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Bellamy Previously on the 100...
Ontari I am the last natblida, heir to Bekka Pramheda and you are my subjects.
Jaha We need to increase the population of the City of Light, the more minds turned to the task the more powerful ALIE becomes.
Jasper Jaha's been chipping everyone.
Clarke Jasper's right, I've seen it with my own eyes.
Abby Now that Arkadia has fallen, we'll move onto Stage Two.
Monty What the hell? Stop!
Jasper Raven.
ALIE You know too much. I can't let them have you.
Clarke Why did ALIE want you to kill yourself?
Raven Because I know why she wants the second AI.
Bellamy Why?
Raven Because it's the only thing that can stop her.
Scene 1 - Lincoln's Cave
[Harper, Miller, and Bryan are in Lincoln's cave.]
Miller You ever hear the one about the massacre on Alpha Station?
Harper No.
Miller No?
Harper No.
Miller Hey, you?
Harper Hey.
[Bryan ignores him.]
Miller Well, listen. it wasn't long after Unity Day, right? Generation one didn't know that they were leaving the ground forever. Some of them lost their minds.
Bryan Not listening. We gotta meet the other's in six hours. I need sleep.
Miller He hates ghost stories.
Harper Well I wanna hear it. So, come on Miller. Scare me.
Miller Alright. There's this one guy... Brazilian. Captain Fidalgo, that was his name. He started to see his dead wife and kids in his dreams. They were all burned up from the bombs. He told the ship's doc that they looked like demons. After a while, he started to see them when he was awake, too. He would beg, and beg, and beg them to leave him alone, just to stop, right? They said the only way they'd leave him alone was if he did one thing.
Harper What?
Miller Kill.
Bryan Well, like demons do.
Miller Yeah, like demons do. His weapon of choice... a metal hook.
Bryan A hook? That's the best you can do?
Harper Shut up, Bryan. Let him tell it.
Miller So he murdered 11 people in one night. He gutted them and strung them up in the mess. The worst part of it, when the guards found him, he was cut into pieces, too. He wrote a single word with his own blood on the floor, with the arm that he didn't hack off... "demons".
Bryan Pfff... God, I hate you.
Miller Anyway, you know that, uh... that scraping sound we hear at Alpha station sometimes? Some say that's Fidalgo's ghost, dragging his metal hook along the walls, begging the demons to stop. But they never do. And he's back looking for his next victim!
[Miller hovers over Bryan before pouncing on him shocking him.]
Miller Anyway uh, nature calls. Listen for that hook, right?
[Miller exits the cave.]
Bryan Right.
Harper Look, relax Bryan, no demons out there. Just grounders who didn't hear the blockade was lifted.
Bryan Army of chipped Arkadians.
[Bryan glances to see Miller is gone.]
Harper Don't look at me. He's your boyfriend.
Bryan Yeah, I'm kicking my boyfriend's ass.
Harper Good luck.
[Bryan exits the cave.]
Harper Hey, when you guys find Captain Fidalgo, get him to chop up some more firewood, okay?
[Harper hears a noise outside and notices Bryan is gone.]
Harper Seriously, "A" for effort, Miller.
Harper Guys?
[She stands up taking her gun.]
Harper Bryan! Guys, this isn't funny anymore! Miller!
[She sees a figure approaching.]
Harper You got me. You're hilarious. You can come back now.
[Harper sees a man in a mask and screams.]
Scene 2 - Polis
[The Polis Market square.]
Grounder Villagers Heda! Heda!
Emori Hey, stranger. Care for a bite?
[Murphy recognizes Emori.]
Murphy Emori, what the hell are you doing here?
Emori Cooking rats. The old vendor was brutally attacked on the road. It's dangerous out there.
Murphy Yeah. Clearly it is.
Emori I have been looking for you ever since you were taken and then I heard rumors of the new heda's handsome, skaikru flamekeeper. I knew it had to be you. I taught you well. She's one hell of a mark, John. Fresh caught today, sir.
Murphy I'd love one, thank you.
[He takes the food and eats it.]
Murphy Mm. This is the best rat I've ever-
Ontari Do not fall behind again.
[She leaves.]
Murphy Keep following this street. Alley on the left, black door halfway down. I'll get away as soon as I can.
Scene 3 - The Rover
Raven Becca's journal is amazing. At 26, she found a pathway to access a human mind. That same year, she had to lock up A.L.I.E. because her answer for what was wrong with the world was 'too many people'. She was 27 when it launched the bombs.
Clarke What did she write about the Flame?
Raven A.L.I.E. 2.0. She saw it as a way to atone for her sins. She designed it to not just access a human mind, but to merge with one. It could never wipe us out because it would be one of us. She would put it in herself first. Altered her genes so her body wouldn't reject the implant.
Clarke Bekka Pramheda, the first Commander. The gene therapy made her blood black, didn't it?
Raven Yeah.
Octavia How did you know that?
Clarke Nightblood. That's where it came from. Somehow it became hereditary. Luna has it. That's why we have to find her. If she can access A.L.I.E. 2...
Octavia She can tell us how to stop A.L.I.E. 1.
Sinclair Bekka Pramheda gets her second shot at atonement.
Monty Get back to the mind pathway. If A.L.I.E. uses it to upload our minds to the City of Light, then there's a chance my mom's still alive.
Raven That depends on your definition of "alive".
Bellamy Eyes sharp. Weapons hot. We're almost home. Miller, come in.
[The radio gives no response.]
Bellamy Harper, you there? Your ride's two minutes out.
Jasper Let's start.
[They exit the rover and enter a now deserted Arkadia.]
Clarke We left two days ago. Why haven't they fixed the gate?
Jasper Maybe because there's no one here to fix it.
Raven It's like a ghost town.
Bellamy Miller, where the hell are you? I don't like this.
Jasper Maybe they got chipped.
Bellamy If they got chipped, they'd been waiting for us at the cave.
Jasper Maybe they saw the open gate, went in for Lincoln's book.
Octavia Maybe you should stop saying "maybe".
Clarke If they are chipped. ALIE already know's we're coming.
[Octavia notices a blood spot on the ground and identifies it immediately as the spot where Lincoln died.]
Octavia Let's get his book and get the hell out of here.
Jasper That's a plan I can support.
Bellamy Lincoln.
[They enter the hangar bay.]
Bellamy Close it up and turn the rover around. We need to get out of here quickly.
Clarke It's like they just got up and walked away.
Bellamy We're in and out. Have as much gear as you can into the rover.
Octavia I'll get the map.
Jasper I'll uh... go with her. Probably shouldn't be alone.
Sinclair You don't wanna look here, huh?
Jasper Not even a little.
Raven What's the rush? They won't be coming back.
Clarke How do you know?
Raven ALIE's mission is to chip everyone. It wouldn't make sense to return to a place she's already took.
Sinclair Might make sense if there was someone in that place, i.e. you who could tell us stuff like that.
Raven Good point. Let's look here.
Scene 4 - Arkadia
[Octavia and Jasper enter Lincoln's former quarters. Octavia sees a guard jacket and takes it before throwing it and a few other things across the room.]
Jasper Hey.
Octavia What?
Jasper Remember when you told me it... it gets better?
Octavia This is not the same thing.
Jasper It's okay to fall apart a little, Octavia. You loved him.
Octavia A warrior doesn't mourn the dead until the war is over.
Jasper I'll wait in the hall.
[He exits.]
[Octavia digs through a bin and finds Lincoln's journal and pulls it out. She flips through it before finding a page with a map.]
Octavia Luna, we're on our way.
Jasper Grounder [Jasper enters the room and collapses before a man in a mask enters and picks up Octavia.]
Scene 5 - Polis
[Murphy is waiting in Polis by the black door.]
Emori Ready to prove how much you've missed me?
[They enter through the door and immediately begin kissing.]
Emori I recognize some of this tech.
Murphy Let me guess. The flamekeeper was one of your customers?
Emori Who's this?
Murphy They call her Bekka Pramheda. She was the first commander.
Emori Becca...
Murphy Oh, come on. Don't tell me you actually believe in this religious crap.
[Emori notices a tapestry with a sacred symbol and the motto "Seek Higher Things". Murphy begins kissing her neck.]
Emori Are you sure no one will come in?
Murphy Does it seem like I'm sure?
[They kiss and have sex.]
Scene 6 - Arkadia
[Bellamy enters the armory in Arkadia.]
Bellamy Everyone finish what you're doing and meet me in the armory.
Clarke Why? What's going on?
Bellamy You'll see when you get here. We just got lucky.
Clarke On our way.
Raven Wait!
[Clarke walks back over to Raven.]
Raven Leave ALIE 2.
Clarke Why?
Raven I think I know how to activate it.
Clarke Without a nightblood?
Raven This section here codes for activation using a spoken passphrase.
Monty You can read that?
Raven That, no.
Sinclair None of our systems are in that language and you're a lousy coder.
Clarke What phrase?
Raven Doesn't say. It could be anything. It was in Lexa, right? She would've known it.
Clarke Lexa didn't even know she was an AI.
Raven She wasn't an AI. Her mind was just enhanced by one. I'm guessing the reason she didn't know was because the program degraded over time. Parts of it got lost. Think, Clarke. It might've been a phrase that meant something to Lexa. Words she said over and over again.
Clarke Blood must have blood.
[Nothing happens to the flame.]
Clarke Jus drein jus daun.
[Monty takes Becca's journal which has the motto written on it.]
Monty Seak higher things.
Raven Wait. Becca's book is full of latin phrases.
Monty I take it ALIE didn't leave Latin behind in your brain.
Sinclair I studied some latin.
[Sinclair takes the journal.]
Sinclair Seek higher things. Altiora petimus. No. Go for a less literal translation. Ascende superius.
[The flame activates, Raven reaches towards it with tongs but it soon enough deactivates.]
Clarke What happened?
Raven Ascende superius.
[The flame activates again. Raven leans towards it.]
Clarke Oh, hey no!
Monty It's like it sensed your mind.
Clarke When someone without the blood takes the flame, the flame takes their life.
Sinclair Ok there must be another way to access the code then.
Raven There's not. Until we find it a host, we won't know how to stop ALIE.
[Clarke packs the flame away.]
Clarke Then let's find it a host. Come on. Bellamy's waiting.
Sinclair Ok, we'll catch up. (to Raven) So what else do you know that no one ever taught you?
Clarke Once we find Luna ,this will all be over. Ontari will be exposed as a fraud and AI will tell us how to shut down ALIE.
Monty If we shut down ALIE, what happens to the City of Light? Your mom will come back like Raven did. What about mine?
[A music box version of Rockabye Baby plays.]
Clarke Someone's here.
Monty Following the creepy music is a bad idea.
[Clarke walks ahead anyway.]
Monty Or we can follow the creepy music.
[They find a music box and Clarke lifts it up. On the bottom reads the name "Aaron".]
Clarke Aaron.
Monty I don't like this. We should go.
[Clarke sees red smoke and a figure approaching.]
Clarke Gas. Run!
[Clarke is knocked down by the smoke and the man approaches her. He touches her neck and pulls off his mask and she kicks him before getting up and running off. He puts his mask back.]
[Clarke runs outside coughing and sees Bellamy.]
Clarke Bellamy!
Bellamy Clarke! What is it? What's going on?
[He stops her from running any further.]
Clarke Emerson.
Scene 7 - Polis
[Emori and Murphy are redressing.]
Murphy Emori, you gotta leave Polis. It's not safe for you here.
Emori I can look after myself. Now how the hell did you pull this off?
Murphy You know me. Just doing what I can to stay alive, right?
Emori You're cute when you're modest.
Murphy I'm being serious, though. Ontari, she's crazy and that's coming from me. The only reason I'm still breathing is she thinks I know how to make her the commander.
Emori I thought she was the commander.
Murphy Not technically. No. To be the commander you have to shove a computer chip in your brain. These fools think it's reincarnation.
Emori Why would she think you could do this?
Murphy Because I saw it come out of the last commander. Don't ask.
Emori So what do you do for her now?
Murphy She's taken a liking to me.
Emori Who could blame her.
[She leans in as if the kiss him but a knock is heard.]
Murphy Go.
[Emori goes and hides.]
Murphy What?
[A guard opens the door.]
Guard Heda requires your presense, fleimkepa.
Murphy Of course she does, thank you.
[the guard closes the door and leaves.]
Emori So important.
[She throws him his bag.]
Murphy I gotta go. Stay here.
[He kisses her cheek then leaves.]
Scene 8 - Arkadia
[Bellamy and Clarke and walking down the halls of Arkadia.]
Bellamy Where's Monty?
Clarke Emerson took him. Why?
Bellamy Octavia, can you hear me? Come in.
Clarke Jasper was with her.
Bellamy Jasper, are you there? Say something.
Clarke Miller.. Harper.. Bryan... this is all my fault. I let Emerson live.
Bellamy What are you talking about?
Clarke In Polis. I had a chance to kill him, I let him go.
Raven (on radio) Bellamy, what's wrong?
Bellamy Raven, are you okay? where are you?
Raven Still in engineering. We're fine.
Clarke Raven listen to me. Emerson is here. Are the others with you?
Raven Negative, just Sinclair. Mount Weather Emerson?
Clarke Yes. Okay, lock down the hangar bay, don't let anyone in but us.
Sinclair Stay here. I'll lock the doors. Is this guy, Emerson, chipped?
Raven He wasn't as of yesterday. He wants revenge.
Sinclair Raven?
Raven Shh. He's here. He's inside the hangar bay.
[She is knocked down.]
Sinclair Raven, I'm coming.
Raven Open the outer door! He cut the power, so do it manually!
[Bellamy and Clarke run toward the door.]
Clarke Raven! The outer door.
[Emerson attacks Sinclair.]
Sinclair Raven, get back in the rover! Lock the door!
[The doors open and Raven hears Sinclair moaning. She sees he's been stabbed.]
Raven No, no!
[He falls over and Raven gets out of the rover to run to him.]
Sinclair No, no, no. Please! Stay in the rover! Stay in the rover. Stay-stay in the rover. Stay... Stay...
Raven I'm gonna get you out of here.
Sinclair It's ok, it's ok. Stay in the rover. Stay in the rover.
[Raven shushes him while she tries to stop the bleeding.]
Sinclair Stay in the rover. Please go back.
Raven I'm gonna get you out of here!
Sinclair Stay in the rover. Stay in the rover.
[Emerson grabs Raven from behind as Sinclair dies.]
[Bellamy and Clarke enter the hangar.]
Bellamy Raven! Sinclair! Raven! After me.
[Clarke finds Sinclair's body.]
Clarke Sinclair!
[She checks his pulse. Upon realizing he is dead she closes his eyes.]
Bellamy We're too late.
Clarke No we're not. He didn't kill Monty or Raven. He would've left their bodies. He took them somewhere.
Bellamy If you're right, Octavia and the others are there, too.
Clarke Where would he be taking them?
Bellamy Could be anywhere, does he even know his way around?
Clarke He was here. You were in Mount Weather. The airlock.
[Clarke takes her gun. She uses her walkie-talkie.]
Clarke Emerson, I know you're listening. We need to talk.
Emerson I don't need to do anything. You should've killed me when you had the chance.
Clarke And now you're here to kill me, is that it?
Emerson Something like that.
Clarke Then let my friends go. Do that and you can have me.
Emerson You're brave, Clarke, I'll give you that. They're lucky to have a friend like you.
Bellamy Clarke.
Emerson Come to the airlock. No weapons. Right now.
Clarke Here.
Bellamy What the hell are you doing?
Clarke Saving them. Look, when it's over, take this to Luna. Raven will know what to do with it. Promise me.
Bellamy No. You're out of your mind if you think I'm letting you do this alone.
Clarke Bellamy, this is my fault. I'm not letting anyone else die for my mistake, okay? So take it.
Bellamy Are you through? I don't know what happened between you and Emerson in Polis. But I do know that letting him kill you here today is a stupid plan.
Clarke You got a better one?
Bellamy You distract him. I shoot him.
[Bellamy leaves the hangar bay.]
Scene 10 - Polis Throne Room
Grounder Citizens Thank you heda.
Murphy You're next, come on. Step forward.
Ontari Spit it out, what do you want?
Jaha Only to give you what you need.
Murphy You son of a bitch.
Jaha Hello, John. You've done well for yourself, I see.
Ontari Who is this?
Jaha Your flamekeeper and I are old friends.
Murphy Friends.
[He crosses towards Jaha.]
Murphy Look, I don't know what you're doing here, Jaha. But if I were you I'd leave while I still can.
Jaha You don't have to be a false commander.
Ontari Clear the room!
[Everyone leaves except for Jaha, Murphy, and Ontari.]
Murphy How do you know that?
Jaha You told me.
Murphy He's lying! Obviously, you should kill him right now for insulting you!
Jaha Just as you told me you would be unable to perform the ascension ritual even if you had the flame.
[Emori enters.]
Murphy It was you? You took the chip?
Ontari This is the girl from the market. You acted as if you didn't know her.
Emori I'm his lover.
Ontari Really?
Murphy Ontari, listen to me. You can not trust these people.
Ontari Seems the only person I can't trust is you!
[She pulls her sword on him.]
Ontari I told you what would happen if you betrayed me!
Jaha You kill him, I won't help you.
Ontari Why?
Jaha He's a fraud. But he does have knowledge that could be useful to all of us. Trust me.
Ontari Arrest this imposter!
Murphy Listen to me, okay? Nothing this man says is the truth. You Can't-
[The guards drag Murphy out.]
Jaha You're ruling without the wisdom of the Commander's spirit. Your people will soon figure that out. I can offer you something even more powerful than the Flame. True legacy of Bekka Pramheda. All power, all wisdom contained in one simple key. All you have to do is swallow it.
[He hands Ontari the chip.]
Scene 11 - Arkadia
[Clarke and Bellamy are walking towards the airlock. Clarke has her hands up but Bellamy has his gun.]
Clarke I held out my part of the deal. Your turn. Let my friends go.
Emerson Tell Bellamy to show himself first.
Clarke I don't know what you're talking about.
[Emerson hits Octavia puts a knife to her throat.]
Bellamy No!
[He steps closer to the airlock.]
Emerson Ok, now. Take out the clip and throw it down the hall. Put the gun on the ground and get inside.
Clarke Please you wanted me. I'll get inside once you let them go.
Emerson I was talking to Bellamy.
[He cuts Octavia.]
Bellamy Okay, okay! Just stop!
Clarke Bellamy, don't do this.
[Bellamy puts his guns down and walks towards the airlock.]
Emerson Those are yours.
[He pulls out a gun.]
Emerson Get on your knees, Clarke.
[She gets on her knees.]
Emerson Put your hands behind you head.
[Clarke puts her hands behind her head as Emerson steps out of the airlock and seals it.]
Clarke No, you can do anything you want with me. Just let them go!
[He puts a gun to her head.]
Emerson You murdered 381 people. You took the lives of my children, my brother, my friends. Did you really think that I would be happy with just one life in return, hmm?
[Emerson hits a button that turns off the oxygen in the airlock.]
Male Voice Airlock 5. Oxygen venting.
Emerson I want you to feel what I felt like. Beg me to stop it! I told you to beg!
Clarke I beg you.
Emerson Louder!
Clarke Please!
Bellamy O!
Clarke Aaron wouldn't want you to do this.
Emerson You don't say his name!
[Clarke breaks free from Emerson. She reaches for the button but Emerson knocks her down. He begins strangling her. Once she has less energy and he lifts her up.]
Emerson Gotcha. Not so fast, not yet. First you watch them die. Do you have any last words for your friends?
Clarke Yeah. Ascende superius.
[She sticks the flame in Emerson's neck and he falls over as he bleeds out. Clarke hits the button the open the airlock and watches all her friends open their eyes and breath. She turns back to Emerson who is now dead on the floor.]
[Outside Bellamy is carrying Lincoln's body towards Octavia. He places it down and Octavia kneels before it crying. She kisses his forehead. The bodies of both Lincoln and Sinclair are placed on pyre.]
Raven May we meet again.
[Octavia lights the pyre.]
Octavia Yu gonplei ste odon. (Your fight is over.)
All Yu gonplei ste odon.
Bellamy Yu gonplei ste odon.
Octavia It's time to go! I'll get the map.
Scene 12 - The Hangar Bay
[Inside the hangar bay. The rover is being loaded up.]
Bellamy Hey we're leaving. Why aren't you ready?
Raven We're not going with you.
Clarke Raven.
Raven I can barely walk and my shoulder's killing me but my brain is all kinds of awesome.
Monty She remembered that ALIE downloaded herself into the Ark mainframe. If it's still there, we can find a back door.
Raven I'm guessing once you connect ALIE 2 to Luna. We'll need to find ALIE 1 to take her down.
Bellamy Miller.
Miller We'll keep them safe.
Harper I'll keep them safe.
Bellamy How about you? It's gonna be dangerous.
Jasper You know me well. I'm in.
Bellamy Ok.
[Everyone hugs goodbye as Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia, and Jasper get in the rover.]
Scene 13 - Polis
[The Polis tower. Emori enters the throne room.]
Emori The gates to Polis are open.
[ALIE is seen sitting on the throne.]
ALIE Thank you Emori, it's time to fill the City of Light.