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Octavia: Here to give me a pep talk?

Bellamy: You don't have to do this. We can find someone else to fight.

Octavia: If i die, I die. At least I go down fighting.

Bellamy: O-

Octavia: Don't. This is my decision, Bell. I know what the odds are. I don't need you pointing them out. It's time.

Clarke: Hey. You got this.

(Octavia leaves)

Bellamy: You really think she has a chance?

Clarke: Right now, she needs to believe it.

Gaia: Octavia from Skaikru, step forward. Accept the sigil of your clan and fight with honor as their champion. Ilian kom Trisharakru. Accept the sigil of your clan and fight with honor as their champion.

Octavia: What are you trying to prove?

Ilian: I'm here for Trishanakru, not you.

Gaia: ...Conclave. A battle to the death within the walls of Polis. These warriors will fight until only one remains. When that warrior collects all the sigils from the fallen and delivers them to me, they will be declared the victor. This final champion alone will tell us which clan is meant to susrvive in the crypt of Bekka Pramheda, and which clans are meant to perish in Praimfaya. We honor those who fall by the sword but follow the One who wields it best.

Luna: That would be me. I'm Luna kom Flokru and I'm the last of my clan.

Gaia: We know who you are--the natblida who ran from her conclave.

Luna: I'm not running from this one.

Gaia: Accept this sigil, Luna kom Flokru, but with your clan gone, who will you fight for?

Luna: I fight for no one. I fight for death. When I win, no one will be saved.

Indra: Lincoln's tattoo. Don't fight with aggression. Don't reveal your next move before you strike.

Octavia: And never leave myself exposed. I remember.

Indra: It's okay to be afraid.

Octavia: I'm not.

Indra: Gaia would never accept this...but I hope that you will.

Octavia: Why are you helping me? If I win, it will be the end of your people.

Indra: You are my people. I taught you how to fight, but who you fight for, is up to you.

Gaia: Skaikru! Two advisors to the Worgeda. The rest of you, report to your designated safe zone. Now.

Kane: Come on. We have to get her ready.

Jaha: This conversation isn't over. The death wave will be here within 3 days, and here we are, risking the fate of our people on a blood sport?

Clarke: The fate of all people. You heard Luna.

Kane: She's just one of 13.

Clarke: You're wrong. She's a nightblood novitiate, which means she trained in combat exactly like this.

Bellamy: You want us to cheat?

Kane: You know the rules. If we break them, we lose, and if we lose, we die.

Jaha: The rules are not the problem, Marcus. The game is. Even if we stop Luna, even if Octavia finds a way to win, does anyone truly believe that the grounders will accept skaikru as the lone survivors?

Kane: Yes. The conclave is sacred. They'll honor the winner. Like it or not, we're all grounders now. You get our people to the safe zone. We'll have Octavia ready for the fight. The rest is - rest is up to her.

Bellamy: You should go with him. I wouldn't know what to say to her.

Clarke: I have to help my mom get the bunker ready for whoever wins. Besides, you're her brother. You not being there is worse than saying the wrong thing. Can I have a word? Alone?

Roan: What is it?

Clarke: We can't let Luna win.

Roan: The time for alliances is past. I'm fighting for my people today.

Clarke: Can you beat her?

Echo: Of course he can. She bleeds like everyone else.

Roan: I know it's hard for you to accept that it's over, but it's over. You've made clear you have no respect for our traditions, but this tradition isn't about respect. It's about blood, and if fate sees fit that my blood spills here today and that all hope is lost for my people, then I don't give a damn who ends up inside that bunker or if anyone does.

Clarke: See, that's the difference between you and me, Roan. I want humanity to survive, even if it's not my people.

Roan: Get off this battlefield before you dishonor your people once again.

Kane: Alright, listen to me. The blue cliff warrior, she has two corvo blades. I just saw her practicing. She's left-handed. You go for her weak hand.

Octavia: Okay.

Kane: Plains rider and the warrior from shallow valley, they're strong, but they're slow. You can avoid them, not to mention the black rain, which could fall at any moment, so you stay close to cover.

Octavia: What, Bellamy? If you've got something to say, just say it.

Bellamy: You don't need any of this. When the starting horn blows, just stay out of sight and let the others thin out the competition.

Octavia: You want me to hide?

Bellamy: You don't need to go up against the strongest warrior from every clan.

Octavia: I came here to fight.

Bellamy: You were the girl under the floor. Use that, just like mom taught us.

Kane: Bellamy's right. You don't have to kill all 12 warriors.

Octavia: I just have to kill the last one.

Flamekeeper scout: Ambassadors and advisors, to the tower. Champions, to your flags.

Octavia: May we meet again.

Bellamy: Damn right we will.

Gaia: The first two champions have fallen. Gael Kom Ingranronakru...your fight is over.

Bellamy: Please don't be her.

Gaia: Fio Kom Trikru...your fight is over.

Kane: Octavia's still out there.

Bellamy: Couldn't tell her I loved her, even with the world ending.

Kane: Trust me, Bellamy, she knows. She knows.

Luna: You were smart to come back here and hide, but not smart enough. For Lincoln's sake, I'll make your death quick.

Octavia: How could you even say his name? Lincoln would be ashamed of you.

Luna: Lincoln was a fool.

Octavia: He believed that we were all the same-- one clan, one people.

Luna: And where did that get him? Look around you. This is what mankind chooses to do with it's final days. Another battle? More blood?

Octavia: You used to believe people were worth saving.

Luna: I was wrong. Skaikru taught me that people are cruel and violent and selfish to the core.

Octavi: Not Lincoln. He believed that we can do better, and I loved him for that.

Luna: And yet here you are, killing for your own clan, just like everyone else. Lincoln would be ashamed of you. Your fight is over.

Octavia: Like hell it is.

Luna: You can't hide forever.

Ilian: Octavia, I'm not here to kill you.

Octavia: Then you came to the wrong place.

Ilian: Other clans are making alliances, working together. We should do the same.

Octavia: I don't need your help. Look.  You should've stayed back at your farm.

Ilian: Octavia, I won't be your enemy.

Octavia: I'm not the girl you want me to be. The next time I see you...I'll kill you...and that's a promise.

Gaia: Sangedarku is no more.

Bellamy: Blue cliff warrior just killed him with a bow. I just saw it.

Kane: So?

Bellamy: So we saw her before the fight. She didn't have a bow. She had two swords.

Kane: Yeah, the corvo blades. Well, she could have picked up a bow off the battlefield. What is it?

Bellamy: Echo's gone.

Kane: Bellamy. Bellamy, wait. Bellamy, wait.

Bellamy: My sister is down there. Echo is cheating, and I'm gonna stop her.

Kane: You don't even know it's her. It could be anyone down there.

Bellamy: We both know who it is.

Kane: Then one of Gaia's scouts will find her, and Ice Nation will be punished.

Bellamy: They'll never catch her. Echo's a spy. This is what she does.

Kane: You listen to me. You get caught on that battlefield, we all pay the price. They'll execute Octavia, and all our people will be left to die.

Bellamy: If I am right, then Azgeda has two people in this fight, and we die anyway. And you think I should just stay here and do nothing?

Kane: No. No. You wait until you don't get caught.

Octavia: I said, stay away.

Ilian: You're welcome.

Octavia: This isn't a joke. At the end, if it just comes down to the two of us, then what? One of us has to die. Don't you get it?

Ilian: I know what I signed up for.

Octavia: You should never have followed me.

Ilian: I didn't follow you. Trishanakru needed me. I can't move. I can't feel my legs. Take my life.

Octavia: No.

Ilian: You said next time you saw me...

Octavia: That's not what I meant.

Ilian: You promised.

Octavia: Do not fear death for it is only the beginning of the next journey.

Roan: I should've known you two couldn't stay away. I heard you all the way down the street. You're lucky I wasn't a scout.

Bellamy: I came to stop her.

Roan: Explain yourself.

Echo: I was only trying to help save our people.

Roan: I am not my mother. I'm not willing to cast aside honor for power.

Echo: No one has to know.

Roan: You misunderstand. I will not allow your dishonor to give Luna an advantage, and you will not shame our clan ever again. You are Azgeda no more.

Echo: Sire, wait.

Roan: You're banished, Echo, and when I win this conclave--make no mistake-- there will be no place for you inside that bunker. Now get out of my sight, and off this battlefield without being seen, or know that you are the cause of the death of our people.

Bellamy: If you're gonna kill me, get it over with.

Roan: I take it by your presence here that your sister's still alive.

Bellamy: That's right.

Roan: If I call for a scout, she'll be executed right now... but what fun would that be? You really think she can win, don't you?

Bellamy: I wouldn't count her out if I were you. She's survived harder things than this.

Roan: Before she dies, I'll tell her she's lucky to have you as a brother.

Bellamy: I got a better idea. After she guts you and before you die, you tell her I was the lucky one.

Gaia: Mezi, kom louwoda klion kru...your fight is over. Only 4 warriors remain - Roan kom Azgeda, Luna kom Flokru, Guara kom Podakru and Octavia kom Skaikru.

Kane: I'm sorry about Trikru, Indra.

Indra: Octavia's doing well.

Kane: Thanks to you. You taught her to be a warrior.

Indra: A warrior has many teachers, war chief among them. If she wins, we'll see what she has truly learned.

Roan: You. You lied to me about the flame. I trusted you, and you broke that trust.

Octavia: I didn't know what else to do. You would have killed Indra's daughter.

Roan: You're right. I would have.

Octavia: What are you doing?

Roan: Proposing a truce. There's only four of us left. We can't stop Luna alone, but together we have a chance. One of us must win for humanity to survive.

Octavia: What happens after we kill her?

Roan: May the best warrior win. Until then, we're one clan.

Luna: That's mine.

Roan: Come and get it.

Luna: Last time we fought, I was wounded. Not this time.

Roan: Last time we fought I wasn't trying to kill you.

Luna: My turn.

Octavia: Black rain! Roan, run! It's black rain!

Luna: Your fight is over.

Roan: It will still be a good death.

Luna: From water we are born, to water we return. The king is dead.

Luna: You were right when you said that I used to think people were basically good, if you took them out of this world and showed them the way of peace, the darkness would fade, just like the darkness in me faded. I even stopped blaming myself for killing my brother in the conclave...but the truth is -- but the truth is, when I saw him standing across from me in the arena and I knew only one of us could live...I wanted it to be me. I ran because I was afraid of what I am.  I am the darkness. We all are...and this is the end.

Octavia: You're wrong. There are people worth saving. Just not you. Your fight is over.

Gaia: Roan of Azgeda, your fight is over. Octavia kom Skaikru is victorious. The crpyt of the first commander belongs to her people.

Octavia: No. I wasn't fighting for Skaikru today. I thought I was fighting for myself, but I now know that's not true, either. I was fighting for us all. Skaikru will not take the bunker alone. We will share it equally because we are equal. We are one clan, and we will survive Primfaya together. Together.

Indra: Lincoln would be so proud of you.

Kane: There won't be enough room for all our people.

Octavia: It's unity day, Kane. Where's my brother?

Miller: Alpha and factory station bunks are on level 4. Hydra and farm, level five. Everyone go check out their new home, meet back her in one hour.

Bellamy: What the hell did you do?

Jaha: If only one clan could survive, it might as well be ours.

Bellamy: Clarke, you agreed to this?

Jaha: It was her idea.

Clarke: We did what we had to do.

Gaia: No. No. Keep everyone out.

Kane: It's locked.

Gaia: Are they all dead?

Octavia: No. They used gas like the mountain men.

Kane: How could they do this?

Indra: Skaikru have betrayed us all.