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From the Ashes is the first episode of the seventh season of The 100. It is the eighty-fifth episode of the series overall.

Clarke and her friends attempt to rebuild Sanctum as a new threat rises in the woods.


Picking up right after the season six finale, Bellamy is shocked and emotional over Octavia's sudden departure. He is kidnapped by invisible figures while Hope shows no memory. Gabriel, Hope and Echo chase after Bellamy's kidnappers; after experiencing a hallucination of Roan and the real Echo, Echo kills three of them. With the Anomaly closing, Gabriel, Echo and Hope choose to follow the others through it to find Bellamy. With the various factions now living together in Sanctum, tensions rise, particularly with the Children of Gabriel demanding Russell's execution while Murphy is guilt-stricken over his role in Abby's death and Madi continues to experience memories from one or more of the Commanders. A depressed and suicidal Russell destroys Priya's Mind Drive and goads Clarke into killing him; after Clarke knocks Russell unconscious, he is greeted by Sheidheda in the Mindspace who had uploaded himself into Russell's Mind Drive when the Flame was destroyed. The Dark Commander kills Russell and resurrects himself in Russell's body. Unaware of this, Clarke burns down the Sanctum palace and announces a new beginning for Sanctum and that "Russell" will be executed the next day for his crimes.

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Indra: "Too many people."
Raven Reyes: "Good thing A.L.I.E.'s not around."
John Murphy: "Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right."
Emori: "Stop it. Here. Listen to this. Kaylee changed because of love too. Isaac, a Null, made her see what they'd become."
John Murphy: "Aww. Farmer loving the pig she leads to the slaughter."
Roan (hallucination): "Once a killer, always a killer."
Gabriel Santiago: "You just said don't move."
Echo: "Roan?"
Gabriel Santiago: "You didn't use the anti-toxin, Echo. Echo, it's not real."
Roan (hallucination): "Without Bellamy, who will you follow?"
Echo: "Shut up."
Gabriel Santiago: "Quiet."
Echo (Roan appears in her firing line): "Now he's in my shot."
Gabriel Santiago: "Shush!"
The Real Echo (hallucination): "Answer the question, Ash."
Roan (hallucination): "Without someone to follow, who are you?"
The Real Echo (hallucination): "A girl who killed her only friend and stole her name?"
Roan (hallucination): "The honorless spy who would do anything for her Queen, even betray the man she now claims to love?"
Gabriel Santiago: "Echo? Echo, it's close."
Echo (shaken): "I can do this."
Octavia Blake (hallucination): "Hope. You have to stay quiet. No matter what you hear, you stay quiet. Do you understand?" (Hope shakes her head and moves towards Octavia)
Gabriel Santiago: "Hope, Hope, Hope. It's just in your mind."
Octavia Blake (hallucination): "I promise you, Mommy and Aunty O will come back for you. Now, shh." (Octavia backs up and vanishes)
Hope Diyoza: "No, no, don't--."
Gabriel Santiago: "Stay down. Echo, they're right there. Take the shot. Now. Pull the trigger now."
Echo (to Roan and the Real Echo): "I'm sorry." (shoots the Disciples through her hallucinations)
Gabriel Santiago: "Listen."
Echo: "What is it?"
Gabriel Santiago: "The Anomaly. It's quieter. They're shutting it down."
Hope Diyoza: "What does that mean?"
Gabriel Santiago: "It means they can control it."
Echo: "What if it means they're taking Bellamy through and they don't want us to follow?"
Gabriel Santiago: "Let's go."
Echo: "It's closing!"
Gabriel Santiago: "We go through together. If we're even seconds apart, we could be separated by months. Ok?" (three walk into the Anomaly together which closes behind them)
Sheidheda: "Hello, Russell Prime. I prefer your new body."
Russell Lightbourne: "What is this place? Who are you?"
Sheidheda (in Trigedasleng): "From now on... (slits Russell's throat) I'm you."
Clarke Griffin: "Sanctum is free! There are no kings or queens or Primes here. We have no use for a palace. We are the last of the human race, and we've all made mistakes. Tomorrow, Russell Prime dies for his."

Notes and Trivia

  • This episode picks up right where "The Blood of Sanctum" left off.
  • It's stated that there are currently 36 Eligius Prisoners still alive in Sanctum, but Diyoza went missing on another planet.
  • After Indra states that the problem in Sanctum is "too many people," Raven quips that it's a "good thing A.L.I.E.'s not around." This is a reference to the fact that A.L.I.E. started the Nuclear Apocalypse because she felt the problem was "too many people."
  • After the destruction of Priya Desai's Mind Drive and the death of Russell Lightbourne in the Mindspace, the only Primes left alive or dormant are Gabriel and Ryker. All of the rest are beyond resurrection.
  • Amongst Madi's drawings are Polaris and Polis. Though Gaia questions the origin of her drawings, Madi states that she doesn't know why she did aside from being bored in school. Gaia later shows Clarke the drawings and states that Madi is drawing memories that are not her own. Though Clarke asks if its Sheidheda, Gaia suggests it could be any of the Commanders or all of them.
  • As seen in the HUD of one of the people Echo shot, they are from Bardo.[1]
  • It's revealed that Kaylee Lee stopped Oblation after Josephine Lightbourne VII's death, inspired by her Null lover Isaac who caused Kaylee to see what the Primes had become.
  • In this episode, Sheidheda is resurrected in the final host of Russell Lightbourne after killing the Prime in the Mindspace.
    • The fate of the other Commanders currently remains unknown, especially since Gaia suggests that Madi might be experiencing their memories.
    • The reason that it took so long for Sheidheda to take control is that Russell had to be asleep or unconscious for them to be in the Mindspace together as seen with Clarke and Josephine. Russell had been refusing to eat, drink or sleep since his arrest.
    • Jason Rothenberg confirmed that Russell will stay dead.[2]
      • In the same interview, Jason explained that when Sheidheda uploaded himself when the Flame was destroyed, the code went into the ether of the system WiFi on the ship where it eventually found its way into Russell's Mind Drive.[2]
  • It is revealed that Jordan Green is not brainwashed and still does not believe in the Primes, but instead saw a vision of the Temporal Anomaly and later Transcendence.

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • The episode's title refers to the Second Dawn cult's motto: From the ashes we will rise. It is also the second episode to use a portion of the motto. The first is "We Will Rise".
  • This episode is Sachin Sahel’s favorite episode of the series.[3]
  • Lee Majdoub who plays Nelson said that he lost his voice for 3 days after screaming so loud in this episode.[4]



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