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Previously on "The 100":
The death wave will be here in 10 days.
Jaha: What I found was a fallout shelter, built to sustain thousands.
Salvation lies within.
Kane: The radiation doesn't care if you're Trikru or Azgeda.
Azgeda will never see the inside.
- What if we share it? - I can live with that.
When the time comes to close the door, Azgeda will see that it's done.
Octavia: I'll take you home.
Abby: Raven, you need to slow down.
Your brain scan showed evidence of a stroke.
Woman: The door is stuck.
Raven, it could kill you.
We can't create Nightblood unless we go to space, but Luna can.
We can inject ourselves with her bone marrow.
Clarke: Then we become Nightbloods.
I bear it so they don't have to.
Roan: One day, they will thank you for what you're doing here.
Clarke: What if it doesn't work? Roan: Then we die, knowing we did everything we could to save our people.
Scene 1 in Becca's lab

Murphy: I got it.
Raven: You sure?  It's heavy.
Emori: This is why they left us behind? To scavenge tech?

Murphy: Hey, we talked about this. 

We didn't get left behind. They're coming back.
Emori: Forgive me if I don't believe what your people say anymore.
Raven: Murphy's actually right. Don't worry, they might ditch him, but I'm too awesome to leave behind.
Murphy: There you go.
Raven: Congratulations, Emori. You get to live in a hole in the ground for 5 years. Thanks for playing.
Murphy: Come on. At least we get to live.
Raven: Said the cockroach to the raven.
Computer voice: Systems check complete.  [Machine humming]

Murphy: What?
Computer voice: Orbital launch systems online.

Raven:  You don't hear that? [Machine humming]

Murphy: Emori, get the Seizure kit now. Abby left it in the office.

Raven: No. No, it's it's ok.  It's ok.   I'm fine.  Put that stuff with the gear for the last run.  I'll start on the processors.
Murphy:  No, no, no, no. No coding, all right? Luna's not here to whisper in your ear and I'd rather not have your melt on my watch.
Raven:  I'm not coding.  I'm unhooking. Now do what I said. Then you can take a break.  I'll need some time with this.
Murphy:  Sure thing. Come on. What's the matter now?

Emori: If she can't use her brain, why do they need her?
[Machine humming] Computer voice: Initiating ground launch sequencer now.

Raven: Becca?

Becca: You can tell me that it's none of my business, but why live in a hole in the ground when you have a perfectly good rocket?Gasping] [Grunting]
[Octavia grunting softly] [Sheep baaing]
Ilian: Are you tilling the soil or stabbing it?
Octavia: You know this is dumb, right? We'll all be dead before anything grows.

Illian:  The earth survived Praimfaya once. It will again. We do this for those who come after us.  Let me show you.
Ankara: Ilian.
Ilian:  Head down. Say nothing. My people are wary of strangers. Ankara. What brings you here?
Ankara: War. Trikru is calling on their allies to help push Ice Nation out of Polis. My mother is sending our best warriors to Polis. 

Ilian: I've got my hands full here. Your mother will understand. 
Ankara: Your clan needs you, Ilian. 
Ilian: You've got my answer. 
Ankara: Your mother would want you to fight. 
Ilian: Get off my land, Ankara. 
Octavia: You didn't tell me you were a warrior.

Ilian:  Not much point in fighting at the end of the world.

[Crowd cheering] Man: Yeah!

Jaha: There is an underground aquifer with a filtration system that is still operational. Some of the water will go to the hydroponic farm. Isn't that right, Mr. Green?
Monty: Most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Almost.

Jaha: It won't be easy. There will be plenty of hard work to go around. But together we have struggled. And together we will rise. Pack your things. Just what you can carry. We leave at first light.
Monty:  Thank you. Thank you.
Harper: You're a hero, Monty.
Monty: Stop. Go back. I'll be there as soon as we finish with the armory.
Bellamy:  Jaha was right.


Got a lot of gear to pack. Sure you're not too hung over?

Bellamy: You judging me, Monty?
Monty: A little.

Bellamy: There is no hope. Now there's hope. Let's go.
Monty: Jasper... you're gonna love it.

Bellamy: Give him a minute. They'll figure it out when we take the still.

Monty: We don't need it. There's one in the bunker.
Jasper: My little boy's all grown up.
Riley: So what? We hole up in a bunker now? Do everything Jaha says? Back to life on the Ark?

Jasper: Now that is just crazy talk. Since when do we listen to what Jaha says?
Miller: The tunnel's just through those woods.

Jackson: How long are you staying?

Miller: Quick turnaround. If you forgot anything at the lab, let me know.

Jackson: Or I could keep you company. [Chuckles] Right.
Abby: Clarke, can I talk to you for a second?

Clarke: I'll catch up. What's wrong?
Abby: There's something I didn't tell you. Indra was with them when they found the bunker.

Clarke: Trikru knows?

Abby: Yes. 

We made a deal with them to share the space.

Clarke: What about our deal with Roan?
Abby: Trikru would rather go to war than live with Azgeda.

Clarke: Mom, Roan is my friend. Our ally.
Abby:   Not anymore.
Clarke:  Why didn't you tell me this before? They're gonna kill him.
Abby: No, Clarke, not if he comes peacefully.   We will make room for one.   Indra agreed.

Kane: Gentlemen. 

It's good to see you. Just - Wait here.
Roan: Where are the guards?

Kane: Our people aren't back from Arkadia yet.

Clarke: Kane, don't. Roan! 
Roan: Trikru. What is this?
Kane: There doesn't have to be any violence. Wait, stop!
Echo: Welcome back to Polis, my king.  

Roan: I said, explain.  

Echo: Skaikru allied with Trikru to take the temple. They gave up the tower to do it. Strategically, that made no sense, so I put our people at the temple doors. Good thing I did.
Roan: You did well, Echo. Move the rest of our army to the temple doors. No one gets in or out. Go. How long have you known? 
Clarke: I just found out.
Roan: Thanks for trying to warn me.
Clarke: This doesn't have to turn into a war.
Roan: It's already a war.
Clarke: Only if you fight it.
Roan: Your people betrayed me, Clarke. What would you have me do?

Clarke: Live? The radiation's gonna be here in 6 days. You were willing to share the bunker with us. Why not share it with Trikru, too?
Roan: I suppose Kane tried to get Indra to do that before agreeing to let them assassinate me.

Clarke: Believe it or not, Kane was trying to save your life.
Roan: Mine, maybe.  Not my people's.
Clarke:  That was before you surrounded the temple. Look, now no one can get in to survive unless you allow it. Indra will have no choice but to talk.
Roan:   Fine. We'll talk. But I'm holding your people.
Clarke: My chancellor needs to be at that meeting, Roan.
Roan: Your chancellor's lucky he still has his head. Besides, if anyone can convince mortal enemies to move in together, it's you. I'll call for the summit.

Octavia: All I can think about is there's a war going on and I'm not in it.

Ilian: No war will stop Praimfaya.
Octavia: At least it would be a warrior's death. Better than melting.
Ilian: My people have a saying: Do not fear death for it is only the beginning of the next journey.  

Octavia: Reincarnation?You believe in that?

Ilian: The crops, they die in winter and then return in spring.  Most people don't know when their winter will come, but we do. And that's a gift. Why waste it in fighting?

Monty: You're not packed.  

Harper: I tried.  

Monty:  Talk to me, Harper.

Harper: Just tired of fighting, Monty.
Monty: I know. We all are. But in that bunker, we'll be safe.
Harper: Every time we think that, something bad happens.
Monty:  So what then? Stay here and die? Spend your last days wasted? That seems to be a popular choice with the people I care about.
Harper: Monty, I -
Monty: It'll be light out soon. That bunker gives us a chance for a future. I hope you'll change your mind.
Harper: I won't.

Monty: I was, um I was thinking about Louis. About how you blame yourself for his death because you didn't stop to save him from the black rain. You didn't do that because you were a coward, Harper. You did that because you wanted to live. It's called survival instinct. This is the first time I ever thought you were a coward.

Niylah: Aren't you going the wrong way?

Jasper: Come to say good-bye?

Harper: Hell no.
Jaha: Hey. I thought I made it clear. We need everyone packed and ready to go by--
Jasper: First light. 

We'll get right on it.
Jaha: Good. We're talking about the future of the human race here, Mr. Jordan. Participation is not optional.
Harper: They're gonna make us go with them.
Jasper: It's a test. How bad do we want this? There is a way out now. When this party started, that wasn't true.
Make no mistake-- you choose to stay and you're choosing death.  If that's your decision, I'm with you all the way.
If not, there's the door. No one here will judge you if you leave. Ok, then. I guess we have nothing to lose.

Becca: You can't ignore me forever, Raven. I mean, I guess you could try, but we're the same, you and I, and I know the truth. You don't want to live in a bunker, and you don't want to be the good little soldier, always doing what Clarke tells you to do. I know what you do want.
Raven:  Stop. Stop! God, you're not-- You're not real. You're just --
Becca: That doesn't mean that I'm not right.
Raven: What the hell do you want from me?
Becca: I want to help you. Your time is running out. And I'm not talking about the radiation. I'm talking about your brain. You need to ask yourself -- How are you gonna go out? Down here? Miserable? In pain? Or up there? Free? Floating?
Raven: I've run all the simulations. There's not enough fuel to get back.
Becca: Who said anything about getting back? Your friends are taken care of. They don't need you to keep them alive in the bunker. But you will need them if you go there. The computer code is destroying your neurons at an advanced rate. Soon you're not gonna know how to tie your own shoes, let alone how to convert a launch entry suit into something that you can spacewalk in.
Raven: You can help me spacewalk?
Becca: If you're gonna go out, might as well go out with a view. [Chuckles]

Murphy: Come on, come back. I'm good to go again.

Emori: Your friend Miller should be back by now. They're not coming back, John.
Murphy:So we go to Polis ourselves.
Emori: The boat's on the wrong side of the water. We'll never make it.
Murphy: Then I guess we ride out the storm in the lighthouse bunker.
Emori: For 5 years? We'll starve.
Murphy: Who needs food when you have love, right? [Chuckles]

Clarke: We were searched outside.

Roan: If I'm not back in an hour, my army will attack.
Clarke: You must be Gaia. I'm--
Gaia:  I know who you are. Wanheda.
Clarke: You helped my people find the bunker. Thank you for that.
Gaia: And you gave the flame to an unworthy king, who saw it destroyed. I am not as grateful.
Roan: Let's see what all the fuss is about. After you, Wanheda.

Roan: All my enemies in one place.

Clarke: Who are they?
Roan: The war chiefs of the Trikru alliance.  

Clarke: She was supposed to be alone.

Roan: What fun would that be?
Indra: You murdered our people.

You burned our villages. Yet you have the nerve to come here in the name of peace.
Roan: Not peace. Survival. You tried to take this bunker for yourself, yet here I am, willing to talk.
Indra: The Trikru alliance holds the temple. Of course you're willing to talk.
Roan: And the Azgeda alliance surrounds it. None of your people will get inside unless we come to terms.


This war is inevitable. The only reason it hasn't happened before now is that Lexa commanded it.
Clarke:   The only thing that's inevitable is Praimfaya. In 6 days, anyone who is not in this bunker will be dead.
Gaia:  Then we should get to it.
Clarke: Roan.
Roan: We talked. Now we fight.
Clarke: No. There is room for 1,200 people in here. We could share it equally. All of the clans can survive. That's what Lexa would have wanted.
Indra:  You're right. She would have. And if she were here, the clans might actually have obeyed her. But seeing that there's no Commander to rule us, war it is.

Gaia: What are you doing?

Clarke:  I know you have the flame. I know Octavia gave it to you.
Gaia: I think you should leave, Clarke.


I can't let them fight a war over the one thing that can save us.
Gaia: Not even Wanheda can stop the clans from killing each other.


No. But a Commander could.
Gaia: Of course a Commander could. Unfortunately, we need a Natblida for that.
Clarke: Make me the Commander.

[Rock music playing] [People cheering] [Banging on door] [Turns music up] [Banging continues] [People cheering] Guard: Ahh. It's jammed. Same as the others. But this is the door to blow.
Jaha:  How many gas canisters do we have? 
Bellamy: You can't be serious.
Monty:  In mount weather, we beat the gas by using water. Jasper will be ready for that.
Bellamy: Just slow down. Let me talk to them.
Jaha: Bellamy, we have over 400 people ready to march.
Guard: Gun.
Monty: Harper's.
Jaha: How many more of them are armed?  
Monty: I don't know. A few.


Jaha: Do not resuscitate.

Bellamy: Jasper, put down the gun. Open the door.
Jasper: We're not coming out.
Monty: This is insane. Are you really willing to die, when there's a way to live? Are they?
Jasper: That's just it. We don't think it's a way to live.
Harper: Just go. Please.
Jaha: We're wasting time. Set the charge. You can go to guns. Do not fire unless fired upon. Is that clear?

Bellamy: No. Ok, just Just wait. Jasper, people will get hurt.  

I know you care about that.
Jasper:  If you don't want anyone to get hurt, don't open the door.
Guard: We're all set. We should clear the hall.
Jaha:   Mr. Jordan, I will not leave children here to die.
Bellamy: You sent them down to die. The difference now is that they have a choice. And so do you.
Monty: What are you talking about?
Bellamy: This is what they want.
Monty: They're wasted. They don't know what they want.
Jaha: Stand down. Get ready to move out.
Guard: Yes, sir.
Monty: What? No. You can't.
Jaha:  I'm sorry, son. Bellamy is right. We can't save them if they don't want to be saved.
Monty: If Octavia was in there, would you let her stay?

Bellamy: If Octavia was in there... at least I'd get to say good-bye.

Ankara: Where's Ilian?

Man: Maybe she can't talk.
Ankara: Maybe she doesn't want us to hear her accent. That's it, isn't it? Skairipa.

Octavia: You're mistaking me for --

Man: I saw you in Polis. You murdered my friend Terro. Cut off his head.

Octavia: I'm not that person anymore. Please. You don't want to do this. Trust me. Just walk away.
Ankara: Kill her! 

Octavia: This is who I am.

Echo: Once reinforcements arrive, we can edge in west  to the temple quarter.
Roan: No. There's no time. We need to squeeze out Boudalankru first. Here and here.
[Horn blowing]

Echo: The ascension call. The flame was destroyed. How is this possible? You said you saw it.

Roan: It was shattered. I saw what they wanted me to see.
Echo: A new Commander is bad for us, Roan. But we control the tower. Let me stop this ascension, at least until we know who the Natblida is.
Roan: I know who it is.

Indra: Are you presiding?
Gaia: Yes. The flame chose me as its protector. Our scouts honor that.
Indra: Did one of them find a Natblida?
Gaia: Obviously.

Indra: What clan are they from? This is highly unusual, Gaia.   There was no conclave. There are questions to be answered.
Gaia: Through the dark the flame lives on. The body passes but the spirit is strong. The spirit has chosen. Let the commander ascend. 

Indra:' What is this? Wanheda is no Natblida!
Gaia: The blood of the commanders is your blood.
Clarke: May the spirit of the commanders guide me. 

Gaia: Ascende. 
Roan: Lies upon lies. 
Gaia: Get out of this sacred circle.
Roan: There's nothing sacred about any of this. Wanheda is making a mockery of our faith.
Clarke: I'm trying to save us, your highness. You know that.
Roan: Because you think we're savages in need of saving? 
Clarke: Praimfaya is almost here.
Roan: Then let's not waste any more time. Bring in the healer!
Abby: What are you doing? We don't know if this works. The flame could kill you.
Clarke: I have no choice.
Roan: Tell them, healer. Go on, tell them all how it is your daughter became a Natblida.

Abby: Through science.

Gaia: You made her a Nightblood?
Abby: Yes.
Roan: If anyone can be a Natblida, if anyone can take the flame, then we can no longer trust the blood.
Indra: What we can still trust is the sword. We've delayed this war long enough.
Roan: Wait. Wanheda is right about one thing. Fighting a war is a bad way to decide who gets to survive. You summoned all your scouts here for an ascension, but you left out the best part.
Indra: A conclave.
Roan: A final conclave. One champion per clan. One death instead of thousands. And whoever wins gets the bunker.
Indra: To the victor, goes the spoils. Trikru is in. 
Roan: Will you fight, or will you burn?

Bellamy: Remember, it's not black rain, but it can turn at any moment, so keep the person with your assigned chem tent in sight at all times.

Jaha: "No one but us saves ourselves. We ourselves must walk the path."
Bellamy: Not too late to change your mind.
Jasper: Yes, it is. You can still stay, you know?
Bellamy: I'm not a quitter.
Jasper: Thanks for understanding.

Harper: Where's Monty?

Bellamy: Unloading the rover. We're leaving it behind for you, by the way.  

He didn't say good-bye?
Harper: Take care of him for us, will you?
Bellamy: You know I will.  May we meet again.  

Jasper: We won't.

Bellamy: Whatever the hell you want. 

Harper: Monty? Everyone left. What are you doing here? 

Monty: I love you, Harper.  
Jasper: Change your mind?
Monty: No.  I'm here in case you guys change yours.
Jasper: Always the optimist.   I love that about you. I'm glad you stayed. Don't be a Buzzkill. All right?  

Murphy: We'll bring this stuff to the lighthouse, see what else we can find on the island.
Miller: You guys ready or what?
Jackson: Sorry we're late. There's been some developments. Not all good. They've
Miller: Fill you in on the way. Is this everything we need?
Murphy: Yeah.
Miller: Great. We got it. Go get Raven. Don't have much time. Mass fiery death in 5 days.
Murphy: Raven.
Raven: Little busy here.
Murphy: Yeah, well, whatever's not packed, you need to leave it. It's time to go.
Raven: I'm not going.
Murphy: What the hell are you talking about?
Raven: I'm dying, Murphy. 
Murphy: Come on. Abby said if you didn't use your brain--
Raven: We're past that now.
Murphy: You're going to space?
Raven: Do you have any idea what it feels like to be in pain every day? When I was spacewalking, everything was right. I just want that again. I'm sorry.
Murphy: I'm sorry for doing this to you, Raven.
Raven: This is not your fault, Murphy. I could deal with losing my leg, but losing my mind.. 
Murphy: What do you want me to tell the others?
Raven: Tell them--Tell them I floated myself.   [Laughs] Go. Survive.   Heh.
Murphy: It's what cockroaches do, right?
Becca: Can we please get back to work?
Raven: Yeah.  Yeah, ok, sorry. Right. Where were we?

Clarke: The entire city is the battlefield. No time limit. No guns. One warrior from each clan fights until only one remains.

Bellamy: And the winner's clan takes the bunker. Just like that. Without guns and without anyone trained in grounder combat, there's no way we can win.
Clarke: Hey, we fight or we die.
Octavia: I'm here for the war.