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Scene 1 - Woods
Octavia Why are you following me?
Ilian You won't survive out here alone. Let me help you.
Octavia You've helped enough.
Ilian You spared my life. I owe you.
Octavia I don't want anything from you.
Ilian Weird rain.
Octavia Get on.
Ilian What is it?
Octavia Now! Go, Helios!
Scene 2 - Arkadia
Kane Welcome back.
Bellamy Black rain.
Kane Everybody inside!
Bellamy Black rain! Sound the alarm! This is not a drill! Go inside the Ark!
Harper Go! Inside!
Bellamy Cover yourself. Take this.
Kane Everybody inside!
Bellamy Kane, where's Octavia?
Kane Leave your things! Everybody inside! Quickly!
Harper Let go of me!
Bellamy Kane. Someone's outside. Come on. Louis. We're coming. Come on, come on. I got you, I got you. Come on. I need to find Octavia.
Kane She's not here. She took off hours ago.
Bellamy I gotta find her.
Kane Bellamy, look. We don't know where she went. You just got back, and the Rover doesn't have enough power to go searching through the woods.
Bellamy The rain will kill her.
Kane She's smart. You gotta trust that she found shelter, okay? Remember the drill? All wet clothing in the designated zone.
Arker How do we know everyone made it in?
Arker 2 My wife. She was outside the wall. I need to know if she's ok.
Kane Check in with your section leaders. We'll get a head count as soon as we can.
Man [on radio] Hello? Can anyone hear me? Look, we're caught in the rain, and it burns. We're trapped in the rubble just north of the factory crash. Please. Can anybody hear me?
Kane This is Chancellor Kane. I hear you. Can you hear me?
Man Kane. Kane, it's Mark Colton. Look, please, my son is soaked with black rain. Please. You gotta help us. Hurry!
Scene 3 - Cave
Octavia There's fresh water.
Ilian God, it burns.
Ilian The black rain. What does it mean?
Octavia It means we're stuck in here until the storm passes. Doesn't mean we need to talk. I need to wash off my horse. Why don't you make a fire? You're good at that.
Scene 4 - Becca’s Lab
Jackson This is Becca's main research lab, but there are 5 other levels.
Clarke Incredible.
Abby God, it's really you.
Jackson I'll go check on Raven and Luna.
Abby Where's Roan?
Clarke He's unloading the fuel with the others. I just needed to see my mom.
Abby Don't punish yourself. Going to space was at best a long shot.
Clarke It was the only shot we had. Is that Raven?
Abby She's sedated in the bio lab. She had another seizure.
Clarke Is that...?
Abby An ischemic stroke.
Clarke Well, that means it can heal, right?
Abby Yes. As long as she takes it easy, she'll recover. She's almost as stubborn as you are.
Clarke And you? How are you feeling?
Abby I'm fine.
Clarke Mom, I spoke to Jackson. He doesn't think you're fine. When was the last time you slept?
Abby Oh, I'll sleep soon enough, one way or another.
Clarke What is that?
Abby It's bone marrow. Luna's. A theory that Jackson and I agreed should remain untested.
Clarke What theory?
Abby We can't create Nightblood unless we go to space. But Luna can. Theoretically, we can inject ourselves with her bone marrow.
Clarke Then we become Nightbloods. Will it work?
Abby I think so.
Clarke Then why'd you take it off the table?
Abby Because the only way to know if it works is to test it, and that would mean...
Clarke Exposing someone to radiation. Can we do that here?
Abby Yes. Becca was trying to find a cure for cancer using this radiation chamber. Clarke... we would have to expose a human being to enough radiation that would implode every single cell in their body. That's what's coming for us.
Clarke I know that, but you just said it. We have no choice.
Abby No. We have to make a choice.
Clarke Who do we test?
Jackson Emori, hey.
Emori I'm heading up to the house. Does anyone want anything while I'm up there?
Abby No, we're fine. Thanks, Emori. Hold on. Honey, you should go with her.
Clarke No. I just got here. I want to be here with you and help.
Abby There is nothing for you to help me with right now. It'll be 5 hours before the samples are even ready to be tested. Ok. Go, take a shower, and we'll figure this out when you get back. Go.
Clarke Ok.
Jackson I'll lower the drones.
Scene 5 - Arkadia
Harper Shh, shh, shh. Just breathe, Louis. I need to get him to med bay.
Kane Med bay's full. Even with treatment, he wouldn't survive this. Look, I know it's difficult, but we need to prioritize.
Harper I'm the reason he's not gonna survive this. He reached for me, and I didn't help him.
Kane So help him now. Make him as comfortable as possible.
Bellamy Everyone else accounted for?
Kane Jaha and Monty reported in from Sector 5. All 200 of their people are safe. The other sectors are still counting. We're down two.
Bellamy Not for long.
Kane Bellamy, the fire damage to that suit could cause tears you can't see, much less seal.
Bellamy It's the best we got.
Kane That's Mark Colton out there. I know him. He's resourceful. Right now they're under an overhang, out of the rain.
Bellamy His son Peter was one of the 100. I'm doing this.
Kane Bellamy! Bellamy, turn around! Bellamy, what the hell happened? Bellamy. Bellamy, come in.
Bellamy You were right. The suit's useless.
Kane You gotta come back in. Bring the Rover to the airlock.
Mark [on radio] Bellamy, it's Mark. Are you there?
Bellamy Right here.
Mark Are you on the move yet? Peter doesn't look so good.
Bellamy He's been through worse, we'll get through this, too. I'm on my way.
Peter [on radio] Copy that, Bellamy. Thanks.
Kane Bellamy, go to the private channel.
Bellamy No more lectures. I can't find my sister, but I do know where they are.
Kane [on radio] Bellamy, stop. Listen to me. No unnecessary risks. You come home safe.
Bellamy I got this.
Scene 6 - Becca’s Island
Emori Raven says the black rain will be here soon.
Clarke Raven's right. I used to love the rain. Now it terrifies me.
Emori I would have thought nothing terrified you.
Clarke Did I say something wrong?
Emori No. I just... hate this island, that's all.
Clarke Murphy said you used to work here. Is that right?
Emori Something like that.
Clarke Scavenging tech for A.L.I.E.? I'm sorry. Too many questions.
Emori Ignore me. I'm just upset that our mission here has failed. Hopefully your mother will come up with another way. You're just like her. Willing to do anything to save your people. Skaikru's lucky to have you.
Clarke We're not just doing this for Skaikru.
Emori We're at the treeline. Coming in.
Jackson [on radio] Copy that. Drones down. You're good to go.
Clarke You can cook? You can read.
Murphy Yeah, I know what you're thinking, Clarke. Why are all the good ones taken, right?
Emori A good randzi is rare. John would be celebrated by any clan.
Clarke Yeah, he's a real catch. Oh, my God.
Murphy Uh-huh.
Clarke Wow. I'm gonna go get cleaned up.
Murphy Yeah, let me show you where to go.
Emori Upstairs. Down the hall.
Clarke Thanks.
Emori We're getting out of here.
Murphy What? Now? Why?
Emori I'll explain on the way to the bunker.
Murphy I already told you the bunker's not an answer. What's going on? What, did you see something out in the woods? Are the scavengers back?
Emori Even scavengers wouldn't do to me what your people are about to.
Murphy E-Emori, stop. What the hell are you talking about?
Emori They're gonna sacrifice someone to test Nightblood. Who do you think that's gonna be, huh? Clarke? Raven?
Emori I'm the outsider, John, the freikdrana.
Murphy Hey, hey, hey, slow down, slow down. Emori, look at me. Look at me. Breathe. Tell me everything.
Clarke Murphy? Murphy, is that you?
Murphy Hey, hey, hey, hey. Take it easy. Look, we need to talk.
Clarke Quiet. There's someone here.
Emori John! John! John! John!
Murphy Get the hell off of her!
Clarke Are you okay? Can you stand?
Emori Wait! He's mine.
Murphy Whoa, Emori.
Emori You son of a bitch!
Murphy Leave him, leave him.
Emori Get off of me. If we don't kill him now, he will kill us.
Clarke You know him?
Emori Baylis.
Baylis She's lying. You don't know me.
Emori You said you'd kill me. Well, guess what, planhaka, I'm gonna kill you.
Clarke Hey, hey, hey, don't move.
Baylis Just let me go. I'll leave the food, and you never have to see me again.
Clarke Is he alone?
Emori Not usually. Where are the others?
Baylis I don't know who the hell you think—
Emori Stumucha!
Clarke Emori!
Emori You don't know what he did to me.
Clarke No, and you can tell me about it, but please, Emori, if he's not alone, we need to know now. Here, Murphy, take my gun. Now tie him up. There's a medicine cabinet upstairs. Can I fix this? Murphy won't let him go anywhere. Will you, Murphy?
Murphy Not a chance. We're gonna have some fun.
Emori Fine. Tie him up. But when he's done talking, the kill is mine.
Scene 7 - Rover
Bellamy Mark. Come in. Coming up on Factory Station. Almost to you. Over. Guys, you read me? Don't go quiet on me now. Gonna need a little help navigating once I'm past the wreckage. Come on, come on, come on.
Mark Yeah, I'm here. We're northwest of the salvage area at about 15 degrees. Just follow the—Peter!
Bellamy What's happening? Are you ok?
Mark Peter, get below me. Bellamy!
Bellamy Mark, what's going on?
Mark The wind shifted. The rain is blowing in.
Bellamy Ok, you need to find something to use for cover.
Mark There's nothing here. Look, I'm blocking it from Peter as best as I can. Just hurry. Please!
Bellamy Look south. You'll see my headlights in two minutes. I'm—Come on. Damn it. No! No!
Mark Bellamy, I don't see the lights. Where are you?
Bellamy Just—just a minor delay. Just hang on.
Mark No! No! No, we can't! We can't! How long?
Kane Bellamy, what's happening? Answer. What minor delay?
Bellamy Stuck in the mud. Gonna use the winch to get me out.
Kane Negative. Bellamy, you have no suit and I can hear the rain over the radio. Please, just just wait for the storm to pass. Is that clear?
Mark Bellamy! Peter needs help now, right now! He can't breathe!
Kane If you go into that storm, 3 people die instead of two. You're out of options. It's time to let go.
Mark You said you'd be here. Where the hell are you?
Bellamy What am I supposed to tell them?
Kane The truth.
Bellamy Mark. Peter. I can't get to you.
Mark What? No. We'll come to you. Please, I can carry him.
Bellamy It's too far, Mark. You won't make it.
Mark Listen, we won't make it here!
Bellamy Look. I am sorry. You just—your only chance is just to wait a little longer, and when the rain stops, I can dig out.
Mark My son is dying! He's dying right now. You said that you would help us. Please!
Bellamy No! No!
Scene 8 - Becca’s Mansion
Clarke You did more damage than you took.
Emori Not enough. Not yet. Don't tell me you've never killed for revenge. Well, then, I guess you're better than me, because I'm going to. But first, I'm gonna make him suffer for what he did to me and my brother. I'm gonna cut him for every time he cut me. I'm gonna make him beg the way I begged.
Clarke Emori. We're not gonna let him hurt you again.
Emori I don't need you to protect me, Clarke. I protect myself. I always have.
Clarke I understand.
Emori Like hell you do. I was cast out of my clan as an infant because of this. I was forced to steal to survive. Forced to kill. You were loved. Told you were special. I was thrown away like someone's garbage. You know nothing of my pain.
Clarke No. I don't. But I do know what it feels like to think you have no choice but to kill.
Emori You think I have a choice? If we let Baylis live, he will come back. Nothing will stop him from punishing me for leaving. If we show even the slightest hesitation, he will use it. He will say anything to survive. And the second we let our guard down, he will strike. He will kill us all. But I am not gonna let that happen, Clarke, because today, I am the commander of death.
Baylis I only came here for the food. Things I can trade. I scavenge so my family can eat. Please.
Murphy That's it. Find the right angle. I'll help you out. I love someone who was beaten and tortured by a man who thought he could control her.
Baylis I'm not that man. You can torture me all you want, and that won't change the fact—
Emori Who's the scared child now, Baylis? For my brother. For me!
Clarke Wait.
Emori What?
Clarke You'll kill him.
Emori That's the idea.
Murphy Why don't you stay out of it and let her have this, Clarke?
Clarke What if his death could save us all?
Scene 9 - Cave
Ilian Where will you go... when the storm passes? I don't know, either. If I go home, I'll see their faces everywhere. In everything. The windmill I helped my father build to grind the corn for the sheep. The room I shared with my brother. The fence— the fence I tied my mother to... before I cut off her fingers. Before I cut my father's throat. Before I cut my brother's throat.
Octavia Go home, Ilian. You're not a murderer. You feel the way you're supposed to feel after you take a life. I feel nothing. Now go back to your stupid sheep.
Ilian I don't believe you. I saw the pain in your face when you aimed that gun at my head.
Octavia We're done talking.
Ilian You may not want to feel it, but it's there.
Octavia I should've pulled the trigger.
Ilian Why didn't you?
Octavia Just shut up.
Ilian You think you're a killer, but you couldn't kill me. Whatever escape from the pain you were looking for wasn't there anymore. I told you my sad story. Tell me yours. What made you like this?
Octavia Just shut up!
Ilian I think the person you were before this happened... is still in there.
Octavia You're wrong.
Ilian Octavia. Octavia. Octavia, no!
Octavia No! No! I need this! I need this! Let me go! I needed this to happen! Let me go!
Ilian Stop!
Octavia I should have killed you.
Ilian Stop! Stop.
Octavia Let me up, please.
Ilian Stop. Stop.
Octavia Just make me feel something else.
Ilian Octavia.
Scene 10 - Becca’s Lab
Kane [on radio] Abby, are you there? Come in.
Abby I'm here. Ah, it's so good to hear your voice.
Kane I have bad news, Abby. The black rain's here. It's worse than we thought. It, uh, it burns on contact. It kills. After today, the water won't be drinkable. We lost what we had stored in the fire. We have enough for a couple of weeks, but after that--
Abby I know what happens after that.
Kane We need a solution. Abby, are you there?
Abby I'm here. There may be a solution.
Kane That's great.
Abby But to find it, I have to do something that I never thought I'd have to do.
Kane You'll make the right decision. You always do.
Abby Can I ask you something?
Kane Anything.
Abby If I take a life... to find a cure... does that make me a murderer?
Kane Abby, I... I don't know how to answer that. I wish I did.
Abby What if it can save us all? Would I be able to live with myself then?
Kane Taking a life should never be easy. I hope it's not easy for you. Your humanity is your greatest strength. Sometimes we need a different kind of strength. We need to survive. Then we can all find our humanity again.
Abby I hope you're right, Marcus.
Harper No.
Bellamy [on radio] Mark, Peter?
Kane I have to go.
Abby Be safe.
Kane You, too, Abby.
Bellamy [on radio] Response's on its way out. You still with me? Hey, Mark, come in. Do you read me? As soon as this rain clears, I'm out of this ditch and I'm on my way. Please tell me that you read me.
Kane [on radio] Bellamy... you did your best.
Bellamy I failed. They're dead.
Kane It's not your fault.
Bellamy I can't protect anyone. I couldn't protect my sister. It was my responsibility, and I failed. My mom passed out. She was there. She was in my hands. She was so helpless, and now what is she? Is she even alive? What is she? I—
Kane You didn't fail, Bellamy. You did everything you could for her. You came to the ground for her. You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved. Your mother would be proud of the man you've become. I know I am.
Bellamy You floated my mother.
Kane Who you want to be doesn't always win.
Scene 11 - Cave
Octavia Storm's over.
Ilian Yeah.
Octavia You have somewhere to go now?
Ilian I'm going home. Back to my stupid sheep. Walk into the setting sun, and you'll find it. Or don't.
Octavia Get on. I'll take you home.
Scene 12 - Arkadia
Kane Still no word from Octavia. I'm sorry.
Bellamy You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved.
Scene 13 - Becca’s Lab
Clarke Hey. None of us like what we're doing here. Not even to someone like him. But if this works, we survive. Simple as that.
Murphy I hope he survives.
Emori Me too.
Murphy Yeah. Then you can kill him?
Emori Why would I do that? It isn't him.
Murphy Emori, who is he?
Emori Someone other than me who's going into that oven.
Murphy Now that, that's a survivor's move.