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Yu laik haihefa, nou ouspika!
Kaina bandragen dison bilaik?

You're a king not a priest!
This is blasphemy.

— Gaia to Roan after he declares himself Keeper of the Flame [src]

Gaia is a recurring character in the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. She is portrayed by Tati Gabrielle and debuted in "Echoes".

In Season Four, Gaia emerges as the new Flamekeeper following the death of her mentor Titus and the destruction of A.L.I.E. Stealing the Flame to protect it in her new role, Gaia is nearly killed by Octavia Blake who ultimately protects Gaia due to her relationship with Gaia's mother, Indra. After a failed attempt to make Clarke Griffin the new Commander, Gaia oversees the Final Conclave to determine who will get the Second Dawn Bunker and is one of those chosen to survive the Second Nuclear Apocalypse.

In Season Five, Gaia jumps at the chance to put a new Commander into power, 12-year old Madi Griffin, which puts her at odds with Madi's adopted mother Clarke and Octavia, who now rules Wonkru as the tyrannical Blodreina. Gaia succeeds in making Madi the new Commander, but Wonkru is decimated in the Battle for Eden and Gaia herself is severely injured. With Shallow Valley destroyed at the end of the battle and Earth apparently never recovering, the survivors of humanity enter a 125 year long cryosleep on Eligius IV.

In Season Six, Gaia is one of the people awoken upon arrival to humanity's new home, Sanctum and continues in her role as Flamekeeper, guiding and teaching Madi. However, the consciousness of Sheidheda, the Dark Commander, rises from within the Flame to influence Madi. After a failed attempt to separate Sheidheda from Madi and the apparent death of Clarke, Gaia is banished by Madi under the Dark Commander's influence. However, due to Gaia's steadfast loyalty to her Commander, she secretly remains close at hand and aids Clarke's friends in forming a rebellion against the Primes. In order to save Madi from Sheidheda, Gaia reluctantly allows Raven Reyes to destroy the Flame, but the Dark Commander escapes.

In Season Seven, Gaia aids her mother and Clarke in leading Wonkru in Madi's stead while continuing to protect and guide the former Commander. However, with the Flame destroyed, Gaia is left unsure of her purpose in life since she has become a Flamekeeper without a Flame or a Commander to protect. After a skirmish with the Disciples, Gaia comes up against one who deactivates Sanctum's Anomaly Stone and drags her through the closing Temporal Anomaly. As a result, Gaia goes missing for an extended period of time with both Clarke's group, searching for their friends through the Anomaly, and her mother and the others on Sanctum, mistakenly assuming that Gaia is with the other. After Clarke and her friends return to a regenerated Earth, they are finally reunited with Gaia who ended up on humanity's homeworld after her disappearance. During this time, Gaia finally makes peace with both her mother's relationship with the remorseful Octavia and in Gaia's own long-strained relationship with Indra.

Along with the rest of the human race aside from Clarke, Gaia achieves Transcendence. However, she joins her mother and Clarke's other surviving friends in returning to mortal form to live out the rest of their lives in peace on Earth, so that Clarke would not be alone by herself.

Early Life

Gaia was born on Earth and is the daughter of Indra and an unnamed father who was killed during a battle. Indra trained her to be a Trikru warrior and leader, but following her father's death Gaia chose to dedicate herself to the sacred flame and become a Flamekeeper scout, searching the land for Nightbloods.

Throughout the Series

In Echoes, Gaia is in the crowd when Roan announces that he will be the Keeper of the Flame until the next Commander can be found. She yells at him that he is not a priest and that this is blasphemy.

In The Four Horsemen, Roan asks Octavia to track down and kill the person who stole the Flame from him. Octavia tracks down Gaia and corners her in the temple. The two briefly fight, until Octavia gets the upper hand. Just before Octavia goes for the kill, Indra calls for Octavia to stop. When, Ilian and the looters come to the temple seeking to destroy the Flame. Octavia and Gaia come up with a plan to save the Flame. Due to Gaia being Indra's daughter, Octavia spares her life and brings Gaia's destroyed replica of the Flame to Roan along with the head of one of the looters, claiming that the looter was responsible for the Flame's theft and destruction.

In God Complex, she told Thelonious Jaha, Marcus Kane, and Monty Green of Becca's crypt and helped them enter.

In DNR, she tries to help Clarke Griffin ascend as the next Commander, however, Roan stops it.

In Die All, Die Merrily, she helps with the Final Conclave, giving orders on how to participate and giving the noviciates their sigil. She also announces the names of those killed.

In Praimfaya, she is seen in the bunker, when Octavia gives her speech.

In Red Queen, she is seen standing guard, watching the gladiator fights with Ethan Hardy and tells him not to cheer for the dead.

In Damocles (Part 1), she is severely injured in the Battle for Eden.

In Red Sun Rising, she is woken up from crosleep by Jordan Green originally to go with Abby's group. However she ends up staying on board the Gagarin with Charmaine Diyoza and Madi Griffin, because Abby didn't want Madi going. She tells Madi that they need to do some training to master the flame.

In The Children of Gabriel, she is sitting on the door of the Gagarin with Madi and Diyoza. She is trying to get Madi to master the flame, but Madi fools around and says that she sees Clarke needing her help. Gaia says that's impossible, because Clarke's mind left the Flame with she left the City of Light. Then Gaia realizes that Madi is not being serious and gives up. Madi the tells her about seeing a commander with scares on his face like lines on a map and wearing all black and that she tries to ignore him. Gaia, shocked, tells Madi that is "Sheidheda" or the Dark Commander and that Madi is right to ignore him. Diyoza the laughs at the two. Gaia stands up and says "Why's it funny?". Dioyza responds it's not, it's sad. Dioyza then quickly stands up pulls out a knife, Gaia thinks Diyoza's going to hurt her and Madi, but she throws the knife into a child of Gabriel. The three are then attacked and paralyzed by parlyptic darts.

In The Gospel of Josephine, Josephine, pretending to be Clarke, enters the room where she meets Madi and shocks the group by suddenly allowing her to go to school. Speaking in Trigedasleng, Gaia questions "Clarke's" sudden change of mind as it risks exposing Madi as a Nightblood. Luckily, Josephine doesn't understand Trig and therefore doesn't figure out Madi is a nightblood.

Later, she help Jordan to find the truth about Primes, they sneak up to the room filled with skeletons where they meet up with Bellamy, Murphy and Josie. Gaia notices that the skeletons have the Flame infinity symbol and wonders if they were all Commanders. Bellamy figures out that the skeletons belong to the original Eligius III Mission Team Alpha. He notices that some of the skeletons belong to kids; and Josie explains that people will do anything to ensure survival for the ones they love. Josie starts urging them to respect Sanctum traditions and leave but Jordan continues exploring. He finds a secret door which leads to a lab.

In the lab, they notice a lot of Becca and Flame-related technology. Bellamy explains that they can't be commanders because Becca didn't invent the Flame until after the first apocalypse. However, she provided her technology to Eligius Corporation before then. Jordan finds a computer and unlocks it using the Eligius III access code. They find a list of video logs. Gaia suggests playing the one titled "Eureka!".

On the video a doctor named Gabriel Santiago is forcibly experimenting on a young woman named Brooke, who was grown from an embryo in the incubator. Josie's old dad is by Gabriel's side, encouraging him. Gabriel explains that they needed to use a fully developed brain and clear the host's consciousness first in order to accommodate the full memory size. He takes out a Mind Drive which looks a lot like the Flame. He mind wipes Brooke and inserts the Mind Drive inside her neck. A few moments later, Josie wakes up violently inside Brooke's body. She is proud of Gabriel for reverse-engineering the Mind Drive technology to be able to upload an entire mind into a new host. Gabriel ends the experiment by saying that Josephine was the first success, with more to come.

After watching the video, everyone is horrified by the inhuman experiments they just witnessed. They figure out that the Primes have been manipulating nightbloods to sacrifice themselves to false gods. Jordan calls it murder, but Josie claims the hosts were willing even though Brooke was forced into it. Murphy is indifferent, claiming that back on Earth, he points to Gaia that they used to arm kids to go to war. Realizing that Madi is in danger, Gaia says she will go get her back from school. This helps Josie figure out that Madi has royal blood. She offers to come along.

Later at the bar, Gaia, Bellamy and Jordan are surprised that Clarke seems to be willing to tolerate the Primes' actions. Gaia calls the Primes out for abusing Becca's Flame technology whose intended purpose was to pass wisdom from one person to another. Instead, the Primes want to keep all the wisdom to themselves. Murphy disagrees with her, saying that Becca was just a scientist who was turned into a nightblood in a lab - the same way Abby did to Clarke. This makes Josie realize that it is possible to turn ordinary people into Nightbloods.

In Matryoshka, Gaia works with Echo to get the Sanctum Citizens to rebel against the Primes, blackmailing Ryker Desai into helping them. Gaia eventually allows herself to be captured and is shocked to discover just how much Madi has been possessed by Sheidheda. Raven comes up with the idea to delete Sheidheda from the Flame, but Gaia warns her that Becca's notebook is still in the Machine Shop. After narrowly avoiding being burned at the stake, Raven orders Gaia to get her the notebook so that they can save Madi from Sheidheda.

In Ashes to Ashes, Gaia remains trapped with Nathan Miller and seeks to find a way out to save Madi from Sheidheda or kill Madi if they can't. Miller is eventually able to steal a guard's knife and use a wire on it to pick the lock on a trapdoor so that they can escape. Disguised as Sanctum guards, the two make their way to the Machine Shop to retrieve Becca's notebook. To their shock, Miller and Gaia arrive just in time to save Echo who Ryker is trying to mind wipe. The two explain that they had come for the notebook, not knowing Echo needed their help. Gaia releases Echo who kills Ryker while Gaia is shocked to discover that Echo is now a Nightblood.

In Adjustment Protocol, Gaia hides with Echo and Miller behind the bar in Blythe Ann's tavern when Clarke enters to talk to Priya Desai. Echo realizes that something is wrong and orders the others to attack. To Gaia's shock, it is Clarke and not Josephine Lightbourne. Gaia later insists on joining Clarke as it is her job to protect Madi. Gaia manages to disguise herself as a Sanctum guard, but is recognized by Russell. Clarke convinces the other Primes to take Gaia with them as a hostage rather than throwing her to the Sanctum Citizens who are under the influence of the Red Sun toxin. On Eligius IV, she is held as a hostage by Clarke when Indra opens the door.

In The Blood of Sanctum, Clarke, still posing as Josephine, threatens to kill Gaia if Indra won't surrender. Though Indra calls Clarke's bluff, stating that they would then have no leverage, Gaia silently signals her mother to comply. In the mess hall, the Sheidheda-possessed Madi orders the crew to attack, leading to several deaths. Once the Primes are gone, Gaia explains to her mother what happened, horrifying Indra who had seen Sheidheda once as a child and knows the evil he can do. Gaia promises to kill Madi if it comes down to it to prevent Sheidheda from being unleashed upon the world.

The group takes Madi to the med bay where Gaia provides Raven with Becca's notebook. With the notebook, Raven is able to hack the Flame, but discovers a kill code installed by Sheidheda that would destroy him at the cost of the Flame. With no other choice, the group agrees to perform the procedure, but are interrupted by Russell who takes Madi with him. Clarke later returns after killing the other Primes, followed shortly after by Russell, Madi and Wonkru. After Clarke threatens suicide, Madi regains control and orders Russell's arrest and Gaia watches on in relief as Madi and Clarke embrace each other. However, Sheidheda tries to kill Madi in revenge. With no other choice, Raven deletes the Flame to save Madi with Gaia holding Madi down during the procedure and looks on sadly as the Flame's code disappears from the computer screen. Eric Jackson surgically removes the Flame from Madi and gives its inert remains to Gaia who bends down next to Madi. When Madi tells Gaia that she's not the Commander anymore, Gaia gives a tearful laugh. However, they are horrified to see Sheidheda uploading himself to an unknown location.

In Hesperides, after Clarke, Jordan Green, Niylah, Raven and Nathan Miller leave through the Temporal Anomaly, a previously-cloaked Disciple knocks Gaia down and begins deactivating the Anomaly Stone. Gaia fails to stop him and is dragged through the Anomaly with the Disciple to an unknown location.

In The Flock, Indra returns from a search for the missing group and states that there is no sign of them aside from the Disciple bodies. With the situation deteriorating, Indra states that Murphy and Eric Jackson need her more while the others have Gaia to look after them.

In The Stranger, Knight tells Sheidheda that Gaia is one of the missing and that he was a part of Indra's group that looked for Gaia and the others and found no sign of them.

In Blood Giant, Clarke asks Indra if Madi is safe with Gaia, but Indra is surprised as she had thought that Gaia was with Clarke's group. Later, Indra demands to know where Gaia is from Bill Cadogan at gunpoint but he is confused as to who Indra's daughter is. Bellamy tells Indra that they didn't even know that Gaia was missing until that day and he promises that they will save her.

In A Sort of Homecoming, after Clarke, Raven, Murphy, Emori, Indra and Gabriel arrive in the Second Dawn Bunker, they are greeted by Gaia to their surprise who welcomes her mother home. Madi hugs Gaia and asks how she got there which she admits is a good question and Gaia begins to explain.

In a flashback, after the Disciple turns off the Anomaly Stone and drags Gaia through with him, they emerge in the bunker on Earth. The Disciple explains to Gaia that the closing Anomaly defaults to the planetary origin of their DNA -- Earth -- and attacks her. Grabbing a weapon off of the pit wall, Gaia knocks the Disciple to the ground and smashes his head in.

Finding the Disciple's smashed helmet, Murphy questions where the head is and Gaia tells him that its buried with the rest of the Disciple's body. Indra explains that until that day, no one even knew Gaia was missing and asks how long she was alone. Gaia states that she was alone for a few days until the others arrived that morning and she thought she would be there for the rest of her life. Taking Gaia's hand, Indra reassures her daughter that they are together now and Clarke asks where the others are.

Gaia leads the group to the planet's surface where they discover that the Earth has regenerated in the time that they have been gone. As the group reunites, Clarke reveals, much to their shock, that she had killed Bellamy. Returning to the bunker, Gaia states that while no one wants to live there, it will do until they can build their own shelter. With a nearby river, there is plenty of drinking water, but the entire level with the hydrofarm was destroyed in the fire that Octavia had set. Gabriel asks if she has found another food source and Gaia states that they hear birds and insects so there must be one. Raven asks about power and hot water, but Gaia just silently shakes her head. Though the others want to return to Sanctum and bring everybody back to Earth, Clarke smashes the Disciple helmet to everyone's shock, stating that Earth is their home and everyone they care about is already there and she is not willing to lose anyone else, ordering everyone to choose a room.

Later, Gaia is standing in the pit when Octavia and Indra return. Gaia comments to Indra that she used to resent it when Indra "would look at her like that", but she no longer does. Gaia states that she is glad that Octavia came to her mother as Octavia is more of a warrior than she is, but Gaia is sorry that she wasn't. Indra tells Gaia that she's sorry and calls Gaia her Seda. Their discussion is interrupted by the Anomaly opening and Gaia and Octavia quickly arm themselves as they wait for the arrival of the Disciples. However, no one appears and Indra realizes that the attacker is cloaked. Gaia realizes that the person is there for Madi and orders her mother to go warn Clarke while Gaia stays to make sure that no one else comes through. However, Indra refuses to leave her daughter's side so Octavia volunteers to go instead.

As the two women stand guard in the pit, Madi comes running in, screaming for help. Sheidheda emerges and Gaia orders Madi to clear out before engaging the Dark Commander alongside Indra. Together, Indra and Gaia manage to bring Sheidheda down with Gaia disarming the Dark Commander, but he stabs himself with the Disciples' locator device and vanishes through the Anomaly before Indra can kill him.

After Gabriel's death, Madi returns to the pit to use Sheidheda's blade to send herself to Bardo while Indra and Gaia try to talk her down without success. After Madi disappears, the Anomaly opens again and Gaia pulls Clarke back. Gaia grabs her dropped sword off of the ground and prepares for more Disciples to arrive, only for them to send a bomb through. Miller contains the blast by putting the bomb inside of the hallway entrance, but the explosion makes the bunker unstable and causes it to begin collapsing.

In The Dying of the Light, the group in the fighting pit discovers that the hallway leading to the others has been collapsed by the explosion. Clarke realizes that they can still get to Madi by using the nano-tags left behind by Sheidheda, but Gaia stops Clarke from swallowing one, stating that they have to think it through. Octavia agrees with Gaia, stating that the second pill is for her and that they are going to need an inside man. Clarke and Octavia each swallow one of the pills, but nothing happens. Hope realizes that someone has to be waiting in Bardo to pull them through and everyone watches as the desperate Clarke begins trying to get through the rock fall in order to save her daughter.

Later, Clarke paces the pit and Octavia notes that her inside man is taking his time to help them. Indra states that they need to discuss their plan which is Clarke and Octavia to bring them to Bardo at which point they will get Madi and kill the Disciples' leader. Sitting on the stairway, Gaia states that killing Cadogan won't change anything, but Indra believes that it will at least stop Cadogan from chasing them. Gaia reminds her mother that she has seen faith: you kill one Commander or Flamekeeper and another simply takes their place. "Faith doesn't just die. It gets carried forward. Cadogan's people are no different," asserts Gaia.

Miller wonders how it ends and Octavia states that Bellamy had wondered that too. According to the Disciples, there is one last war and then they transcend and become the light. Jordan tells everyone that while its a beautiful idea, war is not how they get there. Instead, they face a test to achieve Transcendence and not a war. Hope points out that the Disciples have been studying the Bardoan texts for over a thousand years and asks if Jordan really does know better. Jordan reveals that his belief comes from more than just reading the Bardoan texts: while being Adjusted, the Red Sun toxin had showed Jordan something that he couldn't understand until he read the texts. Jordan asserts that Transcendence is the next step in human evolution and that there is a purpose to everything, but not one that they find out killing each other in another war. However, Clarke is uninterested in anything beyond saving Madi and killing Cadogan.

Clarke leaves the pit with Gaia following her into the airlock. Upset, Clarke demands to know what Madi was thinking by just leaving without talking to her and Gaia points out how that is exactly like Clarke herself. Clarke insists that she has only ever tried to save people, but Gaia reminds her that Clarke does that while putting herself in danger. Clarke realizes that Madi is doing the same thing that Clarke did and is trying to fix everything on her own. Clarke wonders if this is how her mother felt every time that Clarke did it and tells Gaia that she feels like she can't get any air. Clarke tearfully asks if she did the same thing to her mother and swears that she never meant to do that to Abby. Gaia reassures Clarke that she's sure that Abby knew that just as Madi doesn't mean to hurt Clarke. As Clarke sits, crying, Gaia tells her that it's not easy loving someone who puts their own life at risk and that Madi had gone to Bardo in order to save them and Gaia is proud of Madi for that. Clarke states that she had killed Bellamy to protect Madi from the Disciples, not so that Madi could turn herself in to them. Clarke feels that everyone she loves dies and she can't keep doing this and that she will have and be nothing if Clarke loses Madi too. Gaia offers to teach Clarke how to still her mind if Clarke would like.

After Clarke agrees, she and Gaia sit on the balcony overlooking the fighting pit and Gaia guides Clarke through meditating. Initially finding it useless, Clarke tells Gaia that it might work for the Commanders, but Clarke's voice is the only one in her own head at the moment and Gaia doesn't want to know what it has to say. Gaia asserts that Clarke doesn't have to be a Commander to find the stillness in her mind, but that she does have to try. Clarke demands to know how Gaia expects her to do it while daughter is out there, probably being tortured right now. Gaia angrily points out that she knows that and that Gaia loves Madi too. Clarke apologizes and hugs Gaia only to start glowing. Pulling away from Gaia, Clarke realizes that it's working and vanishes with Octavia following moments later. Miller wonders what happens now and Indra approaches her daughter, stating that "now we have faith." Pleased, Gaia nods at Indra.

In The Last War, Indra tells Jordan that Gaia took the last of the water with her when she went hunting. Jordan begins leaving to get more, but is interrupted when he spots Hope and stops to talk to her. When Raven and the Eligius Prisoners rescue the group trapped in the bunker, Raven tells Indra that Clarke and Octavia are in trouble on Bardo and that they don't have time to wait for Gaia to get back. As a result, Gaia is left behind on Earth when the others travel to Sanctum and Bardo in order to help stop the Disciples.

Along with the rest of human race, Gaia achieves Transcendence but decides to join her mother and the rest of Clarke's friends in returning to human form to live out their lives on Earth. When Clarke arrives at their camp with the Judge, Gaia is collecting firewood with her mother. When Murphy draws their attention to Clarke's arrival, Gaia smiles at her friend and joins in greeting her.


Gaia is very devoted to the Grounder faith. She chooses to follow her faith instead of becoming a warrior like her mother, Indra. Later, she risks her life by stealing the Flame because she believes it is blasphemy for someone who is not an ouspika (priest) to be the Keeper of the Flame. Tradition is a value she holds important to her. Gaia is also someone who loves to talk about what is important to her. She is a good listener, as shown with Clarke and is able to see different perspectives of situations that others cannot. She has a kind way to her.

In Season Six, after learning the truth about the Flame, she was forced to destroy it, in order to save Madi Griffin from Sheidheda. Her loyalty can be her fault, blind to the ways things have always been. Gaia grows tougher over the course of the series. Her role grows more prominent and this is seen as she develops her own sense of style. She dresses for herself.

In Season Seven, Gaia is left unsure of her purpose after the Flame's destruction, as she must find a new path. She is shown to be more aggressive, striking first and putting survival at the upmost spot. She is shown to be a lot gentler and more careful than those around her, but can be distant and reclusive at her worst. Gaia is not one to want to focus on any dysfunction or familial issues and rather her safe space is away from the problems. But she is not a people pleaser by any means and will come to terms with things when she needs to.

Physical Appearance

Gaia is of average height with brown skin and brown eyes. Her braided hair is dark brown with blonde highlights.

In Season 5, after the 6 years and 7 days jump, Gaia's hair is white and shorter.


Indra is Gaia's mother. Despite this, the two have a very strained relationship, and, though they choose to be civil and tolerate each other, they find themselve at odds more often than not. Gaia isn't shy in expressing her discontent in Indra's parenting, going as far as suggesting her to be a bad mother. After Gaia's father died during a war, Indra forbit any form of mourning, including crying, in the pretext it would make Gaia strong. Instead, the perils of a warrior and the unhealthy mourning of her father lead Gaia to renounce becoming a Trikru warrior, like Indra expected her to, and instead chose a life of faith as a Fleimkepa scout. This was a source of shame to Indra, an esteemed Trikru leader. For years they both resented each other.

However, as a mother and daughter, they also love each other. Indra, specifically, has a deep care for Gaia, protecting her several times, such as willingly sacrificing herself in Blodreina's fighting pits. The two share an important moment during the Battle for Eden, as Gaia's been hit and almost dies in Indra's arms.

Gaia and Indra also fail to see eye-to-eye when it comes to leadership. Indra has always been a Trikru, and later a Wonkru, figurehead, while Gaia had her experiences as a Flamekeeper and direct advisor to both Octavia Blake and Madi Griffin, the latter with whom she shares a special bond. Therefore, while Gaia believes Madi is free to make her own choices, Indra firmly believed that Madi's influence was crucial, and perhaps more important then Madi's individual well-being, therefore creating another rift, eventually solidified when Gaia directly causes Wonkru to disband, in an attempt to free Madi from responsibility.

After Clarke's group disappears, Indra searches for them, but calls it off, believing that Gaia is with them and that her daughter can take care of the others while Murphy, Emori and Jackson need her more. After learning that Gaia is in fact missing, Indra angrily demands answers from Bill Cadogan at gunpoint, but is placated by Bellamy telling her that nobody had known of Gaia's disappearance even amongst the Disciples.

After being reunited with Indra on Earth, Gaia tells her mother that she used to be jealous of Indra's relationship with Octavia, but isn't anymore. Gaia is now glad that Octavia could come to Indra and is sorry that she isn't the warrior that her mother wanted. Indra tells Gaia that she's sorry and calls Gaia her Seda, her teacher, surprised that Gaia didn't know already that Indra felt that way about her. Mother and daughter subsequently fight side-by-side against Sheidheda and almost succeed in killing the Dark Commander had he not managed to make a last second escape. Later, while discussing the plan to defeat the Disciples, Gaia warns her mother that killing Cadogan will change nothing as the Disciples faith will continue even without their leader. Much to Gaia's pleasure when Miller wonders what happens next, Indra tells her daughter that they will have faith.

After returning to human form from Transcendence, Gaia and Indra are working together as the group prepares for their new life on the regenerated Earth.

Madi Griffin is a Nightblood, and the only organic Nightblood to have survived the Second Nuclear Apocalypse, and Gaia has devoted herself to scouting Nightbloods and train them to be eligible for Commander ascension. Therefore, when Gaia meets her, after 6 years of living in an underground bunker, under the rule of a deranged red-blooded Commander, it's only natural that she immediately takes an interest. Initially, she had Wonkru's best interests in mind, as well as her faith natural inclination to worshiping Nightbloods, when she presented Madi with the option of becoming a Commander, and remove Octavia Blake from power. She trained her, amongst other kids, but Madi was her clear favorite, specifically assuring that Madi would be strong, but stealthy, as to not produce a threat to Octavia.

After she performs Madi's ascension, with her and Bellamy Blake's consent, the two grew closer and closer. Madi started to treat Gaia by Seda, as the latter gave her all her insight on the Flame. Although Madi was always reluctant to be fully invested, and would rather have a normal upbringing, Gaia always had Madi's best interest in mind, feeling protective of her, especially when the two become citizens of Sanctum, a city where Nightbloods are used for the Primes mortality extension. She was so protective over Madi, that when Josephine Lightbourne, under Clarke's disguise, blatantly disregarded Madi's safety, she became more aggressive in her mentorship of Madi.

This wasn't well received by Madi, and their relationship became strained, specifically because Madi had started to have visions of Sheidheda, who influenced her into being wary of Flamekeepers and Seda's, eventually leading Madi to banish Gaia. During this period, it was clear that the two no longer had the same goals, Gaia being deeply hurt by the banishment. However, she uses her love for Madi to fuel her aid in the Prime's defeat. When Madi comes back to her senses, and starts having a neural response caused by Sheidheda, Raven Reyes makes the decision of removing the Flame, but allows Gaia to make the ultimate choice, solidifying Gaia not only as a Flamekeeper, but most of all as Madi's responsible and now mother figure. Madi is no longer a Commander, but Gaia's love for her continues.

After the removal of the Flame, Madi moves in with her two mother figures, Gaia and Clarke, into a farmhouse in Sanctum, and even though Gaia feels lost without a Flame or a Commander, she still takes responsibility over Madi, being the main person against Madi having to pretend to be a Commander, not because of faith, but because she fears how Madi will be affected. All of her care is amplified when Madi is also having unfamiliar responses to having the Flame removed, which both worries and intrigues Gaia. Ultimately, she ends up going against her mother's word and, in an attempt to free Madi from responsibility over Wonkru during such a traumatic time, she announces she's destroyed the Flame, causing a rift in Wonkru.

After reuniting with Madi on Earth, the two greet each other with a hug and Gaia fights to protect Madi from the Dark Commander. After Clarke lashes out at Gaia about Madi likely being tortured, Gaia angrily tells Clarke that she knows and reminds Clarke that Gaia loves Madi too. The two women hug before Clarke is suddenly pulled to Bardo.

Clarke and Gaia were anything but close prior to the deaths of the Primes in Sanctum.

Before Gaia had met Clarke, she'd heard of her, since words of Wanheda had reached her during her scouting missions. She also resents not being present the night that Wanheda bowed down to Lexa, respecting Clarke as a figurehead of Grounder culture.

Gaia was impressed that Clarke, from Skaikru, was a Mightblood, but was willing to ascend her into Commander, until she found out that Clarke had artificially turned herself into one, refusing to blaspheme her faith, alongside the rest of the devotes. This directly causes the conclave for the Second Dawn Bunker.

Their relationship is fragmented when Gaia is directly involved in Madi's ascension to Commander, against Clarke's will. However, Clarke targets her resentment to Bellamy, as the closest of the conspiracies, and since the two hadn't had much of a relationship prior to the event, much was left unchanged. However, as Madi's mentor, Gaia and Clarke became closer, taking shared responsibility over Madi.

When Josephine Lightbourne takes over Clarke's body, Gaia is one of the first ones to notice her strange behavior: being more careless with Madi and of Gaia's advice. She mourns her when she believes that she's dead, and is relieved when she knows she's alive, conspiring alongside her against the Primes, willingly using herself as a bargain chip to lure Indra.

After the Flame is removed from Madi's head, this is when the two have the largest bonding period, becoming confidants and really close friends. The two move in together and fully embrace co-parenting Madi, eventually bonding over their shared love for her. Additionally, Clarke's mourning of her mother resonates with Gaia's mourning of the Spirit of the Commander, and Clarke helps her rationalize through her newfound lack of purpose. The two become each other's closest friend and ally during the aftermath of Sanctum's revolution.

After being reunited again on Earth, Clarke opens up to Gaia about her pain and fears and in return, Gaia comforts Clarke and tries to teach her to meditate to help. In a moment of despair, Clarke lashes out at Gaia who reminds her friend that she's going through the same pain and they briefly comfort each other before Clarke gets pulled to Bardo.

Octavia and Gaia have a very complex and strained relationship. The two share a mother figure, and therefore have a sisterly bond of sorts, however, the two are anything bit close. Between feelings of jealousy, due to Octavia fitting Indra's description of a perfect daughter, which she had tried to emulate in Gaia, and a disdain for Octavia's methods against religion and in support of the blasphemous Roan, she cultivates these feelings even when she eventually becomes part of Octavia's close council during her leadership inside of the Second Dawn Bunker. Because Octavia, surprisingly, had won the Conclave, she then started to respect her as a leader, dawning that responsibility upon her.

However, she also witnesses first hand Octavia's derailment into Bloodreina, and eventually, when the bunker re-opens, she conspires against her as soon as she has a chance, in Madi, helping Bellamy ascend the child into a Commander to take over power from Octavia, who naturally deems Gaia as a conspirator and subjects her to punishment via the fighting arena, against Bellamy and her own mother. During this fight, Gaia attempts to assassinate Octavia, but fails.

However, this betrayal, as well as seeing Gaia hurt during the Battle for Eden is what fully makes Octavia rationalize her wrong-doings.

Due to Octavia's banishment, the two don't see each other much during their time in Sanctum.

After reuniting with Octavia and Indra, Gaia tells her mother that she is no longer jealous of Octavia and Indra's relationship, but wishes that she was the warrior her mother had wanted. Indra heals the rift between them by stating that she considers Gaia her Seda, her teacher.


Season Four
Episode Appearance Status
Heavy Lies the CrownAbsent
The Four HorsemenAppears
A Lie GuardedMentioned
The Tinder BoxAbsent
We Will RiseAbsent
Gimme ShelterAbsent
God ComplexAppears
Die All, Die MerrilyAppears
The Other SideMentioned
The ChosenAbsent
Season Five
Episode Appearance Status
Red QueenAppears
Sleeping GiantsAbsent
Pandora's BoxAppears
Shifting SandsMentioned
Exit WoundsAppears
Acceptable LossesAppears
How We Get to PeaceAbsent
Sic Semper TyrannisAppears
The Warriors WillAppears
The Dark YearAbsent
Damocles (Part 1)Appears
Damocles (Part 2)Appears
Season Six
Episode Appearance Status
Red Sun RisingAppears
The Children of GabrielAppears
The Face Behind the GlassMentioned
The Gospel of JosephineAppears
Memento MoriAppears
The Old Man and the AnomalyMentioned
What You Take With YouAbsent
Ashes to AshesAppears
Adjustment ProtocolAppears
The Blood of SanctumAppears
Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAppears
The GardenAbsent
False GodsAppears
Welcome to BardoAbsent
The Queen's GambitMentioned
The FlockMentioned
A Little SacrificeAbsent
The StrangerMentioned
Blood GiantMentioned
A Sort of HomecomingAppears
The Dying of the LightAppears
The Last WarAppears


Indra: "My faith is not as pure as yours, but you are as responsible for what Octavia became as I am. Blodreina was a leader we needed then. We need a true Commander now. Will you do it or not?"
Gaia: "The decision isn't mine to make. The child must choose for herself."
-- Sic Semper Tyrannis

Gaia: The question is, who is the Flamekeeper without a flame
-- From the Ashes
Gaia: "I used to resent when you would look at her like that."
Indra: "Gaia."
Gaia: "I don't anymore. I'm glad Octavia came to you. She was always more warrior than I. I am sorry that I wasn't."
Indra: "I'm the one who's sorry. My child, don't you know? You're my Seda."
-- A Sort of Homecoming

Killed Victims

Notes and Trivia

  • She was originally meant to have a bigger role in "Echoes", but her biggest scene was cut. In the scene, she was riding a horse when she came across Ilian in a forest (who had already killed his brother in the original episode's opening). They conversed about A.L.I.E.'s chip, his family being dead, and wrapping them in cloth.[1]
  • Before "A Sort of Homecoming," she was one of the longest surviving characters that had not been known to have killed anyone during her time in the series.
  • Gaia and Madi are the only two characters that were introduced in Season Four who are known to be alive.
  • Gaia was missing from "Hesperides" to "A Sort of Homecoming" after she was taken through the Temporal Anomaly by a Disciple to an unknown location. Its later revealed that she ended up back on Earth.
  • Despite not being a warrior, Gaia is shown to be a formidable opponent in her own right, taking down a Disciple one-on-one and aiding her mother in defeating Sheidheda, something that Indra couldn't do alone.


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