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I wasn't fighting for Skaikru today. I thought I was fighting for myself, but I now know that's not true either. I was fighting for us all. Skaikru will not take the bunker alone. We will share it equally because we are equal. We are one clan and we will survive Praimfaya together. Ogeda.
Octavia Blake

The Final Conclave was a major event featured in the Season Four episode, Die All, Die Merrily in which one champion from each of the thirteen clans would fight to the death until one remained. The winner would finally return all the sigils to the Flamekeeper, Gaia and confirm the survival of their clan by taking the bunker.


Mentioned rules:

  • No guns allowed
  • Alliances allowed
  • Only champions were allowed to compete on the battlefield (if cheating was discovered the champion's clan would be disqualified and dishonoured.)


Indra gives Octavia her sword.

When everyone was preparing for the battle, Bellamy is worried about Octavia and so he advises her to do what she knows best, hiding while Indra also gives her her own sword and wishes her luck in the battle. As Gaia announces the rules, Luna interrupts claiming that she will be joining the conclave and that she is fighting for no one but herself and is not planning on sharing the bunker when she wins. Once the battle begins, Octavia does indeed hide, watching as Roan kills two champions, including Fio who is fighting for Trikru. Since Gaia, the Flamekeeper, is from Trikru she sorrowfully announces that Trikru has fallen and blows out the candle that represents her clan.

Afterward, while Octavia is trying to find a new hiding spot, she runs into Luna who violently slashes a cut into Octavia's arm causing her to weaken as Luna prepares the spear to kill her, Octavia uses strategy and hits some pipes that fall on Luna which gives Octavia an opportunity to run and cover her wound. As Octavia covers her bleeding injury, Ilian appears claiming that he would like to team up with Octavia and help her win. She refuses his offer and tells him that he shouldn't have followed her giving him a warning that she will kill him the next time she sees him.

Ilian meets his end.

Up in the Polis Tower, Bellamy is scanning the battlefield for Octavia when he spots Echo peeking from a window killing champions with her bow and arrow to give Roan an easy win. He reports it to Marcus Kane who tells him to wait before going to stop her. On the battlefield, Octavia is met by allied champions who she struggles in beating and that is when Ilian jumps in helping her beat those allies. Right after, Ilian is shot through the neck with Echo's arrow and so Octavia pulls him into a hidden spot and they say their goodbyes before Octavia mercy kills him. Bellamy finally sneaks his way to Echo's hiding spot, where he almost strangles her just before Roan makes an appearance, banishing Echo from the clan. Bellamy is concerned Roan will kill him, but he lets him go after Bellamy talks about how lucky he is to have Octavia and that she will beat Roan while she was listening to the whole conversation.

Later on, when only the three champions were left, Octavia, Roan and Luna. Roan finds Octavia and they team up to defeat Luna together. Octavia agrees to ally with him and soon after, Luna attacks them and they are able to fight her together, but then they are confronted with black rain which Luna is immune to due to her nightblood. Octavia runs off hiding from the painful black rain while Roan and Luna are battling. Roan struggles to fight Luna and he is defeated by Luna who drowns him in a puddle of black rain. As Octavia witnesses the death of Roan, she knows that she is the next one and she hides into a safe area.

While Octavia is hiding, Luna comes in taunting her and trying to manipulate her into coming out of her hiding spot. Luna stabs and kicks multiple doors and furniture thinking Octavia is hiding there when one time she stabs a closet door and then opens it expecting Octavia to be there when Octavia had actually snuck behind her stabbing and killing her. Octavia takes the final sigil and goes up to the tower where everyone is crying for their losses. After the sigils are turned in to Gaia, Octavia makes her speech in which she notifies everyone that she chooses who she fights for as Indra had told her earlier and Octavia decides to share the bunker together, Ogeda.


Notes and Trivia

  • Known as allies:
    • Unnamed Delphi, unnamed Boundalan, and unnamed Broadleaf
    • Octavia and Ilian
    • Octavia and Roan
  • The Final Conclave used a different format from the Conclaves used to choose the next Commander. While the Final Conclave consisted of one battle royal-style round, the Conclaves to choose the Commander, based on Luna's description, appears to have consisted of single combat duels, with the winner of each duel advancing to the next round.

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