Glass Sorenson is a major character in The 100 book series. She does not have a TV series counterpart.

Glass's story in the books gives the readers insight on life on the Colony, while the others are on Earth. She is shown to be hot-headed and to be someone who will risk anything for the people that she loves.

Early life Edit

Glass grew up on Phoenix and lived with her mother, Sonja. She became best friends with Wells Jaha during childhood. Her father had left her for another woman causing Glass's wealth to decrease.

Throughout the Books Edit

In The 100, she is the main character in chapters 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24.

Flashback Scenes (chronological):

Glass remembers how she woke up one morning and felt nauseous. She knows she won't be able to meet Wells Jaha for lunch like this, and she realizes she hasn't been a good friend to him lately, spending most of her time with Luke. Glass' mother walks in on Glass throwing up in the bathroom. They don't discuss her mother's apparel, but instead, her mother is worried about Glass. Since stomach illnesses were rare on Phoenix, Glass' mother quickly comes to the realization that Glass is pregnant.

Once it was discovered that she was pregnant she was forced into telling who the father was. Because of her love for Luke, she blamed his roommate Carter instead - who was then arrested and executed.

Main storyline : It is revealed that she is originally one of the 100 delinquents who are supposed to be sent down to Earth, however, with the chaos that Bellamy Blake causes getting on to the ship, Glass manages to escape. Once she escaped from the ship, she managed to find her way back to her ex-lover Luke. It is revealed that since Glass was arrested - unknown to him - he started dating his best friend Camille.

Once she is home with her mother Sonja, we discover the reason that Glass was arrested; Glass had become pregnant with Luke's child. As Luke was 19 at the time, he would have been floated for committing this crime. In order to spare him this punishment, she tried to hide her pregnancy for as long as possible. However, eventually it became apparent that she would not be able to hide her pregnancy forever and thus she decided that she had to break up with Luke in order to save him.

In chapter 16, Glass and her mother are trying out dresses for the comet viewing party, which is meant to be Glass' return to Phoenix' society. Glass actually gets a little bit annoyed by her mom's indecisiveness, and finds a welcome escape when they receive a message. The message is from Luke, supposedly addressing her mother for a lost item that needs to be collected. In fact, it is a secret message from Luke to meet him at 1600 in the solar fields that covered the top of Walden.

Glass sits down on the ledge of an overview when Luke joins her. He says he has been thinking about what happened and what she could have been confined for. He says he heard a rumor of a girl getting arrested for a certain crime, but says he'd never believe she'd keep something like that from him. Glass tells Luke she is sorry. She explains she didn't tell him because she didn't see a reason for both of them to die. Luke asks her what happened, to which Glass gives no direct reply, but that isn't needed. Luke admits she is the one girl that makes him happy, and he tells Glass that Camille is just a friend. They both kiss, and Glass tells him she loves him.

Flashback Scenes (chronological): In chapter 7, Glass recalls a day during tutorial. She remembers being bored and sleepy and barely paying attention. Her friend Cora was half asleep, and they exchanged messages throughout the class. Glass mentions how Clarke Griffin was there, and she had a question for the teacher like she always does. We find out Glass wasn't particularly friends with Clarke, as she makes a mean remark about Clarke's outfit before heading home. Glass mentions she wanted to go to the Exchange, but Cora didn't have time to go and she doesn't like shopping on her own.

Main storyline : In chapter 7, Glass makes her way to the air vent with Luke as they leave Luke's apartment behind. They get to the air vent, and they laugh about how adventurous it all is before Luke tells her he loves her and Glass gets into the air vent. When she reaches the Phoenix vent, she finds out it has been sealed shut. Since she can not access Phoenix from inside the ship, she comes up with the plan to do it from the outside.

Flashback Scenes (chronological):

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Main storyline :

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Personality Edit

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Physical Appearance Edit

Glass has blonde hair and blue eyes. Because of her angelic features, Glass has said that people always try to help her.

Before her parents' divorce, Glass had lots of money and was often seen wearing expensive dresses.

Relationships Edit

Glass is dating Luke.

Quotes Edit

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Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Some people speculate that the TV-show character Raven Reyes might be based on Glass.[1] However Raven is more similar to Luke, since they are both zero-gravity engineer, both from a poor background, and both had their partner locked up.

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