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Clarke: Previously on The 100.

Pike: This land is ours now! Resist and you will be greeted by death.

Octavia: The only thing that matters now is killing Pike.

Bellamy: Echo?

Echo: Bellamy.

Octavia: You know her?

Bellamy: Yeah, she was in the cage next to mine.

Octavia: Where the hell is Echo?

Echo: My Queen, you've got your war.

Bellamy: ALIE controls people. One person at a time until there is no one left.

Jaha: What we're doing is too important. We need to increase the population of the City of Light. We won't be done until everyone is with us.

Clarke: I know how to stop ALIE.

Raven: I see it! It's a kill switch. Come on Clarke.

ALIE: The nuclear power plants that weren't destroyed by the bombs have been begun to melt down. The Earth's surface will be uninhabitable. So you see, the City of Light is the only thing that can save you. Would you really condemn the human race to die in six months?

Clarke: We'll figure something out. We always do.

Emori: John?

Bellamy: Clarke you're not acting like someone who just saved the world.

Clarke: Because we didn't.

(Polis. Octavia is making her way down from the Polis tower. She sees Indra on a cross.)

Octavia: Indra.

Indra: ALIE?

Octavia: Gone. It's over.

Indra: And Pike?

Octavia: I waited till it was done.

(Bellamy and Clarke make their way down from the tower.)

Clarke: She'll be ok. Octavia can take care of herself.

Bellamy: That's not what I'm worried about.

Clarke: She won't be charged, everyone will say that Pike had it coming.

Bellamy: Maybe we all do.

Clarke: How do we tell these people that the world is ending after everything they've been through?

Bellamy: We don't. Not until we know ALIE was telling the truth.

Clarke: It was the truth.

Bellamy: Still, we keep it to ourselves until we know what we're dealing with and how to stop it.

Clarke: You're afraid of how people will react?

Bellamy: Yes, besides I could use a break from keeping you alive. We gave them back their pain, Clarke. Let's not add to that by telling them they're gonna die in six months. Good, once everyone's down, we go home and get to work. We didn't survive this long just to let a little radiation take us out.

Clarke: Thank you. For keeping me alive.

(A scream is heard in the distance and Clarke and Bellamy rush towards it.)

Bellamy: You don't make it easy.

(They both kneel before a grounder woman, clutching a dead loved one.)

Bellamy: He didn't fall.

Clarke: He chased me in the City of Light. Lexa killed him.

Grounder Woman: Wanheda, you did this.

-- Title Sequence --

(Open on Arkadia. Monty, Harper, Jasper, and Raven are celebrating their victory with drinks.)

Jasper: Sorry about the, you know.

Harper: Smashing my face into a wall or pistol whipping me?

Jasper: Can I plead the chip?

(Jasper moves to pour Raven a drink but she stops him.)

Jasper: We saved the world, you're supposed the celebrate. I think that's a rule.

Raven: I'll celebrate when I know the others are ok and when I get the mainframe back online.

Jasper: Is it weird I want to back in?

Raven: It's not weird, Jasper.

Jasper: It is weird that you can code though and your not a coder right? It's like, ALIE upgraded your brain.

Raven: You ok?

Jasper: Are you? You've been through more than anyone.

Raven: There's nothing like a little pain to remind you you're alive.

Jasper: Wish I'd got an upgrade.

(Raven walks over to the radio.)

Raven: Ok, everyone out! Go on, take the music with you. I need quiet to fix the radio.

Harper: *uncomprehensible dialogue*

(Jasper notices a gun and takes it.)

Monty: You sure?

Raven: Yeah, I'm sure. Go on, celebrate. Please, enjoy yourselves.

Harper: (to Monty) I'm starving, help me raid the kitchen.

(Harper, Monty, and Jasper leave. Once Raven notices they are all gone she winces in pain. Raven lifts up a radio.)

Raven: Bellamy are you there? Polis, this is Arkadia. Come in Polis. Come on, where are you?

(Polis. Kane and Jaha have come down from the tower.)

Jaha: What have I done?

Kane: What have we done?

(Abby approaches them both.)

Abby: I told you to stay upstairs with the rest of the wounded. Do you need another shot?

(Jaha leaves Abby and Kane.)

Abby: Do Miller and Jackson have everything they need up there?

Kane: Yeah. They blame us for the chip. It's not safe for us here anymore.

Grounders: Wanheda! Wanheda! Wanheda!

Abby: Clarke.

(Abby and Kane approach Bellamy and Clarke.)

Clarke: Good, you're down. We have to go, the rover's in the north woods.

Abby: What about the wounded?

Bellamy: The grounders don't want our help. Our people we treat at Arkadia.

Raven: (over radio) Hello? Bellamy, come in.

Bellamy: Raven. Are you ok?

Raven: Yeah, we're all in one piece.

Bellamy: Good, there's something we need you to look into.

Raven: First tell me how my friends are. Did everyone make it? Clarke?

Clarke: I'm here, thanks to you. Raven did ALIE ever tell you why she created the City of Light?

Raven: No, why?

Grounder: The king! He's alive we need a healer!

Clarke: Go, fill Raven in. They need a doctor!

(Abby, Clarke, and Kane run towards the grounders who are carrying a severely injured Roan.)

Clarke: Roan? He got shot trying to help me. I thought he was dead.

(Abby checks his pulse.)

Abby: Not yet, but he's close. No exit wound, we need to get the bullet out quickly.

(Echo comes up from behind Clarke and puts a sword to her neck.)

Echo: Get away from our King.

Abby: Wait, no, please.

Kane: You're making a mistake, we're part of the Coalition.

Abby: I can save him but you have to let me.

Echo: We have our own healer. Take the king to the embassy with the rest of our dead. Do it now!

(Bellamy approaches.)

Bellamy: Echo!

Clarke: Bellamy, don't.

Bellamy: Let her go, Echo! Let her go!

Echo: Back off, Bellamy.

Clarke: Your King is my friend, let us help him.

Echo: I saw you in the City of Light, I know you destroyed it, thank you for that.

(Echo releases Clarke.)

Echo: Look around you, Skaikru did this to us. Because of them, your rightful Commander Ontari is dead! This imposter stole her flame.

Kane: No! Wanheda saved us! All of us. Grounder and Skaikru.

Echo: There would've been nothing to save us from if not for you.

Kane: Azgeda has no authority here.

Echo: I the name of King Roan, as rightful caretakers of the throne of the Commander, Polis is not under Azgeda rule!

Rockline Ambassador: Like hell it is. Where's your war chief, girl?

Echo: Our war chief is dead, Ambassador. As a member of the Queen's guard, command of the army fallen to me until he awakens.

Rockline Ambassador: If he awakens. Until a new Commander can ascend, Polis is to be ruled by ambassadors of the Coalition. If Azgeda wants it, they must take t by force.

(Echo decapitates the Ambassador.)

Echo: Consider it taken. No Skaikru leaves this city. For Ice Nation!

Bellamy: Looks like saving the world will have to wait.

(Jaha is placing the corpses of those who fell in the City of Light into a pile. He notices a woman crying clutching a dead man's body.)

(He approaches her.)

Jaha: Let me help you, please.

(She spits in his face.)

Murphy: Good to see you're making friends.

Jaha: Hello, John. Glad to see you made it down, I could use some help with the dead.

Murphy: Go float yourself. These dead are on you too, Chancellor.

(Murphy walks away and finds Emori.)

Murphy: Hey, what are you doing?

Emori: Stocking up. What does it look like?

Murphy: Stocking up for what exactly?

Emori: It's not safe for my kind here. Freikdreina are forbidden. I have to leave this place, John.

Murphy: What are you gonna bail on me again?

Emori: I didn't bail on you I came back. I took the damn chip because Jaha said he would take me to you.

Murphy: Hey, come with me to Arkadia.

(Emori scoffs.)

Murphy: I'm serious. Emori, ok, we can be together there. My people will protect you.

Emori: You sure about that? How many times have they cast you out?

Murphy: It's different now, they owe me. Ok, please. Come on.

(He takes her hand.)

Emori: Ok.

Murphy: Ok?

Emori: Ok. We can still pick up a few things first, right?

(The Temple.)

Guard: Sir, that's everyone we could find. I've stationed ten guarded at the temple door. Are you sure you don't want me to stay?

Kane: You lead them home, Major.

(Abby inspects Kane's crucifixion wounds.)

Abby: Marcus-

(He caresses her cheek.)

Kane: I'm ok. We focus on what comes next.

(Clarke watches them with a smile as Indra, Octavia, and Bellamy enter the temple.)

(Indra hugs Kane.)

Clarke: Well?

Bellamy: You're not gonna like it.

Indra: When you destroyed the City of Light there were a thousand Azgeda warriors inside the City of Polis.

Octavia: Good timing.

Indra: The only way to remove them is by force.

Octavia: Then let's remove them.

Abby: Slow down, you're talking about a war.

Indra: Yes, Rockline, Flokru, and Broadleaf will join Trikru without question. We'll still be short.

Abby: This is madness. We should be leaving with the others.

Kane: They know where we live if we run they'll follow. There are eight other clans, how do we get them to join us?

Indra: I can do it, but I'll need to the flame.

Clarke: No.

Bellamy: Clarke, the other clans will follow whoever has the flame.

Clarke: Azgeda won't.

Octavia: Then we fight, that's the point.

Clarke: No it's not, the point if we don't have time for a fight. We have to save Roan.

Octavia: Save him? They won't let us near him.

Abby: Wait a second, what don't we know?

Clarke: The reason ALIE created the City of Light.

Kane: Why?

Clarke: Nuclear reactors inside power planets that survived the bombs are melting down. Radiation levels are already rising. If we can't figure out a way to fix it, all of us will be dead in six months.

Kane: ALIE told you this?

Clarke: Yes.

Abby: And you believe her?

Bellamy: Raven's looking into it.

Clarke: I believe her.

Indra: Even if it's true, that's six months away. There are a thousand Ice Nation warriors on the street who want to kill us today.

Clarke: They won't kill us.

Octavia: How could you possibly know that?

Clarke: Because we're gonna surrender.

(Jaha returns Ontari's body wrapped in cloth to the Ice Nation, where Echo and other Azgeda warriors await the King's recovery.)

Azgeda Warrior: He has the commander.

Jaha: Ontari belongs with her people.

Echo: Put her with the others. And show him how Ice Nation repays a favor to the bringer of the Key.

(A few warriors attack Jaha, bringing him to the floor)

Seiku: Skaikru is surrenduring.

Echo: Guard the king. The rest, on me. And bring him too.

(The warriors detain Jaha and Echo lead them to where Kane, Indra, and Skaikru Guards are waiting. She orders her warriors to release Jaha, to which he falls over due to pain.)

Echo: Tell them I only talk to Bellamy.

(Indra looks up to reveal Bellamy, who is positioned at a high window, with a gun, peering over the scene. Jaha approaches Kane who has his hands out to support Jaha's weak posture.)

Jaha: It worked. She's in.

(A blade then rips through the cloth revealing that it is not Ontari, but in fact Octavia. She quietly views the Healer tending the King, before sliding along the floor taking out two Azgeda warriors. Octavia then uses a spear from one of the dead warriors to instantly kill the Healer. After, she unlocks a door allowing Clarke and Abby inside.)

Octavia: The King's on the table.

(Clarke, used to Octavia's skills, quickly enters and tends to Roan. Abby enters, clearly astonished yet highly amused at Octavia's handiwork.)

Octavia: Well, go save him.

(Night falls over Polis, while Murphy and Emori approach Bellamy, Kane, and Indra who are discussing Skaikru's surrender terms.)

Emori: I don't like this John.

Murphy: Bellamy's right there. Just wait here.

Indra: She's Ice Nation. She can't be trusted.

Murphy: Never a dull moment, huh?

Indra: Bellamy, pay attention. She's part of the royal guard. Spies. That's why she's not marked. Very dangerous, very loyal.

Bellamy: Not to the people who saved her life.

Kane: Bellamy, I know how you feel about her, but you can't lose control. You offer them technology, guns, whatever it takes to keep her talking. Is that clear?

Indra: I didn't agree to give them guns.

Murphy: Well, that's probably because you're not an idiot.

Kane: It won't get that far. Our objective is to buy time for Abby to save the King. And if you wanna help, grab a weapon and stand a post.

Bellamy: Take mine. I got this.

Murphy: Sorry, Bellamy.

(Bellamy and Echo approach each other while Murphy abandons the scene with Bellamy's gun.)

Emori: What is it?

Murphy: You know what I said about being safe with my people? You're plan was better, let's go.

(Bellamy and Echo come face to face.)

Echo: Before you say anything, remember, I saved your life by taking you out of Mount Weather. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you to bring the girl. I was only following orders, Bellamy.

Bellamy: I wish it was that easy.

(Octavia looks down at the deliberation while Clarke and Abby work together to help Roan.)

Octavia: Today you guys!

Abby: I need more time.

Echo: I know how it feels to lose someone you care about to war, but we do what we do for our people. You slaughter us, we slaughter you. That all went away in the City of Light, but it's back now, so here we are.

Abby: The bullet is pressing against his carotid. It's cutting off blood flow to his brain. As soon as I get it out, he should wake up.

Echo: What are the terms of your surrender?

Bellamy: We recognize Ice Nation rule, and you honor Lexa's coalition, including the 13th clan.

Echo: No.

Abby: Come on. Come on. Almost there.

Bellamy: we'll give you guns and show you how to use them.

[Indra looks at them.]

Abby: got it.

Clarke: Good job. What now?

Abby: now we wait.

Echo: Trikru accepts this?

Bellamy: They're not happy about it.

Echo: Not much they can do now, though, is there, without an army. You were there then you know why everyone hates Skaikru and why we can never accept your terms.

Bellamy: The alternative is war. Is that what you want?

Echo: No one wants war. Lay down your guns, and we'll let your children live.

Abby: His breathing is still too shallow.

Clarke: You said his lungs were fine.

Abby: No. I said I thought so. It's possible a bone fragment could've lodged in the tissue.

Echo: I'll give you time to decide. [turns around]

Bellamy: Hey

[ holds her arm]

Bellamy: I wasn't done talking.

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