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One garden, two serpents. Eden never stood a chance.
Octavia to Diyoza

Damocles (Part 2) is the thirteenth and final episode of the fifth season of The 100.[1] It is the seventy-first episode of the series overall.

SEASON FINALE PART TWO — In part two of the fifth season finale, Clarke and her friends must risk everything to fight one last battle for survival, only to glimpse an even darker threat to the last living valley on earth.


Wonkru is desperate to get medical attention for their injured ones but they have no one to lead them back to fight for the valley. Suddenly, the rover arrives and Madi steps along with the others in the rover. Octavia pulls out her sword and heads straight to Madi. Wonkru soldiers prepare to shoot her. Bellamy and Echo try to block her but Madi orders them to let her pass. Octavia approaches Madi, flips her sword and sticks it to the ground. Octavia then kneels down and bows before Madi, recognizing her as the commander. The entire Wonkru follow Octavia's lead and kneel before Madi, their new heda.

When Madi goes to check in on Gaia's progress, Echo and Bellamy come over, insisting on the urgent need to get Wonkru ready to fight. Madi doesn't know what to do because she doesn't want to lead them to a massacre. Gaia advises her to listen to the commanders. She holds Madi's face and asks her to close her eyes. She then tells her a chant to repeat. Madi follows Gaia's instructions and gets a vision from the commanders telling her how to win. She tells them the plan.

Bellamy, Echo, Murphy and Emori lead with the rover while Octavia and Madi lead the rest of Wonkru behind them. The goal is for them to use the rover and the stolen firepower to destroy McCreary's cannons. During the shootout, Murphy gets badly injured but they still manage to take down the cannons. The plan works. Outnumbered and left without firepower, McCreary's group surrender. Madi wants to kill them, but Bellamy tells her that they surrendered already and advises her to end the cycle of killing. Madi agrees to keep them alive and give them a chance to prove that they're worth saving.

Meanwhile, at the transport ship, McCreary is torturing Raven and Shaw hoping one of them will break and fly the ship to launch missiles on Wonkru. They hold on strong but when McCreary threatens to cut off Shaw's leg, Raven breaks and agrees to fly the ship. In the meantime, Clarke goes to where Diyoza is locked up and brings her to McCreary as leverage. Clarke arrives just before Raven flies the ship. She threatens to kill Diyoza and McCreary's unborn baby if McCreary doesn't order his men to stop.

On realizing that his men have been defeated by Wonkru, McCreary says that he would rather destroy the valley with hythylodium than let anyone else have it. Hythylodium is the dangerous weaponized bomb that the prisoners kept in fuel tanks on the main Eligius IV ship to use as leverage to get on the ground. Diyoza begs McCreary not to launch the hythylodium because they would all die but McCreary launches it anyway. He then asks Shaw to fly the ship to safety before the hythylodium hits the ground in 13 minutes and destroys every living thing. Clarke pretends to be on McCreary's side by ordering Shaw to fly the ship while pointing a shock collar remote threatening to fry her. After counting down to 3, she electrocutes Raven, knowing that Raven would be smart about the situation. Raven grabs McCreary, giving him most of the shock, and Shaw takes McCreary's gun, shooting the other Eligius prisoners in the room. Clarke stands over McCreary and tells him that he will never live to see his daughter. She then stomps his face to death.

With only about ten minutes before impact, Raven radios Madi and asks her to bring Wonkru to the transport ship so that they can fly to safety. Since Murphy is badly injured, he asks them to leave him behind but Emori refuses to leave him behind. Monty volunteers to help Emori carry Murphy to the ship. Octavia leads a group of people to go door to door, informing them to rush to the transport ship. She finds Abby in the gas station, treating Kane. Abby assumes that Octavia has come to kill her but Octavia says she's come to take her to safety. Abby wants to stay there with Kane. Octavia tells her it's not a choice and reminds Abby of her "eat or die" policy during the dark year in the bunker. When Abby insists on not leaving Kane, Octavia helps her carry Kane to the transport ship, instead.

At the transport ship, Madi is thrilled to be reunited with Clarke. Clarke doesn't want to let McCreary's group in the ship but Madi tells her that Bellamy convinced her to give them a second chance. When Madi notices that Bellamy is mad at Clarke, she asks him to forgive her. She reveals to Bellamy that while he was on the Ring, Clarke called him every day for six years. With only a few seconds left before the impact, Raven wants to fly the ship but Murphy, Emori and Monty aren't there yet. Bellamy refuses to go without them. Luckily, the three of them are brought in just before the impact. Shaw and Raven quickly fly the transport ship from the explosion, saving 412 people.

As they watch Earth burn from a safe distance in the ship, the survivors arrive on board the Eligius IV. In the aftermath, Wonkru can't help but face the reality. How do they keep everyone alive, given the limited medical and food resources? The leaders hold a meeting to once again determine the fate of the human race. During the meeting, they brainstorm on how to survive until the Earth is habitable again. Monty suggests growing his algae but the idea is quickly shot down by everyone else. Shaw points out that, based on hythylodium's half-life, it will take at least ten years for Earth to be habitable again. So, both Shaw and Raven propose using the cryogenic chambers that kept the prisoners alive for hundreds of years. Raven praises the cryo technology and says that they would go to cryosleep and wake up ten years later, looking the same age. Madi accepts their suggestion.

Before going to sleep, Clarke comes to help Madi sleep first. She tells Madi that she's proud of her. She then shuts Madi's cryo chamber, showing that Madi is entered in the system as "Madi Griffin." Bellamy goes to see Octavia before sleeping. Octavia tells Bellamy that she loves him and she knows he loves her too. She asks him to say it back. Bellamy says a part of him loves her too and the other part wishes a darker part of Octavia was dead. Octavia says that's fair and her cryo chamber shuts as she sleep.


Clarke is the first one to wake up. She goes to Madi's cryo chamber to check in on her. Bellamy wakes up and they start wondering why they're the only ones awake. Suddenly, a young man appears from another compartment, saying his parents intended for Clarke and Bellamy to be the first one to wake up. He introduces himself as Jordan Green, the son of Monty and Harper. He reveals that it's been 125 years since they went to sleep! Jordan says that his late parents left video messages for Clarke and Bellamy.

In the video logs, Monty reveals that he and Harper decided not to go to sleep. After about two years, Harper gave birth to their son. They named him Jordan Jasper Green to honor Jasper. After ten years, Monty realized that he couldn't wake the others because the Earth was still uninhabitable and it would never support life again. So, he started looking for alternatives by cracking the Eligius III mission files. Unlike the other Eligius Corporation ships, Eligius III was not a mining ship. It was on a mission to look for another planet. So, Monty started using their data to trace the planet. He told Jordan the plan before putting him to sleep. As they grew old, Harper died first, leaving Monty alone. Monty eventually found the planet in the binary-star system. He set the ship's coordinates to go there but it would take 75 years. He said that if they're awake, it means he was successful getting them to the planet. In his final words, Monty asked Bellamy and Clarke to be the good guys, and said that he hopes that the planet is beautiful. He then bids farewell, saying "May we meet again."

Clarke and Bellamy look outside and behold their new home.



Guest Starring


  • Barbara Beall as Brell
  • David Coles as Kuba (Prisoner #1)
  • Corey Schmitt as Prisoner #2
  • Hugo Raymundo as Hugo
  • Virgil Davies as Virgil
  • Camille Hollett-French as Armed Miner
  • Neal Kai Chung as Baby Jordan


Charmaine Diyoza: "I can't keep track on whose side you're on."
Clarke Griffin: "I guess we have that in common."
Charmaine Diyoza: "I guess we do."
Octavia Blake (to Abby Griffin): "So, it's okay for me to be the monster, but not you?"
Madi Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "When you were on the Ring, she called you every day on the radio for six years... You didn't know that, did you?"
Bellamy Blake (to Clarke Griffin): "I am not leaving my friends. I can't do that again."
Raven Reyes: "Just once I'd like to take off from a planet that wasn't on fire!"
Monty Green (to group while discussing how they will survive): "Algae?"
John Murphy: "Uhh, float me now."
Octavia Blake: "I love you big brother. I know you love me too. Don't make me wait ten years to hear you say it."
Bellamy Blake: "You're my sister, and a part of me will always love you."
Octavia Blake: "Does the other part still wish I was dead?"
Bellamy Blake: "The other part wishes a part of you was. Yeah."
Octavia Blake: "That's fair.
Monty Green: "Jordan is doing great, though. He's a happy kid. I, um, took a page from Clarke's parenting book. He knows all about you guys. Believe it or not, Murphy's his favorite."
Jordan Green (embarrassed) "It was a rebellious phase."
Monty Green: "If you're watching this kiddo... we love you so much. Did you follow my instructions? (Jordan nods) Well, assuming he did. Hey, Bellamy, hey, Clarke. We wanted him to wake you first so we could talk. Um, Earth... isn't coming back. You've been asleep for over 28 years and it's as dead as the day we left. I'm working on a Plan B, though. If you're awake, that means I found it. I'll see you again when I do."
Harper: "Wait. Not yet. Take care of our boy."
Monty Green: "Jordan... your mother died today. She was pretty sick the last few years. Clarke, you were right. Her dad's genetic condition finally got her. We had a good life. Sometimes... I know she wanted to be with you guys. Maybe I did too. But if we did that... I wouldn't be able to show you this. Son. (Jordan opens the bridge windows revealing another world) It took me 30 years, but I finally cracked the Eligius III mission file. Turns out it wasn't a mining mission. After sucking the Earth dry of oil, they went looking for another planet to tap."
Clarke Griffin: "Two suns?"
Monty Green: "I set the coordinates a week ago. If I'm right, you should get there in... 75 years. I'm tempted to put myself in cryo to see it, but without Harper... Anyway, it's in the Goldilocks Zone of a binary star system. But that's all I know. Eligius III never radioed back or, if they did, it was after Apocalypse One, so, no one heard it. Can you see it? Is it beautiful? It is in my dreams. I hope we do better there. I hope Jasper was wrong and we aren't the problem. I hope your lives there will be as happy as mine has been. Be the good guys. May we meet again."
Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin (crying): "May we meet again."

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