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Cora: Any Change?

James: The power supply's still choppy and oscillating in the lower region.

Cora I can take over early. 

Man: Thanks. 

James: I was thinking about this all day, and I'll have you know I could fix this power problem in five minutes. 

Cora: Yeah. Pull your control rod. Let's see it. 

James: Aw. Come on. Not again. Raven's gonna kill me. 

Cora: Supply's still low. Pulling that last control rod's not a bad idea. It would up the power output. 

James: Yeah. Well, Raven said to wait and see if supply evens out. 

Cora: Sure. We can wait. 

James: Raising the last rod 25%. That should do it. Failure in the actuator mechanism. It won't go up. Stop it. Gonna have to do it manually. Hold that thought. 

Computer: Secondary containment clear. 

Cora: Are you sure about this? Priya never let us go in there. 

James: Don't worry. I know what I'm doing. 

Computer: Core access clear. 

James: Sinclair, my mentor on the ark, was a genius at jury-rigging the reactor. I could do this in my sleep. All I have to do is pull up the rod... and use this to keep it up. There. Now we can...

Cora: James. 

James: Cora?


Gaia: Are you all right? 

Clarke: My mother's ring. It's all I have left of them. 

Gaia: That's not true. You are what's left of them. This is what's left of the commanders. 

Clarke: I lost myself last night. Russell gave me this, and I just--

Gaia: Burning down the palace was a bit extreme, but, Clarke, he killed your mother and so many others, and today, he will die for it. Maybe once it is done, we can all start over except for Madi, who they still call Heda, and I'm letting them. It makes me wonder am I just doing what I know because I don't know how to do anything else? 

Clarke: You're doing what's best for Madi, but change takes time. We need to ease them into this new life. I love you, Mom.  I'll do my best to make you proud. 

Gaia: Their fight is over. 

Clarke: May we meet again. 

Indra: Preparations must be made. It's time to talk to Russell. 


Russell: To what do I owe the pleasure? 

Clarke: Don't play innocent. We know your people have been in to see you. 

Russell: I can hardly turn them away if they show up. 

Indra: It won't be a problem for much longer. Your execution's at sunset. We'll give you the respect of choosing how you die. 

Russell: You should have just finished the job last night. 

Clarke: We can make it quick. 

Russell: And why would I want that? To my followers, this will be the death of a God. Like a sign from above. I'll take the pyre. 

Clarke: Last night you begged me to save you from the flames. 

Russell: And now you want it quick so you can pretend you're still civilized. No. My people need to feel my death, and so do you. 

Indra: Very well. Fire it is. Guard! 


Trey: You deserve to burn for killing Priya. 

Woman: Delilah deserved justice. 

Man: And if you have a problem, leave. 


Miller: What are we doing? They're just gonna kill each other as soon as we leave. 

Jackson: How messed up is it that I'm looking forward to an execution? 

Miller: Hey. We talked about this. It's justice for Abby. 

Jackson: Of course you're fine with it, but I'm a doctor. I should be better. 

Miller: Better? I'm not just following orders, Jax. 

Jackson: I didn't mean it like that. 


Alyssa: Russell won't stand for it. 

Trey: Russell won't stand for anything if he's dead. We have to stop it, return him to his rightful place. 

Alyssa: Yes, but not with violence. 

Jordan: What are you talking about? 

Trey: That's none of your business. You betrayed Russell. You don't get to pretend to be one of us. 

Jordan: I didn't mean for Russell to-- Clarke just said she wanted to talk to him. 

Alyssa: Trey's just... upset. 

Jordan: Alyssa... I can see you don't believe me. Talk to me. 

Alyssa: The past couple days, so many of the faithful haven't handled it well. I'm afraid they're planning something terrible to save Russell. 

Jordan: If Russell told them to stop, would they?

Alyssa: Of course. His will be done. Why? What are you thinking?

Jordan: I'm thinking that I'll take him more than just his coffee this morning. 


Murphy: This looks like fun. They're burning Russell at the stake tonight, and I wonder who's next. 

Emori: Our people will never let that happen. Come back to bed.  Murphy: Doesn't this feel wrong to you?  Emori: Well, it's not like we have a choice, so we might as well enjoy it. 

Murphy: Oh, enjoy it? 

Emori: Mm-hmm. 

Raven: Good morning. 

Murphy: Six years of you walking in on us in space, and you still can't knock. It's incredible really. 

Raven: Well, you'd think you could lock a door. 

Emori: What's up, Raven? 

Raven: Clearly not the reactor. Power's out all over Sanctum. James failed me again. Get dressed. Time to prove how much you were paying attention on the ring. 


Raven: James? Core temp is up, coolant pressure's down. Where the hell is James? 

Emori: The door's open.

Raven: Come on. 

Emori: Wait. Radiation's normal. 

Raven: James! 

Emori: Over here. 

Raven: That's bad. 

Emori: Here, the radiation is elevated. 

Raven: This is just water from the coolant system, but if radiation is leaking here, it must be coming frmo the core. Don't. 

Emori: Raven, we need to help them. 

Raven: No. It's too late. Look at them. He must have pulled the control rod too fast. The spike of radiation would be lethal. If the core reaches 1,500 degrees, the whole reactor melts down. We'll all die. 


Jordan: From Indra. 

Russell: Does it matter? It'll all turn to ash. 

Jordan: I thought you wanted death. 

Russell: Wanting to die and facing it are two different things. Now go. 

Jordan: No. You can still help your people. 

Russell: They don't need me. 

Jordan: They do. They're planning some kind of attack. They want to stop the execution. People will die. 

Russell: Then tell them not to kill me. 

Jordan: That's it? 

Russell: You expected something else? 

Jordan: For you to care. It's in your name. Is that the legacy you want, death and more death? 

Russell: What would you have me do? 

Jordan: You still have a voice. Talk to them. Stop them. Go out doing the right thing. 

Russell: What makes you think they'll let me address my people? 

Jordan: Because my people want to do better. 

Russell: I can tell. Burning a man at the stake is so elevated. Maybe if you ask them nicely. 

Jordan: I'm not the one asking. My father's son is. 


Raven: Good. You're here. 

Murphy: Shouldn't we be wearing hazmat suits or something? 

Raven: You are adorable. Those literally do nothing aganist gamma rays. Eligius III knew that, which is why they don't have any. What they did have is nightblood, and so do you. You're a Prime now, Murphy. Act like one. 

Indra: Get to the point. 

Raven: Here's the deal. The core's overheating. One of the control rods that slows the nuclear reaction down is jammed in the up position and won't drop into the core. Because of that it's getting too hot, and because of that, the coolant pipe has burst in two places. If the core temperature reaches 1,500 degrees, the reactor will melt down, and it's bye-bye Sanctum. 

Clarke: So how do we stop it? 

Raven: We push in the control rods, we plug the cracks, we're good. 

Indra: Just that simple. 

Raven: I like you. Someone has to go into primary containment to get the control rods in place. It's a high-radiation environment. Nightbloods not a guarantee, but it will help. 

Murphy: She'll do it. 

Clarke: I'll do it. 

Murphy: What? Like that was even a question? 

Indra: Clarke, you have your hands full with Russell's execution. 

Clarke: Okay. 

Raven: Murphy, you're B team. Emori will handle the control rods, but she only has 60 seconds. If she doesn't get it done, you take over. Wonkru will handle the pipes. 

Indra: Emori said radiation is leaking. What kind of danger am I sending my people into? 

Raven: It's the puking for a few days kind. If they're exposed, they'll recover.  If the core melts down, we won't. 

Clarke: Why don't we ask the Eligius crew? They were miners. They have the skills. 

Raven: No offense, but I'm not willing to put the lives of what's left of the human race in the hands of a bunch of murderers and thieves who were torturing me and Shaw and willing to kill the rest of us before destroying the Earth. I need a team of four from the bunker's maintenence crew. 

Indra: You'll have them. Four Wonkru welders coming right up. 


Indra: It's dangerous. But your commander wills it. Who will answer her call? 

Man: And where is the commander? 

Indra: She has other matters to handle, but I have her complete authority. 

Man: I think you're lying. I think she abandoned us. Something happened on that ship, and she hasn't been the same since we reached the ground. 

Indra: You question the will of your commander? 

Man: I question you. If the commander wants volunteers, let her tell us herself. 

Indra: All right. I'll go get her, but you will answer for your disobedience. 

Clarke: Indra, no. We talked about this. People could die. We can't put that on Madi.  Indra: You two treat her like she's just a child. She is not. It is time you let her do her job for all of us. 

Clarke: Madi is not well. You can use her name, but that's it. No way am I letting her stand in front of these people and order them into a nuclear reactor. Not happening. 

Indra: What would you have us do? We need volunteers. Without them, she dies, too. When that reactor melts down. 

Gaia: We tell them the truth. 

Indra: Don't be a fool, Gaia. 

Gaia: Have some faith in our people, Mother. 

Indra: I know our people. 

Man: Why the delay? 

Gaia: We cannot ask the commander because there is no commander. She had fallen prey to Sheidheda. The dark commander took her over, and I could not let that monster lead Wonkru, so I destroyed the Flame. 

Man: That monster was Sangedakru's greatest champion. You had no right! 

Gaia: I had every right. I am the Fleimkepa. 

Man: You were the Fleimkepa. You've sinned against us all. You're a traitor. 

Gaia: Knight, please. We spent six years together in the bunker without a commander. The Flame might be gone, but we are still here. We are still one people, and we are all in danger. Who will be brave enough to help us? 

Raven: So much for volunteers. 

Man: Sangedakru, we're done here. 

Indra: Faith may be blind, but loyalty isn't. Congratulations. You just lost Wonkru. 


Nikki: They put us here on purpose, rubbing the palace in our faces. It's deliberate disrespect. 

Hatch: Look. They said that they were gonna find us something better, and they will. 

Nikki: When did you get so naive? They're making us do the hard work and giving us tents and scraps from their table. I see the way they look at us. You all do, too. 

Hatch: Look. We did our time, and they know it. We help them build the new compound, and it will be ours, too. And I'm taking the penthouse for us, honey bunny. 

Raven: Hey. Hatch, right? I'm Raven. 

Hatch: Yeah. I remember. McCreary's guest. Boy, I do not miss that jackass. 

Nikki: He wouldn't have settled for a squatter's camp. 

Hatch: Yeah, yeah. Are you lost or something? 

Raven: I could use some help, and your people have the skills. 

Hatch: Look at that. Sounds a lot like respect to me. 

Nikki: Try indentured servitude. You ain't the only smart one around here, honey. 

Raven: It's a simple job. Just welding a couple crack's in the reactor's coolant pipe. 

Nikki: The nuclear reactor? 

Raven: Yeah. It's fairly routine. The equipment's a couple hundred years old, so just needs some love. 

Hatch: Some love, huh? From where I sit, love is dangerous. 

Raven: Like I said, it's routine. 

Hatch: No. You said, 'fairly routine.'

Raven: The pipe's in secondary containment. It's nowhere near the reactor. I just need four people who know their way around welding. 

Nikki: What's in it for us? 

Raven: Why does there need to be something in it for you? It needs to be done. 

Hatch: How about all the Jo Juice that we can drink? 

Raven: Sure. You in or not? 

Hatch: What the hell. We're in. 

Nikki: Not me. 

Hatch: What? 

Nikki: You have fun, sugar, and I'll be waiting for you in the penthouse tent. 

Raven: Let's go. 

Hatch: X, Y and Z, follow me. 


Clarke: Looks like Raven found her volunteers. 

Miller: Maybe those prisoners can help guard our prisoner. 

Indra: How many Wonkru are still with us? 

Miller: Not enough. 

Jordan: There you are. 

Clarke: Now what's wrong? 

Jordan: Russell's followers are planning some kind of attack. 

Indra: Which followers? What's the target? 

Jordan: All I know is it's happening before the execution. 

Clarke: And we don't have the people to stop it. 

Jordan: All we need is Russell. Let him talk them down. 

Miller: Look down there. He's the reason they need talking down. 

Jordan: Is that who we are now? At what point are we gonna set an example? What happened to doing better? What would my dad say? 

Jackson: Russell killed Abby, and he deserves to die for it. 

Jordan: Is that your medical opinion? 

Indra: Dr. Jackson is right. We can't show weakness, not now. 

Jordan: Fine, but if you want to avoid more killing, you'll let his people hear from him first. I talked to him. He wants to help. 

Clarke: Indra, without Wonkru, we don't have the people to control the riot. Jordan's idea is worth a shot. 

Indra: Fine, but Russell says what he's supposed to, or I'll kill him myself. 


Hatch: Make sure you protect the secure entry out. 

Raven: We can't wait any longer. 50 more degrees, and we're toast. Everyone clear on what they're doing? 

Hatch: Crystal. 

Emori: We get the control rods in place, then head to decontamination. 

Hatch: And we weld the cracks in the pipe. That radiation still clear? 

Raven: Yep. All clear. Good luck. 

Murphy: You lied to them? 

Raven: I told them what they needed to know. It's an easy job. I could do it in my sleep. 

Murphy: Then why don't you? 

Raven: Shut up, Murphy. Either they're sick for a few days, or we're dead forever. Now go do your job being Emori's moral anchor. 

Emori: Can we not fight now? 

Hatch: This is nothing like mining Hythylodium on an asteroid. We do the job. We're in, we're out, and then the Jo Juice is on me. 

Murphy: I'll start the clock when you get in there. You better get it done in under 60 because I was not really paying attention. 

Emori: Comforting. 

Murphy: That's what I'm here for. Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey. Don't be a hero, okay? 

Emori: Okay. 

Raven: Come on, Emori. Let's go! Go on, Emori. You've got this. As soon as all the rods are down, the reaction will flow, and the core temperature will go down. 

Murphy: 55 Seconds! 50 seconds! 

Raven: Skip that one for now. Get the others. 

Murphy: 40!  Raven: Come on, Emori. 

Murphy: 30 seconds! You're halfway there. Get going. 20 seconds, Emori! 

Raven: Last one. 

Murphy: We're 10 seconds. You got to get out of there. Time, Emori! 

Raven: Emori, get out of there now! 

Murphy: Come on! What the hell? 

Raven: Get to decontamination now! 

Emori: Still climbing? Damn it! We need the coolant line fixed!

Hatch: We're working on it. 

Murphy: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Easy. Come on. The decon shower will remove 95% of the radiation. 

Emori: Not paying attention, huh?

Murphy: Yeah. Don't ruin my rep. Come on. 


Trey: You don't deserve to hear his wisdom. 

Man: Pay attention. It will be the last you ever hear from him. 

Clarke: If you say the wrong thing, you won't get to choose your death. Indra will put a bullet in your brain right here and now. 

Russell: We want the same thing, Clarke-- peace. 

Clarke: I hope that's true. 

Russell: My children, please, please. I know you're afraid. I am, too, but if my death is needed to heal this wonderous place, then I go to that death willingly. Please, please, please. I must die for my sins, but you cannot take revenge. That is not our way. Our faith has always been one of peace. Clarke is right. We are all that's left of the human race. Either we live together or die apart. Whatever it is you're planning...

Man: False God! 

Clarke: So much for a peacful faith. 

Jackson: Okay. Let's get him to medical. 

Indra: Will he survive? 

Clarke: I think so. 

Indra: I hope so because if he doesn't these fanatics will have a martyr. I've seen it before. Once that happens, without Wonkru to keep the peace, Sanctum will explode. 

Clarke: We can't kill him. 

Indra: No, we can't. Suddenly a nuclear meltdown doesn't seem so bad. 


Hatch: We're almost there, amigo. Steady. I can taste the Jo Juice already. Damn it! The coolant pressure's too high. You need to reroute it. 

Raven: I can't. We need it to control the core temp. We're 20 degrees from finding out what comes after death, and I'd rather not know. 

Hatch: Me neither. 

Emori: Any change? 

Raven: The rate has slowed, but the core temperature's still rising. 

Emori: You wanted forever. 

Murphy: Still do. Come on. Sit down. 

Emori: How long do we have?

Raven: At this rate of increase, not long enough. 

Murphy: Then get in there and help. Raven, you're the queen of doing the impossible, right? I'll spin the dials. 

Raven: I'm not just turning dials. I'm controlling the flow of coolant. One mistake, and-- crap. 

Murphy: Oh, yeah. That makes me feel so much better. 

Emori: Raven... what's going on? 

Raven: Murphy never went into primary containment.  If he's getting sick, that means more radiatin's leaking than I thought. 

Murphy: We have to pull them out of there. 

Hatch: Hey. What the hell is happening? My guys are getting sick. 

Raven: No. They're almost done. It's just the Xenon gas making you dizzy. Don't worry. It's a byproduct of nuclear fission. 

Hatch: Are you okay?

Man: Can't see straight. 

Hatch: It's just some gas making our heads all fuzzy. Get back to work. 

Emori: Raven, you can't leave them in there to die. 

Raven: They're already dead. 

Murphy: Raven, you really need to think about--

Raven: Enough. If we pull them out, we all die. They can still do it. 

Emori: Well, at least tell them. 

Raven: You think I can rely on those guys to do the right thing when they know they're gonna die?

Hatch: Hey. My team's almost out of Nitrogen. 

Raven: I'll get you another tank. How close are you? 

Hatch: We're almost there on one, but I can't get my patch to hold. You need to lower the pressure more. 

Raven: I told you I can't. The temperature will spike. 

Hatch: Damn it! Just-- just get me the Nitro. 

Raven: She'll be fine. We don't have time for that. Nightblood metabolizes radiation. We'll get her to Jackson as soon as you take this to Hatch. Murphy. If you don't and the core melts down, not even nightblood will save you. I may not be able to rely on them, but you'd do anything to save your own ass. Go be a cockroach. 


Raven: Here's the situation. The temperature is 1,490 degrees, 10 degrees from meltdown. Weld faster. 

Murphy: I got it. Come on. Let's do this thing. 

Hatch: Xenon gas, huh? You're one of the Primes. Means you had that blood alteration. No wonder they chose you and your lady for the core. 

Murphy: Let's say we talk after the meltdown, huh? 

Hatch: All right, but, you see, I've got someone that I love out there, and from what I saw, you do, too. No matter what, we get this done. 

Raven: 1,492. 

Hatch: Columbus sailed the ocean blue. You know, Niks and I, we had a pretty sweet score once in Columbus. That savings and loan, hell, they never even saw it coming, and now I'm on another planet trying to stop a nuclear meltdown. That's one hell of a life, huh? 

Raven: 1,494. 

Hatch: I don't got any for 1494. 

Murphy: You guys are supposed to be the worst of the worst. Bank robber doesn't sound so bad. 

Hatch: Yeah, it wasn't until it became homicide. Hell, it was fun until then, too. Nikki-- she shot first. Once those first two cops were dead, hell, it wsa already a murder rap, so we executed the hostages. Leave no witnesses, am I right? 

Murphy: Maybe this will make up for it. 

Hatch: There's no making up for it. 

Raven: It worked. We're gonna be okay. Now get out of there! 

Hatch: You're welcome. 


Raven: Oh, God. I did this. 

Murphy: Yeah, you did. How the mighty have fallen. Welcome to the world of gray. 

Nikki: What the hell is taking so long? You said this was safe. He trusted you. 

Murphy: Listen. I know how you feel, but this solves nothing. Stop! 

Nikki: You should die for this! She killed him! Let me go! 

Murphy: Come on. We got to get you to medical. 

Raven: Let go of me.


Gaia: That's how I feel. Is Madi okay? 

Clarke: I think she's relieved. Being commander brought her so much pain. 

Gaia: And now she won't have to pretend anymore. 

Clarke: You okay? 

Gaia: When I became a Fieimkepa scout, I was-- I was so young, so, uh, angry at my mother. In training, they taught that you must devote yourself to the Flame. All worldly concerns fall away. You can have no other loyalty. 

Clarke: Sounds lonely. 

Gaia: It was, but I had my faith. Now I don't know what I have. Are you okay? 

Clarke: I realized no matter what we do to help it always ends the same. I used to think fighting is what we do. Now I worry that fighting is what we are. 

Gaia: We all have a choice. 

Clarke: I want to believe that, but we keep ending up in the same place, and every time, people die. I don't want to lose anyone else. 


Russell: Is something wrong, doctor? 

Jackson: Do you even care about the people that you've killed? 

Russell: My list of regrets is long. 

Indra: How is he? 

Jackson: Alive. 

Russell: For now anyway. The pyre awaits. 

Indra: If you die, your people will burn Sanctum to the ground. I can't have that. 

Russell: Too bad you don't have the forces to stop it. You think I didn't notice that some of my guards are gone? 

Indra: Your believers still want to know how you are. They've lost faith in Jordan, but he tells me one of them was helpful in stopping the attack. She'll be allowed to see you. 

Woman: To aid in your recovery, my lord. 

Murphy: Coming through! Can we get a little help here? 

Miller: Raven! 

Indra: What happened? 

Woman: You were right about Jordan. He never suspected. He did exactly what you predicted he would. 

Russell: And the shooter? 

Woman: Dead. Tobin was honored to give his life for yours. 

Russell: The honor is all mine. 

Woman: Hallowed be your name.