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Echo and Hope Diyoza develop a sisterly relationship after being stuck on Skyring with Gabriel Santiago and Orlando for 5 years.


After she was born on Skyring, Hope grew up hating Echo, because Octavia tells Hope the stories of the terrible things Echo has done, which led to Hope's resentment towards Echo, because of Echo's past as an Azgeda member.

In Season Seven, despite her hatred towards Echo, the two agree to overcome their differences to save Octavia Blake and Hope's mother, Charmaine Diyoza. For five years, Hope's hatred towards Echo changes as she gets to know about her. Hope decided to no longer hold a grudge on Echo and both are declared a family as they go on the mission to rescue Octavia and Charmaine.

Throughout the Series

In The Blood of Sanctum, Hope comes out of the anomaly and finds Echo, Octavia, Bellamy and Gabriel. Hope stabs Octavia and Echo yells "knife!", grabbing Hope as Octavia collapses. Hope falls to the ground with Echo holding on to her, as they watch Octavia disappear from Bellamy's arms and the anomaly recedes.

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Notes and Trivia

  • The actress who portrayed Hope, Shelby Flannery said in an interview that she believed there was something between Hope and Echo


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