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Eligius III was a colonizing mission. According to the file, the mothership went to five planets that met necessary conditions for life, dropping mission teams on each one.
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Eligius III was an interstellar spaceship owned by the Eligius Corporation which originated from Earth. Its mission, which was launched before the First Apocalypse, was colonization of five distant potentially habitable worlds, leaving mission teams on each world to determine habitability and then to create a colony if possible.

The ship's complement of crew and passengers were inoculated with Nightblood; allowing them to withstand the increased radiation from the habitable world's two suns. However, according to Emori, the radiation levels are good.

The ship's status, as well as that of the crew and its mission, wasn't known to the survivors aboard Eligius IV. It was assumed that the ship had arrived at its destinations; however, this can't be verified because the mission was launched shortly before the Nuclear Apocalypse. It's unknown if they made any attempts to communicate with Earth in the intervening years.

So far, the ship went to five potentially habitable worlds; Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon, which were named after the letters of the Greek alphabet. Where the ship itself ended up and if it even reached all five worlds is currently unknown. If the ship ever radioed its status back to Earth, it was after the First Apocalypse and the message was thus never received. It was originally thought that the Disciples came on Eligius III, but it was later revealed that they came to Bardo through the Temporal Anomaly, as Earth had its own Anomaly Stone and were descendants of the Second Dawn doomsday cult.

The fate of the Eligius III remains unknown.


236 years before Eligius IV arrived on Alpha, Eligius III was assigned to a colonizing mission. It visited five different habitable worlds in proximity to a black hole. It first arrived on Alpha where Mission Team Alpha was deployed with a thousand Nightblood embryos to begin a new colony. Becca Franko helped with the tech on Eligius III. The other planets the ship visited were known as Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon.[1] However, Mission Team Alpha was unsure if any of them were actually habitable. Planet Beta, renamed Skyring by Hope Diyoza, was also habitable, but Mission Team Beta's transport ship crashed on the planet, killing all but Doctor Colin Benson. Due to the planet being further out from the black hole than the other mission planets, time ran faster on Skyring. Though the Disciples were originally believed to be descended from another colony team, it was later revealed that they were descendants of Second Dawn cultists who came to Bardo through the Temporal Anomaly.

It is still unknown what happened to Eligius III.


Phase One of the mission was to test whether or not a settlement could successfully survive on each habitable world. Phase Two was to populate the colony using embryos genetically modified with Nightblood. Supplies such as motorcycles, Nightblood, guns, food, water, building supplies and other materials were given to each group to try to survive. All the original members of Eligius III used Becca's cybernetic implant technology known as the Memory Drives in order to keep log of their findings.

Mission Team Alpha

The Alpha mission successfully built a settlement and a radiation shield after learning about the eclipse and the bugs. 



Mission Team Beta

The Beta mission ended with all but one of the team being killed in a crash on Skyring, ending any attempt at creating a colony.[2] The sole survivor, a quantum physicist named Doctor Colin Benson, studied the Temporal Anomaly on the planet before eventually dying of unknown causes. His Memory Drive was later recovered and reviewed by Doctor Gabriel Santiago of Mission Team Alpha.



Other Missions

It was originally thought that Bardo was settled by one of the other mission teams and that the Disciples are descendants of that team and/or their colony. However, it is later revealed that they were Second Dawn cultists who came through the Temporal Anomaly from Earth itself.

It is unknown whether Eligius III made it to their destinations or not, as the ship's status remains unknown.

Throughout the Series

In The Tinder Box, Eric Jackson indirectly refers to Eligius III by telling Abby Griffin that Becca Franko had first developed the Nightblood for the Eligius Mining Company to protect against solar radiation for long space missions.

In Sleeping Giants, after seeing that Clarke Griffin has black blood, Miles Shaw mentions that Eligius III had Nightbloods on board.

In Pandora's Box, Raven Reyes shows John Murphy a list of four Eligius ships and describes the missions of Eligius I, Eligius II and Eligius IV. Murphy asks about Eligius III and Raven reveals that the file is so heavily encrypted that even she can't break it after hours of trying which Raven finds to be weird. Raven's attempts to hack into the file are interrupted by Shaw's efforts to hack the ship's controls.

In Damocles (Part 1), Eligius III was mentioned as Diyoza says that they weren't criminals.

In Damocles (Part 2), Monty Green reveals in his video message that Eligius III was sent to a new habitable world to tap for oil, since Earth's oil supplies had run out, which is the same world Eligius IV is now orbiting.

In Sanctum, Bellamy reveals that according to the file, Eligius III was a colonizing mission and it went to 5 planets that met necessary conditions for life, dropping mission teams on each one.[3] Eligius III came to the first habitable world called, "Alpha." The Lightbourne family, aboard the ship are also introduced. Jordan Green and the others deduced that Eligius III had arrived on Alpha about over 200 years ago.

In Red Sun Rising, a flashback shows that in 2045, a mission team from Eligius III is on Alpha. They decided to name Alpha, "Sanctum". Later, one of the members of the mission team suffers a psychosis.

In The Children of Gabriel, it's revealed that the original Prime colonists became a royal family of the current settlement because of their special blood, using Mind Drives to be constantly resurrected in new Nightblood hosts.

In The Blood of Sanctum, it is revealed that the other planets Eligius III visited were known as Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon. After their people revolt against them, the surviving Primes decide to take Eligius IV to the other planets Eligius III went to in order to find a new home. However, this plan was foiled when most of the Primes were floated by Clarke Griffin, and Russell Lightbourne was arrested for his crimes.

In The Garden, after arriving on Skyring through the Temporal Anomaly, Gabriel Santiago recognizes the corpse of Doctor Colin Benson as a friend from Eligius III. As a result, Gabriel realizes that Skyring is in fact Planet Beta from the Eligius III mission. Recovering Colin's Memory Drive, Gabriel learns that Mission Team Beta's transport crashed on the planet, killing all but Colin. Given the presence of the Anomaly on two of the planets Eligius III went to, Gabriel doubts the choice of planets was a coincidence and suggests that the Disciples from Bardo are also the descendants of Eligius III colonists. Its also learned from a recording of Becca Franco on the Memory Drive that the five planets chosen were in close proximity to a black hole, though Skyring was further out.

In False Gods, Raven tells Indra, Clarke, Murphy and Emori that protective gear will have no effect on gamma radiation. Raven lists it as one of the reasons that Eligius III went with Nightbloods instead which they too have in the form of Clarke, Murphy and Emori.

In Hesperides, Gabriel questions Orlando about his people potentially being from Eligius III. Orlando, having mentioned the Shepherd of the Disciples' mythology, orders Gabriel not to say the Shepherd's name after he mentions the ship. It is thought that the Disciples revere Eligius III as the Shepherd that saved them from the fire that destroyed the Earth as part of their mythology. Gabriel later speaks with Orlando about the ship, stating that they both come from it and were both saved by Eligius III from the destruction of the Earth caused in part by people bastardizing their beliefs. Gabriel points out that the Shepherd wouldn't condone the acts of the Disciples but that men would.

In Welcome to Bardo, while he listens to Anders' preach, Gabriel realizes from his words that the Disciples did not come from Eligius III at all. Instead, they came through the Temporal Anomaly from Earth itself.

In Anaconda, its revealed that the Disciples are the descendants of Second Dawn cultists who came to Bardo through the Anomaly, confirming that they are not the descendants of Eligius III colonists.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Jason Rothenberg said that we would learn more about Eligius III in Season Six.[4]
  • According to Rothenberg, Eligius III was sent to a new habitable world 236 years before Eligius IV arrived there.[5][6][7][8][9]
  • Individuals from Eligius IV know some things about Eligius III. Miles Shaw and Charmaine Diyoza talk about them having blood alteration and being sent to a habitable moon. Diyoza and Paxton McCreary also converse about them saying that the Eligius III crew were not criminals, hinting that they were aware of their mission or simply that it wasn't being used as a prison ship.
  • In "Damocles (Part 2)," Monty states that Eligius III went to find new worlds to tap for oil as the Earth's supply was exhausted. It is possible that the Eligius III went looking for five habitable worlds as both a colony mission and a mission to find more oil.
  • The ship went to five habitable worlds; Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon, which were named after the letters of the Greek alphabet.
  • In "The Blood of Sanctum," Simone mentions to Josephine, (Clarke) that the amount of cryopods on Eligius III was smaller compared to the tank on Eligius IV. This shows that Eligius IV was an upgraded version of the Eligius Corporation's available ships.
  • Mission Team Alpha is presumably named after the habitable moon Alpha.
    • It is possible that the other mission teams are likely named after the other habitable worlds that the Eligius III went to.
  • The fate of Eligius III is still unknown after the seventh and final season.
    • In addition, it is unknown if any of the other planets visited through the Temporal Anomaly in that season, aside from Skyring, are in fact Eligius III mission planets.