Becca, who has closed the Anomaly out of fear that Cadogan will throw her through it, that her father has always been stubborn but now believes that he can walk on water after being worshipped for two years and won't change his mind. However, Callie believes in Becca instead and wants to give Nightblood to everyone in the bunker behind his back.

Shortly after Becca activates the Stone, causing it to turn into a ball of light that she disappears into, Cadogan arrives. Before he can touch the light, Becca returns and insists that she must shut down the Stone. Becca insists that if Cadogan saw what she did, he would let her shut it down. Becca states that she has seen Judgment Day and what they have experienced isn't it. Becca insists that none of them are ready for what's coming, especially not Cadogan and has he Reese stop Becca from touching the Stone and imprison her until she changes her mind. Callie lies that Becca was gone when she arrived and insists that Becca was sent there to save them. However, Cadogan tells his daughter that he will save them, not Becca and orders Callie to get out which she does, taking Becca's Nightblood serum with her.

After Becca's execution, Cadogan sees Callie leading people injected with Nightblood to leave the bunker. Cadogan orders his men to stop them, but Grace seals the inner hatch so that they can get away. Cadogan turns to Reese, only to learn that Callie has the Flame. However, Callie gave her brother Nightblood and Reese promises to chase after her and get it back and Tristan promises to join him, having been made a Nightblood by Becca in order to save his life. Opening the airlock, Cadogan finds it empty while Grace insists that they have to let Callie go. Cadogan hugs Grace before suddenly shoving her into the airlock where Grace protests that she will die as she doesn't have Nightblood. Walking past his shocked followers, Cadogan orders them to get the Flame back at all costs. Cadogan then leads the remaining cultists through the Anomaly to Bardo. It's most likely that Grace died from exposure soon afterwards as her fate isn't mentioned afterwards.

Throughout the Series

In Etherea, Bellamy Blake finds a picture of the Cadogan family in a cave on Etherea and takes it with him.


Despite her divorce from Bill Grace was still amicable enough towards him and stated that despite being many things he wasn't a 'liar' showing faith in her ex. However she did leave the Second Dawn cult and took their daughter with her. The Judge reflected that Callie got her sense of free will and stubbornness from Grace while talking to Bill. Grace also wasn't blind to Bill's narcissist with sociopathic tendencies, but nevertheless still insisted he did care about the people dying in the Nuclear Apocalypse even if he doesn't show it and when suicide rates rise in the Bunker. However after Bill ordered Becca's death and refused to give nightblood so people could have an choice to live on Earth's surface once again she sided with their daughter. Grace insists that they have to let Callie go when she prevents him from getting to her. Cadogan hugs Grace before suddenly shoving her into the airlock where Grace protests that she will die as she doesn't have Nightblood. With this act Grace finally saw her ex husband for who he was before most likely dying afterwards.

Physical Appearance

Grace had brown skin, brown eyes, black curly hair that was all pulled up into bun on top of her head.


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Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAbsent
The GardenAbsent
False GodsAbsent
Welcome to BardoAbsent
The Queen's GambitAbsent
The FlockAbsent
A Little SacrificeAbsent
The StrangerAbsent
Blood GiantAbsent
A Sort of HomecomingAbsent
The Dying of the LightAbsent
The Last WarMentioned


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Killed Victims

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Notes and Trivia

  • Her first name was initially believed to be 'Gemma, however The 100 Writers tumblr confirmed it was indeed, Grace.


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