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Devon Bostick portrayed Jasper Jordan on the CW's The 100. He was a member of the main cast from Season One through to Season Four.

Life and career

Bostick was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His mother, Stephanie Gorin, is a casting agent in Toronto, working in stage and screen, and his father, Joe Bostick, is an actor as well as a film fight coordinator. Devon began acting when in grade five. He is a graduate of the Etobicoke School of the Arts in Toronto. He has had roles in the TV series Degrassi: The Next GenerationFlashpoint and in the film Citizen Duane. His film work has included roles in Godsend, Fugitive Pieces and The Stone Angel. In Adoration he plays Simon, a boy who is being raised by his uncle (played by Scott Speedman) after his parents' death. He also appears in an online spoof trailer for a hoax movie called "Ice Fortress". He had roles in The Poet, a World War II drama starring Roy Scheider and Colm Feore, Saw VI as Brent and Assassin's Creed: Lineage as Ezio Auditore.

Bostick also played Erica's deceased brother Leo in CBC Television's series Being Erica, and Rodrick Heffley in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies.

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  • He is close friends with Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor, and Christopher Larkin.
  • He visited Ottawa with Bob Morley as well as his home town.
  • While traveling for The 100, he frequently shares a hotel room with Eliza Taylor.
  • He originally auditioned for the role of Monty Green.[1]
  • His whole family has worked in the entertainment industry, his mother Stephanie was a casting agent, his father Joe was an actor and a film fight coordinator. His brother, Jesse, is an actor as well.


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