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He predicted the Earth's end... and brought his people safely across the stars. He spoke of the beings in the cave, of their ascension.
— Doucette. [src]

Steve Doucette was a recurring character in the seventh season. He is portrayed by Jonathan Scarfe and debuts in "Welcome to Bardo".

He is a member of the Disciples and is a Stone Conductor, being in charge of the Anomaly Stone.

Early Life

Not much is known about his early life. He was born as one of the embryos descended from the Second Dawn cult members who fled the Earth after the Nuclear Apocalypse and were brought to Bardo, using the Anomaly Stone and the Temporal Anomaly. At some point, he became a devout member of the Disciples and a Stone Conductor, as he knew the history of the Shepherd and the religious beliefs of the Transcendence.

Throughout The Series

In Welcome to Bardo, he is held hostage by Bellamy Blake with a knife to his throat in effort to rescue his sister. Both men are apparently killed when a Disciple detonates a grenade, engulfing both men in an explosion.

In Etherea, Levitt discovers from the memories of a Disciple suffering from PTSD due to the explosion that Bellamy and Doucette were actually blasted backwards through the Anomaly and are in fact still alive.

In a flashback, Bellamy and Doucette emerge from the Anomaly in a forest on Etherea. As Bellamy stares at the far-off Anomaly, Doucette attacks him, leading to a brutal fight between the two men. Bellamy eventually breaks Doucette's leg and knocks him out with a rock, but chooses not to kill him. Instead, Bellamy leaves Doucette unconscious on the ground as he begins searching for a way to reach the Anomaly.

After failing to reach the Anomaly on his own, Bellamy returns to where he left Doucette. However, Bellamy finds the man gone and follows a trail of footprints and fresh blood to a nearby cave where Doucette is laying on the ground. As Bellamy approaches to check on the man, Doucette attacks him, forcing Bellamy to hit Doucette in his injured leg to force Doucette to let him go. Doucette begins praying, but Bellamy insists that the Disciples most likely think that they are dead. Bellamy is forced to pin Doucette down when he refuses to relent, stating that while he can leave Doucette there to die of his wounds, but there is a way off of the planet for the both of them. However, it requires Bellamy and Doucette working together to reach. Bellamy releases Doucette who dissolves into a fit of coughing.

Later, Bellamy watches Doucette sleeping when he suddenly wakes up in pain. Examining Doucette's broken leg, Bellamy discovers the bone poking out and prepares to set the bone, giving Doucette instructions on how to help him. Doucette suggests using tree limbs to just make a splint and bind his leg instead, but Bellamy ignores his suggestion. Putting a stick into Doucette's mouth for him to bite down upon, Bellamy painfully resets the broken bone. Sometime later, Bellamy returns with two eggs from a native lifeform on the planet filled with water and begins using tree sap to treat Doucette's leg, commenting that Charles Pike had taught Bellamy that oozing tree sap from pine trees on Earth can be used to create antiseptics, fight infection and heal wounds which Bellamy hopes is also true of the trees on Etherea.

After splinting Doucette's leg, Bellamy works on braiding a rope, talking to the sleeping Doucette about how he is stuck with the man on Etherea while all of his friends and family are still out there somewhere "just out of reach." In order to get back to them, Bellamy has to nurse his enemy back to health and he notes that sometimes irony can be funny but this isn't one of those times. After finishing braiding the rope, Bellamy notices a book that Doucette has on him called the Shepherd's Passage and begins reading through it, particularly the part about the Cave of Ascent.

As Bellamy begins stitching warmer clothing together for the two men to wear, having by the time created a barrier of tree branches over the cave entrance, Doucette wakes up and in response to Bellamy asking if they don't thank people where he comes from, sarcastically thanks Bellamy for caring enough to save himself. Bellamy asks if they are in the Cave of Ascent, surprising Doucette that he knows about that. Bellamy explains that he read the book which helped pass the hours, but is unimpressed with the message which Bellamy feels doesn't add up. Bellamy points out that the Shepherd believes in Transcendence and peace, but the Disciples have to fight a war to get there. Bellamy tells Doucette that his people have fought more wars than the other man can imagine and as a result, Bellamy knows that all war brings is "death and pain and if you're lucky enough to survive, another war." Doucette knows who Bellamy is and about his beliefs which the Disciple insists is only about Bellamy's people, Bellamy's sister, the lives he takes to protect them. Doucette calls it Bellamy's selfish view of the universe and states that it makes him sick. Bellamy questions if Doucette means that they shouldn't care about anyone and Doucette replies that the Shepherd teaches them that they are small in comparison to the rest of the universe and that when the time comes, the Shepherd will guide them home. Bellamy reminds the Conductor that he is only alive because of Bellamy and not some higher power, but Doucette is just amused as Bellamy is once again making it all about himself, believing that while Bellamy read the words in the book, he didn't truly understand them. Bellamy interrupts Doucette as he starts praying again so that they can work on getting Doucette's leg stronger.

A week later, Bellamy returns to the cave to find Doucette able to stand on his own, though with some obvious effort. Pleased, Bellamy has both men don the clothes that he has made for them and gather their things to make the climb. Ignoring Doucette's warnings not to go too fast and risk tiring himself out, Bellamy leads the way to the rock wall which Doucette identifies as the Wall of Unanswered Prayers, "the Shepherd's first hurdle." Both men acknowledge that there is no going around it and Bellamy suggests that if he stands on Doucette's shoulders, he can reach a handle in the wall and makes his way up it. However, Doucette rejects the idea, knowing that with his injured leg, he can't bear both of their weights. Instead, Doucette wants Bellamy to boost him up at which point Doucette will help Bellamy up. Reluctantly, Bellamy agrees, but when Doucette reaches the top, he fails to throw down the rope, appearing at first to abandon Bellamy. After a moment, Doucette returns to throw Bellamy down the rope and chides Bellamy for his lack of faith.

Reaching the top of the wall, Bellamy figures that they should be close to the mountain now and comments that it would've been easier if they had some of the climbing gear that the Shepherd brought along with him. Doucette acknowledges that the Shepherd prepared for his pilgrimage to explore the universe, but it was on Etherea that the Shepherd had found what he was seeking: the remnants of a civilization that had achieved Transcendence. Bellamy is annoyed by Doucette talking about such matters again, but Doucette feels that they are on a pilgrimage of their own and the Shepherd guides them both despite Bellamy's insistence that he is only trying to get to the exit. Spotting the mountain close by, the two men continue on their journey.

Sometime later, Bellamy and Doucette climb the mountain through a growing blizzard with Bellamy mocking Doucette's continuing recitation of the story of the Shepherd's pilgrimage on the planet. Doucette warns that the Shepherd speaks of nights of bitter cold and storms that can rage for months while Bellamy thinks that they can climb high enough to outrun the storm. Doucette draws Bellamy's attention to massive storm clouds in the sky and suggests that like the Shepherd, they should seek shelter from the storm. Bellamy argues against it since they are running low on rations and he doesn't want to spend them looking for a windbreak as Bellamy is sure that the snow will stop once they clear the clouds. Doucette warns Bellamy that the trees are getting thinner and the mountain is getting steeper and Bellamy will die if he continues on. Refusing to listen, Bellamy continues on alone, struggling through the worsening blizzard and repeating to himself that he is not afraid. Bellamy eventually passes out, but is found the next morning by Doucette and dragged into a cave.

Waking up, Bellamy asks where they are and Doucette explains that he found another cave, bigger than the first one and went back for Bellamy rather than exploring it. Bellamy decides to call it even for him saving Doucette's life earlier and notices signs of former human habitation around them, confusing Bellamy as to how it all got there. Bellamy spots a picture of a man and his family nearby and he and Doucette are drawn into the cave's back room by a bright light that they discover comes from glowing beings of light. Doucette identifies their location as the Cave of Ascent where the Shepherd saw testament of those who had ascended and knew that his way was not in vain. Doucette reveals that the light is imprints of the energy from the civilization on Etherea that had ascended. Though stunned by what he sees, Bellamy denies that Doucette and the Disciples are right as it doesn't make sense and leaves the inner cave.

Days later, Doucette returns to the cave with firewood to find Bellamy sitting beside the fire and suggests that while there is no food, he can eat the lichen off the walls. As the Shepherd survived in the cave for three months, Doucette believes that they can too, commenting that "from the ashes we will rise." Bellamy recognizes the saying and asks Doucette for the picture that he had found. When Doucette hands it over, Bellamy recognizes the man in it as Bill Cadogan and Doucette confirms that he is in fact the Shepherd. Bellamy tells Doucette that Cadogan was the leader of a cult and that Bellamy had seen a video of him preaching on Earth. Bellamy calls Cadogan a fraud and a con man, but Doucette explains that Cadogan had predicted the destruction of the Earth and had led the Disciples safely across the stars to their new home.

Cadogan had also spoken of the beings in the cave and of their ascension, but Bellamy is insistent in his belief that whatever happened on Etherea, those beings didn't ascend and states that the book tells them that a civilization needs to have know-how to work the Anomaly Stones which Bellamy feels that those beings didn't since they lived in a cave. Doucette calls the beings pure and explains that Transcendence is born at a civilization's core, if they are pure enough and worthy. Doucette urges Bellamy to at least trust the message even if he doesn't trust the message, the beings in the cave and states that they both felt the truth of it. Bellamy continues to refuse as he only believes in what he can prove which Doucette counters by asking Bellamy to prove that he loves his friends and family. Bellamy states that at least they are real and not words in some book, but Doucette points out that there is still something missing inside of Bellamy and that "death and despair hover around you like a shroud, a consequence of your selfish love." Annoyed, Bellamy orders Doucette to tell him again how it's better not to love, but Doucette states that love is not the problem its how Bellamy loves that is the problem as it doesn't fill the hole inside of him. In contrast to Bellamy, Doucette loves everyone, even Bellamy who is a stranger to him and states that it is why he came back for him: Doucette is being tested not to favor the few over the many. Doucette feels that he has a greater purpose for all mankind, but Bellamy is unconvinced and tells Doucette that if he truly believes that, Doucette can go and bunk with the beings in the inner cave while Bellamy stays there on his side.

Over two months later, Bellamy and Doucette are still trapped in the cave by the blizzard with both men having grown longer hair and beards during that time. After eating a scorpion, Bellamy states that he lost track of time after the first two months and asks Doucette, who has continued to pray, how long they've been there, but Doucette dismisses it as being unimportant. Bellamy questions Doucette's uncaring attitude since they are most likely going to die in the cave and he states that Bellamy's obsession with his sister and friends drives the darkness inside of him while Doucette's love for all mankind and his faith in the Shepherd has made Doucette lighter than he's ever been. Becoming interested, Bellamy questions what the Shepherd believes in and Doucette replies that Cadogan believes in the bond that unites them all, that everyone is connected and offers to show it to Bellamy. After a moment's hesitation, Bellamy agrees.

Doucette guides Bellamy through praying to the Shepherd and Bellamy experiences a vision of Cadogan and his mother who urges Bellamy to reach out to the light. When Bellamy does and when it vanishes, he is back with Doucette and the storm is over. Doucette takes it as a sign that they are both worthy since the first time Bellamy prayed, the storm broke.

With the storm finally over, Bellamy and Doucette continue their journey and reach the bottom of the sheer cliff that they must climb in order to reach the Anomaly. Doucette advocates going back as the sun's going down and they won't reach their destination before then, but Bellamy refuses as it took them a long time to reach the cliff from the cave and no matter if they go back to the cave and then return, nothing will change the amount of time it takes. Doucette worries that if they are on the cliff when night falls that they will freeze to death which Bellamy admits is a concern, but he is more worried about the fact that the days are getting shorter and knows that this is their best and only chance. Together, the two climb the cliff, hooked together by the rope, but most of the way up Doucette's injured leg gives just as Bellamy reaches a wide ledge and Doucette falls. With Doucette unable to get a grip on the cliff, the rope fraying and Bellamy struggling, Doucette orders Bellamy to cut him loose so that Bellamy can save himself. Doucette reveals that he wrote the Anomaly Stone codes in his book and slipped into Bellamy's bag so Bellamy can activate the Stone himself. Bellamy refuses to let Doucette die and begins praying as he pulls Doucette up, the other man joining him. Together, they manage to bring Doucette to safety on Bellamy's ledge. Though Doucette points out that Bellamy could've died, Bellamy states that its not the way he was planning on getting off of the planet.

Bellamy and Doucette climb to a higher ledge where they find the Anomaly Stone much to their pleasure and relief. Doucette enters the code for Bardo and the Anomaly descends off of the mountaintop towards Bellamy and Doucette who close their eyes in anticipation of it engulfing them. However, the Anomaly descends past them to somewhere far below. Bellamy is confused by this turn of events, but Doucette tells him that they need to do what they came there to do. Bellamy questions how Doucette can be sure the Anomaly is below them, but Doucette states that it's the path of the Shepherd "and in his light, we will not lose." Doucette allows himself to fall backwards off of the cliff into the Anomaly below. Alone, Bellamy finally admits to himself that he is afraid and leaps off of the mountain and into the Anomaly far below.

Bellamy emerges from the Anomaly in the Stone room on Bardo where he and Doucette hug in relief and Doucette comments on their leap of faith. Bellamy is greeted by Cadogan who Bellamy kneels before and addresses as "my Shepherd" while Doucette watches from nearby. Cadogan puts a towel around Bellamy's shoulders and has him stand and asks to be called Bill. Cadogan is excited by the return of Bellamy and Doucette as pilgrims from Etherea and wants to know everything. However, Cadogan tells Bellamy that his friends are there and they've gotten themselves into some trouble.

Cadogan, along with several Disciples and Doucette, take Bellamy to the room where Clarke, Octavia, Gabriel and Echo are waiting. The group is shocked by Bellamy's return, having believed him to be dead. Bellamy betrays his shocked friends, now completely loyal to the Disciple cause and reveals to the gathered Disciples that the Flame has been destroyed.

In The Stranger, both Doucette and Bellamy are seen wearing clothes similar to Anders' clothes, likely symbolizing their higher status now that they have overcome the climb of the mountain on Etherea. Doucette comforts Bellamy after the latter realizes that all of his friends hate him and don't understand his newfound belief. Doucette runs M-Cap on Clarke which she resists and sets her friends free of their shackles one by one as they depart through the Anomaly. Later, Doucette is a part of the group that accompanies Clarke to Sanctum in order to find the Flame.

In Blood Giant, Doucette is sent away by Cadogan so that he can talk to Bellamy privately. Cadogan notes that Doucette will make a fine First Disciple, but he lacks the emotional experiences of Cadogan and Bellamy.

Later, after Gabriel Santiago destroys the Flame and holds Cadogan at gunpoint, Doucette rushes Gabriel to stop him. Clarke shoots Doucette in the chest, mortally wounding him. Before dying in Bellamy's arms, Doucette tells his friend not to lose faith.


He is dedicated to the Disciples and will do anything for them.

Physical Appearance

He is a white man of average build, with red hair.


Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAbsent
The GardenAbsent
False GodsAbsent
Welcome to BardoAppears
The Queen's GambitAbsent
The FlockAbsent
A Little SacrificeAbsent
The StrangerAppears
Blood GiantAppears
A Sort of HomecomingAbsent
The Dying of the LightAbsent
The Last WarAbsent

Notes and Trivia

  • Prior to his death, Cadogan mentioned Doucette was meant to take over the role of First Disciple Anders.
  • Bob Morley confirmed in an interview that Doucette's first name was Steve.


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