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Previously on the 100...

Delilah: Sanctum was colonized by a team from Earth made up of four families -- The Primes. 

Gabriel: Not everyone believes in the divinity of the Primes. 

Russell: Children of Gabriel. Nonbelievers must be purified!

Woman: Die, nonbelievers!

Clarke: No!

Russell: It will be your great honor to become one with Simone Prime. 

Clarke: I tried to do better. And then I lost my mom. 

Raven: The Flame. We have to take it out. 

Madi: I'm not the commander anymore. 

Indra: Raven, Sheidheda. 

Nylah: Where did he go?

Gabriel: No one has ever come out of the anomoly. 

Octavia: Hope. 

Hope: I'm so sorry, Octavia. 

Echo: Knife!

Bellamy: No! Octavia! 


Bellamy: Octavia! Octavia! 

Echo: Bellamy? Bellamy! 

Gabriel: Woah, Woah. Easy. 

Hope: Where am I?

Gabriel: You're okay. Uh, Bellamy she's awake. 

Hope: Who are you?

Gabriel: I was about to ask you the same. Octavia called you Hope. The name Diyoza chose for her unborn child. 

Hope: Diyoza? Octavia?

Gabriel: You're, uh... you're hurt. Let me take a look. Let me see. Hope, wait. Bellamy! Echo?  

Echo: We're not alone. Back inside. Watch the girl.

Gabriel: She's already gone. Come on. We can still catch her. Something else came through. 

Echo: Welcome to the party. 

Gabriel: Where's Bellamy?

Echo: It took him, towards the anomoly. 

Gabriel: No, no, no, no. Time's not behaving. We have to get to him first. Echo, you can't shoot what you can't see. 

Echo: Stop talking. I'm opening up a path. Follow me! 


Madi: Hello! You said I could start school today. Why are we here?

Clarke: I thought maybe you'd like to see our new home. Russell built it for Simone so that she'd have a place that reminded her of the farm she grew up on, back on Earth before the bombs. Picasso comes with it. 

Madi: We can keep her? Thank you, Clarke. 

Clarke: Let's go inside.

Madi: Come on, girl!

Gaia: I don't know what I like less -- lying about the Flame or making Madi pretend she's still commander. 

Clarke: Indra thinks it could split Wonkru. You don't agree?

Gaia: I do, and I know we need them unified to keep the peace here. Just... I worry about Madi. 

Clarke: Yeah. For now, we keep it quiet. Indra can say that she speaks for Heda. But Madi is out of it. She finally gets to be a kid. Come on. There are plenty of rooms for all of us. 


Indra: Heda, if you don't mind, you're needed elsewhere. 

Clarke: Where?

Indra: We've been here a day, and Wonkru hasn't seen her. 

Gaia: Mother, don't be so dramatic. Go on, Madi. Eat your lunch. It's okay.  

Madi: Come on, girl. Let's go. 

Raven: She seems okay. 

Indra: She is. 

Gaia: She will be. There's never been an ex-commander before. We don't know how having the Flame removed will affect her. Not to mention being taken over by--

Indra: Sheidheda's gone. 

Raven: Are we sure about that? He's gone. I didn't mean-- I-- I would just feel better if I knew where that code ended up, that's all. 

Clarke: Okay. Then on your next supply run to the mothership, you can search the computer again. Meantime, we have to establish a routine. Not just for Madi, but for all of us. Sanctum is broken, and it's our job to put it back together. If we focus on that, we'll be okay. Now let's eat so we can get back to work. 

Indra: One of us needs to represent the commander. And I'm hungry. 

Raven: Mothers and daughters. I'm sorry. 

Clarke: It's okay, Raven. I'm fine. 


 Jackson: Her motor functions seem normal. 

Clarke: Madi, come on. Let's eat. I want to show you your new room. 

Madi: Okay. Come on, Picasso. 

Murphy: I see you took the master suite. 

Niylah: To the victor go the spoils. We all share the clothes, though. 

Emori: It's fine, Clarke. Our room is fine. A little tight, but we'll make it work. 

Miller: Maybe Daniel and Kaylee Prime should live in the palace. 

Murphy: Daniel and Kaylee Prime saved your ass, Miller. But a thank you would do. 

Emori: Speak for yourself. That palace is--

Indra: No one lives in the palace, least of all us. Being seen as conquerors will only make keeping the peace harder. 

Raven: Our first meal in our new home. To absent friends. And departed ones. 

Miller: To Abby. 

All: To Abby! 

Murphy: Hey! What the hell is your problem?

Jackson: I'm sorry, but I'm not just gonna sit here while he drinks to the woman that he got killed. 

Murphy: I didn't know what Russell was gonna do. Okay, I-- Clarke, you have to believe me. I didn't know. 

Clarke: I believe you. Dwelling on the past is not going to get this compound running. And it won't get our compound built. 


 Indra: The people of Sanctum have lost their way of life, but many still believe in the Primes. They blame us. 

Niylah: Faith is a powerful thing. 

Indra: A dangerous thing. We can expect conflict between believers and nonbelievers. To make matters worse, the children of Gabriel are here. Sanctum is their home, too. They want Russell Prime and anyone who believes in him dead. At the moment, they, too, are our allies. Add to that 36 hardened criminals from Earth who Wonkru was at war with a few days ago, and I say we have our hands full being the keepers of the peace. 

Clarke: At the point of a gun?

Indra: Until we're sure all the guns are rounded up, Wonkru will be armed. 

Murphy: An army of cannibal peacekeepers, huh? What could go wrong?

Miller: Remind me again how long we gotta wait until our compound gets built. 

Raven: Two years if everything goes perfectly. So three years. 

Indra: All right. Stop staring. It's time to go to work. 

Soldier: Heda. 

Clarke: Go learn something, okay?

Miller: Bodyguards? 

Clarke: Yeah. But not so close and make sure they leave her alone. 

Miller: Copy that. 

Indra: Too many people. 

Raven: Good thing ALIE's not around. 

James: There you are. Thank God. 

Raven: James, what is it? The reactor again?

James: No. This is more explosive than that. 


Nikki: What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? I'd love for you to say that again. 

Trey: Wait. Don't hurt him. Please. 

Jordan: Trey, It's okay. I just meant this palace is sacred to them. I'm sure we can find you someplace else--

Hatch: Don't mind my wife. She's more bark than bite. 

Nelson: This looks like fun. Criminals and fools. What seems to be the problem?

Hatch: There's no problem. Me and my friends here, we're just  looking for a place to lay our heads. 

Nelson: You can't do it here. This unholy shrine is now controlled by the children of Gabriel. 

Trey: Like hell it is. 

Nelson: Oh, maybe you didn't hear, but your Gods are dead and they are not coming back this time. 

Trey: Tell that to Russell Prime, Null. 

Nelson: I will. Right before we burn him at the stake. 

Trey: You think killing our God will get your parents to love you again? 

Hatch: Now my money's on the guys with the guns. 

Indra: Children of Gabriel, stand down, now. 

Hatch: The other guns. 

Nikki: Here comes the part where the convicts take the blame. 

Clarke: Wrong. But when we woke you to clear the ground for our compound, you agreed to stay in tents. The palace is off limits. 

Miller: That goes for the Children of Gabriel, too. 

Hatch: Okay. Okay, yeah, that's-- that's fine. We'll-- we'll take your scraps for now. But if we're gonna do the work, then we're gonna hold you to the meaning of the words 'our compound.' Let's go. 

Clarke: Jordan. You weren't at the farmhouse. We saved you a room. 

Jordan: I'm okay above the tavern. Clarke, these people want to see Russell. 

Indra: Out of the question. 

Nelson: I told you, you'll see him when he burns. 

Miller: Maybe take a log off the fire. 

Clarke: No one is burning at the stake. Not anymore. 

Trey: Then what's being done with him?

Clarke: We haven't figured that out yet. But he's being well cared for. 

Trey: We can't just take your word for that. 

Indra: You're talking about the man who killed her mother. I suggest you say thank you and be on your way. 

Clarke: Indra, it's okay. Look, you seem to get on just fine with Jordan. If you won't take my word for it, how about you take his?


Jordan: I know what that's like. To lose your family 100 years ago and yesterday at the same time. 

Russell: Did you kill yours? Didn't think so. You understand a bare whisper of the agony I feel. 

Jordan: Is that why you're not eating? Or sleeping, from the looks of it?

Russell: I don't need sleep or food. I need death! You look surprised. Or is that concern I see? Why are you here?

Jordan: Your people wanted to make sure you're being treated well. 

Russell: Why do they trust you? Never mind. I don't care. Tell them I'm being treated better than I deserve. Now get out! 

Jordan: I think you should have this. 

Russell: You were adjusted. So now you believe in the divinity of the Primes? Is that it?

Jordan: No. I know you're just a man who lost his way. 

Russell: Then tell me-- what did you see? You got a glimpse. 

Jordan: A glimpse?

Russell: Of the truth greater than us all. 

Jordan: Yes. No. I don't know. 

Russell: Let me guess. You saw this. 

Jordan: You saw it, too? 

Russell: Of course. I created all of Sanctum in its image. 

Jordan: What does it mean?

Russell: I stopped trying to answer that question 100 years ago. Looks like it's your cross to bear now. Unless you're prepared to do the same to me, we're done here. 


Echo: Bellamy! Call out if you can hear me! What the hell are you doing?

Gabriel: Making sure we're not being followed. 

Echo: Followed by what? Have you ever seen anything like that?

Gabriel: No. Hope, no, stop. 

Hope: I don't want to hurt you. 

Echo: Who are you? Where's Octavia, and why are they taking Bellamy to the anomoly? 

Hope: Bellamy's gone? 

Hope: You know him? You remember? 

Hope: No. You called to him from the tent. This... was in my arm. 

Echo: 'Trust Bellamy.' 

Hope: I don't remember putting it there, but I think I must have. 

Gabriel: It's another code. Like the one on Octavia's back. What's it for? 

Hope: I don't know. 

Echo: Stop lying!

Gabriel: Easy. Octavia lost her memory, too. Must be a result of moving through the anomoly. 

Hope: What's the anomoly? 

Echo: You tell us. 

Gabriel: It's the sound you hear. 

Echo: You said Octavia's name right before you stabbed her. You remembered then, and you remember now. 

Gabriel: The anomoly was on top of us then. Yeah, yeah, yeah, then she lost her memory when it receded... taking Octavia with it. Why just her? Why the memory loss? None of this makes any sense, but, my God, it's incredible. 

Hope: We need to get to Bellamy. 

Echo: How fast can you run? 

Hope: I don't know. Let's find out. 


Murphy: Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. 

Emori: Stop it. Here. Listen to this. Kaylee changed because of love, too. Isaac, a null, made her see what they'd become. 

Murphy: Aw. Farmer loving the pig she leads to slaughter. 

Emori: Jackson didn't mean it, John. You didn't kill Abby. Russell did. 

Murphy: I told her that it was gonna be good for her. I told them that Abby could make nightblood out of bone marrow. 

Emori: You did that to save us all. 

Murphy: I helped Josephine convince Abby that she was Clarke. 

Woman: Blessed is Daniel. Blessed is-- I-- I'm so sorry, my lord. 

Woman: I got this. 

Emori: It's okay. He's clearly had enough. 

Murphy: Look, you got it all wrong. I know you think that I'm--

Raven: Daniel, can I-- can I talk to you? I just need a minute. Act like you hardly know me. 

Emori: What the hell are you talking about? 

Raven: This place is a powder keg. 

Murphy: Oh, this is good. Miss morality wants us to be Primes. 

Raven: Newsflash: you are Primes. That bad choice has sailed. But if these people actually believe you're Daniel and Kaylee, it may still do us some good. 

Murphy: The answer's no. 

Raven: Daniel. 

Emori: He blames himself for Abby. 

Raven: This can't be good. 

Trey: How's Russell? What'd he say?

Jordan: It's okay. 

Trey: Don't tell me it's okay. We have to help him. Everyone, let's go. Let's go. 

Nelson: Children of Gabriel, let's move. 

Raven: Here we go again. 


Jordan: Trey, just hang on for a second. 

Trey: Free Russell Prime! How dare you put him in a cage! 

Nelson: A cage is better than he deserves. 

Trey: Everyone. We have to go back and get Russell out of there. 

Clarke: Hey. They're going for Russell. 

Trey: Let us see our God! Let us see him! Give us Russell! 

Indra: I'm moving him to the palace where we can protect him. 

Clarke: We said the palace was off limits. 

Indra: Every battle plan is perfect till the first shot is fired. 

Raven: And the Children of Gabriel? 

Indra: They'll be unhappy. It's either this, or we execute him now and be done with it. 

Clarke: Hey, thanks for your help. 

Jordan: He wants to be killed. That's all I told them. 

Nelson: Then let's give him what he wants. Death to Primes! 

Indra: We have to do this now. Back them up, and form yourselves. 


Clarke: We're moving you someplace safe. 

Russell: Why are you protecting the man who killed your mother? 

Indra: Excellent question. 

Russell: If I could kill you for what you did, I wouldn't hesitate. 

Clarke: Get him out of here. 


Nelson: There he is! Death to Primes! 

Trey: We won't let you kill him! 

Jordan: Hang on! We can figure this out. 

Indra: Get out of the way. We are moving him to the palace for his own safety. 

Jordan: Nobody has to get hurt! Indra, stop! 

Trey: You don't belong here! 

Murphy: Have we learned nothing? Huh? 

Emori: Let them pass! We can trust Wonkru. After all... we are one. 

Trey: We are one. 

Murphy: 'We are one?'

Emori: It's from Kaylee's journal. Her slogan when she stopped oblation. 

Murphy: You are so hot right now. 

Emori: Sister. 

Raven: My idea. 

Clarke: Good one. Of course, now the Children of Gabriel want them dead. 

Miller: The lengths some people will go to live in a castle. 

Emori: We get to live in the castle? 

Miller: If they're gonna get murdered in their sleep, better there than at the farmhouse with us. 

Raven: He does have a point. I need my eight hours. 

Clarke: Okay. For now. At least until they kill you. 


Gaia: Why did you draw these?

Madi: I don't know. I was bored while they were teaching us about the Primes. Why are they still doing that if they know the truth? 

Gaia: I suppose sometimes belief is stronger than the truth. 

Clarke: Hi. Sorry we're late. 

Gaia: No problem. I hope you don't mind that Madi and I already ate. 

Madi: You know, while you were off rebuilding Sanctum by hand. 

Indra: Who knew putting a broken society back together would be hard work? 

Madi: Clarke... I don't care that you're late. I care why you are. 

Clarke: Madi, Indra's right. We have a lot of work to do. 

Madi: Stop it. Talk to me. I know what it's like to lose a mom. And I can help. 

Clarke: Hey. I'm still here. You didn't lose me. 

Madi: Not you, Clarke. She died in my arms. I know what that's like. 

Clarke: Well, the woman I floated was not my mom. I'm fine, Madi. Really. 

Madi: I'm going to bed. 

Clarke: Not my finest moment. 

Indra: Don't be so hard on yourself. You handled that well. 

Gaia: You would think that. After my father died, crying was forbidden. 

Indra: We were at war. It made you strong. 

Gaia: It made me become a Fleimkepa. The question is, who is the Fleimkepa without a flame? 

Indra: We all have to find our own new path. 

Clarke: I just realized I never thanked you. The flame was your whole world, and yet you chose to save Madi. I can't imagine how hard that must have been for you. Thank you. 

Gaia: You should, um, see this. She's drawing memories that are not her own. 

Clarke: Sheidheda? 

Gaia: I don't know. It could be any of the commanders or all of them. I'll keep an eye on it. 

Clarke: I'm glad she has you in her life. 

Gaia: The night Wanheda knelt to Heda. I'm sorry I missed that. 

Clarke: Seems like another world. 

Indra: New world. Same problems. 

Gaia: I got Madi. Go on. 

Clarke: Thank you. 


Gabriel: Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Too much toxin in the air. I am not in the mood to see my ghost right now, are you? Ray guns. Cool. 

Echo: If it shoots, it can be shot at. That was a bad shot, even from far away. 

Gabriel: Echo? Echo, what are you doing? 

Echo: Testing a theory. 

Gabriel: A theory? If you're wrong--

Hope: She's not wrong. It's not trying to kill us. 

Gabriel: We're not playing by the same rules. Echo, look around you. The particulate matter moves in response to motion. They come close enough...

Echo: I'll have a target. To set the trap, we have to open up a lead. Follow me. 


Hope: Listen. 

Echo: Here it comes. No one move, or it won't come close enough. 

Roan: Once a killer, always a killer. 

Gabriel: You just said don't move. 

Echo: Roan? 

Gabriel: You didn't use the antitoxin, Echo. Echo, it's not real. 

Roan: Without Bellamy, who will you follow?

Echo: Shut up. 

Gabriel: Quiet. 

Echo: Now he's in my shot. 

Gabriel: Shush! 

Girl: Answer the question, Ash. 

Roan: Without someone to follow, who are you? 

Girl: A girl who killed her only friend and stole her name? 

Roan: The honorless spy who would do anything for her queen, even betray the man she now claims to love? 

Gabriel: Echo? Echo, it's close. 

Echo: I can do this. 

Octavia: Hope. You have to stay quiet. No matter what you hear, you stay quiet. Do you understand? 

Gabriel: Hope, it's just in your mind. 

Octavia: I promise you, mommy and Aunty O will come back for you. 

Hope: No, no, don't-- 

Gabriel: Stay down. Echo, they're right there. Take the shot. Now. Pull the trigger now. 

Echo: I'm sorry. Gabriel, there could be more. We have to go. Now. 

Gabriel: We need to know what we're dealing with. 

Echo: Gabriel--

Gabriel: Hold on. He's just a man. Same tattoos as yours. Listen. 

Echo: What is it? 

Gabriel: The anomoly. It's quieter. They're shutting it down. 

Hope: What does that mean? 

Gabriel: It means they can control it. 

Echo: What if it means they're taking Bellamy through and they don't want us to follow? 

Gabriel: Let's go. 

Echo: Bellamy! 

Gabriel: Slow down. Echo. 

Echo: It's closing! 

Gabriel: We go through together. If we're even seconds apart, we could be seperated by months. Okay? 


Indra: We heard an explosion. Miller, report. 

Miller: They blew up a container on the lower level to pull our attention away from the palace. There's a dozen hardcore believers outside Russell's quarters right now. The adjustors are back in their bibs. Our guards at their door, they withdrew without engaging. 

Clarke: That was the right call, Miller. No one else should die because of what they believe. 

Indra: What other reason is there to die? 

Nelson: I couldn't agree more. 

Indra: What the hell is he doing here? 

Miller: He's unarmed. 

Nelson: The Children of Gabriel have demands. 

Clarke: Get in line. 

Nelson: You want peace, we want Russell Prime. 

Clarke: The people that live here should decide Russell's fate, not us. 

Nelson: This is our home, too. We were thrown out like garbage. My parents are still here and I don't even know who they are. The Primes did that. 

Clarke: I'm sorry that happened to you. But we're not letting you have Russell. 

Nelson: Either Russell Prime dies, or Kaylee and Daniel do. 

Miller: Come on, Nelson. You know they're not Daniel and Kaylee. 

Nelson: You want them to play dress up so you can control the sheep, fine. But Russell Prime is ours. You have till tomorrow's second moon to decide. 

Indra: The man does deserve to die, Clarke. 

Clarke: Maybe. But the kind of society I want my child to grow up in doesn't take an eye for an eye. 

Miller: Clarke, he killed your-- Fine. We'll clear out the fanatics. 

Clarke: No. No more violence. 

Miller: So, how do we do it? 

Clarke: We don't. Russell does. I'll get Jordan. He's in the tavern. 


Trey: We invoke the names of the primes as we pray. Josephine... Simone... Priya... Russ-- Faithful. Block the way. 

Jordan: She just wants to see Russell. 

Clarke: You were gonna search me, right? You wouldn't be dumb enough to let someone bring a gun in to see your God. 

Jordan: It's okay, Trey. You can trust her. 

Trey: Let her pass. 

Clarke: They didn't unchain you. 

Russell: I wouldn't let them. 

Clarke: I need you to order your people to leave the palace. 

Russell: Tell me, Clarke... how do you go on after you lose everything? 

Clarke: You take a breath. Then another. That's it. Now will you give the order or not? 

Russell: If I'd have killed Madi when I had the chance. You'd understand. Wait. I have something for you. Simone left these here, after she was resurrected. They were your mother's. I thought you'd want them back. 

Clarke: For my mother! Get up. Is this what you want?

Russell: Yes. Do it. Pull the trigger. Set me free. I'm so sorry. 


Sheidheda: Hello, Russell Prime. I prefer your new body. 

Russell: Where is this place? Who are you? 

Sheidheda: From now on I'm you. 


Miller: Clarke, open the door! 

Clarke: Looks like you burn after all. 

Russell: Please. Do not leave me here. What would you want Madi to do? 


Clarke: No! Let it burn. Sanctum is free! There are no kings or queens or Primes here! We have no use for a palace. We are the last of the human race, and we've all made mistakes. Tomorrow, Russell Prime dies for his.