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Scene 1 - Becca's Lab
Clarke [WIND BLOWING] [42 Days after Praimfaya] [PANTING] 210 miles to Polis.
At least I don't have to swim.
You got this.
[Clarke starts digging in the sand] [THUMP THUMP] [Clarke uncovers the Rover] [EXPLOSIONS] [ENGINE STOPS] [THUD] [PANTING] [RUMBLING] I'm here! I'm here! Mom! [WIND WHISTLING] [RUMBLING] No.
Up until that moment, I believed I'd live in the bunker with the others, with my mom.
I can't bear the thought of leaving her down there, but the hard truth is, I could dig for years and never reach that door.
I've been by myself now for two months, but this is the first time I feel alone.
It's like we were never here.
Maybe we never should have been.
How the hell am I gonna make it 5 years? I came to Arkadia looking for food or water, but all I found were ghosts.
[SOBS] [SNIFFLES] [SNIFFLES] [SOBBING] Part of me thinks that Jasper had the right idea.
What's the point if all there is is pain and suffering? [CHUCKLES] Real cheerful, Clarke.
I'm sorry.
Ignore me, ok? I haven't had water in two days.
I need to find some soon, or I don't think I'm gonna [STATIC] Anyway [CLEARS THROAT] I doubt you can hear me on this piece-of-crap radio But in case this is the last time I get to do this, I just want to say please don't feel bad about leaving me here.
You did what you had to do.
I'm proud of you.
Damn it.
[GASPING] [COUGHS] [ENGINE CRANKS] [ENGINE CRANKS] You think you can kill me? Have at it.
Show me where you live.
Take me to your home.
[PANTING] I'm done! Do you hear me? I've lost everything! I lost my friends, my father, my mother! I've got nothing left! [SOBBING] [SNIFFLES] [BIRD SQUAWKS] [SQUAWK] Hey! [PANTING] Thank you.
[SQUAWK] VOICE-OVER: I used to think that life was about more than just surviving, but I'm not sure anymore.
Animals don't feel guilty when they kill.
They just do it.
They kill, or they get killed.
I tell myself that every life I took was for a reason, but the truth is, the other side had reasons, too.
The Grounders, the Mountain Men, even A.L.I.E. Their reasons to want us dead were the same as ours.
It was us or them, kill or be killed, simple as that.
So what now? What becomes of the Commander of Death when there's no one left to kill? I guess we'll find out because my fight is over.
The question is, who am I now? Wait till you see this place.
It's like the death wave jumped over the entire valley.
Unfortunately, the radiation didn't.
I've lost track of how many bodies we've burned since reaching the ground.
God, this would be so much easier if I knew you were alive, if I knew I was gonna see you again.
Positive thoughts, Clarke.
It's been 58 days.
By now, Monty should have the algae farm producing.
How bad does it suck? No offense, Monty.
[STATIC] And I found berries, a whole field of them.
They're not very sweet, but they're beautiful.
I think that's what they use to make the paint for-
It's ok.
It's ok.
Beja. (Please.) Ai jos gaf in chich yu op. (I just want to talk to you.)
Hey, it's ok.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Are you alone? Are there others? Yu laik natblida, sha? (You're a nightblood, right?) It's ok.
So you can- [SCREAMING] No.
Hey! [MOANING] No.
[PANTING] Last two people on Earth, one of them happens to be the child from Hell.
It's time for supper.
Madi Look.
Madi The berries are ripe.
Clarke That's nice.
Come on.
Madi I caught.
Clarke You cook.
Madi Clarke, you promised.
Madi Last season, there weren't enough, but this year, they're everywhere.
Madi Please? I'll cook for a week and clean up.
Clarke Two weeks.
Madi Deal.
Clarke Come on.
Madi I'll drive.
Clarke English, Madi.
Madi I'm just saying, Skairipa's a beast.
Madi Of course she'd win the Conclave.
Don't worry.
She'll get them out of that bunker.
Clarke I know she will.
Madi I'm sorry they left without you.
Clarke Well, I'm not because if I was with them, I never would have met you.
Madi What about them? Do you think they'll come back, too?
Scene 1 - The Camp
Raven Ha ha! Yes! Finally.
Echo Oh, come on.
I let you win so we could eat.
Raven This isn't eating.
It's surviving.
Monty Hey, the new and improved triple-G tastes better, and you know it.
Harper Triple-G? He calls this one Green's green goop.
Monty Better name, too.
Bellamy And if by better, you mean doesn't want to make you violently hurl, then, yeah, it's an improvement.
Bellamy Speaking of green, how's Eden?
Emori Still just a dot.
Bellamy Emori, take a break.
Raven I don't know why you waste your time.
I told you, atmospheric radiation blocks radio signals.
Bellamy They're down there.
We just can't hear them.
We waste our time so they know there's a place they can live.
Raven Ground radiation has been survivable for a year.
They can live everywhere.
Harper I think we can all agree that green is good.
Everyone Yes.
Harper He is But this stuff still sucks.
Raven [COUGHS] Ok.
Tomorrow I'll try again to boost the signal from the antenna.
Emori Shotgun.
Raven Ha ha! Space walk.
Emori Yes.
Raven I know the feeling, but I need an assistant who actually listens when I tell her to come in.
Emori I will do everything you say, I promise, no fun of any kind.
Bellamy Or we could just figure out a way to get to the ground, and we could tell them about Eden ourselves.
Harper Bellamy, she worked on the fuel problem all morning.
Bellamy 6 years and 7 days.
Harper Hey, time violation.
Raven Dishes, latrine, or murphy? You choose.
Bellamy I'm sorry.
We said we wouldn't talk about it, and I know that you're doing everything that you can.
Raven - Seconds? - Yeah, right.
Bellamy I choose Murphy.
Emori [CLEARS THROAT] [SIGHS] I'd have gone with latrines.
Scene 1 - The Camp
Murphy This is my side of the ship, remember? What's the matter? You wanted me to train, right, so let's do it.
Bellamy [BOTH PANTING] All right, but I win, you come back to the group.
Murphy No deal.
You have too many rules.
Besides, there's no one to disappoint over here.
[COUGHS] - That's a good punch.
Bellamy - Yeah? Now, if you shift your weight when you throw it, might actually hurt.
Murphy You know what I think your problem is? This should be good.
Bellamy You like being a hero, except up here, there are no heroes.
You're afraid you'd become worthless again.
You're not worthless, Murphy.
Murphy Wait, wait.
Bellamy, look.
Bellamy Oh! Say you're not worthless, and I'll let you go.
Murphy Not kidding! Will you look? Look! Let's go.
Bellamy Come on.
Scene 1 - The Camp
Murphy MURPHY: It's been 2 1/2 hours.
Why, exactly, are we sitting here in the dark? We should light up the ring, let them know we're here.
Echo Quiet, Murphy.
Bellamy First, we find out who they are, and then we ask them for help.
- Raven? - Nothing.
Raven Radio sounds.
Their comms might be disabled.
Or the ship could be unmanned.
Murphy Or it's manned by aliens who prefer anal probes to radios.
Bellamy Doesn't really matter as long as they get us down to the ground.
Raven I'm turning on the lights.
You know what? That's enough.
Bellamy We make decisions as a team here, even if we can't stand the sight of each other.
All I'm saying is, it wasn't there yesterday.
Raven Now it's in geosynchronous orbit, which means someone is piloting it, correct?
Harper It could be an AI.
Murphy I prefer the aliens.
Bellamy Something's happening.
Raven A second ship.
That must be a transport.
Bellamy It's headed for the ground.
Raven Emori, fire up the radio.
Murphy Now she wants to talk.
Raven Mayday, mayday.
I am hailing the drop ship now on re-entry to earth.
We are stranded aboard the space station to your west.
Please respond.
Murphy Great.
Looks like we just lost our last chance to get back to the ground.
Raven Mayday, mayday.
I am calling the drop ship now on re-entry to Earth.
Scene 1 - The Camp
Clarke Madi, pack up the Rover.
Get it out of sight and load the guns.
Madi - All of them?
Clarke - All of them.
Madi Who are they? Why are you so scared?
Clarke I will not let anything happen to you.Do you understand?
Madi Well, maybe they're friendly.
Clarke Maybe.
Until I figure this out, I want you to hide in your secret spot.
Madi No. Clarke..
Clarke This is not up for discussion, Madi.
The Flamekeeper scouts never found you there.
Neither will they.
[EXHALES] Promise me you'll stay in the hole.
Madi What about you?
Clarke I'll be back as soon as I can.
Now promise me.
Madi I promise.
If you shoot, they'll hear you.
Clarke I'll make sure it's my only choice.
Scene 1 - The Camp
Diyoza [DOOR CLOSES] [WHOOSH] All clear.
So much for the meek inheriting the earth.
Shaw Whatever took out the rest of the world must have missed this spot.
Diyoza You think? You were right.
Spending extra time in orbit to find this place was a good call.
Now see if you can figure out what the hell happened to our planet while we were asleep.
Shaw On it.
Uh, nonviolent offenders with me?
Diyoza Yeah, both of them.
McCreary Smart.
Give him that.
Diyoza Relax, McCreary.
You're still my favorite mass murderer.
Sweep the village door to door, then the woods.
Let's find out what we're dealing with here.
Prisoner #1 [GUNSHOT] Out! Come on.
Now! What the hell is this? Little bitch shot me.
Prisoner #2 MAN: Aw, come on, man.
You gonna shoot a kid? Why not? For starters, because she's a kid. How about I put one in your leg so you know how it feels?
Clarke Hey, it's ok.
He tried to help me.
I think he might be a good guy.
Clarke There are no good guys.
Diyoza Jenson, Baines, we heard two more gunshots in your direction.
Shaw What's it mean?
Diyoza Find out. Now.
Means we're not alone.
Scene 1 - The Camp
Harper Monty, come on.
Pack your things.
Monty I don't think we should do this.
Harper Look.
I know it's a risk, but they have a transport, which means they carry fuel.
We can do this.
Monty What if it's the wrong fuel? We'll need to burn most of what we have left just to dock, which means we won't have enough to get back here to the place where we've been safe for the last 6 years.
We leave, we can't come back.
Is that really a risk you're willing to take?
Harper Yes. It is.
Monty What if they won't let us dock? What's this really about?
Harper Hey, talk to me.
Monty I killed my mother.
I let my best friend kill himself.
Harper Oh, it wasn't your fault, Monty.
Monty I could have done more.
I don't want to be that person again.
Harper Oh You are strong, Monty.
That's one of the reasons why I love you.
No one should have to be that strong.
Emori Remember, radio me when John gets to the hangar bay so I can go get my Saved you the trouble.
Raven Thanks.
Emori I'll start the preflight check.
Raven Well, you blew a good thing.
Murphy Thanks for the empathy.
Raven Sorry.
Just, having a roommate for the last 6 months because she made you feel inadequate has got me feeling a little cranky.
Murphy Hm. Here I was, thinking it was because you couldn't get us back down to the ground.
That's the thing they don't tell you about happily ever after: Harder than it looks.
Raven Hmm, you know what this is? It's a cockroach playing the violin.
Murphy - Oh.
Raven - Going the wrong way.
Bellamy Final sweep.
Raven Right behind you.
Bellamy Wouldn't it be easier just to step outside? [CHUCKLES] What are we gonna be now, Bellamy? Hey look.
Nothing is gonna change on the ground.
Echo I wish that were true.
Bellamy Oh, I know it is.
We've kept each other alive, all of us.
We're family, and nothing can change that.
Echo I'm still banished.
What if Octavia tries
Bellamy No. She won't.
Echo - You do remember, I almost killed your sister.
Bellamy You're right.
You're screwed.
[CHUCKLES] My sister will understand, you know, and if she's ok and alive and Shh She's ok.
Then she'll forgive you, too.
Echo Bellamy, it took you 3 years.
Bellamy I'm more stubborn than her.
Echo - Ha ha!
Bellamy Good. Trust me, whatever we run into down there, Octavia will be the least of our worries.
Scene 42 - The Bunker