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He's alive.

Etherea is the eleventh episode of the seventh season of The 100. It is the ninety-fifth episode of the series overall.

BELLAMY – Where in the universe is Bellamy Blake?


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Levitt: "He's alive."
Doucette: "Have some faith."
Doucette: "We're on a pilgrimage of our own."
Bellamy Blake: "You may be, I'm headed for the exit."
Doucette: "The Shepherd survived three months in this cave, and we can too. From the ashes, we will rise."
Bellamy Blake: "From the ashes, we will rise? Let me see that picture again. (Doucette gives him the picture of the Cadogan family) This is your Shepherd?"
Doucette: "Yes. I told you --"
Bellamy Blake: "This guy was a cult leader. I saw a video of him preaching on Earth. A fraud. A conman."
Doucette: "He predicted the Earth's end... and brought his people safely across the stars. He spoke of the beings in the cave, of their ascension. You saw it yourself."
Bellamy Blake: "I don't know what happened here, but those things didn't ascend. That book of yours says that civilization need to have the tech know-how enough to work the Stone. And those beings of light, they lived in a cave."
Doucette: "They were pure. All we know is that transcendence is born of a civilization's core. Its soul. Are they pure enough? Are they worthy? If you don't trust the messenger, then trust the truth of the message, the beings in the cave. You felt it. I saw it in your eyes."
Bellamy Blake: "I believe in what I can prove."
Doucette: "Do you love your family? Your friends"
Bellamy Blake: "What kind of a question is that? You know I do."
Doucette: "Prove it."
Bellamy Blake: "At least they're worth fighting for. Not just words in some book. My people, that is what is real."
Doucette: "And yet there's still something missing inside you. Death and despair hover around you like a shroud. A consequence of your selfish love."
Bellamy Blake: "Please tell me again how it's better not to love."
Doucette: "Love is not the problem. It's how you love that is. It's not filling the whole inside you. I love all people equally. I even love you, a stranger. It's why I came back for you. I'm being tested. Not to preference the few over the many. I have a greater purpose. For all mankind."
Bellamy Blake: "Well, if those beings of light are what is waiting for you at the end of your rainbow... then go in and bunk with them. But I'm staying here... on my side."
Bellamy Blake: "I don't understand. What now?"
Doucette: "Now we do what we came to do."
Bellamy Blake: "How can you be sure that the Bridge is down there?"
Doucette: "It's the path of the Shepherd. And in his light... we will not lose."
Bellamy Blake: "I am afraid."
Doucette: "Talk about a leap of faith."
Bill Cadogan: "Welcome back, Bellamy."
Bellamy Blake: "My Shepherd."
Bill Cadogan: "Please stand. An call me Bill. Pilgrims returned from Etherea. I wanna know everything. But first, your friends are here. And I'm afraid they've gotten themselves into some trouble."
Clarke Griffin: "Bellamy?"
Echo: "How? We saw you die."
Octavia Blake: "It's hard to keep the Blakes down."
Bill Cadogan (as Clarke hugs Bellamy): "Hold! She has the Key."
Clarke Griffin (whispering into Bellamy's ear): "The Key is the Flame. They think it's still in my head. Say nothing."
Bill Cadogan: "I hope that now you're ready to help us, Clarke. Too much blood has been spilled. Each death is a child of Earth who won't transcend. I'll give you time to reunite while we make preparations."
Bellamy Blake: "My Shepherd... there's something you should know. Clarke doesn't have the Key. The Flame was destroyed. (Bellamy's friends look shocked and betrayed) I'm sorry."

Notes and Trivia

  • This episode is named after the planet Etherea.
  • It's revealed that when Bellamy was caught in the explosion in "Welcome to Bardo," he and Conductor Doucette were blasted backwards through the Temporal Anomaly to Etherea.
    • This also means that Anders only pretended to open the Anomaly to Sanctum as Octavia requested and instead set it for Etherea for some reason, likely to get Bellamy out of the way by sending him somewhere that he couldn't easily return from.
  • Bellamy finds a picture of the Cadogan family in a cave on Etherea and takes it with him. It was the same picture that Cadogan took with him when he left Earth in "Anaconda."
  • While talking with Doucette, Bellamy mentions seeing the video of Bill Cadogan in "The Four Horsemen" while looking for the Second Dawn Bunker with Clarke and Thelonious Jaha.
  • Bellamy mentions Charles Pike and his Earth Skills class. Bellamy is shown using the skills Pike taught him to treat Conductor Doucette's broken leg with tree sap and to weave a rope for climbing.
  • This episode contains no deaths at all aside from a scorpion-like bug that Bellamy is seen eating.
  • For Bellamy and Conductor Doucette, this episode occurs over the course of more than two months. The exact amount of time is unknown as Bellamy states that he stopped counting after two months trapped in the cave by a snowstorm.
  • This episode marks the first of two times in the series that Transcended beings are shown. The fact that the beings in the cave are in fact Transcended is confirmed in "The Last War."

Body Count

There are no deaths in this episode.

Behind the Scenes

  • Aurora Blake's speaking lines weren't in the script.



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