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You may be the Commander,
but I'm the Commander of Death.
Clarke to Madi

Damocles (Part 1) is the twelfth episode of the fifth season of The 100. It is the seventieth episode of the series overall.

Octavia leads her people into war. While behind enemy lines, our heroes must overcome their differences to save Wonkru from extinction.


Octavia leads Wonkru to the planned spot outside the valley and waits for Spacekru's signal. Echo, Raven, Murphy, Emori and Shaw start firing machine guns aggressively from a different spot, which causes all of McCreary's guards to leave the gorge wide open and unguarded. Once Wonkru soldiers are in the gorge, McCreary's guards turn back and start shooting them down. They kill hundreds of them starting with Ethan.

It turns out that Diyoza and Kane did in fact betray Wonkru to McCreary. Kane claims that his intent was to get both sides to surrender but it's too late. McCreary tells Diyoza that the only reason she's still alive is because she's pregnant with his baby. And Kane is only alive because they need Abby. He asks his men to keep their radios open so that he can enjoy the sounds of the massacre.

As the gunshots continue, Clarke insists that they made the right choice but Madi wants no part of that. When Madi gets a chance, she sneaks out to the rover to go help Wonkru. But Clarke runs after her and catches her. Madi asks Clarke to let her go because she's the commander and her people are dying. Clarke says she won't let her die. She goes in to hug her, before suddenly putting a collar on Madi. When Madi tries to run again, Clarke uses the collar to shock her.

When the dust settles, there are dozens - if not hundreds - of Wonkru’s Warriors dead bodies on the ground. Octavia and Bellamy are lying next to each other. They're still alive. Octavia wants to get up but Bellamy advises her against it because McCreary's people are still monitoring the gorge and shooting anyone who turns out to be still alive. Three of Wonkru's remaining soldiers stand up to surrender but they're killed instantly. Left with no choice, Octavia and Bellamy agree to lie on the ground until it's dark when it's safe for them to leave without being noticed.

A few of Wonkru's soldiers make it back to the tents alive. Despite being badly injured, Miller insists that they should go back to the gorge, rescue the injured and complete Octavia's plan. But he faces a lot of resistance especially from Brell who claims that Octavia led them into a death trap. Realizing that they've been betrayed by Diyoza and Kane, Spacekru radios the people of Wonkru who are in the Dead Zone to speak to Bellamy. Monty picks up the radio and reveals that Bellamy didn't make it back. Echo asks the remaining Wonkru to come back and fight; but Monty says they won't come because they're disheartened and there's no leader left that they can follow. So, Echo decides that they must go in and give them a leader. She asks Raven and Shaw to come with her while Murphy and Emori are left preparing fire power.

That night, Madi and Clarke sleep in the church so that Abby can have some alone time with Kane. While Madi is sleeping, Echo, Raven and Shaw sneak in and grab her. Whispering, Echo asks Madi if she's the true commander and if she wants to go lead her people. Madi readily accepts and asks Raven to turn off her collar off before Clarke comes in. She is happy to finally meet Raven after hearing so much about her. Suddenly, Clarke walks in and points a gun at Raven to leave Madi alone. Raven calls out Clarke for betraying them. As Clarke insists on shooting them, Echo asks Shaw and Raven to stand down. Madi goes to Clarke and quickly knocks down her gun. Echo then runs in to beat up Clarke while Raven finishes turning off Madi's collar.

Unfortunately, McCreary has been listening through Clarke's radio the whole time. He comes in just before they can escape. He orders his soldiers to take Shaw and Raven to the transport ship so that they can launch the missiles. He wants to kill Echo but Clarke asks him to let her interrogate her first so that they can figure out what their plan with Madi is. McCreary thanks Clarke for helping them destroy Wonkru. On his way out, he leaves two of his men to kill Echo once Clarke is done with her. At the ship, Shaw asks Raven to turn on the collar and electrocute him to death so that he won't have to bomb Wonkru. Raven refuses.

Kane is waiting for Abby in the gas station when Vinson walks in. Vinson reveals that he's the one who has been supplying Abby with the pills and he intends to keep doing it until Abby reaches a breaking point. He then tells Kane about the decisions that were made, by betraying Wonkru and causing all those people to die. They argue until Kane and Vinson both run for a knife. However, Vinson gets there first and stabs Kane numerous times in the side, then Vinson drags Kane onto a medical table and proceeds to try and bite him to death. Luckily, Abby comes in and shocks Vinson, turns his collar up to the highest voltage, electrocuting him to death. Kane is badly injured. As Abby tries to save him, Kane says that he forgives Abby for making Octavia break him. He fades away while insisting that it was Octavia's fault that all those people died.

Back at the church, Clarke starts questioning Echo. Clarke thinks Bellamy was killed in Polis for treason but Echo reveals that he survived that - only to come to the valley and be betrayed by Clarke once again. Clarke feels guilty but blames Bellamy for putting the flame on Madi. But both Madi and Echo insist that Madi took the flame willingly. Clarke says Madi took it because she's brave and reckless. Madi tells Clarke that she loves her but Clarke says commanders believe love is a weakness. Madi says that Lexa doesn't believe love is weakness. She also reveals that Lexa keeps showing her the memory where she betrayed Clarke at Mount Weather. So, Clarke uses that to justify her betrayal, saying that she made a deal with the enemy just as Lexa made a deal with the enemy back then. Madi then corrects her by saying that Lexa is showing her that memory because it's her biggest regret. Lexa doesn't want Clarke to make the same mistake. At that point, Clarke breaks down and realizes that she's wrong. She decides to help Madi leave with Echo. She kills two prisoners. Madi wants Clarke to come with them but Clarke says she needs to stop the transport ship from taking off. She says goodbye to Madi and assures her that they will meet again.

As darkness kicks in at the gorge, Octavia and Bellamy get up and start looking for any other survivors, while trying to stay out of sight from the rotating security lights. They find Indra holding Gaia who is badly injured. They hide from the security lights behind some rocks as they figure out the next step. Gaia is ready to give up but they encourage her to keep fighting - if not for anything else, for Madi. Octavia blames herself for breaking Wonkru. With time running out for Gaia, Indra says that she's going to distract the guards by standing in the light; so that when they are shooting at her, Bellamy and Octavia can carry Gaia to save her life. Gaia doesn't want her mother to die that way and neither does Octavia. So, Octavia decides to sacrifice herself instead. She and Bellamy share an intense emotional look. She tells Bellamy that he's her brother and her responsibility.

Octavia walks into the spotlight and starts firing the machine gun to cause all attention on her. She soon runs out of bullets and slowly kneels down, ready to die. She hears gunshots getting closer and closer. To her surprise, it's the rover. Madi is driving it while Murphy and Emori are firing bullets in the air. Echo asks Octavia to get in. Indra and Bellamy carry Gaia into the rover. Madi drives towards Wonkru's base, ready to lead them to war.



Guest Starring


  • Barbara Beall as Brell
  • St. John Myers as Ethan Hardy
  • Sean Tyson as Miner #1 (aka Prisoner #1)
  • Max Montesi as Lindo the Defector


Madi Griffin: "I'm not a child anymore, Clarke. I'm the Commander and my people are dying."
Clarke Griffin: "I will not let you die in this war."
Octavia Blake: "Wonkru is broken. I broke it."
Madi Griffin (about taking the Flame): "I did it because I love you."
Clarke Griffin: "I thought love was weakness. Isn't that what the Commanders in your head tell you?"
Madi Griffin: "Yes, all but one."
Clarke Griffin: "I think you should get some sleep."
Madi Griffin: "I don't want to sleep. Every time I close my eyes, I see you outside the door at Mount Weather, ready for war and then I walk away, leaving you there alone."
Clarke Griffin: "Let me translate that for you. Lexa protected her people by making a deal with the enemy, leaving Skaikru to die, yes, just like I've done here. I don't need ghosts telling me what I've lost to protect you, Madi."
Madi Griffin: "Clarke, she's not a ghost. She's real. They all are and you're wrong about why she's showing me that memory. Betraying you is her deepest regret. She's showing me that because she doesn't want you to make the same mistake she did. Please, Clarke. I know you're scared. I am too. But I have to do this and you have to let me."
Clarke Griffin: "Oh, Madi... this is how we survive."
Madi Griffin: "It may be... but life should be about more than just surviving."
Echo: "Good choice."
Madi Griffin: "Clarke, please, I need you."
Clarke Griffin: "You're so special, Madi, I knew it the day I met you when you led me into that bear trap. All this time, you thought I was keeping you alive, but it was you who saved me. You are Madi kom Louwoda Kilron Kru, heir to Bekka Pramheda, successor to Leksa kom Trikru. I loved her so much, but it's nothing compared to how much I love you."
Madi Griffin: "What if I never see you again?"
Clarke Griffin: "No, not possible."
Madi Griffin: "How can you be sure?"
Clarke Griffin: "It's simple. You may be the Commander, but I'm the Commander of Death, and I say, we will meet again."
Octavia Blake: "What do you care if I die? Isn't that what you want?"
Bellamy Blake: "Yes."
Octavia Blake: "I may never be able to fix what I broke, but I can save you. I'm the one they want most of all. When they open fire, run like hell. All of me, for all of us."
Indra: "All of me, for all of us."
Octavia Blake (Bellamy grabs Octavia but doesn't know what to say): "My brother... my responsibility."

Notes and Trivia

  • Abby claims that her reason for sending the Delinquents to the ground was to stop Clarke from being floated.
  • Madi reveals that she has changed the passphrase for the Flame to keep it from being removed from her head.
  • Clarke reunites with Raven after six years.
  • Octavia and Murphy reunite after six years. They had not seen each other since the season 3 finale.
  • Madi meets Raven for the first time.
  • Octavia realizes that Wonkru is broken and that it is her fault.
  • Miller, Kane and Gaia's lives are left in the balance, Kane is attacked by Vinson and Miller and Gaia are injured from the fight with the prisoners.

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • This episode marks Richard Harmon's and Christopher Larkin's 50th episode on The 100.
  • Damocles (Greek for 'fame of the people') is a character from a moral anecdote and an allusion to the imminent and ever-present peril faced by those in positions of power.



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