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Bellamy: Previously on the 100

Gabriel: Where's Bellamy?

Echo: It took him. Towards the Anomaly.

Hope: We need to get to Bellamy.

Anders: Her brother is here. I need her to talk him down. No one else has to die.

Bellamy: Let her go right now.

Anders: Let the conductor go, and then we can talk.

Octavia: Open the bridge and send him back to Sanctum. I'll tell you everything you want to know.

Disciple: For all mankind.

Octavia: Bellamy, get down!

Gabriel: Bellamy's dead. I'm sorry.


Chona: That's right. It's operational. Little glitchy, but it's working. And I'm going to bed. I heard about what happened. You're sure you're up for this?

Levitt: I'm fine, Chona. Get some rest.

Chona: Is it true no one's being punished? Not even for killing Anders?

Levitt: I don't think that's been determined. But it's safe to assume, given they control the Key.

Chona: You know what I heard? I heard the Shepherd gave them his quarters.

Levitt: The Key, Chona. Once the last war begins, none of this will matter. Who cares about his damn quarters?

Chona: You're right. The subject is ready for neural link. He shows symptoms of post-traumatic stress from the explosion in the Stone Room. For all mankind.

Levitt: For all mankind. Let's begin, shall we? You're in a vast desert. There's an insect buzzing in your ear.

Octavia(through memory): Bell, it's okay. I can't let you die to save me. Jump through.

Levitt: That was fast.

Octavia(through memory): I'll be okay.

Levitt: The neural link is engaged.

Bellamy(through memory): No way. Not without you.

Disciple(through memory): For all mankind.

Octavia(through memory): Bellamy, get down!

Disciple: What do you see? What's happening?

Levitt: He's alive.


Bellamy: Wait. Stop. Stop.

Doucette: In the light of the Shepherd for all mankind. He saved us.

Bellamy: No one is coming to save us. Your friends on Bardo probably think we're dead, which means-

Doucette: Disciples died at your hand. In the light of the Shepherd for all mankind. He saved us.

Bellamy: Okay, that's enough.

Doucette: Yes, he will save us. I will fight on his behalf.

Bellamy: That's enough. That's enough. Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Stop. I have a better idea. We survive. Both of us. I'm more than happy to leave you here to die of your wounds, but there is a way off this planet. And to do it, it's gonna take both of us working together.


Bellamy: Hey. Lie back. Lie back. Your leg's pretty messed up. This is gonna hurt. This next part is gonna hurt even more. And I'm gonna need your help. If you want to walk again, we need to get this bone aligned.

Doucette: Oh, sweet Shepherd.

Bellamy: He's not here. I'm all you got. On three, with your good foot, push as hard as you can against the wall.

Doucette: There's trees in the forest, limbs. You could just make a splint, bind the leg.

Bellamy: Shut up. Bite down hard. One, two, three. Told you that was gonna hurt.


Bellamy: I'd like to get out of here before we find out what these eggs grow into. Should be boiling soon. If you pull through, we'll have a guy named Pike to thank. Among other things, he taught us that the oozing sap from pine trees on earth can make antiseptics, fight infection, and heal wounds. Let's hope the same goes for the trees on this planet.


Bellamy: You're a brilliant conversationalist. I'm stuck here with you, and everyone I love... Octavia, Echo, Clarke. They're all alive. They're just out of reach. Problem is, to get back to the people I care about, I have to nurse my enemy back to health. Sometimes, Bellamy Blake, irony can be funny. This is not one of those times.


Bellamy: No, sir. Never travels to another planet without something to read. Even if it is pocket propaganda from another false god.


Bellamy: They don't say 'thank you' where you're from?

Doucette: By all means, thank you for caring about yourself enough to save me.

Bellamy: So is this it? Is this the cave of ascent?

Doucette: How do you know about that?

Bellamy: I read it. Sure, it helped pass the hours, but I got to say, the message... Doesn't add up.

Doucette: I've read these words more times than you can imagine. Enlighten me.

Bellamy: It's simple. The Shepherd believes in Transcendence and peace, right? But to get there, in order to reach the next step up, you have to fight a war.

Doucette: Elucidation of that paradox is not ours to know.

Bellamy: Our people have been at war more times than you can know, and let me tell you, it doesn't bring peace, just death and pain and if you're lucky enough to survive, another war.

Doucette: I know who you are. Your beliefs, they're all about you. Your people, your sister, the lives you take to protect them. Your selfish view of the universe makes me sick.

Bellamy: So don't care about people. That's your solution?

Doucette: The Shepherd teaches us we're tiny in comparison to the universe. And when the time comes, he will guide me home.

Bellamy: Okay, I got some news for you, Conductor Doucette. It is through no higher power that you are alive right now. It is through me. It is because of me.

Doucette: Yeah. You. You. It's all about you. Ha! You saw the words. You didn't truly read this. In the shadow of the Shepherd for all mankind.

Bellamy: Do that later. It's time to get that leg of yours shelter.


Bellamy: It's only been a week. Any pain? Quit showing off. Help me pack for the climb.


Doucette: Slow down. Wear yourself out before the actual climb.

Bellamy: I have people I have to get back to.

Doucette: The wall of unanswered prayers. The Shepherd's first hurdle. There's no walking around it.

Bellamy: Yeah. I knew that. Here's the plan. Brace your back against the shelf. I stand on your shoulders. I should be able to reach that handle, and from there-

Doucette: I should go first. I'll hoist you up. My leg can bear my weight, not the both of us. It's weaker than my arms. My arms will get me over the ledge, and then I'll help you up.

Bellamy: Fine. Be careful. Yeah, that's great. Throw down the rope. The rope!

Doucette: Have some faith.


Bellamy: We should be close now. Would have been a little easier if we had some climbing gear your Shepherd brought along with him.

Doucette: It's true the Shepherd prepared for his pilgrimage. To explore the universe he had to. But it was here on Etherea that he found what he was seeking... The remnants of the civilization that had truly transcended.

Bellamy: And we're back to this.

Doucette: We're on a pilgrimage of our own.

Bellamy: You may be. I'm headed for the exit.

Doucette: But the Shepherd guides us both.

Bellamy: You sure you're Shepherd isn't laughing at us?


Doucette: And so the Shepherd persevered, climbing skyward from where the world below appeared as nothingness.

Bellamy: Let me guess. He was rolling a boulder uphill? No, no, wait. I know. He was wearing wax wings and going for the sun.

Doucette: Choose to believe whatever you want. The Shepherd was here. He wrote of the hardships, the killing cold of nights, the snow that raged for months.

Bellamy: They're words on a page. I mean, this... We've climbed long enough to know we can outrun this.

Doucette: We can't outrun that.

Bellamy: So how'd your Shepherd deal with it? Pray it all away?

Doucette: He sought shelter when he needed it. And so should we.

Bellamy: We're running low on rations now. I'm sure as hell not gonna waste them searching for a wind break.

Doucette: The Shepherd's patience should be our example.

Bellamy: The snow will stop once we clear the clouds.

Doucette: The trees are getting thinner. It's only getting steeper. You keep going up, you're going to die.

Bellamy: Well, at least I won't have to hear about the Shepherd anymore.


Bellamy: I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid. Ohh! I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid.


Bellamy: What is this place?

Doucette: Shelter. A cave. This one's bigger than the first one.

Bellamy: You didn't go in?

Doucette: No. When I found it, I came back for you. What's the matter, they don't say 'thank you' where you're from?

Bellamy: Let's just call it even, leave it at that.

Doucette: Try and start a fire.

Bellamy: How the hell did all this get here? Fire. That was quick. Good earth skills.

Doucette: I haven't done anything yet. The cave of ascent. With his own life he saw testament of those that ascended and he knew his life was not in vain. In the shadow of the Shepherd for all mankind, he saved us from the fire that consumed the earth. In the light of the Shepherd for all mankind, he will save us from the war to end all wars. These beings are with the civilization that ascended, just as the Shepherd foretold. Imprints of their energy, their mortal forms arisen. In the sacred cave.

Bellamy: No.

Doucette: In view of proof, yet you still doubt.

Bellamy: No. No. This doesn't make sense.


Doucette: It's been days. I know there's no food, but there's plenty of lichen on the wall. You should eat. The Shepherd survived three months in this cave, and we can too. From the ashes, we will rise.

Bellamy: From the ashes, we will rise. Let me see that picture again. This is your Shepherd?

Doucette: Yes. I told you.

Bellamy: This guy is a cult leader. I saw a video of him preaching on earth. A fraud, a conman.

Doucette: He predicted the earth's end and brought his people safely across the stars. He spoke of beings in the cave, of their ascension. You saw it yourself.

Bellamy: I don't know what happened here, but those things didn't ascend. That book of yours says that civilization needs to have the tech know-how, enough to work the stone, and those- those beings of light, they lived in a cave.

Doucette: They're pure. All we know is that transcendence is born of a civilization's core, its soul. Are they pure enough? Are they worthy? If you don't trust the messenger, then trust the truth of the message, the beings in the cave. You felt it. I saw it in your eyes.

Bellamy: I believe in what I can prove.

Doucette: Do you love your family, your friends?

Bellamy: What kind of stupid question is that? You know I do.

Doucette: Prove it.

Bellamy: At least they're worth fighting for. Not just some words in some book. My people, that is what is real.

Doucette: And yet there's still something missing inside you. Death and despair hover around you like a shroud, a consequence of your selfish love.

Bellamy: Please tell me again how it's better now to love.

Doucette: Love is not the problem. It's how you love that is. It's not filling the hole inside you. I love all people equally. I even love you, a stranger. That's why I came back for you. I'm being tested not to preference the few over the many. I have a greater purpose for all mankind.

Bellamy: Ahem. Well... If those beings of light are what's waiting for you at the end of your rainbow, then go in and bunk with them. But I'm staying here on my side.


Doucette: In the shadow of the Shepherd for all mankind, he saved us from the fire that consumed the earth. And no man...

Bellamy: I lost track of the days after the first two months. How long? How long have we been here?

Doucette: Doesn't matter.

Bellamy: We're gonna die in this cave. Why do you seem so happy about it?

Doucette: Your obsession with your sister and your friends, it's what drives the darkness that makes you suffer. My love for all mankind, my faith in the Shepherd, it's made me lighter than I've ever been. Why is that?

Bellamy: You believe in the Shepherd. Why did the Shepherd believe in?

Doucette: The bond that unites us all, that we're all connected. I can help show you... If you like.

Bellamy: I like. Sure.

Doucette: Close your eyes. Deep breath in. Feel your lungs expand. In the shadow of the Shepherd for all mankind. He saved... You've read the passage. You know the prayer. Come on, say it with me.

Both: In the shadow of the Shepherd for all mankind, he saved us from the fire that consumed the earth. From the light of the Shepherd for all mankind, he will save us from the war to end all wars. In the shadow of the Shepherd for all mankind, he saved us from the fire that consumed the earth.


Bellamy: I don't think this is gonna work.

Cadogan: Bellamy. Hello. Come. Follow me.

Bellamy: I've already seen what's in there.

Cadogan: Have you? These things that you think can save you are just pieces of metal. Faith is the true weapon. You've come far, Bellamy. Your eyes are opening. But there's still so much more to see.

Bellamy: Mom.

Aurora Blake: My son. Go to the light, Bellamy. The light is the way.


Doucette: The first time you chose to pray and the storm broke. Heh! Heh! It means we're worthy, I think. Both of us.


Doucette: The sun's going down. We'll never make it up there before dark. We should go back.

Bellamy: We could go back, but it took us this long to get here from the cave. Tomorrow, the next day, nothing's gonna change that.

Doucette: If we're on that face when night falls, we'll freeze there.

Bellamy: We may. But the days are getting shorter. This is our best chance. Our only chance. Have some faith.


Bellamy: Getting closer.

Doucette: No! Bellamy! I can't! There's nothing... Cut me loose!

Bellamy: No. Look at me. Doucette, look at me.

Doucette: I slipped the book in your provision bag.

Bellamy: What?

Doucette: The Shepherd's book. I wrote the stone codes inside. You can activate the stone yourself. Now cut me loose, or we'll both die!

Bellamy: No. We're doing this together. From the light of the Shepherd... for all mankind... He saved us from the fire that consumed the earth.

Both: And now, inspired by his strength, I search for resilience and the will to find a way. For all mankind.

Doucette: You could have died.

Bellamy: That's not the way I plan on getting off this planet.


Doucette: In the light of the Shepherd.

Bellamy: We're here. I don't... I don't understand. What now?

Doucette: Now we do what we came to do.

Bellamy: How can you be sure that the bridge is down there?

Doucette: This is the path of the Shepherd, and in his light, we will not lose.

Bellamy: Doucette! I am afraid.


Doucette: Talk about a leap of faith.

Cadogan: Welcome back, Bellamy.

Bellamy: My Shepherd.

Cadogan: Please stand. And call me Bill. Pilgrims return from Etherea. I want to know everything. But first, your friends are here. And I'm afraid they've gotten themselves into some trouble.


Gabriel: Thank God for the Flame. Doubt they'd serve us saji bowls in jail.

Octavia: How could you eat right now?

Echo: He can always eat.

Clarke: Gabriel's right. If they didn't believe I had the Flame, we'd be in cells.

Octavia: Where are you going?

Clarke: To wake the others. It's time to go back to Sanctum.

Gabriel: Clarke, we're under house arrest.

Clarke: I'm aware of that. I'm also aware our leverage disappears the moment he puts me in front of that stone.

Echo: So what are you gonna do?

Clarke: I'm gonna offer to do it as soon as the rest of you are safely back on Sanctum.

Octavia: Clarke, they'll kill you.

Echo: You are not sacrificing yourself for us.

Disciple: Make way for the Shepherd.

Clarke: We need to talk. I'm ready to help you. But only after my friends are...Bellamy?

Echo: How? We saw you die.

Octavia: It's hard to keep the Blakes down.

Cadogan: Hold. She has the Key.

Clarke: The Key is the Flame. They think it's still in my head. Say nothing.

Cadogan: I hope that now you're ready to help us, Clarke. Too much blood has been spilled. Each death is a child of earth who won't transcend. I'll give you time to reunite while we make preparations.

Bellamy: My Shepherd...There's something you should know. Clarke doesn't have the Key. The Flame was destroyed. I'm sorry.