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Scene 1 - Becca's Lab
Abby Vital signs are strong. Jackson, seal the chamber.
Jackson Copy that. He's ready.
Raven Yeah. But are we?
Emori The guy's a monster.
Clarke We've been over this. None of us wants to do this, but the death wave will be here in 10 days. Luna's stem cells grafted successfully. Baylis is making nightblood on his own. This really is our only hope.
Murphy We really still talking about this? Black rain is already here. 18 people died in it yesterday at Arkadia, so if nightblood can let us walk around in it, I, for one, want to know about that.
Abby Okay. Jackson, proceed.
Jackson Copy that. Initiating. 500 REM. 850. This is where we'd see symptoms in a non-nightblood.
Abby BP is 100 over 50. Body temp is 98.7. Resting comfortably.
Clarke No visible effects.
Jackson 1,000 REM. 1,500.
Abby All good here.
Jackson 2,000 REM, the level of the black rain.
Clarke Still nothing. It's working.
Jackson 2,500.
Abby Wait.
Clarke No. Turn it off!
[Baylis screaming]
Baylis It stings! It stings!
Abby Get him out of there!
Jackson Wait. It's not safe yet.
[Baylis screaming and spitting blood]
[Flatline tone]
Abby What have we done?
Scene 2 - Outside of Arkadia
Jaha I know it took courage to be outside with us today, to stand together now in the face of grave danger and grave tragedy. On the ark, rain like this was only a dream. Now it's a nightmare, because we know it could turn at any second and kill us, just like it did to 18 of our brothers and sisters, who we honor today. Among them, Erin, Samuel, and Louis. May we meet again.
All May we meet again.
Jasper Too many funerals, too little time.
Bellamy Show some respect for the dead.
Jasper What for? They don't mind.
Bellamy Hey, where you going?
Jasper Wherever the day takes me.
Bellamy You got a chem tent?
Jasper Nope.
Bellamy Jasper. Jasper. No one leaves without a chem tent.
Jasper Do you have a chem tent?
Bellamy Yeah.
Jasper Good, then we have a chem tent.
Bellamy Maybe you didn't see how those people died.
Jasper I saw. I'm just not afraid of it happening to me.
Bellamy Jasper, it's not safe out there.
Jasper What else is new? Come on. We're losing daylight.
Bellamy Jasper. Jasper. Damn it. Hey! Grow the hell up.
Jasper Good, you're coming.
Bellamy Yeah. But only because I don't want to carry your body back.
Jasper Oh, come on, pretty light. I mean, I'm wiry, but I'm light.
Niylah Kriken sonraun en branon. Kom graun, oso na graun op. Kom folau, oso na gyon op.
Harper That's beautiful. What's it mean?
Niylah From the earth, we will grow. From the ashes, we will rise.
Jaha What did you just say?
Niylah Sorry, I didn't think that you would mind if I...
Jaha Niylah, ‘From the ashes we will rise.’ Where does that come from?
Niylah Come from? You'd have to ask a fleimkepa. All I know is it's what we say to ready our dead for the fire.
Scene 3 - Chancellor Kane's office
Jaha It's not a coincidence, Marcus. I need to speak with the flamekeeper.
Kane You already found the second dawn bunker. It was-
Jaha The wrong bunker. Cadogan said only those who reached level 12 would be saved. This is level 11. What I found was a decoy built to keep the level 12 bunker from being overrun.
Kane How could you possibly know that?
Jaha Because that's what I would do.
Kane And you think Indra's daughter knows where the real bunker is?
Jaha I think there's a reason "From the ashes we will rise" became a grounder prayer. Just like I think there was a reason that a corporate logo became their sacred symbol.
Kane The infinity sign.
Jaha Yes.
Kane I can reach out to Indra. She might know where Gaia is.
Jaha I'll assemble a team.
Kane Thelonious, wait. Polis is a war zone. We won't be welcome there.
Jaha So we travel light. For this, we'll need thinkers, not fighters.
Scene 4 - Monty's Room
Harper What's going on?
Monty Kane and Jaha need an engineer for a mission.
Harper Kane and Jaha! Well, looks like someone's moving up in the world. It's just too bad in 10 days, there won't be a world to move up in.
Monty How much have you had to drink?
Harper Just the right amount.
[They kiss, Monty stops her]
Monty Harper.
Harper I get it. Duty calls.
Monty Hey, Hey, Hey. We will find a way out of this. I have to go.
Harper So go. I'll be here if you get back. When. I mean when.
Scene 5 - Becca's lab
Murphy How's the weather, Reyes? Forecast still calling for death?
Luna The stones of his ancestors.
Jackson Abby, take a look at this.
Abby Of course.
Clarke What is it?
Jackson Sodium polythanol sulfonate. It's an additive used to prevent clotting. Looks like the radiation broke it down and caused a chain reaction.
Clarke What happens if we remove it?
Abby We could save everyone.
Murphy You could? So you're saying this can still work.
Abby Not without testing.
Raven The last guy just died, screaming in agony, and you wanna try it again?
Clarke Give us a better idea, Raven. Please.
Murphy So what? We just go out there, hunt for someone else?
Miller No one's going anywhere in this storm.
Murphy Then we wait for it to pass.
Roan When it does, there may not be anyone else to hunt for.
Luna Hunting for someone else to kill. What's the matter with you people? Even Baylis honored the dead. He wore the stones of his Rock Line ancestors. Who will honor him?
Clarke Wait. Baylis was Sangedakru.
Emori He was. He was also a thief. He probably stole those stones.
Roan A thief who didn't bare the mark of Sangedakru.
Clarke That wasn't Baylis, was it?
Murphy Come on Clarke, that's crazy. Of course-
Clarke Who did we just kill?
Murphy Hey, Emori.
Abby Emori, no!
Murphy Emori, go easy!
Emori John, take out the machine!
Miller Don't do anything stupid, Murphy.
Roan Looks like we know who's next.
Scene 6 - Forest
Jasper I know it's bad and everyone is dying and all but I'm gonna say it-- I don't miss mosquitoes. Don't miss them.
Bellamy This is all a big joke to you, isn't it?
Jasper Now you're getting it. That's exactly what it is. One big cosmic joke. You'd realize that too if you pulled the stick out of your ass.
Bellamy That's enough. That is enough!
Jasper I'm just trying to help you.
Bellamy Oh, you're trying to help me. That's funny. It's late. We're leaving. Now.
Jasper Damn it, open your eyes! The clock is ticking, and it has been since we landed on this terrible.. beautiful planet.
Bellamy What the hell does that mean?
Jasper It means we are living on borrowed time, all of us.
Bellamy So if you know that, why are you throwing it away?
Jasper I'm not. You are. What is the point in beating yourself up over all of the-- the crappy things you've done? You did them! And-- and don't say you had reasons, because at the end of the day, at the end of the world, nobody gives a damn about your reasons, because they are your reasons. No matter how much you punish yourself, it's not gonna change anything. It's not gonna bring anyone back. The way I see it is we can spend our last days wallowing in our reasons or we can do-- we can do whatever the hell we want! Really mean it this time. Magic beans. Remember those?
Bellamy Hallucinegetic nuts. That's why you dragged me out here? If you think I'm taking those again, you really are crazy.
Jasper Whatever the hell you want.
Scene 7 - Becca's lab
Murphy Now you're gonna lock us up!? What she was just trying to save her own life. Well, we're not gonna touch your stupid machine, all right? Please, Clarke! You can't do this to us, Raven, please. You can't let them do this to us!
Raven Please tell me you're not actually considering putting Emori in that chamber.
Clarke Mom, I don't know what else to do.
Roan There is nothing else to do. We all know it.
Raven Abby, there has to be something that doesn't make us murderers.
Abby Jackson and I examined every possibility. And the only thing that we know for sure, is that if we do nothing, we die. Jackson prep Luna for the next extraction.
Luna No. You've taken enough.
Abby Luna, it's ok. We'll sedate you.
Luna I said no. I won't allow my blood to kill anymore innocent people.
Clarke Luna, please. Your blood is the one thing that can save us.
Luna My blood is a curse. It will, however, keep you from following me into the rain.
Abby Luna, you can't, not with that hip.
Roan We can't let you leave.
Clarke We need you, Luna.
Luna Is there no line you won't cross in order to survive?
Roan Survival requires sacrifice. If the freikdreina dies-
Raven Don't call her that.
Roan If she dies saving the world, that is a good death.
Clarke Luna, please.
Roan You're wounded. And I don't wanna fight you.
Luna You have no choice. Remember?
[Bone crack]
[Luna gasping for breath]
Roan Sleep well, natblida.
Raven So you're gonna strap her down and take her bone marrow? Welcome to Mount Weather.
Scene 8 – Polis
Kane Black rain. It fell here, too.
[Bird call]
[Men shouting commands]
Jaha I thought she was your friend.
Kane She is. That's why we're still alive. Wait here. Weapons down. Indra... thank you for meeting me. I didn't know if you would.
Indra Don't smile at me, Kane. What do you want? I'm here. You have 30 seconds. After that, as the ally of my enemy, you are my enemy.
Kane Indra, you have to know that we had nothing to do with the attacks on your land or embassy.
Indra What I know is that Azgeda marched on Arkadia, and yet you made another alliance with them, a deal to save their people, not mine.
Kane I know how it looks, but, believe me, we're still trying to find a way to save everyone.
Indra Then you are a fool.
Kane You're fighting for a city that won't exist in 10 days. What's more foolish than that? The radiation doesn't care if you're Trikru or Azgeda. If we can't come together to fight this enemy, then what hope is there for us?
Indra: The only hope we ever have: to die a warrior's death.
Kane Indra, wait. Indra! We need to speak to your daughter. She could be the one that saves us all.
Indra How?
[Knock on door]
Indra Gaia, these men need your help.
Monty The tattoo. Look. The center.
Jaha Still think it's a coincidence?
Gaia Where did you get this?
Jaha Oh, I found it. And I now believe it's so it could lead me to you.
Monty Tell us about the symbol. Where does it come from?
Indra It's the holy symbol of our order.
Gaia Mother.
Kane Gaia, please. Skaikru helped you protect the Flame. Help us now.
Gaia It adorns the crypt of the first Commander, Bekka Pramheda.
Jaha Where is the crypt?
Monty You think it's the bunker?
Indra It's in the temple. Controlled by Azgeda, as are the tunnels.
Monty So how do we get in?
Indra We fight.
Kane Indra. Like it or not, Azgeda is our ally. We have the royal seal. No one has to die.
Indra You're assuming they'll honor the seal. The closer we get to Praimfaya, the less alliances seem to mean. How much faith do you have in yours?
[Door opens]
[Door closes]
Scene 9 – Becca’s Lab
Abby First, we survive. Then we find our humanity again.
Raven I'm sure they said the same thing in Mount Weather, too.
[Tapping on glass]
Roan You okay?
Clarke Are you?
Roan Nightbloods. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson after Lexa.
[Door closes]
Roan We're doing the right thing.
Clarke You sure about that?
Roan Certainty's a luxury leaders can't afford.
Clarke I'm no king.
Roan Maybe not, but you were born for this. Lexa knew it, and so do I. You don't back down when things get hard.
Clarke It's always hard.
Roan And yet here you are. I know you don't believe it now, but one day, they will thank you for what you're doing here.
Clarke Murphy won't. Emori won't.
Roan If it works, they will.
Clarke What if it doesn't work?
Roan Then we die knowing we did everything we could to save our people.
Clarke Did you come up here to make me feel better?
Roan It's never been my strength.
Scene 10 - Polis
Kane It's okay! I carry the seal of your king.
Indra Azgeda planhaka.
Kane Keep your head down. We agreed. They'll let us pass. Weapons down. I'm the Skaikru chancellor. As your ally, we seek safe passage to the temple.
[Azgeda yelling]
Kane They were letting us pass!
Indra If there's a bunker there, Azgeda will never see the inside.
Jaha Come on, Marcus. It's not our war.
Monty Roan will think that we did this.
Indra Be quick. Echo will send reinforcements.
Jaha Where is it?
Gaia It's beneath the altar.
Jaha It's here. I knew it. Help me.
[Reading inscription]
Jaha What does that mean?
Indra It means ‘salvation lies within.’
Gaia We were taught it referred to the ship that brought her to us.
Monty How do we open it?
Jaha Like every other lock, Mr. Green. With a key. No.
Indra Can you open it or not?
Monty We have to.
Kane We need more time. Can you reposition your army at the temple?
Indra If I do that, we lose the tower.
Jaha The tower won't save you.
Indra Neither will the ashes of the first Commander, if that's all that's down there.
Gaia Mother, please.
Indra I'll move my guard detail to the temple door. Buy you some time. But I'll need your guns.
Jaha Just give her the damn guns, Marcus.
Kane I fear that jus drein, jus daun will be the end of us all.
Indra would seem you should keep praying.
[Gaia resumes prayer]
Scene 11 – Arkadia
[Cheering, rock music playing]
Jasper Got it started without us.
Bellamy Got what started? Have Fun.
Jasper Come on. Everyone's gonna die, Bellamy. We can go out like them... or like us. The ending's the same, but who says the journey has to suck? I come bearing fruit!
[Crowd cheering]
Niylah Jobi nuts are powerful medicine. You sure about this?
Jasper I'm pretty sure.
Niylah In that case, I recommend a tea.
Jasper Teatime.
Bree Hey. Dance with me.
Bellamy I don't dance.
Bree I don't really want to dance. Come on.
Jasper Yes! Good idea. Let someone else save the world for once.
Bellamy Yeah.
Scene 12 – Becca’s Lab
Emori John, enough. You can't stop this.
Murphy No. No, Emori. I'm not letting this happen to you.
Emori You have to.
Murphy What?
Emori John, listen to me. Make them think you're okay with this. We make Clarke think you're still with her.
Murphy Emori, I'll kill her if she even thinks about hurting--
Emori No, Damn it, John. Think. Don't give them a reason to pick you next. Survive, please.
[Door opens]
Clarke It's time.
Murphy Guys, just wait, okay? Hear me out.
Emori John.
Clarke It'll work this time.
Emori Then how about we just go with that and forget the test?
Murphy Miller? Miller, don't--! Miller! Miller, I swear to God, I'll kill y--No. Miller, Miller, Miller, please. Miller, just look at me, man. You don't need to do this.
Miller I wish that were true.
Murphy You don't have to do this! Who the hell do you think you are, huh?
Clarke I'm trying to save us.
Murphy Save us? Ah, right. Wanheda, savior of us all! But maybe you're forgetting the last time you saved us, I was saving you!
Clarke I'm not forgetting.
Murphy You haven't forgotten? Then, please, you don't need to do this. Don't do it. Please, please, you don't need to do this. You know, it's too bad that you weren't a real Nightblood because then you could have been Commander. Imagine how many people you could've killed then. Tell me something, after you murder Emori, am I next? Ok! I'm begging you, please. I love her. Don't do this.
Clarke Emori will be fine.
Murphy Hey. Look at me. If she dies... you die.
Clarke Mom, we have to do this.
Abby I can't.
Clarke I'll finish it. I bear it so they don't have to.
Jackson Clarke.
Abby No. No.
Clarke We're testing me.
Clarke It worked.
Jackson It's been two hours. How do you feel?
Clarke Ready.
Abby I won't let you do it.
Clarke Mom, I trust you. It'll work. Turn it on.
Abby Jackson, don't. Clarke... if you go in there, you will die. I saw it.
Clarke What are you talking about?
Abby I saw it.
Raven Like I saw the rocket.
Clarke We're wasting time. No. Mom. Wait.
Jackson Abby.
Clarke Mom, don't!
Jackson Abby, don't!
Raven Abby! Stop!
Jackson Stop, Abby!
Luna Don't worry. It'll all be over soon now.
Abby I can't lose you.
[Abby sobbing]
Clarke You're okay.
Scene 13 – Polis
[Kane grunting]
Kane Come on.
Gaia I told you, it has never been opened.
[Gunfire, men shouting]
Jaha It's now or never. We were brought here for a reason, Gaia. Think. Is there another key? It would have a "12" on it.
[Door opens]
Indra I'm sorry, but we have to go. You should've brought more guns.
Jaha Then move your army into position.
Indra I will not give up the tower for the temple and a door you cannot open.
Kane Thelonious, we can come back.
Jaha When, before or after the death wave? Leave if you have to go. I'm not going anywhere.
Monty I'm staying, too.
Gaia Maybe we are not worthy. Maybe we are meant to burn in Praimfaya.
Jaha No. We're not meant to burn. We were meant to rise from the ashes.
Monty Wait.
Kane What is it, Monty?
Monty ‘From the ashes we will rise.’ What if it's not just a motto? What if it's an instruction?
Jaha Do it. The 12th seal. Ready? 1, 2…
Indra Hold this temple.
Kane After you, my friend.
Jaha Salvation lies within.