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You are the most beautiful broom in a broom closet of brooms.
Raven to Connor.

Day Trip is the eighth episode of the first season of The 100. It is the eighth episode of the series overall.

Sent on a mission by the Ark, Clarke recruits Bellamy to join her. The two head to an old aid depot for supplies and a possible home for the approaching winter. A terrifying event brings Clarke and Bellamy closer.

While Clarke and Bellamy are away the 100 accidentally eat Jobi Nuts, which have powerful hallucinogenic properties causing members of the 100 to experience hallucinations and lose their grasp on reality.

On the Ark, Commander Shumway secretly assigns one of the 100 to kill one of his own, and the questionable actions of Diana Sydney are revealed.


Inside the dropship, the captive Grounder is guarded by Bellamy. Bellamy seems to be contemplating something but is interrupted when Miller comes into the room. Miller questions if Bellamy has talked to the Ark yet. Bellamy doesn't answer. Miller announces that he told Diggs' mother the news, as well as John Mbege's dad, and that he's going to talk to Roma's parents soon. Bellamy thanks him for talking to their parents and mentions he owes him.

Telling the parents their children are dead seems to take a toll on Miller because his attention is drawn to the Grounder and states he wishes he could get justice for those who've died. Bellamy declares they're not killing the Grounder. Out of anger, Miller walks up to the Grounder and makes a snide remark before smearing something on the side of the Grounder's face. Without warning, the Grounder headbutts Miller, knocking him to the ground. As Miller groans in pain, Bellamy does nothing but look up at the Grounder.

Meanwhile, Clarke uses the camp's newly established video chat to attend a council meeting. Chancellor Jaha wants to know more about the Grounder, in hopes he can provide insight on how to survive the winter. Clarke replies they're doing everything they can to prepare for the winter. They've been gathering nuts and berries, curing meats, and digging for roots. Clarke admits that they'll freeze before they starve. Councilor Marcus Kane believes he can help prevent that. Kane shows Clarke coordinates to an old emergency aid depot that's not far from their landing site. Kane and Jaha explain that it should have supplies and that it can be used as a shelter for the 100 and the citizens of the Ark during the winter. Clarke agrees that it's worth a shot. Councilor Diana Sydney believes the kids should wait until the people of the Ark are on the ground. Jaha disagrees, stating that the 100 would die from exposure before relief arrives. He then asks for a moment alone with Clarke.

Jaha admits that everyone's proud of what the 100 have accomplished on Earth; especially Clarke's mother, Abby. Clarke declares she doesn't want to talk about her. Jaha tries to get Clarke to forgive her mother. However, Clarke doesn't agree with the decision her mother and Jaha made. Clarke believes she'll never forgive her mother or Jaha for betraying and killing her father. Clarke changes the subject to the kids who actually want to talk to their parents.

Outside, water has already started to freeze on the dropship chairs and the 100 are using pieces of metal to chip and scrape away at the ice. Leaving the communications tent, Clarke calls for Dax. When she can't find him she turns to Monty and Jasper, who are sorting and eating jobi nuts, and asks if they've seen him. Monty replies he's on the meat crew. Spotting Dax she calls out his name and announces he's up.

In the communications tent, Dax prepares to talk to his mother. Only Commander Shumway, the man who gave Bellamy a gun to kill Chancellor Jaha, appears instead of his mom. When Dax asks where his mom is, Shumway explains he can see his mom after they have a little talk. He then asks Dax if he is alone, to which Dax responds with a yes and questions why. Shumway reveals that Dax was sent to prison for beating a man to death. Dax gets defensive and states the man stole from him. Shumway tells him to relax. Shumway reveals that he has a problem and Dax can help him fix it. In return, Shumway can guarantee his mother a spot on the first dropship and for Dax, a choice assignment when he's on the ground. In exchange, Shumway wants Dax to kill Bellamy Blake.

Bellamy talks to an unhappy Octavia after torturing Lincoln.

Inside the dropship, Bellamy climbs down from the upper level to see Octavia still sitting nearby. Octavia informs him she's not moving until Bellamy lets her up to see him, referring to the Grounder. Agitated with one another, the two siblings argue. Despite Octavia's attempts Bellamy refuses to relent and turns away, ending the conversation. However, Octavia isn't finished. She asks him why he cares if she ruined his life. Bellamy glances at her and comments that she knows he didn't mean it. Clarke, unaware of Octavia and Bellamy's fight, walks in and calls for Bellamy.

Clarke asks Bellamy to go to the emergency aid depot with her.

Bellamy snaps at Clarke, telling her the answer is still no. He'll not talk to Jaha. Clarke informs him that's not why she's there. Instead, she explains that the Ark found some records that show an old emergency aid depot not too far from where they are. Bellamy asks Clarke what kind of supplies it will have. Clarke declares they're the kind that might give them a chance to live through winter. Clarke mentions she's going to check it out and could use some backup, inviting Bellamy along but only because she doesn't feel like being around anyone she actually likes. Bellamy smiles at her honesty and agrees to go with her. Clarke leaves. Taking one final look at his sister, Bellamy leaves to gather his things.

Monty and Jasper joke around.

Outside, Monty and Jasper are still cracking open and sorting the jobi nuts. Jasper wonders out loud what Bellamy plans to do with the Grounder. Monty glances over to the drop ship to see Bellamy leaving and mentions that he doesn't want to think about it. Jasper continues on fearing that the Grounder's friends will come looking. Monty playfully smacks Jasper and tells him to cheer up because by then they'll all be dead from hypothermia. He takes one of the jobi nuts and eats it. He throws another at Jasper's open mouth. When the throw is successful the two celebrate with their secret handshake.

Clarke checks on Finn.

Clarke checks in on Finn, who is still recovering from an injury sustained during Octavia's rescue. Clarke asks him how he's feeling, to which he replies "weak and bored but grateful to be alive". Clarke mentions that if he wants to stay that way, he should rest. Raven jokes that she'll tie Finn down if she has to. An awkward silence fills the tent as the three avoid eye contact. While cleaning Finn's wound, Clarke changes the subject and informs them she'll be out of camp for the day and asks Raven to change his bandages in a few hours. When asked where she's going, Clarke explains she received a little assignment from the Ark and that it's nothing to worry about. Finn worries regardless and wants to go as well. Raven reassures him that Clarke is a big girl and can handle it. Before the conversation continues, Bellamy peeks his head into the tent, calling for Clarke. A look of displeasure appears on Finn's face when he sees who Clarke is leaving with. Clarke gets up to leave but before she does she advises Raven to make sure he stays in bed.

Bellamy takes lots of supplies for the day trip.

Outside, Bellamy begins packing large amounts of rations. Clarke notices Bellamy's taking more than necessary for a day trip and comments, but he brushes her off by stating that a lot can happen in a day. She doesn't question him further. On the other side of camp, Bellamy notices Octavia outside of the drop ship. Octavia is outside long enough to see Bellamy and Clarke leaving camp. Dax, who has accepted Shumway's mission, follows Clarke and Bellamy out of camp with a hunting knife.

Inside the drop ship, Connor shouts up to Miller that Roma's parents are waiting for him on the radio. Octavia, who hasn't left the drop ship, overhears this and stays hidden until Miller heads out of the drop ship, leaving the Grounder unguarded. Octavia quickly climbs up the ladder and mentions they don't have a lot of time. She gives him water and apologizes for not visiting sooner. Octavia mentions her brother has kept her away and that he's a dick. She realizes he does understand English when he laughs at her declaration. Octavia begins cleaning him up. She blames herself for what happened to him. He informs her that his name is Lincoln, to which she introduces herself as Octavia. Octavia waits for him to respond but when he doesn't she asks why. He tells her it's not safe to talk. Octavia then mentions if it's not safe then why tell her his name. He replies that he wants her to remember him when he's dead. Octavia insists that he isn't going to die. Lincoln believes that his captivity can only end one way, with his death. Octavia refuses to believe that. She wants Lincoln to talk to her brother and the others. She asks Lincoln to tell them he's not the enemy, but Lincoln refuses because he sees himself as their enemy. Their moment is ruined when Miller opens up the hatch. He tells Octavia to leave or the Grounder will get the beating he's been itching to give him. Octavia calms Miller down and leaves.

In the woods, Clarke mentions that the first drop ship will be coming down soon and that Bellamy can't avoid Jaha forever. Bellamy comments that he can try. Reaching the coordinates they see ruins and a large body of water. Clarke mentions the depot is supposed to be here somewhere. Bellamy says there has to be a door. Clarke tries to convince Bellamy that maybe Jaha will be lenient. Bellamy doesn't think the Chancellor will forgive and forget that he shot the man. Frustrated, Bellamy suggests they split up but stay within shouting distance. Bellamy ventures off in search of the door. Unbeknownst to Clarke or Bellamy, Dax lurks a good distance behind them.

Octavia makes some biting comments at Raven after she tortured Lincoln.

Back at camp, Octavia's still mad at Raven for torturing Lincoln. Raven won't apologize for doing what she had to do to save Finn. Octavia tries to hurt Raven by saying how awful it must be to realize that Finn's into somebody else. Raven refuses to fight with Octavia. However, after their encounter, Raven tries to reaffirm Finn's love for her by sleeping with him.

Bellamy teaches Clarke how to fire.

In the woods, Bellamy finds something and begins to uncover it. While distracted, Dax begins his descent on Bellamy with his hunting knife. However, Clarke shouts out and this forces Dax back into hiding. Clarke tells Bellamy that she found a door. Together they're able to get it open and go inside to find supplies. As the two explore the depot they quickly realize that the place is ruined and disgusting. They realize that the 100 and people of the Ark can't live down there. Clarke believes all the supplies were distributed before the last of the bombs went off. Bellamy finds a box of glow sticks and begins lighting them. Meanwhile, Clarke finds a box full of blankets. While Clarke is happy they found something, Bellamy isn't. Bellamy opens up a metal barrel only to find it full of grease. Angry, Bellamy kicks the barrel over. After the barrel topples over, Bellamy discovers a bunch of assault rifles and ammunition that were inside.

Jasper's hallucination.

Back at camp, Monty and Jasper are in their tent. Monty is the first one to start feeling the effects of the jobi nuts. Jasper mentions that Monty's acting weird and announces he has to pee. While trying to go to the bathroom, Jasper starts hallucinating that the Grounders are there. Jasper yells for Octavia, warning her of the "Grounders" that are inside the camp, but she doesn't see anything. Jasper doesn't seem to hear her and confesses that he loves her. When Octavia sees Jasper trying to eat one of the jobi nuts, she realizes that Jasper's hallucinating because of them. Octavia calms him down and grabs a stick. She tells Jasper that the stick is an anti-Grounder stick and that the Grounders won't be able to see him if he holds it. Octavia comes up with a plan of her own and tells Jasper to stay where he is. Since Bellamy gave everyone orders to keep her away from the captured Grounder she brings Miller a ration of the jobi nuts as a peace offering in hopes he will eat them.

Back at the supply depot, Bellamy raves on about how finding the rifles changes everything. Bellamy asks Clarke if she's ready to be a badass as he eats the jobi nuts. Clarke, on the other hand, doesn't want to fight with Bellamy about bringing the rifles back to camp. She knows they need them but that doesn't mean she has to like it.

Bellamy insists on teaching Clarke how to shoot. When he fixes Clarke's stance, Bellamy notices how close he is to her and gets flustered. Bellamy shakes his head and pulls away from Clarke. Taking one of the rifles Bellamy decides to demonstrate instead. After Bellamy pulls the trigger, he notices that some of the bullets are duds. Bellamy tells Clarke to try hers. After she shoots for the first time, she's amazed by the feeling and questions if she should feel horrible for feeling that way. Bellamy shakes his head, smiling, and tells her to shoot again, but Clarke doesn't want to waste the ammunition. Clarke wants to discuss where to keep the rifles around camp, and who has access to them. Clarke mentions Miller and how Bellamy must trust him. Bellamy tells her to keep Miller close because the others listen to him. Clarke questions why she has to keep him close. She then questions Bellamy's odd behavior. Looking down at Bellamy's pack, Clarke realizes he's going to run and tries to convince Bellamy to stay, stating that Octavia needs him. Bellamy tells her Octavia hates him and she'll be fine. Bellamy explains that he doesn't want to die or get locked up like the Grounder for the rest of his life when Jaha comes down to Earth. Flustered, Bellamy tells Clarke to keep shooting and leaves to go get some air.

That's when Bellamy starts to feel the effects of the jobi nuts. Bellamy hallucinates Chancellor Jaha confronting him along with the 320 people who were killed in the culling. Bellamy expresses guilt over his actions and their deaths. His guilt overwhelms him, and he tries to run from those who call him a murderer. Meanwhile, Clarke tries to shoot her weapon again, only to start her own hallucination down in the bunker. Clarke envisions that she is back in her cell on the Ark along with her father, Jake Griffin.

At camp, everyone seems to be hallucinating except for Octavia. Octavia goes around camp collecting discarded clothing from the other campers. Miller, who was guarding the Grounder, is seen outside of the drop ship talking to himself. Inside Finn and Raven's tent, Monty barges in wondering if the moon is there. Finn shouts at him to get out only for Monty to look at him perplexed and then leave. Raven tells Finn to stay put and goes to figure out what's going on. Outside Raven sees the whole camp acting crazy. Raven realizes something is wrong, and turns back to Finn and tells him to get out there.

In the Depot Clarke is hugging her father. However, when she pulls away she realizes her father is not real. Jake tries to get her to forgive her mother. Clarke breaks down over the growing pressure of everyone counting on her and over her torturing someone. Jake tells Clarke that she's doing the best she can. Clarke knows her father wants her to admit her mom did the best she could. When she says her mother doesn't deserve her forgiveness, her father tells her that forgiveness isn't about what people deserve. Clarke is still reluctant, and then the hallucination changes. Jake calls her a crazy bitch. Clarke is confused but it is quickly revealed that in reality, Dax is standing behind her. He was the one who called her a crazy bitch. He hits her on the head with one of the rifles and knocks her out.

Octavia and Lincoln kiss for the first time.

Inside the drop ship, Octavia throws a pile of clothing down in front of Lincoln and then frees him. Lincoln is more worried about her safety than his freedom. When Lincoln mentions they will spot him, Octavia explains that everyone in camp is seeing things. He tells her the jobi nuts will wear off. Before he leaves he leans down and kisses Octavia. Outside, Finn and Raven, who have not eaten the jobi nuts and are not hallucinating, do damage control. Raven chats with a hallucinating Conner as Finn destroys what's left of the jobi nuts. One of the delinquents walks past them crying. Finn tells Raven he's got this one. Just before she's about to walk out past the wall, Finn turns her around. Just then Finn spots the Grounder escaping the drop ship. The two stare at each other and Lincoln prepares for a fight. However, Finn lets him go.

Running from his hallucinations Bellamy realizes he is surrounded. On his knees, he begs Chancellor Jaha to kill him. Reaching behind him, Bellamy pulls out his gun. He holds the gun out to Jaha and says he deserves to die. However, Jaha slaps Bellamy across the face. Bellamy tells Jaha that he can't fight anymore, but Jaha tells him that life is a fight. Bellamy asks what he is supposed to do. Jaha tells him he needs to live, breathe, and suffer. Jaha tells Bellamy if he wants the peace of death he's going to have to earn it. Jaha then asks Bellamy if he deserves to be free of pain because he's going to get it.

Bellamy's hallucination fades and he sees Dax, not Jaha, standing over him with a rifle. Before Bellamy can do anything Dax tells him it's nothing personal and pulls the trigger. However, Dax's bullet is a dud. Bellamy realizes that Dax is going to kill him. Dax cocks the rifle as Bellamy reaches for his own gun, only to find it was a hallucination as well. Just before Dax can pull the trigger again, Clarke appears pointing a rifle at him. Dax and Clarke point their rifles at each other. Dax tells Clarke she should have stayed down in the depot; he tried not to kill her but Shumway said no witnesses. Clarke is confused and Bellamy says Shumway set it up and gave him the gun to shoot the Chancellor. Dax tells Clarke to walk away and he won't kill her. Clarke doesn't leave and tells Dax to put the rifle down. When Dax refuses, Clarke pulls the trigger but her bullet is a dud. Dax doesn't hesitate and shoots at Clarke. Clarke manages to hide behind a tree just in time. Dax continues to shoot at Clarke. Bellamy, realizing Dax is going to kill Clarke, barrels into him, sending both of them to the ground and the gun in the other direction. The two get into a fistfight with Dax gaining the upper hand. Both struggle for the rifle while Clarke tries to cock her rifle behind the tree. As Dax and Bellamy fight, Bellamy spots the forgotten bullet from Dax's rifle. At some point, Dax manages to get his hands on the rifle and starts to choke Bellamy with it. Clarke, unable to figure out how to cock the gun, runs to Dax, planning to throw him off Bellamy. Dax, however, thrusts the end of his rifle into Clarke's stomach, knocking her to the ground. Clarke's distraction allows enough time for Bellamy to grab the forgotten bullet and lodge it into Dax's neck. Dax dies quickly after.

Clarke offers comfort to Bellamy after he killed Dax.

Afterwards, Clarke says he's okay to which Bellamy says that he's not. Leaning up against a tree, Bellamy breaks down and says he's a monster. Clarke consoles him, telling him that she needs him, that they all need him, that he is forgiven, that he can't run, that he has to come back with her and that he has to face it. Bellamy points out how she faced her mom. Clarke admits that she doesn't want to talk to her mother and that she doesn't want to face any of it. All Clarke thinks about is trying to keep everyone alive but they don't have a choice. Bellamy still thinks Jaha will kill him when he lands on Earth. Clarke responds that they will figure something out. Bellamy asks her if they can do it another time. Clarke leans back on the tree and tells him whenever he's ready.

Bellamy and Clarke bring guns back to camp.

Back at camp, everything seems to be returning to normal. Jasper is asleep, clinging to the anti-Grounder stick right where Octavia left him. Monty asks if Octavia had a rough night. She lies and says her head hurts. Monty mentions he thinks he ate a pine cone because it told him to. Miller shouts from the drop ship that the Grounder is gone. The 100 begin to worry that the Grounder will come back and this time with reinforcements. Bellamy's voice booms over the others telling them to let them come. Bellamy and Clarke walk back into camp looking confident. Bellamy announces that they have been scared of the Grounders for too long because of their knives and spears. Bellamy says he's done being afraid. Together, they show the camp the rifles. Clarke lets the 100 know they are weapons, not toys, and they will have to be prepared to give them up to the guard when the drop ships come, but until then, they're going to help keep them safe. Bellamy announces there are more where those came from. They will start training in the morning so that if the Grounders attack, they will be ready. Finn is not happy about the rifles in camp.

Later, Bellamy tries to make amends with Octavia, but she's not interested. Clarke approaches the two, telling Bellamy that it's time. Bellamy turns to leave but asks Octavia if she helped the Grounder escape. Octavia lies to him and says she has nothing to do with it. Bellamy doesn't question her further and leaves with Clarke.

Jaha pardons Bellamy for his crimes.

In the communications tent, Bellamy and Clarke face Chancellor Jaha through a video chat. Before Jaha says anything Clarke defends Bellamy and asks for his crime to be pardoned. Jaha explains that it's not that easy. Bellamy tells Jaha it is if he wants to know who on the Ark wants to him dead. Jaha thinks it over and pardons Bellamy Blake for his crimes, much to Bellamy's relief.

On the Ark, Kane arrests Commander Shumway. Kane calls Shumway a disgrace. Shumway defends himself stating he was doing what he believed in.

Later that night, Clarke checks on Finn's wounds. Finn vocally disapproves of bringing guns into camp. Finn doesn't want the guns in camp because he doesn't trust Bellamy and Clarke can't predict what Bellamy is going to do. However, Clarke tells Finn she trusts Bellamy. Finn is shocked to hear this and tells Clarke she's wrong to trust Bellamy. He also tells her she and Bellamy are leading the 100 down a dangerous road. Finn wishes Clarke would have talked to him first. Clarke however, remarks that she wishes Finn would have talked to her about a lot of things, but didn't. Just then Raven enters the tent. Quietly Clarke leaves, while Raven looks after her.

Up on the Ark, while Shumway is in prison, it is shown that Diana is the one who's pulling the strings and wants the Chancellor dead. She then has Lt. Graco kill Shumway in his prison cell to prevent him from talking. They slit his wrists to make it look like a suicide.



Guest Starring


  • Katie Stuart as Zoe Monroe
  • Jonathan Alexander as Deek
  • Joshua Ssettuba as Connor
  • Murry Peeters as Laughing Kid
  • Jessica Racz as Sobbing Kid
  • Melissa Montgomery as Culled Woman
  • Artine Brown as Lieutenant Graco
  • Bill Marchant as Senior Council Member
  • Catherine Lough-Haggquist as Council Member #1
  • Sharon Taylor as Council Member #2
  • Hiro Kanagawa as Council Member #3
  • Jojo Ahenkorah as Costa (uncredited)


Nathan Miller (to Bellamy Blake): "Telling all these parents that their kids were murdered by Grounders, I just wish I could say we were getting some justice."
Clarke Griffin (to Chancellor Jaha): "I know you both think that betraying my dad, killing him, was an unavoidable tragedy, but I don't see it that way and I never will."
Bellamy Blake: "You're still here?"
Octavia Blake: "I'm not moving until you let me up there to see him."
Bellamy Blake: "Get comfortable. I let him live. Isn't that enough?"
Octavia Blake: "He saved my life and yours."
Bellamy Blake: "I know you see it that way, but--"
Octavia Blake: "That's the way it is."
Bellamy Blake: "He's still dangerous."
Octavia Blake: "Only because of what you did."
Bellamy Blake: "Whatever twisted connection you think you have with that animal, forget it. You don't get to see him. End of conversation."
Octavia Blake: "Why do you even care if I ruined your life? You should want me to go up there. Maybe you'll get lucky and he'll kill me, problem solved."
Bellamy Blake: "Octavia, you know I didn't mean that."
Lincoln: "My name is Lincoln."
Octavia Blake: "Lincoln. I'm Octavia. Well, is that it? Is that all you're gonna say?"
Lincoln: "It's not safe for us to talk."
Octavia Blake: "Well if we shouldn't talk, then why did you tell me your name?"
Lincoln: "I want you to remember me... after I'm dead."
Octavia Blake: "You're not gonna die. Don't say that."
Lincoln: "Octavia... this... this only ends one way."
Octavia Blake: "Just talk to them. Tell them you're not the enemy."
Lincoln: "I am."
Jasper Jordan: "Octavia, Octavia. I think I'm going crazy. The Grounders are here, or I'm going crazy."
Octavia Blake: "Just slow down, just tell me what you saw."
Jasper Jordan: "Him, him."
Octavia Blake: "Jasper, there's no one there."
Jasper Jordan: "He's right there. We have to run, we have to run. Why isn't anyone doing anything?"
Octavia Blake: "Jasper, shut up! Are you on something?"
Jasper Jordan: "I love you and I just want you to know this. We're all gonna die soon, okay? I love you."
Octavia Blake (takes the nuts from his hand): "Is this all you've eaten today?"
Jasper Jordan: "It is, but who the Hell cares now?"
Octavia Blake: "You're totally bombed. Relax. Here, buddy, take this." (hands him a stick)
Jasper Jordan: "It's a stick."
Octavia Blake: "No, this is an anti-Grounder stick, so as long as you hold this and you sit right here the Grounders won't be able to see you. See."
Jasper Jordan: "That makes sense."
Octavia Blake: "It does make sense."
Bellamy Blake: "Ready to be a badass, Clarke?"
Monty Green (to Finn and Raven): "Is the moon in here? I can't change the tide if the moon won't cooperate! It's basic physics."
Raven Reyes (to Connor): "You're the most beautiful broom in a broom closet of brooms."
Monty Green (to Octavia): "I'm pretty sure I ate a pine cone because it told me to."
Clarke Griffin: "Put it down, Dax."
Dax: "You should've stayed down there, Clarke. I tried not to kill you. But, here you are, and Shumway said no witnesses."
Clarke Griffin: "What is he talking about?"
Bellamy Blake: "Shumway set it up. He gave me the gun to shoot the Chancellor."
Clarke Griffin: "You're okay."
Bellamy Blake: "No, I'm not. My mother... if she knew what I've done, who I am... She raised me to be better, to be good, but all I do is hurt people. I'm a monster."
Clarke Griffin: "Hey, you saved my life today. You may be a total ass half the time, but I need you, we all need you. None of us would've survived this place if it wasn't for you. You want forgiveness? Fine, I'll give it to you: you're forgiven, okay? But you can't run, Bellamy. You have to come back with me - you have to face it."
Bellamy Blake: "Like you faced your mom?"
Clarke Griffin: "You're right. I don't want to face my mom. I don't want to face any of it. All I think about every day is how we're gonna keep everyone alive. But we don't have a choice."
Bellamy Blake: "Jaha will kill me when he comes down."
Clarke Griffin: "We'll figure something out."
Bellamy Blake: "Can we figure it out later?"
Clarke Griffin: "Whenever you're ready."
Bellamy Blake: "Let the Grounders come. We've been afraid of them for far too long. And why? Because of their knives and spears? I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being afraid."
Thelonious Jaha: "Mr. Blake, I've wanted to talk to you for some time now."
Clarke Griffin: "Before you do, uh, I... I'd like to say something. When you sent us down here, you sent us to die, but miraculously, most of us are still alive. In large part, that is because of him, because of Bellamy. He's one of us, and he deserves to be pardoned of his crimes just like the rest of us."
Thelonious Jaha: "Clarke, I appreciate your point of view, but it's not that simple."
Bellamy Blake: "It is if you want to know who on the Ark wants you dead."
Thelonious Jaha: "Bellamy Blake, you're pardoned for your crimes. Now, tell me who gave you the gun."
Marcus Kane: "You're a disgrace."
Commander Shumway: "I'm fighting for what I believe in, just like you."
Marcus Kane: "And what, exactly, is that?" (Shumway remains silent and is led away)
Finn Collins: "Clarke, you and Bellamy are leading us down a dangerous road. I wish you would've talked to me about it first."
Clarke Griffin: "I wish you'd talked to me about a lot of things, but you didn't."
Commander Shumway: "Thank God it's you. I thought I was about to float."
Diana Sydney: "It won't come to that, Commander."
Commander Shumway: "Wait. What's going on? I -- I did what you asked me to!"

Notes and Trivia

  • The title is retrieved from a line used by Clarke Griffin while talking to Bellamy Blake: "That’s a lot of rations. You realize this is a day trip."
    • It may also refer to the Jobi Nuts causing a day-long drug trip.
  • The Delinquents now have a video screen incorporated into their radio, allowing them to communicate through video chat with the Ark.
  • Dax was sent to prison for beating a man to death after he stole from him.
  • Octavia Blake learns Lincoln's name.
  • Finn Collins and Raven Reyes sleep together for the first time since space.
  • While under the effects of the Jobi Nuts, Jasper Jordan tells Octavia that he loves her. Octavia does not return his feelings.
  • Lincoln is the only one to know and use the name of Jobi Nuts.
  • Bellamy makes his first direct kill. He takes down Dax in self-defense. He was indirectly responsible for the deaths of those lost in the Culling. In addition, this is the first time Clarke attempts to kill someone for a reason other than mercy, attempting to shoot Dax in Bellamy's defense without success.
  • The Delinquents are now armed with guns taken from an old supply depot.
  • This is the first episode to suggest that Bellamy might be attracted to Clarke.
  • This episode marks the first interaction and conversation between Octavia and Raven.
  • The following are affected by the Jobi Nuts;
  • Bellamy is pardoned in exchange for revealing that Commander Shumway hired him to kill Jaha.
  • Diana Sydney is revealed to be behind the assassination attempt on Chancellor Jaha and murders Commander Shumway to cover it up.
  • Goof: When the guard slices Commander Shumway's wrist, blood is seen coming from behind the glass shard instead of from Shumway's skin.

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

Production Notes

  • This episode premiered on May 7, 2014.
  • Day Trip attracted 1.64 million viewers on the original airing and had a ratings/share of 0.6/2 in the key 18-49 demographic.[2]



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