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Earth is where the majority of the The 100 book series takes place. The delinquents crashed in what was Virginia, United States, near Mount Weather.

Colonists' CampEdit

The Colonists' camp was originally created by the 100, the juvenile delinquents sent to test whether Earth was survivable. Later, when the six other dropships came from the Colony, Vice Chancellor Rhodes took command.

Earthborn VillageEdit

Approximately fifty years before the start of the story, Earthborns exited their shelter within Mount Weather. They found the ground survivable and build a village near their former shelter. It is currently led by Max Walgrove.

Mount Weather Emergency Operations CenterEdit

For approximately 250 years after the Cataclysm, Earthborns survived within the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center.

Splinter Earthborns' TerritoryEdit

The splinter Earthborns took control of a vast area to the south of the Colonists' camp.

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