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Bellamy: Two pillboxes, just like Echo said. That's our signal. It's working. They're moving out. 

McCreary (On Radio): A team, cease fire. Dog is in. Move to position B and join in on the fun. 

Raven: Murphy. You finally got a gun. Use it. 

Murphy: Going as fast as I can. Come on! Say hello to my little friend! Oh, she's got a kick. 

Emori: John.

Raven: What did you do?

Shaw: He cracked the core. It's gonna blow. We should run. 

Raven: I don't run. 

Echo: They stopped shooting back. 

Shaw: No movement in the pillboxes.

Raven: No reinforcmenets yet, either.

Murphy: Where the hell is everyone, then?

Echo: Something's wrong. 

McCreary: Do me a favor, Kuba. Leave the mic open till it's done so we can hear the music. 

Indra: You did your best to stop this. In the end, if we have to fight, it's better to win. 

Octavia: Jaha would be proud of you, Ethan. Attack! 

Bellamy: O, you should be covered. 

Octavia: Stay low. Stand your ground! 

Brell: Retreat! Back to the bunker! 

Octavia: No! Advance! It's the only way! 

Bellamy: O! O, it's the only way. We go back, or we find another--

McCreary: Let em run. They'll die of starvation in the wasteland. What's wrong, Kane? I thought this is what you wanted, too. 

Kane: We all want the same thing-- survival of the human race. And there are people out there who can help us achieve that. 

Diyoza: He's right. We can't do this alone. 

McCreary: And yet, according to your book, we have everything we need right here. It's your first entry after we woke up and you thought we were alone, right after your sword of Damocles speech to the leaders of the so-called free world. We didn't need that one, did we, and here it is: plans for the survival of the species, curtosy of our friends aboard Eligius III. 

Diyoza: They weren't criminals. 

McCreary: Neither are we, not anymore. 

Kane: You will be if you commit genocide. 

McCreary: And I thought we were all friends now. 

Diyoza: Relax, Paxton. We are. It was always gonna be us or them. Kane knows that, too, don't you, Kane?

McCreary: She's good, isn't she? There is only one reason you're still alive, and once she's born, you won't be. Lock her up. 

Kane: Look. We gave you what you wanted. Our intel was good, and if you don't mind, I'd like to see Abby now. 

McCreary: Otherwise known as the reason you're still alive, and I do mind. You can see her once she's finished healing my men and he examining my child.  Until then... why don't we listen to what you've done, Kane? That is the sound of victory. 

Clarke: Octavia would have killed us. 

Madi: Clarke, they're getting slaughtered. 

Clarke: We made our choice. 

Madi: You made your choice. 

Abby: Let's do this. 

Clarke: Last patient. You did good, Mom. After this, I want you to rest. Madi and I will clean up. 

Abby: After this, It'lll get easier. I need it to get easier. 

Clarke: There's something I have to ask. The overdose. Was it an accident? 

Abby: I don't know. 

Clarke: Well, we're together now...and we'll get through this too...all of us. Madi? Madi. Madi. Oh, she took the keys. She's going to fight. I have to stop her. 

Abby: Well, then I'll go with you. 

Clarke: No, no. It's fine. She won't get far. You stay here and finish up. I'll bring her back. 

Abby: She'll just do it again. As long as that thing is in her head--

Clarke: I promised her I wouldn't take it out. What am i supposed to do?

Abby: You're asking someone who sent 100 kids to the ground to keep her own daughter from being floated. 

Clarke: So whatever it takes, then?

Abby: Whatever it takes. 

Clarke: It won't start. I took out the conductor. Now let's go.

Madi: FIne. I'll walk, then. Out of my way. 

Clarke: No!

Madi: Let go of me! 

Clarke: Madi, Ascende Superius. 

Madi: You took out the conductor. I changed the pass phrase. I'm not a child anymore, Clarke. I'm the commander and my people are dying. 

Clarke: I will not let you die in this war. 

Bellamy: O, don't move. I said, don't move. The second we move, we're dead. Get down. 

Octavia: This is your fault. 

Bellamy: We are not doing this now. Judging by the number of dead, some of your army must have made it back to the wasteland. They won't last long without food or water. 

Octavia: I have to get to them. You lay down covering fire, and we run. 

Bellamy: O, I lost my weapon. We have to wait until it's dark. Once we make it back,  we get the radio, and we surrender. We can't win. It's over. But we can still save our people--

Octavia: Nothing is over. Your intel was bad. But at least we know what we're up against. 

Bellamy: O, no one will follow you. This is your fault, not mine. You led them here, you burnt their farm, and you made them march. These people are dead because of you. O, stop moving. Please!

Octavia: What are they doing?

Bellamy: Get down. Get down!

Octavia: So much for surrender. 

Harper: Miller, you're hit. 

Miller: It's just a scratch

Jackson: Nate, let me see. 

Niylah: Take his blood. Give it to Miller. 

Monty: Miller, did you see Bellamy?

Miller: He's with Octavia. We got to go back and get them. 

Brell: Get them? This is their fault. The enemy was waiting for us. 

Miller: Well, maybe if you and the rest of the flame cult didn't turn tail--

Brell: Say that again. 

Monty: Enough! Were they alive? 

Miller: I don't know. That's why we gotta go back.

Brell: Then you go back alone. No one else is dying to save Blodreina. 

Miller: Brell, we could still win. We could still win! We could still win. We could still--

Jackson: Nate! Give me a surgery kit, something for his pain. 

Niylah: We're all out.

Jackson: Of what?

Niylah: Of everything. 

Echo on radio: Bellamy, Skai drag Em Hola. 

Harper: Go. Take it. We've got this. 

Echo: Bellamy, come in. Do you read me?

Monty: Echo, it's Monty. 

Echo: Trig, Monty. Put Bellamy on. 

Monty: I thought you said it was safe. What the hell happened?

Raven: It was Diyoza. The bitch betrayed us. 

Shaw: We don't know that. 

Raven: Yeah? Then where is she?

Murphy: She wasn't alone. Kane betrayed us, too. 

Echo: Everyone be quiet. Monty, where the hell is Bellamy?

Monty: He's missing, but there's still gunfire in the gorge. It's not over yet. Guys, if you don't figure something out fast, 300 people are gonna die out there. 

Echo: If there are 300 of you, then attack. You have the numbers.

Monty: That's not an option. There's only a handful of people willing to go back in. They're at each other's throats. Nobody's in charge.

Raven: Echo, if the enemy is listening--

Echo: Okay. We understand, and we'll figure something out. Radio silence until then. Is that clear?

Monty: Copy. 

Murphy: What about air support, then? Transport ship's got missiles, right? If we can get on board, take control--

Raven: No way. The one thing McCreary doesn't have is a pilot, and you want to walk one through the front door?

Echo: Raven's right. It's too risky. 

Shaw: I agree with Murphy. If we can't get in through the gorge, this thing is over, and they die in the wasteland. 

Echo: So let's get them through the gorge. Murphy, Emori, stay here and get than cannon working. 

Murphy: Sorry. What are you talking about?

Echo: Monty says they need a leader, so let's go get them one. Shaw and Raven, you two are with me. 

Murphy: A leader? Explain--

Echo: Bellamy's in trouble. Do what I say. 

Bellamy: Okay, it's dark enough. Next time it passes, we go. Okay. Now. Get down. We're clear. Come on. O, O, what are you doing? 

Octavia: We'll never make it past those lights. 

Bellamy: No. 

Octavia: Grab a rifle. There's one right there. 

Bellamy: As soon as you pull that trigger, we're dead. Come on. We can do this.

Indra: Help us

Octavia: Indra. 

Indra: Gaia's hit. It's bad. 

Octavia: Are you hit, too?

Indra: Yes

Octavia: We have to get Gaia to Jackson. Come on, Indra. 

Indra: No. We can't move her. Wonkru will come back for us. 

Bellamy: It's okay. Okay. I got this. 

Octavia: First, we stop the bleeding. 

Bellamy: Not here. We need cover. They won't see us behind those rocks. Down. Now. Come on. 

Octavia: Run. 

Bellamy: Okay. Even if we stop the bleeding, we'll never make it carrying her. 

Indra: Save yourselves. I'm not leaving my daughter. 

Octavia: Indra's right. They'll come back for us. 

Gaia: Why are you doing this? A week ago, you threw us in the pit. 

Octavia: A week ago, you were a traitor. Next week, you may be again. Right now, you're Wonrku. 

Bellamy: She thinks when Wonkru comes back, you'll tell the followers of the flame to follow her back through this gorge. 

Octavia: If they don't, everybody dies. 

Kane: McCreary said you'd finished. 

Abby: 122 procedures in 5 days without pills. 

Kane: I heard that, too. Where's Clarke? I'd like to thank her for helping you when I couldn't. 

Abby: I asked her and Madi to sleep at the church so we could talk. I know that look. What's wrong?

Kane: McCreary won't accept Wonkru's surrender. They're all gonna get wiped out, and I told him how to do it. 

Abby: And I gave him the ability to. 

Kane: I'm just so tired of having to choose the least-- least bad option-- Octavia or McCreary, starvation or--

Abby: First, we survive. Then we get our humantiy back. You told me that, remember...a long time ago. 

Kane: I wish I still believed it.

Abby: We'll get there. 

Echo: Are you the true commander?

Madi: Mhmm.

Echo: Then get ready to prove it. 

Raven: Hey, easy. Echo, let her go. We're not here to hurt you. 

Madi: I know why you're here. You think Wonkru will follow me into that gorge. What are you waiting for? Take off the collar before Clarke gets back. 

Raven: Safe to say, she's not up for mother of the year. Light. 

Madi: You know it's nice to finally meet you. 

Raven: You mind talking to someone else, kid? I'd like your head not to explode. 

Clarke: Get the hell away from her. 

Raven: Hey, Clarke. Haven't seen you in 6 years, and this is how you say hello?

Madi: Clarke, put down the gun. These are your friends. 

Clarke: Quiet, Madi. Now, Raven. Back away. You, too, Shaw. Weapons down. 

Echo: Do what she says. 

Madi: Sorry, Clarke. 

Raven: I'll get the collar. 

Madi: Echo, that's enough. 

Echo: She left Bellamy to die. 

Madi: Now, or I won't go with you. 

Clarke: You're not going anywhere. 

Echo: Her mic is open.

Raven: We have to go, now. 

McCreary: Take our pilot and his girlfriend back to the ship.  

Raven: Let me go! Clarke, how could you do this?

McCreary: Kill the spy. 

Clarke: Wait. We need to talk to her.

McCreary: What do they want from her?

Clarke: I don't know, but if you kill Echo, we'll never find out. 

McCreary: You two stay here. When they're done talking, kill her. Thank you Clarke. Now that we have our missiles back, it's time to end this so that both our children can live happily ever after. 

Kane: Abby? 

Vinson: Abby's not here. If i'm not mistaken she went to examine Colonel Diyoza. Oh, the trigger to my collar? It was in her hand when she left. 

Kane: Okay. Thank you, Vinson. I'll tell her you were looking for her. 

Vinson: Actually, it was you I came to see. 

Kane: Alright. How can I help you?

Vinson: I hear the battle is going well, thanks to you, hundreds of people dead in a single day. That's quite impressive. All my days added together, it wouldn't even come close. 

Kane: I know what I've done, and I'll struggle to live with that for the rest of my life. 

Vinson: If only a conscience was a free pass and not just a voice in your head you pretend to listen to between unspeakable acts. I myself am unburdened by conscience. 

Kane: Well, I'm happy for you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get to the bridge. 

Vinson: Why not embrace the demon instead the way Abby does? I get her pills for her. Did she tell you that?

Kane: No, but she's clean now. I'm sure you're grateful that she saved your life, so if you truly care for her, you'll stop, and you'll let her heal. 

Vinson: I can't do that. 

Kane: Alright. I think you need to leave. 

Vinson: Most addicts fall off the wagon in the wake of personal tragedy-- did you know that?--the death of a loved one, for instance. 

Abby: Okay. 

Kane: Abby...

Abby: Shh. Don't try to talk. I--I can fix it. 

Kane: I forgive you. I know you told Octavia to break me. 

Abby: Marcus, hang on. Hang on. 

Kane: She killed those people, not you. It was Octavia. It was Octavia. 

Gaia: Mother...

Indra: I'm here my child. 

Gaia: You have to let me go. 

Indra: No. Wonkru will come for us. They will fight. Just hold on a little longer-

Gaia: They won't come. Wonkru is broken. My fight is over. 

Bellamy: Hey, no. What about Madi? What kind of flamekeeper leaves a 12 year old in command to fend for herself? Keep fighting, if not for you, then for her. 

Octavia: Wonkru is broken. I broke it. 

Indra: Yes, you did. 

Clarke: How's your head?

Echo: How's yours? I imagine, becoming a traitor in the eyes of everyone you ever cared about must suck. 

Clarke: It does...but if it means keeping Madi safe, I can live with it. 

Echo: The great Wanheda, willing to do anything to protect her people. Correction: person. Too bad she doesn't appreciate it. 

Clarke: We've all got blood on our hands, don't we? Or do you think those people you blew up in Mount Weather don't cound because you were following orders? 

Echo: I should have killed you when I had the chance. 

Clarke: Well, that makes my dilemma a little easier, then. 

Echo: What dilemma? 

Clarke: Those men over my shoulder have orders to kill you as soon as we stop talking. I'd prefer they didn't do that. 

Echo: Why do you care?

Clarke: Bellamy loved you. You were good for him. As far as I can tell, he was good for you, too. What?

Echo: Bellamy's not dead, Clarke. At least, he wasn't until he--He survived your betrayal in Polis long enough to march straight into your betrayal here. What, now you care about Bellamy? 

Clarke: I always cared. 

Echo: Don't worry. If he's still alive in that gorge, he won't be once McCreary forces Shaw to launch those missiles, torturing your friend Raven to get him to do it. 

Clarke: He put the flame in Madi's head. 

Echo: He did that to save us all, and she took it willingly, didn't you, Heda?

Clarke: Don't call her that. 

Madi: She knows I did.

Clarke: Yeah, because you're brave and reckless and because I was in trouble. 

Mad: That's right. I did it because I love you. 

Clarke: I thought love was weakness. Isn't that what the commanders in your head tell you? 

Madi: Yes, all but one. 

Clarke: I think you should get some sleep. 

MadI: I don't want to sleep. Every time I close my eyes, I see you outside the door at Mount Weather, ready for war, and then I walk away, leaving you there alone. 

Clarke: Let me translate that for you. Lexa protected her people by making a deal with the enemy, leaving Skaikru to die, yes, just like I've done here. I don't need ghosts tellling me what I've lost to protect you, Madi. 

Madi: Clarke, she's not a ghost. She's real. They all are, and you're wrong about why she's showing me that memory. Betraying you is her deepest regret. She's showing me that because she doesn't want you to make the same mistake she did. Please, Clarke. I know you're scared. I am, too, but I have to do this, and you have to let me. 

Clarke: Oh, Madi...This is how we survive. 

Madi: It may be...but life should be about more than just surviving. 

Echo: Good choice. 

Mad: Come on. We need to get to the front before the missiles do. We can take the rover. 

Echo: Good. Murphy and Emori have one of the sonic cannons. 

Madi: Clarke, there's no time. We have to go. 

Clarke: No. You have to go. I have to stop that transport ship from taking off so you can lead your people through that gorge. Here. You'll need this to start the engine. Remember where it goes?

Madi: Clarke, please. I need you. 

Clarke: You will always have me. I will always protect you. This is how I do that now. Echo will be by your side. 

Echo: Every step of the way. 

Clarke: Listen to me. You're so special, Madi, I knew it the day I met you when you led me into that bear trap. All this time, you thought I was keeping you alive, but it was you who saved me. You are Madi kom Louwoda Kilron Kru, heir to Becca Pramheda, successor to Lexa kom Trikru. I loved her so much, but it's nothing compared to how much I love you. 

Madi: What if I never see you again?

Clarke: No, not possible. 

Madi: How can you be sure?

Clarke: It's simple. You may be the commander, but I'm the commander of death, and I say, we will meet again. Go save him. 

Shaw: Raven, stop. 

Raven: We're getting out of here.

Shaw: No. We're not. Look. McCreary's gonna torture us until he gets what he wants, and I can't let that happen, so I need you to work on my collar. I'm not asking you to take it off. I'm asking you to turn it on. 

Raven: I'm not killing you, Shaw. 

Shaw: And I'm not bombing Wonkru. 

Raven: You're worried you'll break? 

Shaw: Yes. I will when they torture you. Please, Raven. It's the only way. If we take me off the table, McCreary has nothing. I can't trigger a sustained jolt myself, but if you--

McCreary: Buckle up, Lieutenant. It's gonna be a bumpy ride. 

Octavia: There's someone alive out there. 

Bellamy: Get down. They'll see you. 

Octavia: What do you care if I die? Isn't that what you want? 

Bellamy: Yes. 

Indra: Her heartbeat is slowing. We need to go now. I'll give them a target. The next time they open fire, we run. 

Bellamy: I'll carry Gaia. 

Gaia: No. You're not dying for me. 

Octavia: She's right. I may never be able to fix what I broke, but I can save you. I'm the one they want most of all. When they open fire, run like hell. All of me, for all of us. My responsibility. You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose. 

Echo: Octavia, get in, now!

Murphy: Yeah! Somebody call for a rescue? 

Emori: Hurry up! We're not staying. 

Murphy: I thought you said you fixed this thing. 

Emori: I obviously didn't. It's gonna blow. Throw it now! 

Murphy: Yeah!