If I can't have this valley, no one can.

The Damocles Event was an explosion or an impact event that occurred on April 26, 2156, during the Battle for Eden, when Paxton McCreary bombed Shallow Valley using Hythylodium tanks from the Eligius IV. After the bombing, Earth was completely destroyed and became uninhabitable.

History Edit

The Damocles bomb was first mentioned by Captain Stevens in the Captain's log from April 4, 2047. Stevens says that somebody has to prevent Diyoza from weaponizing the cargo which is full of Hythylodium.

After Eligius IV came back to Earth, the Damocles bomb became useless, because it could destroy the last known survivable land on Earth. Still, Shallow Valley was not safe. Wonkru, in their conflict with the Eligius prisoners, planned on using the worms from the wasteland as a bioweapon, but Clarke and Madi unintentionally took them with the Rover from Polis and dumped them back to wasteland.

When it came to a final clash between two sides, the prisoners lost the valley to Wonkru, but McCreary decided to bomb the valley by using the Damocles bomb. He wanted to leave the planet aboard Gagarin, but Clarke, Shaw and Raven managed to kill him in order to take over the ship, fill it with 412 people and escape to Eligius IV.

Aftermath Edit

The bomb's explosion caused the complete destruction of Shallow Valley. Shaw expected that it would take at least 10 years for the valley to be habitable again. While on board the Eligius IV, 410 people were put into cryosleep to wake up 10 years after the Damocles explosion. Monty and Harper were the only people who didn't go into cryosleep. Monty monitored Earth for 10 years, but it was still uninhabitable so he didn't wake anyone up from sleep. It turned out that Earth was completely destroyed and it couldn't sustain life anymore, presumably due to the toxicity from the Hythylodium that possibly affected the entire planet. Meanwhile, Monty and Harper both have a son named Jordan Green, who was put into cryosleep at the age of mid 20's. After that, Monty devoted his life to save the human race and find a place to live. Not long before his death, Monty cracked the Eligius III file and sent Eligius IV to Sanctum. After 75 years, it finally arrived at the destination, starting a new chapter of the human race.

Weapon Edit

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Damocles Bomb

Damocles was a bomb made of Hythylodium from asteroid Proxima VI. Hythylodium was kept in massive tanks that were attached to a rocket engine. Then it was propelled by it into the ground and exploded on impact. It could destroy a massive area and make it toxic. Toxicity of Hythylodium caused lung disease that a large amount of Eligius Prisoners suffered from.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • It is the third apocalyptic disaster in the series.
  • This event made the Earth completely uninhabitable for the foreseeable future.
  • Initially, the "Damocles" bomb was intended as leverage for criminals against the governments on the planet.

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