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Monty: We can't stay here. We need medical equipment. There's no food. There's no water. And the rain isn't drinkable from the ash. It's time to surrender. 

Miller: The people who tried to surrender were slaughtered in the gorge. The enemy, they don't want prisoners. They want us dead. 

Harper: That's what they're gonna get if we don't do something. We have to fight. The longer we wait, the harder it's gonna be. 

Miller: Nobody's gonna follow me back into that gorge. 

Monty: Then we're already dead. They made it.

Miller: We don't know it's them. Gunners, spread out and take aim! Fire only on my command. 

Murphy: Little help, little help, we've got wounded. 

Harper: Stand down! Stand down! They're with us. 

Bellamy: Monty, where's Jackson? She's lost a lot of blood. 

Octavia: She'll be okay now. 

Indra: Will she? Look around you. Do you see signs of hope here? 

Madi: What do I do? 

Bellamy: What are you doing?

Octavia: Out of my way. 

Bellamy: O, she saved us. 

Madi: Let her pass. 

Echo: Heda, that is not a good--

Madi: I said, let her pass. 

Echo: We can't wait much longer. McCreary has Raven and Shaw. One of them will break and fly that ship. 

Octavia: You said Clarke was handling that. 

Echo: She is. But I'd rather not let missiles tell us she's failed. 

Miller: What's left of the first batallion is ready. 

Brell: The commander's army is, too. 

Indra: We're all the commander's army now. 

Echo: So, where's the commander? 

Niylah: Jackson, Indra's here. 

Jackson: She's lost a lot of blood, but she's strong. If we can get her to Abby, she should be able to keep the leg. 

Bellamy: It's time, Madi. Everyone will follow you, but you have to lead them. 

Madi: I don't want to lead them into a massacre. 

Indra: We have the numbers, Heda. As long as we press forward, we'll make it through. 

Bellamy: We'll be right beside you. 

Madi: I'm not worried about myself. Look around you. There has to be a better way than rushing back in to those guns. 

Indra: If there is, we would've thought of it. 

Gaia: Ask the commanders. 

Madi: How, Seda? They only talk to me in my dreams and show me what they want me to see.

Gaia: Close your eyes. 

Indra: Just wait. 

Gaia: Breathe. In and out. Let this world peel away. And repeat after me. My mind is your mind. 

Madi: My mind is your mind. I have a plan. 

Gaia: Of course you do. 

McCreary: Which one of you is ready to fly this ship for me? 

Raven: Stop! Stop! Leave him alone! 

Kuba on radio: Boss, we've got movement on the sand. Looks like a vehicle. 

McCreary: How far away? 

Kuba: About 5 clicks. The rest of their army is just outside the gorge, tucked against the wall. 

McCreary: Copy that. It's time to bring the missiles to this party. 

Madi: We charge on my command. 

McCreary: Good news. Your dentist appointment is over. We have an army of savages to destroy. So, let's see what we can take off with this. I told you -- you don't need your legs to fly. 

Raven: Stop! Stop! Please! I'll do it. I'll fly the ship. 

McCreary: If we're not airborne in two minutes...he loses the leg. 

Clarke: I'm here to see Colonel Diyoza. 

Woman: Sorry. Only McCreary and the Doc are allowed in. 

Clarke: Well, the doc sent me. She needs her meds. Hormones for the baby. 

McCreary on PA: Wheels up in two minutes, boys and girls. Time to end this war. Strap in. 

Woman: Make it fast. 

Diyoza: Hello, Clarke. 

Clarke: I need to get to McCreary and keep this ship on the ground. You're gonna help me. Turn around. 

Diyoza: It's hard to keep track of whose side you're on. 

Clarke: I guess we have that in common. 

Diyoza: I guess we do.

Clarke: Let's go. 

Computer: One minute to lift off. 

Shaw: Raven, you don't have to do this. 

McCreary: Hit him again. 

Raven: Leave him alone! We're ready for takeoff, alright? 

McCreary: That's enough. Kuba, we're heading your way. Watch the fireworks, then come home. Take us up. 

Clarke: We're not going anywhere. Raven, cut the engines. 

Raven: Copy that. About time. 

McCreary: What are you gonna do? Shoot a pregnant woman? 

Clarke: No, if I did that, your baby might live. I won't let my child die. Will you? 

Murphy: I don't see any missiles. Thank you, Clarke. 

Bellamy: Now it's our turn. 

Miller: So much for McCreary's back up. 

Kuba: All unit, fire. Aim for the engine! When the car stops, pull out the cannons! 

McCreary: They can't win. 

Clarke: We'll see about that. 

Murphy: Someone explain to me why I'm not shooting this gatling gun. 

Bellamy: This is Madi's plan. We have to draw out the cannons. 

Murphy: By giving them a big target? Yeah, that's a great plan. 

Echo: Ye of little faith. 

Murphy: You were saying?

Bellamy: What's wrong? We're not close enough. Why are we stopping? 

Emori: They got the engine. Damn it! John, Get away from the windshield! 

Murphy: Ready to strike. Big gun. Go! Now! Be heroes. 

Bellamy: Don't have a shot. 

Echo: I do. Be true. 

Bellamy: I need to get closer. 

Murphy: Get closer. I'll cover you. 

Emori: John, John, you'll get hit! 

Murphy: I thought you said you didn't care. 

Emori: John! 

Echo: I'll be right behind you. If you miss, I'll never let you live it down. 

Bellamy: I won't miss. Murphy, cease fire! 

Echo: Still no cannon. What do we do now? 

Bellamy: Now we win. 

Madi: It worked. 

Octavia: Take us home. 

Madi: Charge!

Clarke: It's over. Tell your men to lower their weapons and I'll lower mine. 

Man: Boss, what do we do here? 

McCreary: If she moves, shoot her. 

Clarke: Diyoza, what the hell is he doing? 

Diyoza: McCreary...McCreary, no. Clarke, you have to stop him. He'll kill us all. Shoot him! Right now! 

Shaw: McCreary, you can't be this crazy. 

Raven: Shaw? 

Shaw: It was our plan for when we got back to Earth orbit. Weaponize the hythylodium to leverage our way to the ground. It'll destroy the valley.

Clarke: Okay, okay. My weapon's down. 

McCreary: If I can't have this one can. What will we do? 

Diyoza: You really are insane. 

McCreary: What is insane about self-preservation? It's how we save our child. 

Raven: Whatever. How do we stop it? 

Diyoza: We don't. 

McCreary: We're on a ship. Take us up to space, and we survive. It's as simple as that. 

Shaw: For how long without a planet? 

McCreary: For as long as we have to. 

Clarke: Do what he says, Shaw. Fly the ship. 

Raven: What? What? No. My friends. Our friends. Madi! 

Clarke: Do you want to live or not? Fly the damn ship or Raven gets fried. Do it, Shaw. You got three seconds. 3...2...1.

Shaw: You're okay.

Clarke: You'll never know your daughter. 

Bellamy: Weapons down! Put your weapons down now. 

Madi: Kill them all. 

Bellamy: Halt! Hold your fire. They surrendered. It's over. 

Madi: They killed hundreds of our people in that gorge. 

Bellamy: This can't be what the flame is telling you to do. 

Madi: I don't need the flame to tell me what to do with a bunch of criminals who invaded my home. 

Bellamy: We've been here before, Madi. We were the criminals. The 100. We landed in someone else's home, and we went to war. You can execute them because they're the enemy or you can break the cycle. You can be better than them. You can be better than us. The choice is yours, Heda. 

Echo: What is that?

Man: The evac signal. It means conditions are unsafe. We're supposed to bug out. 

Raven: Everyone listen up. Life as we know it is about to end again. Get your asses to the transport ship now for immediate evacuation. 

Monty: Raven, it's Monty. We're transporting the wounded. 

Raven: Thank God, Monty. Hurry! Wait, wait, wait. Stop a second! It's slow going. So, putting aside a thousand other questions, how long do we have? 

Raven: Nine minutes. We'll wait as long as we can. 

Monty: Deja vu. 

Murphy: Ugh! Just go. 

Niylah: He won't make it. We have to go without him. 

Monty: Show the others the way. 

Harper: Okay. 

Monty: I'll take Murphy. We'll be right behind you. 

Harper: Okay. Follow me! 3,2,1. 

Jackson: Go, go, go! 

Murphy: He's right. Just go on. It's too far. There's not enough time. 

Emori: Well, then I guess we're both gonna die, because there's no way in hell I can leave the man I love behind. 

Murphy: Look, I'm not gonna do that to you, Emori. I can't run. 

Emori: Yes, you can. 

Monty: No...but I can. 

Murphy: Monty, what --

Shaw: Raven, we're good to go. 

Raven: Clarke, we're all systems. Where the hell is everyone? 

Clarke: Thank God. They're here. Everyone, get in the ship now!

Echo: Clarke, what is this? What's going on?

Clarke: I'll tell you inside. No. Not them. 

Madi: Yes them. First we save their lives, then we let them prove they deserve it. 

Clarke: The commanders told you that?

Madi: No. Bellamy. 

Indra: Where's Abby? Gaia will need her. 

Clarke: She's not with you? She was at the village. I've gotta get her...

Echo: No. We left a group to go door to door. They'll bring her in. 

Abby: Good. Help. I need your help. 

Octavia: You left without saying goodbye. I'm not here to kill you, Abby. I'm sorry about Kane, but it's time to go. 

Abby: No. I won't leave him. 

Octavia: We've been here bofore. This is not a choice. 

Abby: Yes, it is. 

Octavia: So it's okay for me to be the monster, but not you? Is that right? Eat or die. That was you, too. 

Abby: Yes, it was. You're right. And he knew. So, go ahead. Strike me down or get the hell out. Because I'm saving the man that I love. 

Octavia: I have a better idea. 

Raven: Monty, come in. Do you read me? Where the hell are you? Please respond. Guys, if we wait much longer, we're not going anywhere. 

Madi: You have to forgive her. 

Bellamy: Now's not the time, Madi. 

Madi: Do you have any idea how much she cares about you?

Bellamy: So much she left me to die in a fighting pit. 

Madi: That was a mistake. How many mistakes did you make to protect the child you loved?

Bellamy: That was different. 

Madi: Was it? I shouldn't tell you this, but when you were on the ring, she called you on the radio every day for 6 years. You didn't know that, did you?

Echo: There! 

Octavia: We need help! 

Bellamy: What happened to Kane? 

Clarke: Look, Mom, I didn't know. 

Abby: You couldn't have. The mothership has an OR if I can get up there, I can save him. 

Bellamy: Sonic boom. It's close. We have to hurry. Get Kane onto the ship. We're right behind you. Go. Where are the others?

Harper: Murphy was hit. We didn't have a stretcher for him, but they're coming. They have to be. 

Indra: Gaia, up here. 

Clarke: Monty, come in. Monty, do you read me?

Raven: Uh, Guys? Look up. We can't wait. We have to close the door. 

Clarke: Bellamy. 

Bellamy: I'm waiting for them. 

Clarke: Bellamy, we have to go. 

Bellamy: Clarke, you do what you have to. I am not leaving my friends. I can't do that again. 

Raven: Clarke, we need to fire the engines. Close the door or I will. 

Clarke: Raven, we need a little more time. 

Raven: There is no more time. Tell Bellamy to get in the damn ship. Clarke, I don't want to do this either, but I'm firing the thrusters. 

Bellamy: There they are! 

Clarke: They're here. 

Bellamy: Time to spare. 

Clarke: Raven, they're in. Go for launch. 

Shaw: Copy that. Three, two, one. Hold on. It's gonna be close. 

Raven: Just once I'd like to take off from a planet that wasn't on fire. 

Bellamy: How's Murphy?

Clarke: Jackson got both bullets. He'll be okay. Cockroaches are hard to kill. Emori's with him now. And Gaia's gonna keep her leg. 

Bellamy: Kane?

Clarke: They put him in a drug-induced coma. I'm not sure why, but Jackson says there's not enough of the drug to keep him that way for long. It doesn't look good. 

Bellamy: What if he didn't need the drug? I don't know much about cryosleep, but at least it would keep him alive. 

Clarke: That's brilliant. I'll tell my mom. 

Bellamy: Hey. When you're finished, come to the bridge. We're deciding the fate of the human race. Again. You should be there. 

Clarke: You're not mad at me for leaving you in Polis?

Bellamy: The commander ordered me not to be. 

Clarke: I'll meet you on the bridge. 

Diyoza: Cheer up. I wasn't invited, either. You know what your mistake was. 

Octavia: Not killing you the day you opened the bunker?

Diyoza: That, too. But then what kind of lesson would that be? Your mistake was liking it. Power. It's the kiss of death. That's okay. I liked it, too. 

Octavia: One garden, two serpents. Eden never stood a chance. 

Bellamy: It's gone, guys. 

Emori: Close it up, Shaw. 

Bellamy: Like our ancestors on the ark, we're the last of the human race. 

Clarke: Our ancestors were wrong. We're not. 

Bellamy: 412 people on this ship. Thanks to Madi, we saved who could be saved. Now it's our job to keep them alive. How do we do that? 

Raven: Algae?

Murphy: Oh, float me now. 

Shaw: Can I...?

Bellamy: Yeah. 

Shaw: From what we know about the half-life of hythylodium, it'll be at least 10 years before that valley comes back, this ship does have a small water recycler and a few weeks' worth of rations, but that's it. Cryo is the only option. There are 500 pods, which is more than enough for what we need. 

Raven: I agree with Shaw. The tech is amazing. We go to sleep, we don't age, we wake the next morning, It's 10 years later. And Bob's your uncle. 

Monty: I thought you hated that phrase.

Raven: It's growing on me. 

Bellamy: It's up to you, Madi. 

Madi: Okay. I guess it's time for bed. 

Clarke: Alright, Madi, we're all set. 

Madi: Will we dream?

Clarke: I don't know. But if we do, I'll see you in mine. Come on. Okay. You ready? I'm so proud of you, Madi. 

Bellamy: Okay, your turn. 

Octavia: Kind of like closing the door in the floor. 

Bellamy: Kind of like that.

Octavia: Wait. I love you, big brother. I know you love me, too. Don't make me wait 10 years to hear you say it. 

Bellamy: You're my sister, and a part of me will always love you. 

Octavia: Does the other part still wish I was dead?

Bellamy: The other part wishes a part of you was. Yeah. 

Octavia: That's fair. 

Bellamy: It won't feel like 10 years. 

Clarke: Hey. 

Bellamy: Hey. Why is it just us? 

Jordan: That's the way Mom and Dad wanted it. Uh..Can I just say, wow. I mean, I can't tell you how good it is to finally meet you. Weird but good. Great, actually. 

Bellamy: Who are you?

Jordan: My name. Right. I didn't tell you my name. Sorry. I've never met anyone before, so, I clearly suck at it.I'm Jordan, Monty and Harper's son. 

Bellamy: They didn't go to sleep. They talked about their time on the ring a lot. Too much, actually. How happy they were there. I guess they wanted to get back to that. Get dressed and come to the bridge. Dad left explicit instructions. Wake Clarke and Bellamy first. Play them the message. 

Clarke: Hey, wait. How long were we asleep?

Jordan: 125 years. 

Monty: Hey, guys, it's been about a year since you all went to bed. Not much to report, really. My algae farm is awesome. No surprise there. Oh. I'm able to monitor conditions on the ground using the ship's geologic equipment, so, I'll know when it's safe for us to go back down. Gets a little lonely sometimes without the rest of you, but the peace and quiet is what--

Harper: Monty, I've been waiting. 

Monty: Harper, wait. I'm in the middle of --

Harper: You promised me. We have another 40 staterooms that--- Ha! Why didn't you tell me?

Monty: Uh...not a lot to do in space. Ahem.

Jordan: I so didn't need to see that. 

Monty: Hey, again. Today's the two year anniversary of the long nap, Harper's been eating a little too much algae. 

Harper: Hilarious. Hey, guys, um, surprise. We picked a name today. Boy or girl-- Jordan. 

Monty: I think Jasper would like that. Anyway, still no sign the ground is coming back. I wouldn't expect it this soon, so, I'm not worried. We'll check back in next time there's news. Meet Jordan Jasper Green. Shh. That's all for now. Harper's resting. We're both good, though. Oh, shh. He'll be eight when you meet him. I can't wait to see your faces. 

Jordan: Things didn't go as planned. 

Monty: Happy wake-up day. 10 years. And since you're watching this sometime in the future, you know now that...that I didn't wake you up. That's because there's still nothing down there. I'm working the problem. I've told Harper it's to be expected, but, um...well, that's a lie. This is gonna take a while. Jordan is doing great, though. He's a happy kid. I took a page from Clarke's parenting book. He knows all about you guys. Believe it or not, Murphy's his favorite. 

Jordan: It was a rebellious phase. 

Monty: Anyway, It's gonna be a while. I'll let you know if things change. Hey, guys. It's been a long time since we recorded one of these. We just put Jordan in cryo. He's a good boy. 

Harper: Smart like his father.

Monty: And kind like his mom. We chose this life. He didn't. Hey. If you're watching this, kiddo...we love you so much. Did you follow my instructions? Assuming he did. Hey Bellamy, hey, Clarke. We wanted him to wake you first so we could talk. Earth...isn't coming back. You've been asleep for over 28 years and it's as dead as the day we left. I'm working on a plan B, though. If you're awake, that means I found it. I'll see you again when I do. 

Harper: Wait. Not yet. Take care of our boy. 

Monty: Jordan...your mother died today. She was pretty sick the last few years. Clarke, you were right. Her dad's genetic condition finally got her. We had a good life. Sometimes...I know she wanted to be with you guys. Maybe I did too. But if we did that, I wouldn't be able to show you this. Son. It took me 30 years, but I finally cracked the Eligius III mission file. Turns out it wasn't a mining mission. After sucking the Earth dry of oil, they went looking for another planet to tap. 

Clarke: Two suns?

Monty: I set the coordinates a week ago. If I'm should get there in...75 years. I'm tempted to put myself in cryo to see it, but without Harper...anyway, it's in the Goldilocks Zone of a binary star system. But that's all I know. Eligius III never radioed back or, if they did, it was after apocalypse one, so, no one heard it. Can you see it? Is it beautiful? It is in my dreams. I hope we do better there. I hope Jasper was wrong and we aren't the problem. I hope your lives there will be as happy as mine has been. Be the good guys. May we meet again. 

Bellamy & Clarke: May we meet again.