It's like Queen Nia used to say, war makes murderers of us all.
— Echo to Bellamy Blake [src]

Echo (born Ash) is a major character in the fifth and sixth seasons, after initially appearing as a recurring character in the second, third and fourth seasons. She is portrayed by starring cast member Tasya Teles and debuted in "Coup de Grâce".

In the second season, she was a member of Azgeda's royal guard who had been trapped in Mount Weather, where her blood was harvested until Bellamy and the others had rescued her. After the fall of the mountain, Echo's loyalty returned to Azgeda, and she participated in a plan to manipulate Skaikru and blow up Mount Weather at the behest of Queen Nia.

Echo rose up against Skaikru following A.L.I.E.'s defeat and urged Roan not to trust them. She remained loyal to her people only, until she was banished by Roan for cheating during the final conclave. Echo intended to kill herself out of shame, but was stopped by Bellamy, and she went into space with the other survivors from Becca's Island to escape Praimfaya.

During the six years aboard the Go-Sci Ring, Echo had grown closer to her fellow companions, and entered a relationship with Bellamy. She, along with the rest of Spacekru, returned to Earth to find Clarke alive. Echo reconciled with most of her former enemies and took part in the Battle for Eden against the Eligius IV prisoners, before ultimately escaping onto the ship to avoid the Damocles Event. After learning it would take about ten years for Earth to be inhabitable again, Echo entered cryosleep with the rest of them, but wakes up 125 years later to find out that they have been brought to a new habitable world.

In "Ashes to Ashes," it's revealed that the real Echo is dead and the current Echo is her best friend Ash who killed the real Echo in self-defense in their childhood and was forced to take her place by Queen Nia.

Early Life

She was born on Earth as a girl named Ash and when she was eight-years old, Queen Nia and her army of Azgeda members took her people's land and her father resisted, but was killed by them as her mother hid with her in the cellar. Her people were then being killed when Azgeda started a fire, and Ash's mother was one of the victims. When Nia heard what happened, she executed the men who did it, and brought Ash into harsh training with Azgeda. Because of this, she could not remember her parents, until many years later.

Sometime during training the real Echo and Ash were forced to fight each other, by Queen Nia. Ash killed Echo and took on her name.

Years later, Ash became a warrior[1] whose skill was proficient enough to become a member of the royal guard. She also acted as the Azgeda spy and thus was exempt from the facial scars prominent in the Azgeda warriors and remained unmarked. She was captured by the Mountain Men at some point after the conflict began with the Sky People and was locked up in the Harvest Chamber for long enough that she did not know of the truce when she met Bellamy Blake.

Throughout the Series

In Coup de Grâce, Bellamy Blake awakens in the Harvest Chamber in a cage next to Echo in Mount Weather. When Bellamy tries to break out Echo quickly tells Bellamy, "Quiet. They take the strongest," in Trigedasleng which he doesn't understand. Echo realizes he is a Sky Person and spits on him. She then has the alliance explained to her.

Later when Echo is selected for harvesting, Bellamy saves her by rattling his cage aggressively so that he is taken in her place. Echo then watches Bellamy as he is harvested and after Maya Vie comes to rescue Bellamy. While Bellamy fights Sgt. Lovejoy, at one point Echo grabs Lovejoy's arm to prevent him from stabbing Bellamy with a scalpel, allowing Bellamy to choke him to death. After Bellamy's tracking chip is taken from his arm, he places it in his cage and promises Echo that he will come back for her.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), Bellamy keeps his promise to Echo and returns to free her. Bellamy tells her that there is a Grounder army outside ready to attack and they need to free all the Grounders within Mount Weather. Echo tells all Grounders to be quiet if they wish to be free. After the Grounder Commander agrees to a truce with the Mountain Men, Echo is released along with all of the other Grounders within Mount Weather.

In Ye Who Enter Here, Echo is escorted by two Ark Guards towards the Mount Weather door with her hands tied behind her back. Bellamy Blake and Octavia Blake are outside and approach the two guards and their prisoner. Echo recognizes Bellamy and he orders the two guards to release her while Octavia cuts her free. She tells Bellamy that the summit at Polis is a trap and that an Azgeda assassin has been dispatched to kill the Sky People delegation. Bellamy takes Echo inside to relay the threat to Charles Pike who is unconvinced and accuses Echo of lying. Bellamy tells him that she saved his life and that they can trust her.

Echo leads Bellamy, Pike, and Octavia towards the entrance of Polis. Upon arrival at Polis, they notice an unmanned Rover and Bellamy wonders why no one was left behind as protocol states otherwise. They slowly approach the vehicle and notice two Ark Guards with their throats cut inside. Pike approaches Echo in anger, but Bellamy stops him by saying the guards' death is proof that she was telling the truth. They enter Polis through the underground tunnels which lead them underneath the Polis tower. They notice two Grounders inside the tunnel and Echo tells them that this is the only way inside. When Bellamy, Pike, and Octavia interrupt the summit with news of the assassination attempt, Echo is nowhere in sight.

Later, Echo approaches Queen Nia with news of the successful bombing of Mount Weather, thanks to the information provided by the last Mountain Man. She also tells the Queen that her son is still alive and Clarke Griffin is by Commander Lexa's side.

At some point Echo took A.L.I.E's chip and became one of her followers. She claimed to have seen Clarke in the City of Light, and was aware that she was the one who destroyed A.L.I.E.. Echo was set free from A.L.I.E.'s control after Clarke pulled her kill switch.

In Echoes, in the aftermath of A.L.I.E.'s demise, Echo holds Clarke Griffin at swordpoint when King Roan is found gravely wounded. She doesn't trust the intentions of the Sky People who she blames for bringing A.L.I.E. to the grounder capital, causing the death of Ontari, and stealing the Flame. She wants the king tended by Azgeda's own healers. After Bellamy appears and demands that she let Clarke go, Echo thanks Clarke for destroying the City of Light and releases her. Echo takes charge of the Azgeda army which is occupying Polis and declares the city to be under Azgeda rule, this is immediately contested by the ambassador of the Boudalan clan. Echo declares herself in charge while the king is unconscious and kills the ambassador on the spot.

Echo is watching over King Roan as the healers are at work when Thelonious Jaha brings her the supposed body of Ontari. Recognizing Jaha as the leader of A.L.I.E.'s Cult she has him beaten by her guards until a messenger arrives with the news that Skaikru wishes to surrender. Echo takes Jaha outside and tells him to fetch Bellamy, as she will only talk to him. Once Bellamy arrives she reminds him that she saved his life by taking him out of Mount Weather before it was destroyed, but apologizes for not saving his girlfriend Gina Martin. They discuss surrender terms, Echo unaware that the meeting is a sham so that Clarke and Abigail Griffin can heal Roan. When Echo tries to leave the meeting, Bellamy moves to stop her and she responds by throwing him to the ground and holding a knife to his throat, demanding Skaikru drop their weapons, which they do. Echo returns to the King's chamber and discovers the intruders, but as she is about to execute Clarke, Roan regains consciousness and stops her from doing so. She advises him to kill Wanheda and lead Azgeda to take over the Coalition.

After Clarke and her allies are imprisoned while Roan makes his decision, Echo comes to Roan and again advises him towards war with Skaikru and Trikru, and the execution of Clarke, saying that his people need to respect him. She then presents him with his grandfather's crown. Echo fetches Clarke from the dungeons and presents her to the King, asking if she should summon the war chiefs, but Roan tells her to get out, as he wants to talk with Clarke alone.

Echo stands guard as Roan gives his speech accepting Skaikru as the 13th clan and declaring himself Caretaker of the Throne and Keeper of the Flame. Afterward, she presents the King's seal to Bellamy. She asks him if they will ever trust each other again, to which he replies, "I doubt it."

In Heavy Lies the Crown, Echo leads King Roan to his throne room and informs him that she has doubled the Azgeda guard on every floor. She questions his decision to rule as Lexa did by keeping the Coalition together, but before he can answer, Marcus Kane and Octavia Blake enter, and Roan orders Echo to leave.

Later, she spars with Roan and offers to take his place in single combat if Trishanakru challenges him. Roan refuses this offer and tells Echo he will not run from the challenge. Echo asks what Wanheda offered him and Roan tells her of the impending nuclear apocalypse and Skaikru trying to stop it. Echo doesn't think the story is true, believing it to by a lie invented by the Arkers so that Roan doesn't attack them. She immediately asks to sneak into Arkadia herself and discover the truth, but Roan commands her not to go until after his fight.

During the ambassador meeting, Echo enters and informs Roan that Ambassador Rafel has been found dead.

Echo goes to spy on Arkadia and realizes that Skaikru are repairing Alpha station to survive the radiation. She considers this as a betrayal of the agreement between Arkadia and King Roan, as only Sky People will be saved from the nuclear storm. In retribution, Echo captures Bellamy and Stevens who are out hunting, interrogates them and then returns them to Roan as hostages.

In A Lie Guarded, when King Roan confronts Kane about what is being done to stop the apocalypse and is not satisfied by his answers, Echo enters with Bellamy and Stevens. When Kane explains the plan to turn everyone into Nightbloods (as they can survive very high radiation levels), Echo calls it blasphemy and tells Roan, "nothing they tell us is true". Roan distrusts Kane also and gives the nod to Echo who pulls out a blade and slits Stevens' throat, saying with disgust that warriors don't reveal their secrets. The King then declares war on Skaikru and Trikru and orders Echo to find Octavia and Indra and kill everyone else, Echo leaves, looking pleased to have finally gotten her way.

Echo tracks Octavia to the outskirts of Polis and pursues her on horseback with two other Azgeda warriors. Octavia, riding her steed, Helios, eventually becomes cornered on the edge of a ravine and dismounts. Echo demands Octavia come quietly and tells her that Roan wants her alive, Octavia resolves to fight. Echo orders one of her warriors, an archer, to shoot Octavia in the leg, but Octavia kills the man with a throwing knife. Echo and her remaining warrior then dismount and engage with their swords, but Octavia proves to be more than a match for them, wounding Echo in the leg and killing her remaining warrior with a vicious backhand blow. Echo and Octavia then continue to duel, with Octavia's back to the cliff. Eventually, Echo gains the advantage over her exhausted opponent and breaks Octavia's sword before knocking her to the ground. Even then, Octavia doesn't give in, picking up the sword of the warrior she had just killed and charging back at Echo. The move takes Echo by surprise and she raises her blade to defend herself, accidentally impaling Octavia with it. Echo pulls the sword free and then looks on, shocked and seemingly horrified as Octavia tumbles backward over the cliff and into the river below. Echo peers over the edge but can see nothing in the rapids, and then respectfully says the grounder words that follow the death of a warrior.

Back in Polis, Echo enters Kane and Bellamy's cell with Roan and his guards. The king tells the prisoners they are coming with him and that he intends to take Arkadia and use it as a safe haven for his own people. Bellamy warns Roan that his sister will get to Arkadia first and warn Skaikru, to which Echo shows him the broken parts of Octavia's sword. Realizing that this could only mean his sister is dead, Bellamy starts to break down with grief and Echo tries to console him by saying that Octavia died a "good" death.

In The Tinder Box, Echo accompanies King Roan and his army on their way to Arkadia. While passing through a canyon they spot Clarke ahead and Roan implies that it means Octavia must have survived and warned Skaikru, but Echo tells him that it can't be true, still believing Octavia to be dead. After Roan orders his archers to target Wanheda, Echo warns him of the laser markers aimed at his chest, and it is revealed that there are Skaikru soldiers with rifles on the cliffs to either side of them. Roan gestures to Echo and she orders that their prisoners Kane and Bellamy be brought forth, placing them in front of the army on their knees to act as hostages. Clarke asks for Roan to meet her in private and he obliges, dismounting his horse to go and meet her. Echo warns the King that it could be a trap, but Roan simply replies that it is a trap and they're already in it, before walking away. Echo is left in command of the army and orders it to be ready should the Arkadians attack and to "kill till there's no one left". Kane tells her that since his people have thousands of bullets, the Azgeda army will be the ones with no one left, "then let's hope no one shoots", Echo replies coldly.

While they are waiting, one of the Sky people, Monty Green, appears in the bottom of the valley saying that he's unarmed and needing to speak with whoever is in command of the Azgeda forces. One of the grounders hustles him over to Echo and shoves him to the ground in front of her. Monty warns Echo that an Arkadian soldier, Riley, has deserted his position with the probable intention of assassinating King Roan. Echo regards this news with suspicion but is convinced by Bellamy that Monty isn't lying and that he's trying to stop a massacre. Echo orders two of her archers to accompany her and moves to leave, but is advised not to take the Warriors by Kane and Monty who tell her that the Skaikru snipers will open fire if they see the archers on the move. An alternate course is decided whereupon Bellamy alone accompanies Echo. After using Monty's radio to inform the gunners to let Bellamy and Echo past them, Echo keeps Monty as a hostage in Bellamy's place, and then heads off to locate Riley.

Bellamy, still chained at the wrists, leads Echo through the forest to where he believes Riley would have positioned himself. "Are you really willing to kill your own man to save my King?" Echo asks; Bellamy, in turn asks her if she gets sick of sides, reminding her that radiation doesn't care which side you're on - implying that everyone should be working together towards a solution to the apocalypse. Echo, finally accepting that Octavia must have survived, tells Bellamy she's glad he will be able to tell his sister goodbye before the nuclear storm. "If you'd killed her, these chains would be around your neck", Bellamy warns her. "…war makes murderers of us all", Echo remarks in reply.

Getting close to where they believe Riley is stationed and not wanting Echo to provoke him into firing his gun, Bellamy tells Echo to follow his lead, which she grudgingly accepts. The pair finally comes across Riley, who is lying prone with his sniper rifle trained on the entrance of the cave where Roan and Clarke are meeting. Bellamy immediately starts trying to convince Riley to stand down, while at the same time having to prevent Echo from killing Riley with her bow. "War made me a murderer", Bellamy tells Riley, "don't let it happen to you". After a tense moment when Riley takes Roan in his sights, he finally stands down.

Having sent Riley back to the Sky People, Echo and Bellamy meet Roan and Clarke. Surprised to see Echo and Bellamy in the forest away from his army, Roan asks what has happened, but Echo decides not to tell him of his would-be assassin and tells him everything is fine. Roan informs Echo and Bellamy that they are not at war (yet) and that they've come to an arrangement to share Alpha Station should the Nightblood solution fail. However, as fate would have it, at that very moment the group spots smoke coming from Arkadia and they realize something is badly wrong.

Echo, Roan and some of their warriors, together with the Arkadian forces, hurry back to Arkadia to find it engulfed in flames and being evacuated. Echo watches with hopeless amazement as Arkadia burns and the great ring of Alpha Station collapses to the ground.

In We Will Rise, after the forthcoming nuclear apocalypse has become common knowledge, King Roan sends Echo back to Polis with the bulk of his army to keep the peace. However, Roan mentions that more than half his warriors have deserted to be with their families in what may be their final weeks alive.

In God Complex, it is mentioned that Echo's troops are battling with Indra's Trikru Warriors for control of Polis. Echo's forces control the Flamekeeper's temple and the surrounding districts, while Trikru is holding the tower. When Indra kills several Azgeda Warriors to capture the inner temple, she warns the small group of Sky People accompanying her that Echo will soon send reinforcements.

In DNR, King Roan is returning to Polis (after previously assisting Clarke and other Sky People at Becca's lab), when he is betrayed by Kane – who has renewed his alliance with Trikru. Three Trikru Warriors move to attack Roan but are ambushed by Azgeda archers under Echo’s command, who have either changed upon the King or have otherwise gauged his location from an unknown source. Kane, Clarke and the other Sky People present are all captured and Echo welcomes her King back to the capital.

When Roan arrives back in the city he immediately holds council with Echo to learn of the current situation. After Echo commands one of her warriors to keep the Skaikru prisoners well-guarded, she seems about to object when Roan orders that Clarke be brought to him, but she holds her tongue. Echo informs Roan of the alliance between Skaikru and Trikru and that they chose to capture the Flamekeeper’s temple, despite it resulting in the loss of the more strategically important Polis tower. Echo, realizing that the temple must be of some importance, explains that she ordered the Azgeda forces to besiege and blockade the temple. Roan praises her, saying she has done well. Clarke arrives and Roan dismisses Echo so he can speak with Clarke alone.

It is revealed that the temple houses a bunker capable of housing over 1000 people from |Praimfaya, so Roan attempts work out a truce with the Trikru alliance, but the negotiations fail. Echo and Roan discuss their plans for assaulting the temple but are interrupted by the ‘ascension call’, which only sounds when a new Commander is about to take the Flame. Echo asks how ascension is possible considering the Flame was destroyed, and Roan realizes that he was deceived into believing that the Flame was gone. Echo advises that they try to stop the ascension until they learn who the Nightblood is, but Roan replies that he already knows.

In the throne room, Roan prevents Clarke from ascending and calls for Echo to enter the room with “the healer”, (Clarke’s mother, Abigail Griffin). Roan has Abby inform the ambassadors that Clarke is a fraud, having only become a Nightblood through science. Roan goes on to say that this means they can no longer trust ‘the blood’ if science means that anyone can become a Nightblood and take the Flame – at this, Indra replies that they can still trust the sword and resolves to continue the war. Indra goes to leave, but Roan stops her and offers an alternative, less bloody, solution. Roan proposes that each clan offers up a champion to fight in a Final Conclave, the victor to be rewarded with the bunker for their own people. Indra and all the other ambassadors agree to the conclave.

In Die All, Die Merrily, Echo is present in the crowd which is spectating the champions of each clan being announced by Gaia and each receiving a necklace bearing the sigil of their clan. Among the chosen warriors are: King Roan, Octavia Blake, Ilian and Fio. Gaia gives a speech outlining the rules of the conclave but is interrupted by Luna, the last member of Floukru, who demands the spot of the thirteenth champion. Gaia questions Luna as to who she is fighting for seeing as the rest of her clan are deceased and Echo and everybody else are shocked when Luna declares that if she wins then no one will get the bunker and she’ll leave everyone to perish in Praimfaya.

After the champions have been sworn in, Echo meets with Roan and they are both approached by Clarke, who asks to speak with Roan alone. For once, Roan doesn’t dismiss Echo, and simply asks Clarke what she wants. Clarke states that they can’t let Luna be victorious and implies an alliance, but Roan states that the time for alliances has past. When Clarke asks Roan if he can defeat Luna, Echo states he can, saying Luna “bleeds like everyone else”. Roan tells Clarke she has no respect for grounder traditions and that if he is killed in the conclave then he doesn’t care who, if anyone gets possession of the bunker. “See, that’s the difference between you and me Roan”, Clarke replies, “I want humanity to survive, even if it’s not my people”. Roan harshly advises Clarke to: “get off this battlefield before you dishonor your people once again”.

Once the conclave commences, Echo goes to the throne room with the other ambassadors, advisers, and leaders, and waits anxiously to find out if Roan has been killed when it is announced that the first two warriors have fallen. It is revealed, that the killed warriors are Fio and Gael.

Unable to resist the urge to assist her King, Echo takes a bow and sneaks out of the throne room into the city. Echo then secretly kills the Blue Cliff champion and steals her mask before shooting dead the Sangedakru champion from a window.

Later, Echo remains indoors and hears the sound of a fight. She makes her way toward the sound and observes Ilian and Octavia defeat three other champions. Having a clear shot at Ilian, Echo puts an arrow through his neck but is unable to hit Octavia, who ducks behind cover while dragging the mortally wounded Ilian with her.

As night falls, Echo is perched in a high window and just about to shoot Octavia when she hears the door behind her creak. Instinctively, Echo whirls around and lets loose her arrow, but she misses and her assailant smashes her into the wall and throws her to the floor. Echo’s attacker turns out to be Bellamy, and he whips off Echo’s mask and proceeds to strangle her. Echo is only saved by Roan, who enters the room and kicks Bellamy off of her, saying that he heard both of them, “all the way down the street”. Bellamy informs Roan that he only came into the city to stop Echo, and Roan demands that Echo explains what happened. Echo admits to Roan that she was trying to help him to win the conclave, and Roan is disgusted to have such an affront to his honor as having a cheater on his side. Roan then takes the drastic measure to banish Echo from Azgeda and states that if he wins the conclave then she will not have a spot in the bunker. Echo then leaves in disgrace.

Back in the throne room, Echo is devastated when it is announced that Roan has been killed. Octavia, having slain Luna, enters soon after with the clan sigils and is announced victorious by Gaia. Octavia then declares that she will share the bunker evenly between all the twelve clans and that each clan must choose 100 people who they wish to save.

In The Other Side, Kane is helping the clans select the people who they wish to send to the bunker, but Echo suspects he is stalling and sneaks into the Flamekeeper’s temple to investigate if something troublesome is occurring. Inside the temple, Echo eavesdrops on Octavia and Indra and learns that the entrance to the underground shelter has been locked from the inside by Skaikru: who secretly stole the bunker for themselves before the conclave had even ended. In order to keep the peace, Octavia, Kane and Indra have decided to hide the truth from the grounder clans and hope they can resolve the matter before any of them find out about the betrayal. Echo confronts Octavia and Indra and threatens to reveal their secret to the clans, saying they will pay for it “in blood”. But as Echo turns to leave, Octavia counters Echo’s threat with one of her own, saying that she knows King Roan banished Echo from the Azgeda for cheating during the conclave and that it would be easy to prove it by having the Flamekeepers check the Blue Cliff champion’s body for Azgeda's arrow wounds. Hearing this, Indra states that Azgeda shouldn’t have a place in the bunker, but Octavia disagrees and replies that she will not banish an entire clan because of the actions of one person. Octavia tells Echo to wait with her and Indra for Bellamy to open the bunker from the inside. Realizing that she has no choice, knowing that Bellamy will never leave his sister to die, and no doubt recalling Bellamy’s actions during Mount Weather, Echo agrees to Octavia’s plan.

While waiting at the bunker hatch, the trio begins to feel the effects of the increasing levels of radiation. Eventually, a temple priest enters the room and informs them that the black rain (which was until that moment keeping the clans from approaching the temple) has now stopped and that the grounders are approaching. The priest asks if they should try and stop the clans from entering, but Octavia tells him to let them in, “it’s time to face the music”, she says.

Just before the clans start to arrive, Bellamy is able to open the hatch, much to Octavia’s relief. Octavia then addresses the clan leaders, announcing that they are now one clan and that the bunker is their new home. Suddenly, Octavia snatches Indra’s sword and holds it to Echo’s throat – “everyone except you”, Octavia declares. Echo reminds Octavia they had a deal, but Octavia replies that although she promised to save Azgeda, she didn’t say anything about saving her. Echo shows the fear on her face and glanced hopefully at Bellamy but to no avail. Octavia whispers to Echo that she is free to inform the clans about Skaikru’s hijacking of the bunker, but that since the door is now open, such a claim could easily be discredited. “Be thankful knowing your banishment will be short”, gloats Indra. Echo puts on a brave face and states simply that, “praimfaya awaits”, before she leaves the temple.

In The Chosen, she secretly follows Bellamy Blake, Clarke Griffin, John Murphy and Emori who were on their way to save Raven Reyes. When Bellamy runs over a grounder with the Rover causing them to crash into a tree, then some grounders attack the group and Echo comes out of hiding, riding a horse and helps them fend off the grounders by shooting them with arrows. Bellamy and Clarke are surprised to Echo and ask her what she's doing. Echo says, "I know about the bunker on the island, I just saved your lives and I was hoping you'd return the favor". Clarke and Bellamy agree and she goes to the Becca's Island with them.

In Praimfaya, she helps the others get the rocket ready before trying to commit suicide. Bellamy stops her and convinces her to come with them. She goes to the Go-Sci ring with the rest.

In Eden, it is revealed that Echo and Bellamy developed feelings for each other after spending six years in space together. They share their first kiss on screen. The other Spacekru members - Raven, Emori,Murphy, Monty and Harper also seem to have started trusting Echo despite her previous betrayals.

In Sleeping Giants, Echo helps Bellamy and Raven fight the prisoner who wakes up while they're trying to steal fuel from the prisoners' Eligius IV ship. After landing on the ground, Echo meets Madi at the valley who helps them locate Clarke. Echo and the rest of the group is left hiding in the green valley while Bellamy, Clarke and some prisoners travel to Polis to rescue Wonkru from the bunker.

In Shifting Sands, Echo, Madi, Monty and Harper are reunited with Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia and the rest of Wonkru in Polis after warning them of a missile attack from Diyoza. When Echo and Bellamy start kissing, both Octavia and Clarke are not shocked and not happy about it.

In Exit Wounds, Octavia expresses her resentment for Echo because she betrayed them by spying and cheating during the conclave. But Bellamy defends Echo, saying that she's changed now. Regardless, Octavia banishes Echo from Wonkru but gives her 24 hours to leave. When Diyoza and Kane invite Wonkru defectors to join them at the valley, Octavia asks Echo to prove herself by spying on potential defectors and reporting them to her. Echo agrees but after listening to some of the defectors' stories about how horrible life at the bunker was, she sympathizes with them and refuses to tell Octavia who they are. Instead, she decides to join them as a defector. Bellamy wants to come with her but Octavia won't let him. Luckily, Echo and Octavia are able to work out a new deal. They agree that Echo would take Monty's flash drive to Raven in the Valley. Raven would then insert the flash drive into the prisoners' ship's computer system, giving Monty control to deactivate their satellite camera. Octavia lets Echo leave unarmed but still orders Cooper to shoot other defectors. On realizing that they would be inspected on arrival, Echo shoves the drive inside one of the defectors' wound. She removes it once the inspection is complete after arriving at the valley.

In Acceptable Losses, Echo is reunited with Raven in the valley. She tells Raven about Monty and Octavia's plan but they don't have a way to get to the ship. Raven tells Echo about Shaw and the fact that he's on their side and how he lied about Raven hacking the missile system so that he doesn't have to bomb Wonkru. After hearing that, Echo realizes that the only way to get to the computer system is to betray Shaw. Raven doesn't like the idea but Echo goes to Diyoza against Raven's wishes. She admits to Diyoza that she is a spy but offers to spy for her. She tells Diyoza that she's found out that Shaw is the one who disabled the missile system manually and blamed it on Raven. To prove it, Echo asks Diyoza to take her and Raven to the ship's computer system. While Raven is going through the code to prove it was a manual override initiated by Shaw, Echo inserts the flash drive into the server, giving Monty control over the prisoners' satellite. Shaw is captured and tortured by Diyoza's people. Raven becomes mad at Echo for making her betray Shaw - the only person who was on their side. Echo insists that she did what they needed to do.

In How We Get to Peace, Echo notices that Diyoza doesn't want Shaw dead because he is valuable to them since he is their only pilot and mechanic. However, Echo knows that Raven would make an even better mechanic and pilot. So, she comes up with a plan to kill Shaw so that Raven can take his place. She tells Raven that having control over the ship would give her control over the valley. And it is the only way to victory. Raven refuses. However, after seeing Shaw's loyalty to Diyoza despite what Diyoza is doing to people - including giving Abby drugs - Raven agrees to let Echo kill Shaw.

In Sic Semper Tyrannis, Echo is still planning her move to kill Shaw but Raven reverses her position. Instead, Raven comes up with a new escape plan by inciting an infighting between Diyoza's and McCreary's people. And while the prisoners are fighting amongst themselves, Raven and Emori would turn off the collars and then escape with Shaw. Echo agrees and helps with Raven's plan by telling Diyoza that McCreary's people know that she doesn't want to treat them and are ready for war. With Murphy's help, Raven's plan works perfectly. Echo escapes with Raven, Shaw and Emori into the caves.

In The Dark Year, Spacekru are hiding in the caves with Shaw, Diyoza and Kane following McCreary's takeover of the valley. Echo calls Bellamy to warn Wonkru that Clarke betrayed them to McCreary and now McCreary's men are guarding all the entrances into the valley. However, Bellamy reveals to Echo that they are already on their way and returning is not an option. This puts pressure on Echo to come up with a new plan. Spacekru goes out to scan the area and figure out McCreary's plans. When Echo gets ambushed by McCreary's men, Shaw shows up and helps them take down McCreary's men. Echo is impressed by Shaw's combat skills and realizes that he's valuable to them. After that, Spacekru and Diyoza work out a plan to ensure Wonkru's safe entrance into the valley. Echo calls Bellamy to inform him of the new plan.

In Damocles (Part 1), Echo and the Spacekru are firing machine guns to divert McCreary's soldiers from the entrance gorge they planned with Wonkru. Unfortunately, it turns out that Diyoza and Kane have betrayed them to McCreary. McCreary's men return to the gorge and kill a lot of Wonkru members. Realizing that they've been double crossed, Echo radios Bellamy but Monty picks up the radio, revealing that Bellamy didn't make it back. Echo tells Monty that Wonkru can still win the war if they come back but Monty says that they can't because they don't have a leader they can follow back to fight. So, Echo decides to give them a leader. She asks Raven and Shaw to come with her to get Madi. They find Madi sleeping in the church and quietly asks her if she is the true commander and willing to go back to lead her people. Madi agrees to come with them. While Raven is disabling Madi's collar, Clarke walks in and threatens to kill them if they don't leave Madi alone. Echo allows Raven and Shaw to drop their weapons and let Madi go. Luckily, Madi turns on Clarke and knocks her gun off. Echo starts beating Clarke but Madi orders her to leave her alive if she wants her to come with them.

However, before Echo and her friends can escape with Madi, McCreary comes in and orders his men to kill Echo after capturing Raven and Shaw. Clarke asks McCreary to keep Echo alive so that she can interrogate her first. McCreary leaves two men to kill Echo once Clarke is done with her. During the interrogation, Echo confronts Clarke for betraying her people and especially Bellamy. She reveals that Bellamy survived Clarke's betrayal in Polis only for Clarke to betray him again in the valley. Clarke starts defending herself by claiming that Bellamy put the flame on Madi. But Madi sides with Echo by saying that she chose to accept the flame. Madi convinces Clarke that she is making a big mistake by making a deal with the enemy to betray her own people. She reveals that Lexa's deepest regret is when she betrayed Clarke at Mount Weather. Clarke finally accepts to let Madi go with Echo and kills the men who had been ordered kill Echo. Echo leaves with Madi to meet up with Emori and Murphy. While Madi is driving the rover, they notice Octavia, Bellamy, Indra and Gaia at the gorge. Echo asks them to get in. They drive back to Wonkru's tent to prepare for their next move.

In Sanctum, Echo is one of the key people woken up from cryostasis first to hear Monty and Harper's message about the new world. She is chosen to be in the first group to go to the ground. She wants Octavia to be woken up and come with them in case they run into hostile inhabitants but Bellamy refuses. Echo and her friends arrive in Sanctum and start exploring the castle.

In The Children of Gabriel, after meeting the Sanctum Citizens, Echo joins Raven, Octavia and Bellamy to bring their ship back to Sanctum. She is shocked when Bellamy leaves Octavia to die alone in the woods for killing the Children of Gabriel instead of using a peaceful approach.

In The Face Behind the Glass, Sanctum is celebrating Delilah's Naming Day Ceremony. Part of the celebration involves repentance and making amends. Echo asks Bellamy to participate but Bellamy refuses, saying that he has to bear the burden of what he has done and can't just easily let it go like Echo. After that comment, Echo explains that she is not a heartless person without emotions. She explains that she only became that way because of the trauma she underwent as a child when they were being attacked by Azgeda's army. She explains how she watched her own family get brutally killed. So, when Queen Nia brought her into harsh training with Azgeda, she didn't really have much choice. As Echo explains her past, Bellamy feels bad for her.

In Memento Mori, Echo is upset to learn that the Primes have been using Nightbloods as their hosts in order to live forever. She asks where Bellamy is and is surprised when Josephine, pretending to be Clarke, tells her that Bellamy went to scout locations outside Sanctum without her. She goes to look for Bellamy and comes across a man tied by a tree, with vines going through his body. The man begs Echo to show him mercy by giving him a quick death. Echo tries to kill him but is stopped by Jade who has been following her. She knocks Jade out and kills the man. She ties Jade up and asks her why she is following her. Since Clarke is the only one who knew where Echo is, Echo quickly figures out that it wasn't really Clarke. She asks Jade to tell her where Bellamy really is and Jade reveals that he was captured after figuring out Josie took Clarke's body. After hearing that Josie intended to kill Bellamy that day, Echo quickly leaves and goes back to Sanctum to save Bellamy. On arrival, Echo is disappointed when Bellamy confirms that Clarke is dead. Echo wants revenge but Bellamy convinces her that they need to end the cycle of blood.

In The Old Man and the Anomaly, Echo learns that Clarke is still alive inside Josephine's body but says that they need Raven to remove Josie's Mind Drive. When Madi comes up with a plan to kill the Primes, Echo agrees but says they might have to kill anyone else who stands in their way. She later learns from Emori that she and Ryker are in the process of making an EMP for Josie to get rid of Clarke. They come up with a plan to save Clarke. Echo and Bellamy hide in the bushes on the field to rescue Emori once she steals the completed EMP which they would use to pass through the radiation shield. As Echo, Bellamy and Emori confront Josie while waiting for their other friends to arrive, the Primes sound off an alarm after figuring out that Miranda is dead. As Bellamy drags Josie outside the radiation shield to seek Gabriel's help removing the Mind Drive, Echo volunteers to go back to the palace to save their friends.


Echo is a spy, conditioned to be extremely loyal to her clan. As a prisoner in Mount Weather, she was unaware of the peace between the Grounders and the Sky People and shows disdain for Sky People. After Bellamy Blake returns to free her, she is shown to cooperate with him and agrees to help the delinquents when he tells her he will be sending them to her for safety.

She was extremely loyal to Queen Nia and King Roan. She has the instincts and conviction of a survivor, able to lead others in the absence of her ruler. Though she will follow their orders, she will not do so blindly and will question and challenge their decisions when she has doubts, as well as make her own decisions as she sees fit even if it is against her king or queen's wishes, as was the case when she went behind Roan's back to cheat in the Conclave.

She developed a trust for Bellamy, to some extent, after their time briefly allied together at the Mountain, and would only answer to him after Skaikru offered their surrender. After six years on the Go-Sci Ring with Spacekru, though she remained sarcastic and sassy, she softened up and became open to forming a relationship with others and even grew to truly care about Bellamy.

Physical Appearance

Echo is a tall female with a strong, athletic body. She has light brown eyes and brown hair with dirty blonde highlights that she wears down with two side braids. Unlike other Azgeda warriors, she has no scars on her face.

In Season 5, after the six years jump, Echo's hairstyle is almost the same. She wears most of her hair down except for a hair braid on one side of her face. Her clothing appears ark regulation instead of Grounders clothing.


Bellamy Blake

Bellamy and Echo at the beginning have a hostile relationship, as Echo is unaware the Grounder-Skaikru conflict had come to an end and an alliance was formed. When Bellamy barely escapes from being harvested, Echo sees him as an ally and comes to his rescue when a Mount Weather guard attempts to kill him. Bellamy tells Echo he will return for her and he does so, freeing her and the other Grounders.

In Season Three, Echo betrayed Bellamy for her clan. In Season Four, Echo tried to kill Bellamy's sister, Octavia, during the Final Conclave. In "Praimfaya", Bellamy convinces Echo not to kill herself and instead go to space to survive the Second Nuclear Apocalypse.

It took Bellamy three years to forgive Echo for her past actions. Sometime afterwards they started a romantic relationship. In Season Five, they are shown to be close and emotionally support each other.


Echo serves as an adviser and guard to King Roan. In the beginning of the fourth season, while Roan is unconscious, she takes charge of Polis on his behalf. Later, she advises Roan to kill Wanheda and lead Azgeda to take over the Coalition.


Season Two
Episode Appearance Status
The 48Absent
Inclement WeatherAbsent
Many Happy ReturnsAbsent
Human TrialsAbsent
Fog of WarAbsent
Long Into an AbyssAbsent
Remember MeAbsent
Survival of the FittestAbsent
Coup de GrâceAppears
Bodyguard of LiesAbsent
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)Appears
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)Absent
Season Three
Episode Appearance Status
Wanheda (Part 1)Absent
Wanheda (Part 2)Absent
Ye Who Enter HereAppears
Watch the ThronesMentioned
Bitter HarvestAbsent
Terms and ConditionsAbsent
Stealing FireAbsent
Join or DieAbsent
Red Sky at MorningAbsent
Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)Absent
Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)Absent
Season Four
Episode Appearance Status
Heavy Lies the CrownAppears
The Four HorsemenAbsent
A Lie GuardedAppears
The Tinder BoxAppears
We Will RiseMentioned
Gimme ShelterAbsent
God ComplexMentioned
Die All, Die MerrilyAppears
The Other SideAppears
The ChosenAppears
Season Five
Episode Appearance Status
Red QueenCredit Only
Sleeping GiantsAppears
Pandora's BoxMentioned
Shifting SandsAppears
Exit WoundsAppears
Acceptable LossesAppears
How We Get to PeaceAppears
Sic Semper TyrannisAppears
The Warriors WillCredit Only
The Dark YearAppears
Damocles (Part 1)Appears
Damocles (Part 2)Appears
Season Six
Episode Appearance Status
Red Sun RisingAppears
The Children of GabrielAppears
The Face Behind the GlassAppears
The Gospel of JosephineMentioned
Memento MoriAppears
NevermindCredit Only
The Old Man and the AnomalyAppears
What You Take With YouCredit Only
Ashes to AshesAppears
Adjustment ProtocolAbsent
The Blood of SanctumAbsent


Killed Victims

Notes and Trivia

  • First met Bellamy Blake inside Mount Weather where they were both held as prisoners.
  • She betrays Bellamy and Octavia during The Summit, so Queen Nia could have her war.
  • Echo stabbed Octavia Blake when she wouldn't come quietly. She brought her broken sword to Polis.
  • Exiled from Azgeda twice. First by King Roan, and then Octavia Blake.
  • Had a hostile relationship with the Sky People, but saved their lives in hopes of surviving Praimfaya.
  • She and Emori are the only two Grounders to ever step foot inside The Ark.
  • Echo is the third Grounder to become a main character, after Lincoln and Roan.
  • Echo was the second main character to debut after the first season. All of the other major characters debuted in Season 1. Roan was the first.
  • Echo is the only known Azgeda member alive at the end of Season Four who is not in the Second Dawn Bunker.
  • Tasya Teles stated that she has some theories about Echo's childhood and backstory. Tasya thinks that Echo was either, kidnapped from her family or an orphan child because, Echo doesn't have family.[2]
    • Echo's backstory will be explored in Season Six.
  • Echo, Indra, and Emori are the only three characters introduced in Season Two that are known to be still alive.
  • Echo is the third person which gets nightblood by marrow transplant, first being Clarke Griffin, second Marcus Kane.
  • Her real name is Ash
  • The episode Ashes to Ashes is named after her real name Ash


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