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Earth, Clarke. You need to go to Earth.
Abby to Clarke [src]

Earth, also referred to as "the Ground", was the original homeworld of humanity. The series starts in September 2149, 97 years after a devastating nuclear apocalypse was caused by an A.I. called, "A.L.I.E.". While much of the ground recovered, with vibrant plant and animal life, atmospheric radiation levels remained at a significant level, only unaffecting those who have adapted to radiation.

Survivors in space believed Earth to be uninhabitable, but after a critical system failure in the Ark's life support systems, the 100 were sent to the surface in a last-ditch attempt to determine if Earth is habitable again. There they discovered that the Grounders have been living on the ground for generations. Throughout the first five seasons, various factions, including Grounders, Sky People, Mountain Men, A.L.I.E., and Eligius prisoners, fight for control of the ground.

At the end of the fourth season, Earth is destroyed by the death wave, with only one fertile valley remaining. However, on April 26, 2156, the valley is destroyed by the Damocles bomb, leaving the planet apparently completely uninhabitable.

In Season Seven, it's revealed that Earth has regenerated from the Second Nuclear Apocalypse and is once more habitable. Following the Transcendence of the human race, Clarke Griffin, John Murphy, Raven Reyes, Nathan Miller, Eric Jackson, Emori, Octavia Blake, Levitt, Indra, Gaia, Echo, Niylah, Jordan Green, Hope Diyoza and Picasso settle on the planet for the rest of their lives.


The Anomaly Stone was discovered in South America's Machu Picchu on Earth.

Long ago, at some point, an unknown alien race brought the Anomaly Stone to Earth while they placed the Stones on other different worlds, before their Transcendence. The Anomaly Stone was placed in Machu Picchu, which houses a secret observatory underneath the Temple of the Sun in the South American country of Peru.[1]

In approximately 2042, Bill Cadogan traveled to Peru, where he found the Anomaly Stone in a hidden observatory under the Temple of the Sun. Cadogan decided to bring the Stone to the United States.[2]

In this century, according to Monty Green, Earth has run out of oil, which led to the Eligius Corporation to send the motherships to space in order to find new resources. One ship, Eligius III, was also sent to colonize five potentially habitable worlds. Meanwhile, Earth has other problems, including the spread of the Russian Ankovirus, global warming, and humanity's overpopulation, which has reached to 11 billion people.[3][4][5]

According to Bill Cadogan and Gabriel Santiago, Earth was terrible and it got worse after Eligius III left to other potential habitable worlds, referring the Earth's problem to the politics, the dying ecosystem and the memes.[6]

The world has also suffered conflicts, including the Battle of San Francisco, and the terrorist attacks by the United Liberation Army.

Because of these various issues and problems on Earth, Bill Cadogan has founded the doomsday cult, known as the Second Dawn.

During this time, a scientist named Becca Franko had created an artificial intelligence named A.L.I.E., which became corrupted when it believed that human overpopulation will cause humanity to become extinct. On May 10, 2052, A.L.I.E. launched a Nuclear Apocalypse to kill 6.5 billion people, in order to reduce the population. However, it killed almost 11 billion people on Earth, causing the planet to be effected by radiation. The Mountain Men took shelter in Mount Weather to survive the Earth's destruction, while the Second Dawn members took shelter in their own bunker. Other people all over the world were scrambling for bunkers to survive the apocalypse. According to Jaha's files, all the government bunkers in the United States, were listed as compromised or unviable, except for Mount Weather at that time. Meanwhile, those who survived in the space stations, became ancestors to the Sky People.

Two years later, when Becca fled the destruction of Polaris, she landed on the ruins of Earth, where she encountered several members of the Second Dawn on a scavenging mission. Drawn to the Anomaly Stone, Becca was able to use the Flame to open the Temporal Anomaly to Bardo, but advocated using Nightblood instead to rebuild the Earth and save what was left of humanity there. Bill Cadogan, the cult leader, refused, but his daughter Callie began recruiting people to become Nightbloods to return to the surface. Becca discovered "the final code" using the Flame which led to Judgment Day, the end of humanity which she refused to give to Cadogan. After learning of the Flame, Cadogan had Becca burned at the stake to get it, but Callie stole the AI and fled the bunker with her people, chased by her brother and Tristan who were also Nightbloods. Cadogan then led the remainder of the Second Dawn through the Anomaly to Bardo, where they became the ancestors to the Disciples.

To Callie's people, Becca became a martyr, posthumously known as the First Commander with each bearer of the Flame becoming the next Commander. Callie's group took with them 2,000 more doses of Nightblood to help save the other survivors they would encounter on their journey, eventually becoming the founders and ancestors of the Grounders. According to Titus, they were the first Natblidas.[7] The Grounders adopted Trigedasleng, a language created by Callie as a child, as their primary language.

Many years later, the Grounders became tribal and primitive, and formed a dozen, different clans in what used to be North America. Other Grounders were seen overseas in Egypt. At some point, Azgeda was apparently responsible for burying Earth's deactivated Anomaly Stone beneath the floor of the bunker, though how, why and when is unknown. Deactivating and hiding the Anomaly Stone cuts Earth off from the rest of the Anomaly's network of planets, making one-way travel possible for those who know the Anomaly Stone code for Earth, but preventing anyone from leaving the planet using the wormhole.

For years, many Grounder factions fought in battles and conflicts, while they began surviving in a primitive world. The Mountain Men began surviving in Mount Weather, by staying inside, and using the Harvest Project, by capturing many Grounders, who are immune to radiation.

During the war with Mount Weather, Commander Lexa formed an alliance of twelve Grounder clans, known as the Coalition.

When the Sky People came to Earth from The Ark, they encounter many Grounders in the territory they land in. They began living on Earth, but after the Second Nuclear Apocalypse is caused by the failing nuclear power plants that survived the first nuclear apocalypse, the surviving Grounders and Sky People were forced to take shelter in the Second Dawn Bunker, where they formed Wonkru, a successor to the Coalition.

Six years later, after the Second Nuclear Apocalypse and the Damocles Event, Earth becomes uninhabitable, forcing the remainder of humanity to go into space where they journeyed across the stars.

Over 125 years later, the Earth is revealed to have regenerated and once more become habitable with plant and animal life. John Murphy suggests bringing everyone from Sanctum back to humanity's homeworld which is a much safer place to live. The new environment appears to have almost completely taken over the ruins of the old civilization with a forest standing where Polis once was. The only sign of any of the ruins that once existed in that spot is some fallen rocks over the bunker entrance and what appears to be the overgrown base of the Polis tower nearby. Travel from Earth is once again opened shortly thereafter when John Murphy, Eric Jackson and Raven Reyes rediscover and reactivate the planet's lost Anomaly Stone, allowing two-way use of the Temporal Anomaly once again.

After the human race achieves Transcendence, Clarke returns to Earth with Picasso where her friends decide to join her to live out the rest of their lives rather than remain transcended, so that Clarke will not be alone forever. The Judge warns that there will be no children from the group and they can't transcend when they die however which none of them care about. With the rest of humanity transcended and thus any real threats to their safety gone, Earth is left as a safe home for the group to live out their lives.


On May 10, 2052, A.L.I.E. initiated the Nuclear Apocalypse that devastated the planet and drove humanity to near extinction. Over the following 97 years, much of the planet had recovered but became a very different place. Ecosystems changed, landscapes were reshaped, and life adapted. Much of the infrastructure had been destroyed or decayed. Lush forests grew throughout much of the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area while further north became a wasteland.

The death wave destroyed approximately 96% of the Earth's surface leaving it as charred ruins. However, Shallow Valley was spared and continued to grow lush with plant life, as well as some animals and fish. According to Clarke Griffin and Madi Griffin, the death wave "jumped" the valley, though the deadly radiation didn't.

The valley was destroyed on April 26, 2156 by the Damocles bomb launched by Paxton McCreary. That left the entire planet a wasteland and uninhabitable. Thirty years later, Earth was still uninhabitable and showing no signs of recovery, causing Monty Green to believe that the Earth would never recover and would be uninhabitable forever.

Over 125 years later, Earth has regenerated with plant and animal life and even water sources again. As a result, the planet is once again habitable for humans to live on. According to Gaia, she heard birds and insects during her brief time alone on the planet. In the series finale, Emori was seen fishing at the lake, implying that the fish has returned as well after the Earth regenerated.

Major Locations

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Minor Locations

Art Supply Store

The bunker

Also known as Finn's Bunker, it is the name given to a bomb shelter discovered by Finn Collins. The bunker's original purpose was to serve as a shelter from nuclear bombs in the case of an apocalypse, but the owners possibly never made it. Among the items in the bunker is a picture of a family, presumably the people it originally belonged to. Clarke speculated that even if the family had been able to make it, they would've run out of food within a few years or gone stir crazy, opened the bunker and died of the radiation. The Delinquents used it for supplies as well as a place to take shelter. While it still has food, the food is long out of date and is of no use.

Because of the instability of the Delinquents' society, Finn convinced Clarke Griffin to keep the bunker a secret in order to have a place to hide if the needs arose. In "Murphy's Law", when John Murphy was out to get Charlotte, Finn and Clarke hide Charlotte down in the bunker. After Clarke and Finn fall asleep, they wake up to find that Charlotte ran away. Later, Clarke and Finn sleep together in the bunker. After Raven Reyes arrives on Earth, Clarke takes Raven to the bunker in "His Sister's Keeper" to look for a transmitter to fix the radio. Raven found a remote-controlled car and used it for parts to successfully fix her damaged radio.

Delano's corpse in the bunker

After capturing Delano in "Reapercussions", Finn takes Bellamy Blake, Murphy, Zoe Monroe, and Sterling to the bunker to question Delano, ending in Finn executing him. Finn returns with Clarke to the bunker one last time in "Fog of War" when they flee from Acid Fog, coming face-to-face with Delano's corpse.[8]

Lincoln's Cave

Lincoln in his cave

In "His Sister's Keeper", Lincoln brings Octavia Blake back to his cave to treat her injuries. After Lincoln is captured and tortured by the Delinquents, Octavia helps him escape and he returns to his cave. Octavia meets up with Lincoln again in his cave in "Unity Day" and together with Finn Collins, they arrange the bridge meeting between Clarke and Anya. In "I Am Become Death", Octavia finds Lincoln in his cave, packing up his belongings. He asks her to leave with him but she ultimately refuses and decides to stay behind with the Delinquents. Lincoln returns to the cave in "We Are Grounders (Part 2)" after outrunning Reapers and runs into Finn who came in search of coagulant to save Raven Reyes' life. Finn convinces Lincoln to use the Reapers as a distraction to help the Delinquents during the final battle. The cave is subsequently abandoned after this.

Oil Rig

The Oil Rig

Located away from the mainland, the Floukru‎‎ live on an oil rig. They use boats and oil tankers for transportation. It is unclear how Luna found the Oil Rig after she abandoned her conclave.

Seen in "Join or Die" and "Red Sky at Morning".

It was abandoned in Season Four after all of Floukru died of radiation poisoning due to the Second Nuclear Apocalypse. It is unknown if the Oil Rig was destroyed by the death wave, even though it is possible.

Abandoned Bridge

It is a minor location in Season 1.

Old Bridge

In "Unity Day", it is the place where Anya and Clarke meet. During the meeting, Jasper sees Grounders in the trees. After Jasper realizes that they are aiming at Clarke, he tells her to run and fires at the woods. He manages to take down 2 of the attackers. Anya gets shot, but she gets away.

Raven plants the bomb.

In "I Am Become Death", Raven makes and plants a bomb on the bridge. Finn, carries her away before she gets blown up. The bomb is hit and it destroys the bridge, harming and killing some Grounders including Tris.

Grounders on the bridge

Old Army Bunker

The old army bunker was seen in "Day Trip". It is located nearby a body of water and ruined buildings. The depot was designed to hold supplies for a long time, such as guns and blankets. The bunker is full of cobwebs and thus uninhabitable. Most of the supplies are bad, ruined or stolen.

Depot Ruins

Old ruins of humanity

In "Day Trip," Clarke and Bellamy come across ruins. They search and find a door to the depot. Inside, they find barrels full of grease and guns. Most of the bullets are stubs unfortunately. Clarke finds blankets but Bellamy isn't impressed. Dax stalks them as Clarke and Bellamy are in the depot. The two later bring the guns back to camp to provide protection from the Grounders.

In "Inclement Weather," Marcus Kane tells Bellamy that a search team from Camp Jaha returned to the bunker and found two barrels of guns and a barrel full of ammo. Bellamy admits that they should've searched it harder.

Parking Garage

Parking Garage

Seen in "Fog of War", it was found by Octavia. The garage was abandoned, during the nuclear apocalypse, leaving behind many cars. Reapers have access to the garage, as seen when they attack and kill Sgt. Scott and another guard when turning on an old Christmas mp3 player. It is then once again abandoned when Octavia and Bellamy manage to knock out Lincoln.

National Zoo

Only seen in "Survival of the Fittest", Lexa, Lexa's bodyguard and Clarke stumble across the ruins of the National Zoo when crawling through an old sewer grate, while running from Pauna. The zoo is Pauna's (Gorilla's) "Feeding grounds." Pauna kills Lexa's Bodyguard and Clarke shoots it multiple times. Pauna awakes from her wounds, and Clarke and Lexa jump over a railing and flee into a holding cage, where Clarke locks them both in. They manage to escape, locking Pauna up for a while.

Ilian's Farm

402 Ilian's Farm.png

Ilian and his family lived on an old farm. They found the farm after the first nuclear apocalypse. There, they took care of animals and grew crops. It is seen in "Echoes" and "DNR."

Other Minor Locations


Main article: Body Count

According to Callie Cadogan, almost 11 billion people were killed in the aftermath of the Nuclear Apocalypse.[9] However, some survivors remained, these included the ancestors to the Grounders, the Mountain Men, and the Sky People. The Mountain Men took refuge in Mount Weather and the Sky People survived in space for 97 years isolated from their former natural environment.




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The Last WarAppears



  • At the start of the series, 97 years after the Nuclear Apocalypse, Earth was still irradiated. However, Grounders and Sky People can survive on the ground due to having greater immunity to radiation than pre-apocalypse people.
    • Sky People gained immunity due to genetic engineering and growing up in space exposed to solar radiation.
    • Grounders gained immunity due to natural selection and Nightblood serum.
    • Mountain Men did not go through this process and are extremely vulnerable to the atmospheric radiation on the ground.
  • In Season Four, Earth was ravaged again by the death wave (also called Praimfaya). After five years, in 2155, the atmospheric radiation reduced to habitable level for Grounders and Sky People.
    • During the five years, Nightbloods were the only ones who could live on the ground. Clarke and Madi spent those years living in Shallow Valley while all other survivors either hid in the Second Dawn Bunker or escaped to space.
    • It is unclear how the people from Eligius IV gained increased radiation immunity. While six years after the second nuclear apocalypse radiation is habitable for Grounders and Sky People, it is still significantly higher than it was before the first nuclear apocalypse. Unlike those from Eligius III, they were not given the Nightblood serum. However, they were exposed to solar radiation during their hundred-year space journey.
  • In the Season Five finale, the Damocles Event destroyed Shallow Valley and caused Earth to become uninhabitable. However, Earth managed to recover and become habitable again.
  • Earth still has the Anomaly Stone. It was originally located in a hidden observatory beneath the Temple of the Sun in South America's Machu Picchu before being moved to the Second Dawn Bunker. At some later point, it was apparently deactivated and buried in the bunker's floor by Azgeda who left their symbol burned into the floor above it. As a result, the Anomaly Stone was never discovered by Wonkru during their time in the bunker. After it was rediscovered, the Earth's Anomaly Stone was reactivated by Raven Reyes.

Minor Locations:

  • The bridge scenes in Season One were filmed at the Spur 4 Bridge in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Other TV series using the bridge include Once Upon A Time, The Fringe and The X-Files.[10]

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