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Yu gonplei ste odon (Your fight is over)
Octavia as she cremates Lincoln

Demons is the twelfth episode of the third season of The 100. It is the forty-first episode of the series overall.

Jaha returns to Polis, and Murphy has a surprise encounter. Meanwhile, Octavia uncovers a clue.


Harper, Miller and Bryan are in a cave and Nathan starts to tell a ghost story, despite protests from Bryan. He tells the story of an Ark resident from Brazil that lost his family in the nuclear bombs and he sees their ghosts as if they were demons. The demons wanted him to kill with his metal hook on his hand so he killed eleven people. When the found him he had written on his body in blood: Demons. Nathan and Bryan then leave Harper alone. Harper hears a noise and believes it is the boys scaring her. She follows the noise and a man with a mask appears and she screams in terror.

In Polis, Ontari and Murphy are walking through the marketplace when Emori disguised as a stall holder gets Murphy's attention. She says she has been looking for him ever since he left. Ontari scolds Murphy for falling behind and Murphy secretly tells Emori that he will meet her later.

Meanwhile, Raven is reading from Becca's notebook that Titus gave Clarke and is amazed at what she had achieved. Clarke says that they need to find Luna to put A.L.I.E. 2.0 into her. Bellamy radios Miller but gets no reply. The group pull up to Arkadia and are surprised to see it is deserted. Octavia sees Lincoln's blood and says they should find his book and get out.

Octavia and Jasper search for Lincoln's book in his quarters but find his guard jacket instead. Octavia is upset and Jasper says it is okay to fall apart a little but Octavia says a warrior doesn't mourn the dead until the war is over and Jasper leaves. She finds Lincoln's book that has sketches of her as well as a map to Luna. Suddenly, Jasper enters with a cut on his head, he says grounder before falling to the ground. The man enters and chokes Octavia.

In Polis, Murphy takes Emori to the old flamekeeper's room. The two enter and kiss but Emori recognizes some of the tech. She is also amazed by the wall art of Becca that depicts grounder mythology. Murphy is surprised that she believed in it and then kisses her neck and the two have sex.

Bellamy is exploring Arkadia and finds weapons in the armory and radios the others. Raven realizes A.L.I.E. can be activated with a spoken phrase. Sinclair translates the phrase 'Seek Higher Things' into Latin and A.L.I.E. 2 activates. The tendrils reach out for Raven but Clarke stops her warning Raven that it will kill her and they need to find it a nightblood host.

Monty and Clarke leave and walk down a corridor where a music box is playing. Monty warns them not to approach but suddenly red gas is released which knocks out Monty. Clarke pretends to be unconscious but when the man approaches, Clarke removes his masks and it is revealed to be Emerson. Clarke runs to Bellamy to warn him.

Back in Polis, Emori and Murphy are dressing and Emori asks how he pulled it off. Murphy explains that Ontari isn't really commander and she believes Murphy can help her become Commander. Murphy is called for and he tells Emori to stay put as he will return.

Raven and Sinclair are in the hanger and Clarke warns them to lock the hanger, although she doesn't realize that Emerson is in there. The lights go off and Raven runs to the rover. She then sees Sinclair has been stabbed and rushes to him, despite him telling her to stay in the rover. Emerson then drags Raven away while Sinclair continues to mutter for her to get to the rover as he dies.

Clarke radios Emerson and tells him that he can have her if her friends are freed. Bellamy tells Clarke that he won't let her go alone and the two come up with a plan. In Polis, Murphy and Ontari are in the throne room when Jaha enters disguised as a grounder. He reveals that he can help Ontari become commander and he reveals that he knows that Ontari is only a fake commander. Emori enters and it is revealed that she is chipped which is how Jaha knew. Ontari is angered and nearly kills Murphy but Jaha says they need him and Murphy is locked up.

In Arkadia, Clarke comes to Emerson where her friends are tied up in the airlock. Emerson puts a knife to Octavia's throat and Bellamy reveals himself and is tied up also. Clarke says that he should let her friends go but Emerson says that he wants Clarke to suffer for the Mount Weather massacre and her death isn't enough. He closes the airlock and begins to remove its oxygen, slowly suffocating everybody while Clarke is forced to watch. Clarke activates A.L.I.E. 2 and inserts it into Emerson, killing him and saving her friends.

Clarke and the others hold a funeral for Sinclair and Lincoln. Octavia cries when they bring in Lincoln's body and kisses his forehead. They burn the bodies on a pyre. The group then separates into two, Octavia, Bellamy, Jasper, and Clarke head off to find Luna while Raven, Monty, Harper, Miller, and Bryan stay to try and access A.L.I.E. The group hug and say goodbye.

Back in Polis, Emori enters the throne room and says the gates are open. The throne is then revealed with A.L.I.E. sitting on it.



Guest Starring


  • Eric Mazimpaka as Sentry


Miller: "There's this one guy... Brazilian, Captain Fidalgo. That was his name. He started to see his dead wife and kids in his dreams. They were all burned up from the bombs. He told the ship's doc that they looked like demons. After a while, he started to see them when he was awake, too. He would beg and beg and beg them to leave him alone, just to stop, right? They said the only way they'd leave him alone was if he did one thing."
Harper: "What?"
Miller: "Kill."
Bryan: "Well, like demons do."
Miller: "Yeah. Like demons do. His weapon of choice... metal hook."
Bryan: "A hook? That's the best you can do?"
Harper: "Shut up, Bryan. Let him tell it."
Miller: "So he murdered 11 people in one night. He gutted them and strung them up in the mess. Worst part of it, when the guards found him, he was cut into pieces, too. He wrote a single word with his own blood on the floor with the arm that he didn't hack off... "demons"."
Bryan: "Pfff... God, I hate you."
Miller: "Anyway, you know that, uh... that scraping sound we hear at Alpha station sometimes? Some say that's Fidalgo's ghost dragging his metal hook along the walls, begging the demons to stop, but they never do, and he's back looking for his next victim!"
Harper: "Relax, Bryan. No demons out there, just Grounders who didn't hear the blockade was lifted."
Bryan: "Army of chipped Arkadians."
Emori: "Hey, stranger, care for a bite?"
Murphy: "Emori, what the hell are you doing here?"
Emori: "Cooking rats. The old vendor was brutally attacked on the road. It's dangerous out there."
Murphy: "Yeah. Clearly, it is."
Emori: I have been looking for you ever since you were taken, and then I heard rumors of the new Heda's handsome Skaikru Flamekeeper. I knew it had to be you. I taught you well. She's one hell of a mark, John."
Raven: "Becca's journal is amazing. At 26, she found a pathway to access a human mind. That same year, she had to lock up A.L.I.E. because her answer for what was wrong with the world was too many people. She was 27 when it launched the bombs."
Clarke: "What did she write about the Flame?"
Raven: "A.L.I.E. 2.0. She saw it as a way to atone for her sins. She designed it to not just access a human mind but to merge with one. It could never wipe us out because it would be one of us. She would put it in herself first, altered her genes so her body wouldn't reject the implant."
Clarke: "Bekka Pramheda, the first Commander. The gene therapy made her blood black, didn't it?"
Raven: "Yeah."
Octavia: "How did you know that?"
Clarke: "Nightblood. That's where it came from. Somehow it became hereditary. Luna has it. That's why we have to find her. If she can access A.L.I.E. 2..."
Octavia: "She can tell us how to stop A.L.I.E. 1."
Sinclair: "Bekka Pramheda gets her second shot at atonement."
Monty: "Get back to the mind pathway. If A.L.I.E. uses it to upload our minds to the City of Light, then there's a chance my mom's still alive."
Raven: "That depends on your definition of "alive"."
Clarke: "We left two days ago. Why haven't they fixed the gate?"
Jasper: "Maybe because there's no one here to fix it."
Raven: "It's like a ghost town."
Bellamy: "Miller, where the hell are you? I don't like this."
Jasper: "Maybe they got chipped."
Bellamy: "If they got chipped, they'd been waiting for us at the cave."
Jasper: "Maybe they saw the open gate, went in for Lincoln's book."
Octavia: "Maybe you should stop saying "maybe"."
Jasper: "Remember when you told me it... it gets better?"
Octavia: "This is not the same thing."
Jasper: "You know, it's ok to fall apart a little, Octavia. You loved him."
Octavia: "A warrior doesn't mourn the dead until the war is over."
Sinclair: "I studied some Latin. "Seek higher things." "Altiora... petimus." No. Go for less literal translation. "Ascende... superius.""
Clarke: "When someone without the blood takes the Flame, the Flame takes their life."
Monty: "Following the creepy music is a bad idea. Or we can follow the creepy music."
Sinclair: "Stay in the rover."
Clarke: "Promise me."
Bellamy: "No. You're out of your mind if you think I'm letting you do this alone."
Clarke: "Bellamy, this is my fault. I'm not letting anyone else die for my mistake, ok? So take it."
Bellamy: "You through? I don't know what happened between you and Emerson in Polis, but I do know that letting him kill you here today is a stupid plan."
Clarke: "You got a better one?"
Bellamy: "Distract him. I shoot him."
Jaha: "You're ruling without the wisdom of the Commander's spirit. Your people will soon figure that out. I can offer you something even more powerful than the Flame... true legacy of Bekka Pramheda, all power, all wisdom contained in one simple key. All you have to do is swallow it."
Emerson: "You murdered 381 people. You took the lives of my children, my brother, my friends. Did you really think that I would be happy with just one life in return, hmm?"
Miller: "We'll keep them safe."
Harper: "I'll keep them safe."

Notes and Trivia

  • The episode's title is retrieved from a line used by Nathan Miller while talking to Bryan and Harper: "He told the ship's doc that they looked like demons." It is also used by Bryan and Harper afterwards.
  • Ricky Whittle was re-added to the main cast for this episode only after being dropped the previous two episodes.
  • Sinclair is killed by Emerson.
  • The first time we see what A.L.I.E. 2.0 does to a non-Nightblood.
  • This episode marks the end of the Mount Weather War and the extinction of the Mountain Men with the death of Carl Emerson.
  • "Captain Fidalgo" is likely named after post-production supervisor/assoicate producer Emanuel Fidalgo.
  • Emerson states that 381 people died at Mount Weather because of Clarke. With the writers having stated that around 350 people died in "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)" and Lorelei Tsing giving a figure of 382 people in "Long Into an Abyss," Emerson appears to have been blaming Clarke for everyone who died in the war, not just the people she personally killed.

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