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Exit Wounds is the sixth episode of the fifth season of The 100.[1] It is the sixty-fourth episode of the series overall.

THREATS — Marcus Kane’s attempt to prove himself useful tests Wonkru’s allegiance to Octavia. Madi faces an unexpected threat inside Wonkru, forcing Clarke to make an unlikely ally.


The episode begins with Clarke checking in on Octavia. Clarke tells Octavia that Madi knows everything about the heroine Octavia is. Octavia leaves and Madi says she's sad that they have to lie to Wonkru about being a synthetic nightblood, instead of what Clarke lied about earlier, with her being one that Clarke made on Becca's Island.

Octavia is shocked that Bellamy is dating Echo, the traitor she banished. Bellamy tries to defend Echo saying that she's changed but Octavia makes it clear that Echo is not welcome in the bunker or Polis. Octavia gives Echo 24 hours leave or else face an opponent at the arena.

An opportunity for Echo arises when Diyoza, through Kane's help, sends a message asking Wonkru to defect from Octavia's leadership and join her in Shallow Valley. Diyoza promises them food and protection and jobs at the valley. Octavia doesn't want to show any signs of weakness. So, she asks Cooper to send patrol that would shoot and kill any defectors caught going towards the Prisoners' ship. When she finds Bellamy saying goodbye to Echo, Octavia asks Echo to prove herself by spying on all potential defectors and sending the names to her. While Echo is spying Monty is instructed to start working on a way to block the Prisoners "eye" signal so that they can no longer track Wonkru's moves.

While spying, Echo realizes that a lot of the defectors are filled with fear and are desperate to get some peace. She feels bad for them and chooses not to sell them out to Octavia. Instead, she decides to leave the bunker. Bellamy offers to come with her. When Octavia finds them with Bellamy and mentions that Monty is unable to get the signal to work from outside, Echo offers to take the flash drive with her and spy from the inside. Once inside, she would give the drive to Raven who would know what to do.

Octavia agrees and asks the Wonkru patrol to stand down. She asks Bellamy to stay behind because Diyoza would never accept that Octavia's brother defected against her. Bellamy agrees and says her goodbyes to Echo. However, on their way out, Cooper shoots most of the defectors. Bellamy confronts Octavia about it but she states that she only promised to let Echo go. And if she was to just let them go without resistance, Diyoza would be suspicious.

Back at The Valley, Murphy and Emori have been hiding in a cave to block the Prisoners from tracking Murphy as Emori figures out how to disable the tracker. Thanks to Raven's teachings Emori manages to remove the tracker safely. They also take time to talk about their failed relationship during which Murphy reveals that he pushed Emori away because he was jealous that she was spending more time with Raven.

Meanwhile, Clarke has been lying to Octavia and everyone else that Madi survived the Praimfaya because of synthetic nightblood. She doesn't want anyone to know that Madi is a Natblinda because then it would cause power struggle where the Grounders want her to replace Octavia as the Commander. This would put Madi in danger. She's just a child. Unfortunately, both Gaia and Niylah figure out that Clarke is lying. Clarke manages to stop them from taking any action but realizes that Madi is in danger.

To save Madi, Clarke decides to sneak out with the defectors. Madi doesn't want to leave because she adores Octavia and knows that Clarke would be killed by Diyoza. So, while Clarke is talking to Bellamy, Madi runs away and goes straight to Octavia. She tells Octavia everything about her. Clarke finds them and tries to get Madi away from Octavia - only to be surprised that Octavia actually embraces Madi. Octavia performs a blood ceremony, officially initiating Madi into Wonkru.

Octavia announces that Madi would start her training the following day, preparing her to eventually take over as the next commander. She also promises Clarke that she will protect Madi and her secret.



Guest Starring


  • Jenna Berman as Karina
  • Albert Nicholas as Cosser
  • David Lennon as Tarik
  • Elfina Luk as Roz Rankin
  • Daryl Ducharme as Dexter
  • Glynis Davies as Elderly Azgeda Woman
  • Teana-Marie Smith as Parker (credited as Greedy Female Prisoner)
  • Adam Kelliher as War Horn Operator


Octavia Blake (to Madi): "I know what it's like to be the girl under the floor. You don't have to be afraid anymore."

Niylah: "How do you explain the sun to someone who's never seen it?"

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Production Notes

  • Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada





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