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Thanks, Princess.
— Finn's last words to Clarke Griffin. [src]

Finn Collins was a major character in the first and second seasons. He was portrayed by starring cast member Thomas McDonell and debuted in the series premiere. Finn was a tracker for the 100. He was killed in "Spacewalker".

Finn was part of the original 100, arrested for an illegal spacewalk that cost the Ark 2 months worth of oxygen. He was covering for his girlfriend Raven Reyes who was 18 at the time and would have been floated for the crime.

While on Earth, Finn was stabbed and hurt multiple times, he killed multiple Grounders and cared deeply for his friends. Finn had a brief relationship with Clarke Griffin and after they spend the night together he was reunited with his girlfriend Raven. Finn was deeply apologetic, stating to Clarke that he thought he would never see Raven again. Despite this, the two end up staying friends afterwards.

Finn became a contributor to the Bellamy's Militia while struggling with his feelings for Raven and Clarke. He also watched out for the others like Octavia Blake and Jasper Jordan. Finn also advocated for peace with the Grounders.

He survived the battle with the Grounders but was captured by Tristan. After being rescued, Finn was taken to Camp Jaha by Marcus Kane. After this however, Finn changed drastically, taking a darker path after Clarke and his people disappeared. He became far less hesitant to use violence than he was in the first season. His darker personality caused him to kill 18 unarmed Grounders in a massacre while trying to find Clarke. Lexa, the leader of the Grounders, later demanded that the Sky People hand Finn over so he could pay for all of the innocent lives he took. The Sky People refused to let Finn go, but he eventually handed himself over, knowing his death will save Camp Jaha from certain annihilation at the hands of the thousands of Grounders that were marching towards the Camp. With Finn facing a horrific death for his actions, Clarke chose to kill him herself in an act of mercy that Finn was thankful for.

Early Life[]

Finn was born on the Ark. He was childhood friends with Raven Reyes, giving her his food when she needed it, and when they were older they began dating. For her eighteenth birthday, he found a way for her to have a spacewalk. However, they did not follow proper procedure, resulting in the Ark losing 3 months worth of oxygen. Since Raven was 18, she would have been floated for the illegal spacewalk, so Finn took the full blame for the crime. Per the Ark's laws, he was sent to the Skybox, where he was to be imprisoned until his eighteenth birthday.

Throughout the Series[]

Pilot 017

"Your dad floated me, after all."

In Pilot, Finn is first seen while the space shuttle is descending down to Earth, and he has detached himself from his seat. He is floating around and teasing Clarke Griffin, who promptly tells him to sit back down. Two other boys follow him, and let themselves float in the ship as well. It is shown that after the ship landed, the two other boys perished, while he managed to survive. He eventually meets up with Clarke and volunteers to go with her to Mount Weather.

Finn with Jasper and Monty

The group consists of Clarke, Octavia Blake, Monty Green, Jasper, and himself. He shares a sweet moment with Clarke in the luminescent forest, and he tells Clarke that not everything on Earth is like they expected. After Jasper saved Octavia from the snake, he helps make a vine swing to get across the water. Finn is seen cheering when Jasper makes it across, but quickly gets the rest of the group to get down and take cover once Jasper is pierced with the spear.

In Earth Skills Finn refuses to go with Clarke to search for Jasper. Clarke gets upset with him and calls his "space walker" nickname a joke and then calls him a coward. Monty tells Finn that Jasper looked up to him. Wells tells Finn to help build the wall around camp and then proceeds to make a promise to watch after Clarke as she searches for Jasper. Later on, as Murphy, Bellamy, Wells, and Clarke begin their search for Jasper, Finn catches up with them. Finn is quick to break up an argument about taking off Clarke's wristband and Clarke points out that Finn is better late than never. Finn agrees. They finally find Jasper tied to a tree. Clarke falls in a trap, a huge hole with grass covering the opening, which is presumably made by the Grounders. Finn and the others help pull her to safety. Finn and Murphy go to cut Jasper free of the ropes holding him on the tree. Finn helps the others bring Jasper back to camp. Later, Bellamy is cooking and serving the other campers an animal that was shot after trying to attack the group who were searching for Jasper. Bellamy makes them take off their wristbands for food, which most do, but Clarke refuses. Finn assures her she doesn't have to. He then proceeds to walk over and take a piece of the freshly cooked meat. Murphy tries to stop him by asking him if he plays by different rules but Finn simply states that there are no rules. Clarke and Finn eat together.


Finn with Clarke and Wells

In Earth Kills Finn, Clarke and Wells go on a run to find medicine for Jasper. They find the seaweed but are caught by the poisonous fog and forced to flee. The three come across a buried vehicle and enter it, staying there for a while. Finn finds whiskey and drinks some. He talks about fun with Clarke and Wells and tries to keep peace between the two. They stay there overnight. The next day, Finn, Wells and Clarke return to camp. On the way back, Finn talks to Clarke about forgiving Wells and after Wells reveals the truth, she does. Finn is relieved to know that Jasper survived.

Finn and clarke 1x4 murphys law

Finn and Clarke

In Murphy's Law, after Wells' death, Finn is present as people wonder who murdered him. He watches as Murphy is beaten and hung and is tasked by Bellamy to protect Charlotte, after she admits to killing Wells. Finn guides her and Clarke into the woods and they hide in a buried house. He falls asleep there and wakes up later on, noticing that Charlotte has vanished. He and Clarke run outside and search for her, finding Charlotte with Bellamy. They reach a cliff and are cornered by Murphy's followers. As Charlotte is haunted by the murder, she jumps off the cliff, shocking Finn. He then watches as Bellamy punches Murphy to the ground and banishes him from the camp. As Finn looks down on Murphy with pity, he drops a knife for Murphy to survive with and returns to camp. That night, Finn returns to the buried house and proceeds to have sex with Clarke.


Finn and Raven

In Twilight's Last Gleaming Clarke and Finn wake up and watch Raven's pod, believed to be a shooting star, plummet to the surface of Earth. He and Clarke return to camp by morning. Immediately, they realize Bellamy is gone and they head toward the pod wreck. Bellamy gets there first, but Finn is happily reunited with his girlfriend from the Ark, Raven. Clarke is visually upset by this and Finn apologizes. After finding Bellamy in the woods and confronting him, Bellamy reveals that he threw the radio from the pod into a river and him, Clarke and Raven are angered by his actions. Eventually, Bellamy decides to form a search party for it with Finn being one of the members. After learning that the radio won't work, Finn returns to camp with the search party. He assists the other Delinquents in building a rocket launcher and watches with Raven as the rockets launch into space through the night sky. Clarke's mother, Abby and Wells' father, Thelonious Jaha notice the rockets from the Ark.

In His Sister's Keeper Finn is seen receiving a haircut from Raven in a tent, when Bellamy begins rallying up Delinquents to help look for his sister, Octavia. Finn insists on going and follows Bellamy into territory belonging to the Grounders. He runs away as the Grounders attack. When the foghorn is blown, Finn hides under a tarp with the other Delinquents. Later on, Finn is present when they find Octavia in Lincoln's hands. He attempts to fight him off but is stabbed and goes into a high fever, being rushed back to camp.

In Contents Under Pressure Raven and Clarke are tending to Finn, who has a high fever and a knife stuck in his chest. The two contact the Ark and speak with Abby, Clarke's mother about the situation and she guides them through it. Clarke removes the knife from Finn and he suffers but is helped by Raven. Clarke manages to get an antidote from Lincoln to cure him and it works. Clarke and Raven then take turns embracing him.

In Day Trip Finn is still recovering from his injury in the previous episode. Clarke tells Raven to keep an eye on him and reminds her to check on him every so often. When Raven checks on him, she kisses him which ultimately leads to them sleeping together. As the camp begins hallucinating due to some nuts they ate, Monty enters the tent and asks for help. He catches Finn and Raven off guard and they tell him to leave. Raven goes outside to deal with the situation while Finn continues resting inside the tent.

In Unity Day When everyone is celebrating Unity Day, Finn spots Octavia leaving the camp. He follows her and finds her kissing Lincoln. Finn then asks Lincoln for peace with the Grounders. He tells him that he will bring his leader and they will bring theirs. Finn then informs Clarke about the meeting. She asks Bellamy to come as back-up in case the Grounders attack them, and doesn't tell Finn. He, Clarke and Octavia then go to a bridge where the meeting takes place with Bellamy, Jasper, and Raven as back-up. The Grounders begin to negotiate but when Jasper finds some drawing their arrows in the trees he tells Bellamy and they attack. Finn along with Clarke and Octavia run.

In I Am Become Death Finn helps Jasper and Raven plant and blow up the bomb on the bridge to stop the Grounder attack. Raven later breaks up with him because she believes that he loves Clarke more than he loves her.

In The Calm Finn is out on a hunting trip with Myles and Clarke. However, he realizes that they are the ones being hunted. Anya shows up with some fellow Grounders that shoot Myles with arrows and forcefully take Clarke and Finn back to their camp and demand they save Tris. Anya threatens to kill Finn if Tris dies. Clarke fails to save Tris and Anya orders her unit members to take Finn away and kill him.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1) It is revealed that Finn was rescued by Lincoln and he later reunites him with Clarke. They escape through the Reaper tunnels in order to escape from a group of grounders chasing after them. While they are running in, they discover a band of reapers, and Lincoln agrees that he will distract them in order for Clarke and Finn to get away. As the reapers chase the Lincoln, Clarke and Finn come across a body of a grounder who has been tortured by the reapers. They also have an encounter with a reaper, which Finn kills by hitting his face with a rock.

When the two finally escape, Finn and Clarke take a rest and stop after all they have been through. Finn confesses his love to Clarke, but Clarke says that she isn't ready for something like a relationship. When they return to The Camp, Clarke and Finn are greeted by everyone, but quickly go to aid Raven when they see she had been shot by Murphy.

In We Are Grounders (Part 2) He is first seen exiting the camp alongside everyone else as they make their way to the Boat Grounders. However, when Drew dies right in front of everyone, they are forced to retreat. Finn and Octavia say they need to go, but Clarke ultimately decides they need to stay to keep themselves safe. He is then seen helping Raven recover from her wound when she was shot down by Murphy. While Clarke handles Raven, Finn goes after Lincoln who he feels may be able to help them. He asks of Lincoln to give him medicine, which Lincoln is mad at him as he only came to save one life. While at Lincolns cave, Finn discovers his notebook and says he has a plan. While the grounders are marching on the camp, Finn and Lincoln lead a group of reapers to distract the grounders in order to give Raven time to prepare the dropship. When he arrives back, he is seen fighting the grounder Tristan as he tries to make it back to the dropship. Bellamy then joins in to help in, but they are both no match for the grounder. Finn fails to make it into the dropship before the rocket fuel explodes, killing most of the other Grounders and leaving his fate unknown.

The 48 015 (Finn)

Finn taken hostage by Tristan

In The 48 Finn is taken hostage by Tristan, along with another Delinquent. He witnesses Tristan killing the unnamed Delinquent he was with, and then Tristan tells Finn that he's only being kept alive so he can go talk to the Commander. Bellamy, Sterling, and Monroe attempt to rescue Finn, but it only results in Bellamy being taken hostage and the other two almost dying. However, Kane shows up and saves all four of them by killing Tristan, and then brings them back to camp. Finn sticks up for Bellamy when he's arrested for attacking and almost killing Murphy.

In Inclement Weather, Finn holds Raven's hand throughout her surgery. Raven later tells Finn that he has to leave and go search for their friends. Finn frees Bellamy in order for Bellamy to help him go find the other Delinquents. Finn, along with other members of the 100, receives a gun by Miller's dad and Abby before leaving Camp Jaha to look for the others.

Reapercussions 027 (Finn)

In Reapercussions, Finn, Bellamy, Murphy, Sterling and Monroe are out on a mission to find the remaining 100, as they presume they are with The Grounders. As they continue their mission, they come across a group of grounders who were cast out by their clan. Finn and the rest take one of the grounders with one eye back to a secure area to question him. When the Grounder eventually reveals where their location is, the group argues about what to do with him. As the fight continues, however, Finn eventually shoots the grounder in the head, killing him instantly, and says they have to continue their mission.

In Many Happy Returns, Finn's group stumbles upon a crash site of many of the ark survivors, finding a trail of dead bodies. As they reach a cliff, they find a girl named Mel. Finn recommends that they leave her, but Sterling is more concerned about saving her. Unfortunately for Sterling, the rope he used to climb down breaks, causing Sterling to fall and kill him on impact. Ultimately Bellamy climbs down to save the girl, with Finn, Murphy, and Monroe. While the group pulls the two up, grounders start shooting at Murphy and Finn, while Monroe draws a gun and begins to shoot. However, the group is saved by Octavia who blew the fog horn. With Monroe and Mel in critical condition, Murphy and Finn go after the rest of the 100 while the rest head back to Camp Jaha.

In Human Trials, Finn and Murphy are first seen scoping out the grounder camp they were sent to find the 100 at. When they finally sneak into the camp, Finn causes a distraction by burning the food supply. When they are caught, they draw guns on the grounders and put them all in the pen. While Murphy is assigned to guarding the grounders, Finn searches for hours on end finding any trail of the 100. Finn finally finds coats of the 100 and starts to question the grounders. Nyko, a grounder in the village tries to explain to them that the 100 are not at the camp but struggles to also calm down his own people. Once Nyko explained to Finn who the man with one eye was, Finn and Murphy are about to abandon the camp. This is stopped however when a grounder tries to escape, causing Finn to shoot him down. This causes a riot, with many grounders charging at Finn out of rage. Finn continues to Massacre the many grounders charging at him, causing him to kill/injure at least a dozen of them. He finally stops when Clarke arrives, however when he tries to get close to her, Clarke is frightened by what Finn has done, as well as Bellamy, Octavia, and Murphy.


In Fog of War, Finn is first seen exiting Alpha station. He goes to join Clarke, Bellamy and eventually Murphy. Finn tries to explain to the others that what he did was necessary. Finn is later seen walking with the others on their mission to Mount Weather. They say they shouldn't have brought him with them, but Bellamy says they need him because he is their best tracker. Eventually, the group finds Mount Weather through binoculars and makes camp. Finn is then seen trying to go after Bellamy and Octavia, shortly after they separate from the group. Raven tries to stop him, but this only frustrates Finn and causes him to run off. Clarke chases after him, and Finn tries to explain to her that everything that happened to the grounders he killed was an accident. During their conversation, the acidic fog returned, causing both of them to run away and back into the hidden bunker. In the bunker, they find Delano's dead body, with Clarke looking in disgust. Though Clarke seems displeased, Finn manages to somewhat redeem himself to Clarke by giving her back her father's watch. Despite the gift, Clarke stares at Delano's body for a while and says to Finn that she does not know who he is anymore. Eventually, Clarke and Finn return to camp.

In Long Into an Abyss, Finn is first seen telling Clarke that he will update Clarke on whether or not Camp Jaha will abandon their base. Later when he arrives at the dropship to check on Clarke, he is quickly pinned against a wall by an angry Nyko. Nyko calls him a murderer and deserves to die. Finn, on the other hand, has little to no reaction to Nyko attacking him, and Finn is quickly saved by the others. Later, Finn is mentioned by Lexa, who says he must die in order for the grounder conflict to finally be resolved.

Spacewalker 094 (Finn)

Finn, getting stabbed by Clarke

In Spacewalker, Finn is shown through many flashbacks, revealing his past life on The Ark. He and Raven are shown to have had a very strong relationship. It also reveals how Finn was arrested, as he allowed Raven to Spacewalk as a birthday gift, which ended with Finn taking the blame and him ending up in Jail. When Clarke arrives back at Camp Jaha after speaking with the grounder commander, who says that they have to give up Finn. This results in riots from Arkers who say Finn should die for costing The Ark 3 months worth of oxygen. Murphy is then seen trying to cheer up Murphy, which only ends up scaring Finn even more. When Abby finally comes to the conclusion that they might have to sacrifice Finn, Clarke and Bellamy help him escape back to the Dropship in order to hide from both the grounders and Ark citizens.

On their way to the dropship, Clarke and Finn are ambushed by a grounder. Clarke gets knocked out, but Finn manages to pull a gun on the grounder, however, he does not shoot him, only telling him to leave, which the grounder does. When they arrive at the dropship, Finn comes across Raven and Bellamy. Murphy then walks in, and everyone tries to help Clarke. When Clarke wakes up, she tries to comfort Finn and tell him that everything will be okay, but Finn denies it. Soon it was revealed that Raven only wanted Murphy there to turn him over to the grounders, but everyone stops her in her attempt. Finn then divulges a plan to defend the dropship from the Grounders, however, he tricks everyone and turns himself in.

When Clarke finally finds him outside Camp Jaha about to be executed, she tries desperately to convince Lexa to let him go, but Lexa denies her request. Clarke and Finn share a final kiss, and then secretly stabs Finn to prevent him from suffering a painful death from the Grounders.

In Remember Me, Finn is seen haunting Clarke in her grief-induced hallucinations throughout the episode.

In Resurrection, Jasper asks Bellamy if one of Finn's speeches is what brought the Grounders and Sky People together. Bellamy, reluctant to say what happened to Finn only says "something like that".

In Watch the Thrones, Finn's ashes are carried around by Jasper while him and Monty go on a trip to The Camp. When Monty discovers Finn's remains, Monty looks in disgust. Jasper retrieves the ashes, but accidentally trips over and Finn's ashes spread into the air.

In Bitter Harvest, Jasper apologizes to Raven for dropping Finn's ashes, but Raven has no reaction as she has been consumed by the City of Light.

In Terms and Conditions, Finn is mentioned by Charles Pike to Kane, telling him that he allowed the Grounders to take Finn and execute him. Finn is also mentioned by Raven, as she says the City of Light chip has made her forget about her first kiss with Finn.

In Nevermind, in Clarke's Mindspace, Josephine Lightbourne finds the place where Clarke hides her bad memories. When Josephine grabs the knife Clarke used to kill Finn out of a tree, she experiences the memory of his death.


Finn is introduced as a reckless, 'bad boy;' always on the verge for a blast of adrenaline and always looking for danger. He is protective of Clarke and the decisions she makes, always sticking by her side and helping her out whenever she needs help. Finn is always running, looking for fun and adventure; he is playful and amusing. Later in the series, he seems to become more peaceful, trying to avoid killing people and to form a peace treaty with the Grounders.

In Season Two, Finn starts to walk the line between what is right and wrong. After losing his people and Clarke, he begins to feel desperate and afraid, exhibiting signs of mental duress. These feelings erupt when he executes the one-eyed grounder who drew them a map to Lincoln's village, which he takes hostage thinking that his friends were being held there. During the hostage situation, Finn's mental state deteriorates even further, to the point he can no longer tell for himself that what he's doing isn't necessary and that it will make relations with the Grounders even more uneasy. This instability culminates after Murphy convinces Finn to walk away when the captive villagers try to escape prematurely. Finn, still convinced they're his enemies, relentlessly shoots down the ones who run (totaling to 18). However, Finn shows much remorse for what he has done and later turns himself into the Grounders to be executed, so that his friends can be safe and the Sky People can have peace.

Physical Appearance[]

Finn was a physically fit young man with long brown hair that reached just above his chin. In "His Sister's Keeper" Raven gives him a haircut to shorten the length about an inch. His eyes were dark brown, and he had light skin.


Clarke Griffin[]

Main article: Clarke and Finn
"Clarke, I love you. I'm in love with you."
- Finn to Clarke.[src]

Finn and Clarke were good friends and had romantic feelings for each other. In Pilot, Finn flirts with Clarke throughout the trip to Mount Weather. In "Earth Skills", the two search for evidence of Jasper's whereabouts. After finding him, they return him to camp. In "Earth Kills", Finn, Clarke, and Wells look for medicine to help Jasper out but are forced to flee when the poisonous fog rolls in. They take cover in a buried vehicle and bond about having fun. Later on, Finn tells Clarke that Wells loves her and that she should forgive him.

In "Murphy's Law", Clarke and Finn are tasked with protecting Wells' murderer, Charlotte, and take cover in a buried bunker. After watching Charlotte commit suicide, Finn and Clarke return to the buried bunker and have sex. In "Twilight's Last Gleaming", the two sit under the stars and look up, seeing Raven's pod, which they believe to be a shooting star. When Finn finds Raven at the pod's wreck, he shows affection towards his girlfriend from the Ark and that upsets Clarke. Finn apologizes to Clarke for this. In "Contents Under Pressure", Clarke helps Finn out with his high fever. She removes the knife and later uses an antidote made by Lincoln to cure him. Clarke hugs Finn when he awakens. Throughout the rest of the season, Finn seems to have more feelings for Clarke than he does for Raven. He holds her hand during the meeting with the Grounders in "Unity Day", and catches her when she falls in "I Am Become Death", knowing that she has an illness that can be fatal and is highly contagious. Raven breaks up with him because she believes he loves Clarke more than he loves her, and later on in "'We Are Grounders (Part 1)"' Finn explains that he is in love with Clarke, however, she rejects him because he broke her heart.

Separated from Clarke and the rest of his friends who made it to the dropship at the beginning of season 2, Finn takes extreme measures to find her. Enraged when he finds a Grounder with her father's watch, Finn shoots him in the head after receiving all the information he can get on Clarke's whereabouts. His drive to reunite with Clarke forces him to consider leaving Mel, a stranded Ark survivor, behind on the cliff. In an agreement with the rest, Finn travels with Murphy to a nearby village where he discovers some clothes taken from some of the others. Gunning down many of the Grounders, including Octavia's friend Artigas, after mistakenly assuming that they had captured Clarke, Finn's massacre comes to an abrupt end when Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia follow the sounds of his gunshots into the village. The aftermath of Finn's actions create distance between him and Clarke, the latter being forced to acknowledge how much Finn has changed since their last encounter. While Finn maintains that he had done this for her, he begins to feel the gravity of what he has done and the blood he has spilled. Lexa, during negotiations for a truce between the Ark and them, demands that Finn be handed over to the Grounders and executed. Clarke and the others vow to protect and defend him, not wanting him to be tortured before inevitably killed, but Finn gives himself up before any more harm comes to his friends.

Finn is strung up to a pole, and Clarke pleads one last time for his life in "Spacewalker". Clarke offers her life for his, arguing that he killed for her safety and is soaked in more Grounder blood than he is, but the plea is turned down. Seeing that there is no way out of this for Finn, Clarke requests one last goodbye with him. The two kiss and Clarke tells him that she loves him. Clarke whispers to him that he'll be okay and not to be scared, before Finn mumbles a "thank you, Princess" in response. His body goes limp in Clarke's arms and it is not until Clarke pulls away that it is revealed she had used the knife Raven gave her to kill Lexa to instead mercy-kill Finn.

Finn's death shakes Clarke, and he appears as a grief-induced hallucination several times over the course of "Remember Me". It is his death and Lexa's advice that pushes Clarke to detach herself from her friends emotionally convinced that love is weakness. With this realization, Clarke says her final goodbyes to Finn and his hallucination walks out of sight. Abby approaches Clarke about spreading his ashes, but Clarke refuses the offer, stating that she already said goodbye.

Wells Jaha[]

"Kid's only got one leg. How about you wait till it's a fair fight?"
- Finn to Murphy and Mbege as they attack Wells.[src]
Finn and Wells had a stable relationship. In "Pilot", Murphy and Mbege attempt to fight Wells, but Finn interjects. He knocks them both down, saving Wells. In "Earth Skills", Finn, Clarke, and Wells work together to find Jasper, as he has been taken by the Grounders. In "Earth Kills", Finn, Clarke, and Wells look for medicine for Jasper after finding him and get caught by the poisonous fog. The three flee into a buried vehicle and when Finn finds whiskey, Wells says alcohol is toxic. Finn brushes it off with a sarcastic comment. Later that day, Finn tells Clarke to forgive Wells and says that Wells is a good person. In "Murphy's Law", Finn seems slightly upset by Wells' death.

John Murphy[]

In the beginning Finn and Murphy don't have much in common personality-wise, as seen in "Pilot" when Finn knocks him down after he and Mbege attack Wells. After that, they do not interact much until "Murphy's Law". While Murphy is being beaten, Finn watches in shock and tries to help him when the other kids attempt to have him hanged. After watching Charlotte commit suicide, Finn witnesses Murphy's banishment from camp and seems sympathetic. He leaves a knife for Murphy to survive with, as opposed to nothing at all.

Bellamy Blake[]

Finn and Bellamy had a neutral relationship and mutual respect for one another. However, in "Twilight's Last Gleaming", Finn confronts Bellamy after he tosses Raven's radio into a river. His words result in Bellamy forming a search party for the radio. In recent episodes, there seems to be some chemistry between the two. In "His Sister's Keeper", Finn volunteers to help Bellamy in the search for Octavia, even sustaining a wound during a confrontation with the Grounder Lincoln. Bellamy is shown as being quite concerned over Finn's life when they realize he's poisoned, even going so far as to torture Lincoln to get the antidote. Finn seems to share the sentiment, as he leaves Clarke's side during the battle with the Grounders at the dropship in order to save Bellamy from being killed by Tristan. Over the course of the second season, we see them grow more trusting of each other, conferring before making decisions. Finn's erratic and hostile change in personality begins to worry Bellamy, especially when Finn shoots Delano during discussion of what to do with him. When Lexa demands Finn's life in exchange for a truce between the Ark and the Grounders, Bellamy is immediately protective and refuses to let the adults hand him over. Bellamy agrees to a dangerous plan to hide and defend Finn from the Grounders until Finn, worried for his friend's safety, gives himself up. Watching from afar as Clarke kills Finn out of mercy, allowing Finn to avoid the torture ritual the Grounders planned for him, Bellamy holds Raven sadly as she breaks down beside him. He is there for the burning of Finn's body in "Remember Me".

Raven Reyes[]

Main article: Finn and Raven

Raven and Finn were dating before the 100 were sent down to Earth. They met when they were younger when Finn shared food with Raven because her mother would sell her rations in exchange for moonshine. Raven risked her life to come down to Earth to finally be back with Finn again by updating a 100-year-old space pod and going down to Earth with it. She finds out that Clarke and Finn had sex and is upset, but does not hate either of them for it because Finn assumed he would never see her again. She is upset when Finn is injured at the end of "His Sister's Keeper". In "Day Trip", Raven sneaks into his cabin, and they sleep together. When she is injured, Finn tells her that he will always love her, and she replies that though that may be true, he still does not love her like she wants him to. It results in their breakup, but they remain close throughout the following episodes regardless.

In the season two episode "Spacewalker", we learn that it was actually Raven that took the unauthorized spacewalk after Finn scrounged up a spacesuit for her, after learning she was dropped as a candidate for zero-G mechanic because she has a minor heart defect. After Finn gives himself up to the Grounders in order to prevent any harm from happening to his friends following his massacre of a Grounder village, Raven discreetly gives Clarke a knife to use against the Commander to save Finn. After Clarke instead turns the knife on Finn, in an act of mercy so that he would not have to face the torture the Grounders intend on for him, Raven screams and begins crying hysterically. In "Remember Me", Raven is seen holding Finn's dead body and acts hostile toward Clarke and the Grounders. As Finn's body is burned, Raven watches in tears. She continues to blame Clarke for his death until she witnesses Gustus executed in the fashion they planned for Finn. Watching this firsthand forces Raven to sympathize with Clarke's decision to give Finn a less painful death.


Finn had been stabbed and poisoned by Lincoln in self-defense. Even when tortured, Lincoln refused to tell the Delinquents the antidote to save Finn, and only did so when Octavia risked her own life by cutting herself with the same poisoned knife used to stab Finn. Despite this and what his friends and girlfriend had said, he still forgave Lincoln for what he had done. Tensions rise between Finn and Lincoln following the events of "Human Trials". After Clarke and the others ask his advice on bargaining with the Grounders for Finn's life, Lincoln states that there is no way out of it. He says that Finn should be responsible for his actions, and warns the others that since he was responsible for the deaths of 18 people, he will suffer 18 deaths as a result. However, when Finn sacrifices himself and is subsequently killed by Clarke, Lincoln travels with the group to watch Finn's body be burned. Lincoln translates Lexa's words as she speaks the ritual for the burning.


Season One
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Earth SkillsAppears
Earth KillsAppears
Murphy's LawAppears
Twilight's Last GleamingAppears
His Sister's KeeperAppears
Contents Under PressureAppears
Day TripAppears
Unity DayAppears
I Am Become DeathAppears
The CalmAppears
We Are Grounders (Part 1)Appears
We Are Grounders (Part 2)Appears
Season Two
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The 48Appears
Inclement WeatherAppears
Many Happy ReturnsAppears
Human TrialsAppears
Fog of WarAppears
Long Into an AbyssAppears
Remember MeAppears
Survival of the FittestAbsent
Coup de GrâceMentioned
Bodyguard of LiesAbsent
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)Absent
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)Absent
Season Three
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Wanheda (Part 1)Absent
Wanheda (Part 2)Mentioned
Ye Who Enter HereMentioned
Watch the ThronesMentioned
Bitter HarvestMentioned
Terms and ConditionsMentioned
Stealing FireAbsent
Join or DieAbsent
Red Sky at MorningAbsent
Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)Mentioned
Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)Absent
Season Six
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Red Sun RisingAbsent
The Children of GabrielAbsent
The Face Behind the GlassAbsent
The Gospel of JosephineAbsent
Memento MoriAbsent
The Old Man and the AnomalyAbsent
What You Take With YouAbsent
Ashes to AshesAbsent
Adjustment ProtocolAbsent
The Blood of SanctumAbsent


Killed Victims[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Finn Collins may be descended from The Grounder Illene Collins.
  • In the novel, Finn does not exist. The character was only created for the show.
  • In "Earth Skills," one of the techs helping Raven take off her spacesuit comments that he owes Finn two days worth of rations.
  • Finn and Raven's backstory was planned from the start, but not revealed until "Twilight's Last Gleaming."[1]
  • Had some ability in metal-working, as he built a Raven necklace for Raven and a mutated deer for Clarke.
  • Finn was the first of the 100 to believe peace was possible between them and the Grounders.
  • Was arrested for spacewalking after he covers for his then girlfriend, Raven Reyes.[2][3]
  • Finn was one of Five Delinquents left behind after the battle. The others were: Sterling, Zoe Monroe, John Murphy, and an unnamed Delinquent.[4]
  • Finn was one of nine people to survive the explosion at the Delinquents' camp. The others were: Bellamy, Sterling, Tristan, Monroe, Raven, Murphy, an unnamed Delinquent, and an unnamed Grounder.[4]
  • Finn killed 18 Grounders in a gun massacre. He also shot and killed a Grounder and a Reaper. Placing Finn's death count at roughly 20 people by his own hand.[5]
  • In "Fog of War", the scene where Finn says "It was an accident" was actually meant to be said to Raven Reyes. In a deleted scene Finn pulled away from Raven and she fell down because she only had one good leg. Jason and the editors removed the scene for various reasons but forgot to edit out Finn's line.[6]
  • Finn's death was the deal to establish a truce between the Grounders and Sky People. While he was not killed by the grounders to their tradition, Clarke killing him was enough for a truce/alliance to stand.[3]
  • Finn is confirmed dead via show creator Jason Rothenberg's twitter.[7][3]
  • His body is taken back to the massacre village, where the Grounder's death ritual is performed on him.[8]
  • He is the first character to have an official funeral.[8]
  • Finn is the second character and second delinquent to show symptoms of PTSD. The first was Jasper.
  • Finn is the second main character to die on The 100. The first was Wells Jaha.[9]
  • Finn uses several different guns. He starts off with a pistol and upgrades to a CAA Tactical RONI.
  • Last words: "Thanks, Princess."
  • Witnesses of his death: Clarke Griffin, whole Trikru including Commander Lexa, War Chief Indra, and Sky People


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