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Bellamy Previously on the 100...
Ontari Let the people know they have a new commander.
Roan You don't have the flame, Ontari
Ontari No one knows that.
Roan He does.
Clarke Is she really in there?
Titus Of course she is. This is your's now fleimkepa.
Jaha We need to increase the population of the City of Light. The more minds turned to the task, the more powerful ALIE becomes and closer we get to finding that other AI.
Bellamy Pike just sentenced Lincoln and Sinclair to death alongside Kane. We can save them but we have to work together.
Octavia You're the reason they need saving.
Kane They're searching the station we need to go now.
Lincoln [to Octavia] I love you.
Octavia No!
Lincoln Just get her out of here.
Pike Lincoln of Trikru you have been sentenced to death in accordance with the Exodus Charter. Any last words?
Lincoln Not for you.
Scene 1 - Lincoln's Cave
[The resistance enters Lincoln's cave.]
Bellamy Where's Lincoln?
Octavia Pike put a bullet in his brain.
Bellamy O... O, I'm so sorry.
[Octavia punches Bellamy in the face.]
[She continues to hit him.]
Kane Octavia, that's enough.
Bellamy Kane, stay out of this.
[Octavia continues to beat Bellamy.]
Miller Ok, stop. Enough.
Bellamy Miller, let her go.
[Octavia continues to punch Bellamy knocking him down.]
Octavia You're dead to me.
Scene 2 - Polis Tower
[Murphy is chained up in the Polis tower.]
Murphy How long is this going to be necessary?
Ontari Roan said not to let you out of my sight until he got back.
Murphy We're on the 50th floor, where am I going to go? Look I'm just saying a real commander wouldn't be afraid-
Ontari I am a real commander!
Murphy You gonna answer it? So the king doesn't think you can handle it, huh? I thought you were in charge.
Ontari I am!
Murphy Whatever you say.
Ontari Enter!
[An ambassador and two guards enter the room.]
Ontari What is it, ambassador?
Uzac We are ready for the speaking of the names. Respectfully, Ontari, if there a problem with your ascension?
[Ontari reaches for her sword.]
Murphy She will be there soon.
Uzac Why are you in chains?
Murphy That is a good question.
Uzac Where is Master Titus?
Murphy Titus left.. to go find the next class of officiants.
Uzac The flamekeeper has scouts for that.
Murphy Yes well, the last ones they brought back kinda sucked didn't they?
[Uzac and his guards leave the room.]
Murphy It's better to lie your way out of a problem then kill. I saw your hand go for your sword.
Ontari So?
Murphy So you can't just go around killing your ambassadors. What did he want you to do?
Ontari Recite the lineage. The names of all past commanders. It marks the start of a new commanders reign.
Murphy And how're you gonna do that? Look maybe I can help you.
Ontari How?
Murphy I think much better without a collar.
Scene 3 - Arkadia
[Raven is trying to overload ALIE.]
Raven [Reciting Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven".]
ALIE I'm not sure what you hope to accomplish by doing this.
[Raven continues to try and overload ALIE.]
ALIE Sensory overload can't block me out. I'm in you now.
Jaha Will it work?
ALIE Of course not.
[Raven continues and ALIE vanishes for a brief moment.]
ALIE She's so much stronger than the rest of you.
Abby Ok, come on. Everyone out. Now! You too, Thelonious.
Jaha This doesn't concern you, Abby. Raven is with us now.
Jasper That doesn't sound creepy at all.
Jaha We took away her pain, Jasper. We saved her, just like we can save you.
Abby Last chance before I call the guards and have them move you away from my patient's door.
[Raven is too tired to continue and drops back down. ALIE reappears.]
ALIE I'm back in.
Jaha You'll come around eventually.
Abby Not likely.
ALIE Raven, this is pointless. Sensory stimulation at the level required to force me out is unsustainable.
Raven Leave me alone!
[She hears knocking on the door.]
Raven Jasper.
Abby Raven what's wrong?
Raven I need your help to get this thing out of my head and I think I know how to do it.
[Monty is sitting in the mess hall when he is approached by his mother.]
Monty Mom, what's wrong?
Hannah Pike knows. Smile like I just made a joke. You need to go. Right now. Don't pack. Don't go back to your room. Find your friends. They'll protect you.
Monty Did you tell Pike?
Hannah Monty, you're my son. I won't lose both of the men I love.
Monty Can I hug you?
Hannah This can't look like goodbye. Go!
[Monty rests his hands on the table and his mother does the same before he gets up and leaves.]
Scene 4 - Lincoln's Cave
Bryan I say we run two men patrols around the clock, starting now.
Kane We'll do that but we should be safe here.
Bellamy We're out of luck Kane. Pike's started looking for us.
Bryan Yeah but are we safe from the blockade?
Kane As long as we stay on this side of the line, we should be.
Bryan They're grounders, you really think they're gonna play by the rules?
Miller Hey, Pike will want you dead now too. We take him out, we can go home.
Harper We take him out, then the grounders lift the blockade.
Kane That's right. We become the thirteenth clan, again. Those were the terms.
Sinclair Lexa's terms. If what Bellamy said is true and she's dead, how do we know the next commander will honor them?
Kane One problem at a time.
Miller What about Clarke? With Lexa gone she's not safe in Polis.
Octavia Clarke made her choice. The only thing that matters now is killing Pike.
Kane Octavia's right. Once we resume our place in the Commander's coalition, Clarke will be safe. So how do we do it?
Monty (on radio) Bellamy come in. It's Monty. I'm in trouble. Please say you still have your radio.
Sinclair If we respond and Pike's listening-
Bellamy Go to channel seven. Please say you still have your radio. That's seven words after the word trouble. It's code, go to seven.
Monty Bellamy, are you there?
Kane Monty, it's Kane. What's wrong?
Monty Pike knows that I helped you get out.
Kane Can you get to the dropship?
Monty I think so.
Kane Good, go there. I'll bring you in. Stay off the radio. Over and out.
Harper Hold on, what if it's a trap and Pike's waiting?
Kane That's why I'm going alone.
Octavia Like hell you are.
Miller I'm with Octavia. Monty saved our lives. I'm going too.
Kane No you're not. If it is a trap, I'm not marching our entire insurgency into it.
Octavia To stop me, you're gonna have to kill me.
Bellamy She hopes it's a trap.
Octavia He's coming too. We need a hostage to trade for Monty.
Kane That's a good plan. He stays chained and gag him.
Miller Sir, with all due respect-
Kane He's the enemy. Do what I said.
Scene 5 - Arkadia
Jaha At first, Raven refuses to take back our machine. And now, she's looking for ways to leave us. I'm telling you, doubt spreads like a virus.
ALIE It's not logical, according to the data all human behavior revolves around the avoidance of pain. I offer an escape from suffering. Why would anyone resist this?
Jaha Logic has nothing to do with it. Free will is the problem, I told you. We have to get around it.
ALIE Around it, how?
Jaha Give Raven back her pain. Remind her what life was like without you.
ALIE You're suggesting I coerce complicity.
Jaha I'm suggesting that once we give consent to take the key, we're yours. Tools to be used to accomplish our mission. Saving the human race by migrating what's left of it to the City of Light. In that way we're no different than the missiles you launched a hundred years ago. You hacked their programming. Now it's time to hack ours. Override freewill starting with Raven's, and let's finish what we started.
ALIE Did you send the hundred to the ground wearing biometric wristbands?
Jaha Yes. Why?
Raven I'm telling you this will work these wristbands were designed to transmit vital signs. Electric pulse signals from the body.
Abby I designed them, I know how they work.
Raven You know they have a transmitter. All we have to do is reverse it and send an energy pulse into my brain. If I'm right it will fry whatever ALIE put in there without damaging the tissue.
Jasper And if you're wrong?
Raven If I was wrong ALIE wouldn't be looking at me like I stole her favorite toy. She's here.
Abby You can see her?
Raven Yeah.
ALIE Why Raven? With everything that I can do for you? Why would you do this?
Raven Because you stole my memories, you crazy bitch!
ALIE Are there any wristbands left?
Jaha I'm not sure, we made more than we needed. It's possible there could be a few still hanging around.
ALIE Find them.
[The chipped people stand up and begin searching for the wristbands.]
Jaha Why?
ALIE She may have found a way to disconnect.
Jaha Then we have no choice.
Jasper The wristbands where are they?
Raven I don't know.
Abby I do.
Raven No! No! Everything I hear, she hears. Everything I see, she sees. Just-just tell him.
[Abby whispers to Jasper where the wristbands are.]
Jasper Hey, we're gonna fix you alright?
ALIE Tell him to stay. Tell him you changed your mind.
Raven No! No!
ALIE Then I'm sorry for this.
[ALIE gives Raven some of her pain back regarding being drilled into and shocked at Mount Weather. She falls over.]
Abby What's wrong? Raven! Raven! Talk to me. Talk to me.
ALIE You wanted your memories back. Here they are.
[Raven remembers being drilled into and Mount Weather and screams.]
Abby Her heart's racing! Look, we need to get her to medical.
[Abby and Jasper carry and screaming and crying Raven and lay her on a bed.]
Abby Jackson, I need a raper stick!
Raven Make it stop.
Abby Get it now!
[Raven remembers her surgery from "Inclement Weather" and continues to scream.]
Abby Go get the wristbands.
[She looks at Jackson.]
Abby What are you waiting for? Go!
ALIE Give her what she wants. She's about to break.
[Raven remembers Finn's mercy kill and continues to scream.]
Abby Jackson!
ALIE I can make it stop. I can lead you back to the City of Light. All you have to do is submit.
[Raven remembers Finn's death once more and continues crying and screaming.]
Raven I submit.
ALIE Completely, Raven. Permanently.
Raven Yes, I submit! Please! Please!
Abby What the hell is wrong with you?
[Raven screams one last time before collapsing.]
Abby Raven.
Raven/ALIE I have full access to Raven's synaptic network. She's ours.
[Jackson steps towards Abby and plunges a syringe into her neck knocking her unconscious.]
Scene 6 - Polis
Murphy Seek higher things.
Ontari Did you find it?
Murphy No just a corporate motto. First commander went into space to seek higher things. Get it? You know what, nevermind.
Ontari You said it would be here.
Murphy Maybe I was wrong ok, I'm guessing to know the names of the dead commanders you actually have to be one. You got to get the flame.
Ontari You were guessing? The ambassadors are expecting me. I'll have to kill them all now.
Murphy That seems a bit excessive.
Ontari I deserve this throne. I was raised for it. Snatched from my parents by the queen of Azgeda. I suffered her cruelty. I won the conclave. The ambassadors don't get to judge me, and neither do you!
Murphy You're right. You're right, we don't. No one does and we can use that.
Ontari What are you talking about?
Murphy Roan, he's got you doing it all wrong. You're hiding.
Ontari I'm not hiding I'm waiting for him to return with the flame.
Murphy And what if he doesn't? The longer we wait the harder it's going to be to convince the ambassadors that you're the real thing.
Ontari We?
Murphy I can help you sell this lie. Because like it or not Ontari, a fake commander needs a fake flamekeeper.
Ontari I'm listening.
Scene 7 - Arkadia
[Jasper enters a room and grabs a case that contains a wristband.]
Jaha I'm gonna need that case, Jasper.
Jasper You can't have it.
[Jaha's chipped followers enter and grab Jasper taking the case.]
Jasper Get off me! Get off me! No! Jaha, don't do this!
[They handcuff Jasper to the wall.]
Jasper What are you doing?
[Jaha takes a hammer.]
Jasper Don't do it!
[He smashes the wristband.]
Jasper NO!
Scene 8 - The Dropship
[Kane and Octavia are bringing Bellamy to the dropship.]
Kane Monty? We got here first.
Octavia No we didn't.
Kane Hey, what are you doing?
Octavia Get outside! Now!
[Monty exits the dropship. Pike follows with a gun to his head.]
Monty He followed me. I'm sorry.
Kane Let him go, Pike!
Pike I can't do that. One at their feet. It's over. Put down your weapons.
Octavia Shoot him.
Kane Monty's in the shot.
Pike Come on, Marcus. I promised Monty's mother that I'd bring him home alive. Don't make me a liar.
[Kane lowers his gun.]
Octavia Kane, no.
[He drops his weapon and puts his hands up.]
Pike Now you.
[Octavia puts a sword to Bellamy's throat.]
Kane What are you doing?
Pike One in the girl's leg.
[Bellamy knocks over Octavia and the rest of Pike's guards appear.]
Pike Hey, you don't look so good.
Bellamy I'm fine.
Pike You got about five seconds to make me believe you're still with me.
Bellamy All the others are in a cave not far from here.
Octavia You son of a bitch!
[She runs towards him but she shocked knocking her down.]
Pike Give me the coordinates.
Bellamy I don't have the coordinates. But I can take you there.
[Bellamy is leading Pike who now has Monty, Octavia, and Kane prisoner.]
Pike You sure about the route? We're getting close to the blockade line.
Bellamy That's why Kane set up out here. He didn't think we'd risk it.
Pike Well he was wrong.
Bellamy What's gonna happen to my sister? I know she has to answer for her crimes but-
Pike Tell you what, I'll make you the same promise I made Monty's mother. Immunity for all past actions, but if she screws up again-
Bellamy Oh she won't. I'll make sure of it. My sister, my responsibility.
Scene 9 - Arkadia
[Abby awakens in a room surrounded by Jackson, Jaha, and Raven. Her hands are tied behind her so she can't escape.]
Jaha Welcome back.
Abby (to Jackson) Not you too.
Jackson Abby, it's a miracle. As doctors it's our job to relieve suffering. Shouldn't you be-?
Abby What was your mother's name, Jackson?
Raven/ALIE Mary Jackson died in her son's arms after suffering a terrible illness.
Abby Who am I talking to? It's ALIE, right?
[Raven nods.]
Abby Mary's death is the reason he became a doctor. Did she take that from you, too? How is that a miracle?
Jaha All you have to do is swallow the key and see for yourself.
Abby That's never gonna happen.
Raven/ALIE He said you'd say that.
Abby I want to talk to Raven.
Raven/ALIE Raven's in the City of Light. All you have to do to see-
Abby I said no!
Jaha Abby, you've stopped us for too long. We need you to tell the people it's safe. What we're doing is too important.
Abby What you're doing is stealing people's minds.
Jaha You're wrong. We're freeing their minds. And we won't be done until everyone is with us.
Abby I don't care if you torture me. I will never take the key.
Raven/ALIE Who said anything about torture?
[Jackson takes a knife handing it to Raven.]
Abby What are you doing?
Raven/ALIE Giving you a choice.
[Raven uses the knife to slit each of her arms.]
Abby No! No! NO! No, stop! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!
Jaha If you want to save Raven, all you have to do is take the key.
Abby Thelonious, please! If I don't stop the bleeding, she's gonna die!
Jaha Her body will die but her mind will live forever.
Abby Please!
[Raven falls to the ground.]
Abby Raven! I'm begging you, let me go to her!
Jaha Open your mouth and hold out your tongue.
[Abby watches Raven continue to bleed out. She soon enough gives in swallowing the key and Jackson unties her hands and she runs towards Raven.]
Scene 10 - Polis
Ontari I am the last natblida, heir to Bekka pramheda. I triumphed in the conclave and you are my subjects. I am the last natblida, heir to Bekka pramheda. I triumphed in the conclave and you are my-
Murphy Commander.
Ontari Who dares interrupt my prayer?
Murphy Ambassador Uzac demanded that he see you.
Uzac Yes, but in the throne room not here. In this sacred space. This was his idea. I beg your pardon, Ontari.
Ontari Say my name again.
Uzac Heda.
Ontari Let me guess. You'd like to hear the lineage.
Uzac Yes.
Ontari No.
Uzac Your reign can not begin until you-
Ontari My reign has already begun. I am the last natblida heir to Bekka pramheda. I triumphed in the conclave, and you are my subjects.
Uzac We will be your subjects after you recite the lineage.
Ontari Is my flamekeeper correct? Did you demand to see me?
Uzac If you think you can intimidate me-
[Ontari kicks him down and gouges his eyes.]
Ontari Now you see me.
Murphy We talked about restraint.
Ontari You told me not to kill him.
Murphy Well, next time I'll be more specific.
Scene 11 - The Woods
[Bellamy is still leading Pike.]
Pike Hold on.
Bellamy The cave's just on the other side.
Pike Keep a sharp eye out.
[A horn is heard.]
Pike The blockade! Anybody got eyes? Back to higher ground!
Bellamy Drop your weapon!
Pike What the hell are you doing?
Bellamy Drop your weapon!
[Octavia knocks down three Arkadia guards.]
Bellamy We bring you Chancellor Pike of the Sky People. O, translate.
Octavia We bring you Chancellor Pike of Skaikru.
Pike You've killed us all.
Bellamy Take him and lift this blockade.
Octavia Take him! Lift this blockade!
[The three Arkadia guards are shot with arrows killing them. The grounders come for Pike. Octavia grabs one of the dead guard's weapons and charges towards Pike.]
Kane Hey, hey no. The grounders are gonna need him alive. They didn't get justice for Finn we won't get away with that again.
Pike In that case-
[He charges for Octavia but is shot in the shoulder with an arrow.]
Kane Where are you taking him?
Grounder To the new commander.
Kane May I join you?
[He rolls up his sleeve to reveal the brand mark of the coalition.]
Kane We're the thirteenth clan.
Grounder Don't slow us down.
Monty Are you sure? We know nothing about the new commander.
Kane I'm sure. Go home. Tell our people what happened here. Tell Abby... I'll look out for Clarke.
[Monty steps away and Kane walks towards Bellamy.]
Kane Did you do this for your sister? Or because it was the right thing to do?
Bellamy You're welcome.
Kane It matters. Until you see that, you'll still be lost.
[Kane walks away following the grounders and Pike into the woods.]
Monty My mom turned me in.
Bellamy You're family. You'll work it out.
[Octavia looks at Bellamy but soon notices Shawn Gillmer is still alive and stabs him killing him.]
Octavia Jus drein just daun. (Blood must have blood)
Scene 12 - Polis
[Ontari is walking through the Polis tower all the guards are bowing before her.]
Ontari I'm tired and hungry. No more meetings. Bring me wine!
[She fetches a chain for Murphy.]
Murphy Oh no, no, no. Easy there, big fellow. That's not necessary, right?
Ontari Put it on him.
[The guard chains Murphy.]
Ontari Leave us. Let me know the moment King Roan returns.
[The guard leaves closing the door.]
Murphy You want to explain this?
Ontari I don't trust you.
Murphy Huh, well I gotta say I'm a little hurt by that.
[Ontari begins to remove her clothing.]
Ontari How about now?
Murphy Now I'm a little less hurt.
[She begins to unbutton her pants.]
Murphy Wait. Wait. There's somebody else, Okay? I'm sorry.
Ontari Is she a commander, too?
Murphy Nope.
Ontari Would she kill you if you ever lied to her, did anything to upset her or break her trust in even the slightest way?
[She pulls Murphy towards her.]
Murphy Oh, the things I do to survive.
Scene 13 - Arkadia
[Jasper is still chained in Arkadia trying to escape.]
[He soon enough breaks the bar holding his chain and leaves. He tries to take pieces of the wristband but since it is broken he takes the hammer instead. He sees Abby and Jaha standing with a bunch of people coercing them into taking the chip.]
Abby I took them myself. Everything that Thelonious said is true.
[Abby gives the man the chip.]
Jasper Raven! Raven, you're not going to believe-
[He finds Raven lying on a bed. He notices the bandages on her wrists.]
Jasper What did they do to you?
Raven They didn't do anything. I'm sorry if I frightened you today.
Jasper I don't understand you were just begging us to get that thing out of your head.
Raven I was wrong. You can finally see for yourself. All you have to do is-
[Jasper plunges a syringe into Raven's neck sedating her.]
ALIE He's taking Raven.
[Jasper picks up Raven and all of ALIE's chipped followers go after him.]
Jaha Find Jasper Jordan. Bring him here.
[Jasper puts Raven in the rover and begins driving away. ALIE's chipped followers pursue him.]
Jasper Oh god. This is not good. Sorry about your paint job, Raven.
[He crashes through the gate and continues driving stopping when he sees Clarke.]
Clarke Jasper?
Jasper Clarke?
[Clarke runs towards the rover.]
Clarke Jasper, what's going on?
Jasper Get in!
Clarke No you don't understand I need to see Lincoln-
Jasper You don't understand Lincoln is dead and we will be too if you don't get in now!
Clarke Why are they shooting?
Jasper I don't know.
Clarke What do you mean Lincoln's dead? That can't be.
Jasper Suddenly, you don't understand what dead means?
Clarke I need him to take me to Luna he's the only one who knows her.
Jasper Shut up! I don't care, okay? You really are the angel of death aren't you?
[Clarke watches her mother step out from the crowd.]
Clarke Mom?
[Jasper continues to drive off.]
ALIE As soon as Raven wakes and I see her surroundings, we'll find them.
Jaha When we do, we'll find the rest of their friends.
Abby Good, now that Arkadia has fallen, we'll move on to Stage Two.