Madi: Gross. 

Clarke: Madi. The infection's passing. But this is gonna hurt. Are you sure you don't want Jackson?

Octavia: Jackson's tending to Indra and the others in medbay. Just do it. 

Clarke: Madi's a big fan. She's heard every story about the girl under the floor who saved the human race. 

Octavia: Now what's your story? You survived six years of radiation? What's your secret?

Clarke: Synthetic nightblood, like me. I took her to Becca's lab and shared my bone marrow to keep her alive. 

Octavia: You're lucky Clarke found you. 

Kara: Ready to move? 

Clarke: She needs another day's rest. 

Kara: She needs to be with her people. 

Octavia: I'm done licking my wounds. Let's go remind the others what we promised them. From the ashes we will rise. 

Madi: Octavia's such a badass. I wish we didn't have to lie to her. 

Clarke: Hey. We've talked about this. We have to lie to eeveryone to keep you safe. If the grounders find out what you are, some of them might try to replace Octavia with you. I can't have you caught up in a power struggle, especially during a war. 

Kara: Hundreds are still refusing to come out of the bunker, aftraid they'll be bombed in the streets.

Octavia: You said they needed to see me, but they can barely look at me. What aren't you telling me?

Kara: Word has spread about our defeat in the wasteland. Diyoza's firepower has crippled us. The soil here is dead. I don't care how much it rains, it won't be arable for years. And, as you know, the hydrofarm can barely produce enough--

Octavia: Stop it. We have faced worse odds than this. 

Kara: Yes, but now we know the warning signs of rebellion. I once betrayed you when you were vulnurable, when Wonkru was living in fear. Look around you. It will happen again unless you take control.

Bellamy: Octavia. Glad to see you back on your feet. She tried to get in to see you, but they wouldn't let--

Octavia: What is she doing here?

Echo: I just wanted to thank you for saving my people. 

Octavia: They're not your people. Azgeda is a memory. There is only Wonkru, and there is no place in it for you. 

Bellamy: I know you two have history, but Echo is on our side. She proved herself dozens of times on the ring. 

Octavia: This isn't the ring. Wonkru, I banished this murderer from the bunker six years ago. My judgement still stands. 

Bellamy: O. 

Octavia: She has 24 hours. If she's still here by then, she fights in the arena. 

Bellamy: I'll be right back. Octavia! Octavia, stop. It was six years ago. You just can't cast her out. She won't survive. 

Octavia: Diyoza's ship. Bellamy. Bellamy, get in the bunker. 

Bellamy: Not without Echo. 

Kara: Blodreina, you have to get below ground, too. 

Bellamy: Echo! 

Echo: Bellamy! 

Kara: Blodreina, Look!

Diyoza: People of Wonkru, this is Colonel Diyoza offering you a chance for peace. I know you all suffered, I know you're hungry, and so many of you are weary of Octavia's rule, but now you have a choice. Abandon your weapons, leave Wonkru behind, and join us in Shallow Valley. We have plenty of food and shelter for those seeking a better life.

Echo: She's recruiting. 

Diyoza: When our ship returns tonight, head for the wastelands. Anyone waiting for us outside the ruins will be rescued. But come unarmed. If Octavia attacks our ship, we will retaliate against your city with lethal force. We're watching everything, always. There is a place in the valley for all of us, so please chose wisely. 

Diyoza: If what you say about the farm is true, this won't make her any friends. 

Kane: No, this is theater. She knows we're still watching. She wants us to think she's still in control. 

Diyoza: Or she is in control and you're not as useful as your girlfriend after all. Relax, Kane. Fostering dissent is like seduction, it takes time. 

McCreary: Don't worry, there are caves all over this valley. Murphy's in one of them. As soon as he surfaces, he dies. What is this?

Diyoza: We need a place to house the defectors.

McCreary: Defectors? You and your politics. Two missiles and this war would be over. 

Diyoza: And then what? How many of our people are farmers? How many are engineers? 

Kane: How many are expected to die of a mystery virus?

McCreary: Say that again. 

Diyoza: Stand down, McCreary. Abby's working around the clock to find a cure for you and the others. You kill Kane and that all goes away. 

McCreary: You think we're dividing their forces, but he is dividing ours.  I thought you wanted to win this war.

Diyoza: 'In war, the greatest victory is one that requires no battle.' Sun Tzu. We have everything: the valley, the weapons, the eye in the sky. They have nothing. They're already hungry, and now they're watching their leader burn food. We're the only thing that can defeat us. 

McCreary: It must be hard...being a visionary surrounded by people who can't see. 

Diyoza: Story of my life. 

Octavia: That might be Diyoza's voice, but those are Kane's words. 

Miller: He knows where we're vulnurable and he's sharing it with the enemy. 

Kara: We need to assume others will be willing to do the same. In the arena, Kane openly dfied you to stir dissent, and dissent spreads like any virus. 

Octavia: I want patrols along the perimeter around the clock. When that ship comes back, anyone caught beyond the ruins--

Miller: This is a private meeting. 

Octavia: It's fine. 

Clarke: We all have people in that valley that need our help. 

Octavia: If you're talking about your mother, I am not interested in rescuing traitors. I'm trying to prevent more of them.

Bellamy: Your people are hungry and you're worrying about defectors? We should stop wasting time looking for enemies in Polis, and we should start trying to find a way back into that valley. 

Octavia: Last time I checked, Diyoza can see our every move. 

Harper: That's where Monty comes in. 

Monty: Laser-comm. It's dialed right into their mother ship. All I need is a relay tower on the ground that we build out of scrap in a computer. I should be able to blind the eye from right here. 

Miller: Good plan. Once it's down, we can attack. 

Octavia: Fine. Miller set Monty up. Cooper, shoot anyone who tries to defect. We're done here. Time to train. 

Bellamy: That is not my sister. Clarke?

Clarke: I'm sorry, I have to go. Madi. 

Madi: Hey, Clarke. Gaia was telling meabout Wonkru combat tactics. 

Gaia: According to Madi, she's encountered our enemy. Perhaps she could train with our novitiates and tell them about it. 

Clarke: Thank you, but Madi's not Wonkru. She's Shallow Valley. 

Gaia: So that's how you survived. Is it true that Praimfaya misse the entire valley?

Madi: Yes, but that's not how I survived. Clarke used her bone marrow to make me a nightblood. I owe her my life. 

Clarke: Gaia, would you excuse us...

Octavia: I told you not to go easy. 

Bellamy: Maybe you should fight someone who's not afraid of you. 

Octavia: Cooper, give him your sword. 

Kara: Your funeral. 

Bellamy: Sure you're up for this?

Octavia: You fight like Azgeda. 

Bellamy: Not a lot to do in space for six years, picked up a few things. Let's get something straight. If Echo leaves, I am going with her. She is not your enemy. You don't even know her. 

Octavia: I know what she's done. Gina at Mount Weather. Ilian in the conclave. Me on that damn cliff. 

Bellamy: We all have things to answer for, things that shouldn't be forgiven but are because we did them for our people, our family. Echo is no different. She was an Azgeda spy, but now she's with me, your brother who is trying very hard to understand who you are now compared to who you were six years ago. All I'm asking is for you to do the same. 

Echo: We've been through this. You're not going with me. 

Bellamy: Like hell I'm not. We survive together, all of us, like always. 

Echo: Monty and Harper are coming, too?

Bellamy: Yes. 

Echo: No.

Bellamy: Echo. 

Echo: You are not dying for me, and neither are they. Your sister needs you here, Bellamy. She's fighting an enemy she can't beat, and now Diyoza is using the fact that her people know it to pull them apart. 

Octavia: So what would you do about it, spy?

Echo: The truth? Surrender. Only a fool fights a war they can't win. 

Octavia: I've got a better idea. Spy for me. When that ship comes back tonight, people will try to defect, and I can't let that happen. 

Bellamy: Octavia, that is not what I meant.

Echo: No, but it's smart. If no one goes for the ship, Diyoza will think Wonkru's still unified. She'll lose faith in Kane.

Bellamy: What happens to the people that she turns in?

Octavia: Root out the traitors, bring me their names before they defect, and your banishment is lifted. 

Murphy: Look, it's been three hours. Maybe this thing doesn't work underground. 

Emori: It's possible. 

Murphy: I guess caves are kind of our thing, huh?

Emori: Shut up, John. Sit still. 

Murphy: Woah, no, no, no. Bad idea.

Emori: I said, stop moving. If I can get into the access panel, maybe I can shut this stupid thing off. 

Murphy: So much for Raven's star student, huh? Look....She's gonna be okay. At least we know she's alive. It's honestly more than I can say for the others. What?

Emori: Nothing. I can do this. I just...I just need some better tools and maybe some...

Murphy: Maybe some what?

Emori: Some gloves. There were some gloves in Becca's capsule. 

Murphy: Oh, great, then only one of us gets to be electrocuted. Awesome plan.

Emori: Come on. We're going to the rocket. 

Murphy: No, no, no. Slow down, okay? If we go outside and the signal comes back online, they'll find us. 

Emori: Wrong. They'll find you. 

Murphy: Right. So we better move fast. 

McCreary: Let's go hunting. Let's go. 

Echo: What do you want?

Tarik:  We just want to talk. I'm Tarik. This is Karina. 

Karina: We saw Blodreina cast you out. Where will you go?

Echo: I haven't figured that part out. 

Karina: We have. 

Tarik: If we had the courage, we would have left with Kane, but now we have a second chance to go home. 

Echo: If Octavia catches you, she'll kill you. 

Karina: Living with what we've done to survive is worse than death. This is a chance to start again, to start our family where we're free. We're not alone. Others are leaving, too. Will you join us?

Monty: Would you stop pacing?

Bellamy: Can you do it or not?

Monty: I have access to the mother ship from the Laser-comm, but everything's encrypted, so no. When we were up there, I could have opened a backdoor from the inside, but we didn't know they had a damn camera! 

Bellamy: Hey, hey, Monty. Take it easy.

Monty: Look, why are we even doing this? So your sister can go to war? What happened to us being the good guys?

Bellamy: We are. 

Monty: Really? Letting her kill people for defecting. Correction-- thinking about defecting. 

Bellamy: Raven's a prisoner. Murphy has a shock collar around his neck and is alone in the woods with Emori. This...this is how we get back to them. Come on, just try again. 

Monty: I'm telling you, I can't do it from here. 

Bellamy: What's the matter? No takers?

Echo: Oh, no. There were takers. I'm just not turning them in. Some bad things went on down here, Bellamy. No one will talk about it, not even the ones that want to defect. I can see it in their faces. I'm sorry. I know this means I'll be banished, but I can't do it. 

Bellamy: Then let's defect with them. 

Monty: Bellamy. 

Bellamy: You said you can't do it from here, but we could do this if we had inside help, right?

Monty: I could put the backdoor code in a thumb drive. 

Echo: Bellamy, Octavia's not joking when she said defectors will be shot. 

Bellamy: Admittedly, not a perfect plan. 

Niylah: Clarke. Clarke, you awake?

Clarke: Yeah. Shh. Madi's sleeping. 

Niylah: Am I crazy or are you avoiding me?

Clarke: No. I'm sorry. It's just everything's so different. 

Niylah: Not so different. You saved our lives again. Thank you, by the way. 

Clarke: That wasn't me. That was Bellamy. I was ready to go to war to protect her. 

Niylah: Looks like we both found new families. 

Clarke: So you're happy here?

Niylah: It was hard for a while, really hard, but we survived, thanks to Octavia. 

Clarke: You mean, Blodreina?

Niylah: How do you explain the sun to someone who's never seen it?

Clarke: And what about the flame?

Niylah: What about it? The time of the commanders is over.

Clarke: Does Gaia still have it?

Niylah: They say you made her into a Natblida. Is that true?

Clarke: Yeah. 

Niylah: I can still tell when you're lying. 

Clarke: Gaia? What the hell do you think you're doing?

Gaia: Protecting the true last Natblida, as my order has always done. 

Clarke: Whose side are you on? What are you, Fleimkepa or Wonkru?

Gaia: Blodreina saved my life, but that doesn't mean I can forget my faith. 

Clarke: You are out of your mind if you think I'm gonna let you kill my friend. 

Gaia: Niylah is not your friend. You're Wonkru or you're the enemy. That's what she believes. If you want to protect Madi, this is the only way. 

Clarke: I said no. 

Gaia: Clarke. 

Clarke: Madi is not a threat to Octavia. 

Gaia: Keep your voice down. 

Clarke: She's a child. 

Gaia: Yes, a nightblood child who appeared two days after we rose from the ashes. That's no coincidence, Clarke. Octavia's not going to see it that way, and neither do I. 

Clarke: Listen to me. If you think you can force the flame on Madi--

Gaia: I would never do that. And I'm not the one you should be afraid of. 

(Niylah starts to wake up)

Clarke: Go, before she sees you. 

(Gaia turns to leave)

Gaia: I hope you know what you're doing. 

Clarke: So do I. 

(Gaia leaves)

Niylah: Clarke. What happened?

Clarke: Someone tried to attack you. I didn't see his face. Why would one of your own people want to do that?

Niylah: These are dangerous times for all of us. 

Clarke: Even Madi?

Niylah: I'm sorry, my friend, but a true nightblood could tear Wonkru apart. 

Clarke: Give me till morning to tell Octavia myself. 

Niylah: If you tell the truth, she will show mercy. 

Clarke: Are you sure about that?

Niylah: No, but I do hope it. 

Emori: Alright, just hold still. Don't give me that look. 

Murphy: I was starting to get the hang of this. 

(Murphy gets zapped by the shock collar)

Emori: John?

Murphy: Damn it! Now you're just doing it to me on purpose. 

Emori: Are you crazy? I don't enjoy seeing you suffer, John. 

Murphy: Then why'd you leave me?

Emori: Because you broke my heart. 

Murphy: What? What's the matter?

Emori: It's complicated. I need a minute to think. 

Murphy: Well, you were the one who ended things with me, Emori. Remember that?

Emori: After you pushed me away again and again and again til I had no choice. 

Murphy: That's because you didn't need me anymore. You were always off with Raven, doing your own thing. 

Emori: So what? You were jealous? When we were on the ring, I was part of something bigger than myself. I didn't know I needed it, but I did. And you punished me for it. 

Murphy: The ring's starting to look pretty good right about now. How much fuel's left in this thing?

Emori: Not enough. Why? What are you thinking?

Octavia: So, what do you have for me?

Bellamy: Nothing you're gonna like. 

Echo: I'm not turning people in so you can execute them. 

Octavia: A spy and a murderer with a conscience. You're right, Bellamy, she has changed. 

Kara: Do you have the names or not?

Bellamy: There's something else. Monty was wrong. He can't hack the eye from here, not without inside help.

Kara: So you've both failed?

Bellamy: Not exactly. 

(Bellamy holds up the thumb drive)

Octavia: What is that?

Bellamy: Inside help. There's a program on it which opens the backdoor to their systems, giving us control of the camera on their mother ship. Monty says it's easy to use if we can get inside their firewall. 

Octavia: You want me to let you defect?

Bellamy: Either that or your people starve to death here in Polis when your farms stop producing. 

Octavia: Out of the question. I'm not sending you on a suicide mission. 

Bellamy: Octavia--

Octavia: Diyoza knows who you are. She knows you're my brother. She'll never believe you're a defector. 

Echo: She'll believe me. I already have the perfect cover. I'm banished. The defectors think I'm one of them. All you have to do is let me go alone. 

Kara: I don't like it. Letting traitors go will promote dissent. 

Echo: You're right. It's a political sacrifice, but a necessary one if you want your people to survive. 

Octavia: Call off the patrols. That's an order. But once you're on the ship, you're on your own. If you're discovered or you fail to take down the eye, no one is coming to save you. 

Monty: The latest grounder fashion with one small modification. The jump drive is hidden inside.

Echo: Clever.

Monty: Once you're on the inside, get it to Raven. She'll know what to do. Don't get killed, okay? You're the only one who liked my algae. 

Echo: Actually, I was just being polite. I've got this. 

Bellamy: Yeah, I know. So once the eye's down, it'll take at least six days for Octavia and her army to get there but you know, I'll be in the rover and I can get there...

Echo: We found each other in a cage. Whatever happens, I know we'll find each other again. 

Bellamy: Yeah. 

(Bellamy and Echo have sex)

Madi: What's wrong?

Clarke: We can't stay here.

Madi: No, no. Clarke. 

Clarke: Madi, please don't question me right now. You should have never left that valley. 

Madi: I did that because you were in trouble. 

Clarke: Listen to me. Niylah knows the truth about you. When Octavia finds out--

Madi: Octavia's your friend. 

Clarke: She used to be, but six years is a long time. Octavia is not the girl from the stories I told you. Not anymore. 

Madi: You think she'll hurt me?

Clarke: I don't know. But I do know that I can't risk anything bad happening to you. You're my family, and family looks out for each other. 

Madi: Where will we go? 

Clarke: Home, when the transport ship gets back. No one cares about your blood there. You'll be safe there.

Madi: You won't. Clarke, if we go back, Diyoza will kill you. 

Clarke: I know it sucks, but sometimes there are no good choices. Now, if anything happens to me, you need to find my mom. You find Abby, okay? Do you understand? Come here. 

Woman: I thought you said he was here.

McCreary: He was, at least 20 minutes ago, then the signal went dark again. I'm guessing he's cave hopping. At least that's what I would do. 

Man: Over here. 

McCreary: Let's finish this. Stay sharp, he's in here somewhere. Up ahead, 50 feet. Spread out. We know you're in here, Muprhy, you have five seconds to come out. Three, two, one. 

(Emori and John kiss from afar)

Emori: This doesn't mean we're back together. 

McCreary: Murphy! 

Murphy: I got it. 

Emori: We have a hostage. 

Clarke: Hey, come on. It's time. Madi, wait here. Echo's defecting?

Bellamy: Not exactly. Come on, I'll explain in the bunker. 

Clarke: Bellamy, we're leaving too. 

Bellamy: What?

Clarke: It's not safe for us here. 

Bellamy: No. Clarke, you don't understand. Echo's defecting so we can take down the eye, and once it's down--

Clarke: No, you don't understand. Diyoza is the least of my concerns. Your sister is dangerous, and Madi's... Madi. Madi? Madi! She's gone. We have to find her. Now. Madi! 

Echo: Good. You're still here. The others are already leaving. Stay with me. We'll be okay. 

Clarke: Madi! Madi, where are you? We're out of time. 

Echo: Come on! 

Clarke: They're shooting at the defectors. There. 

Bellamy: On me. Cooper. What the hell is wrong with you? Octavia said to let them go.

Kara: Who do you think gave me the order?

Octavia: Enter. Is it done?

Madi: Blodreina. 

Octavia: Madi. What are you doing here?

Madi: I need to tell you something. 

Octavia: Our blood is the same. Our blood is one blood. 

Clarke: Madi? Madi! Octavia, get away from her.

Madi: Clarke it's okay. I came to her. 

Octavia: Let her pass. Now we bind ourselves in one blood. You are Wonkru. 

Clarke: What the hell are you doing?

Madi: It's okay. She knows everything. 

Octavia: I understand why you lied, Clarke, you were just trying to protect her. But Madi no longer needs your protection. She has mine. I know what it's like to be the girl under the floor. You don't have to be afraid anymore. Your training begins tomorrow. Don't worry, your secret's safe with me. 

Clarke: Let me see that hand. 

Madi: I know you're mad, but I told her I didn't want to be commander. I did it to keep you safe. 

Clarke: That's my job. And you made it a whole lot harder. 

Bellamy: We had a deal. You said you would let them go. 

Octavia: I said I would let Echo go, and I did. 

Bellamy: You murdered your own people. 

Octavia: I executed traitors, and I made it look like a real defection. Do you really think Diyoza would believe Echo's story if I just let them go? Let me know when the eye is down. 

Echo: Stay with me, Karina. Stay with me. Stay with me. She needs a doctor. 

Diyoza: Parker, that's enough. 

Echo: She's been shot. 

Kane: Let me see. Put pressure on it. Abby will treat it once we get to the ground. 

Diyoza: We appreciate the risk you've all taken, but until we get to know you better...

Kane: What is this?

Diyoza: Just a precaution. 

Kane: Do I get one, too?

Diyoza: Stop worrying, Kane. I take care of my friends. Now, come on, let's go home. 


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