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Do not fear death for it is only the beginning of the next journey.
Ilian to Octavia

DNR is the ninth episode of the fourth season of The 100. It is the fifty-fourth episode of the series overall.

Jasper and Bellamy go on a quest. Meanwhile, Clarke struggles to keep the peace after word of Jaha's discovery spreads.



Raven goes inside the rocket to find Becca

The episode unfolds with John Murphy and Emori are talking about living underground for five years in Becca's lab. Suddenly, the rocket's orbital systems go online. Raven wants to look into it, but Murphy warns her about coding since it can damage her brain more. Raven smooth talks her way from his concern and gets to work. When Murphy and Emori leave the room, Raven decides to enter the rocket and she sees Becca inside. She asks Raven about living in a hole in the ground when there's a perfectly good rocket for her. This leads to Raven going inside the rocket and she has another seizure.

Meanwhile, Ilian and Octavia are farming, but Octavia feels it's pointless. Abruptly, a Grounder named Ankara approaches Ilian telling him about their clan allying with Trikru against the Ice Nation. Ilian refuses to join in their fight and tells Ankara to leave his land. Octavia tells Ilian she didn't know he was a warrior. He tells her that there's no point in fighting when they are facing the end of the world.

Back at Arkadia, Thelonious Jaha tells everyone about the discovery of Second Dawn Bunker. He tells them to pack their things since they will embark for the bunker at first light. Bellamy approaches Monty and tells him that there's hope after all. Afterward, Jasper drinks as he begins speaking to other patrons around him. He scoffs at the notion of going to the bunker since they don't really need to listen to Jaha.

Outside Polis, Abby is talking with Clarke and she tells her that Indra knows about Second Dawn Bunker. Additionally, she tells her that Trikru and Skaikru have an alliance and have agreed to share the bunker. However, Trikru refuses to share the bunker with the Ice Nation. Roan approaches Kane, but then notices Trikru soldiers approaching him. Kane tries to get him to relax, but Roan draws his sword. Suddenly, arrows take out the Trikru soldiers and Echo tells Roan, "Welcome back to Polis." They take Clarke and other Skaikru members hostage.

Moments later, Roan and Echo arrive, but Roan wants to speak with Clarke. His request makes no sense to her, but Echo leaves. Roan then cuts Clarke's ropes and thanks her for trying to warn him. Clarke tells him that the Ice Nation is surrounding the temple and they need to fall back in order to let people in. She begs Roan to seek an audience with Indra to work out an agreement. Roan reluctantly agrees.


Harper lies in bed crying.

Back at Arkadia, Harper lies down in bed looking despondent. She tells Monty that she's sick of fighting. Monty assures her that inside the bunker they will be safe. However, Harper is not confident even when Monty tries to convince her to change her mind. He then brings up how she blames herself for Louis' death and how she did it to live. However, now he feels she's a coward because she just wants to let the radiation overtake her.

Harper then walks over to the bar area and takes a drink from Jasper. When he asks her if she's come to say goodbye, she says "Hell no." Jaha then shows up and tells them that it's mandatory to leave. When he leaves, Jasper talks to everyone in the bar and is clearly forming his own group of people that refuse to leave Arkadia.

Back at Becca's lab, Raven continues talking to her vision of Becca. Emori watches her talking to herself, unbeknownst to her, Raven is conversing with Becca. Her internal conversation with Becca continues where Becca attempts to tell her to go off into space and not come back. This is due to the deterioration of her brain. Raven then asks Becca if she can help her space walk since the fate of her brain appears to be set. During Raven's hallucination, Emori talks to Murphy as she fears the rest of Skaikru is not coming back for them. Murphy then suggests that they go to lighthouse bunker instead. Emori questions the lack of food, however, Murphy says it doesn't matter since they love each other.

Meanwhile, in Polis, Clarke arrives at the temple and she meets Gaia. Gaia refers to her as Wanheda, but she's unhappy since she knows Clarke gave the flame to Roan. Roan and Clarke then enter the bunker followed by Indra and the Trikru war chiefs. This leads to Roan and Indra arguing. Clarke stops them and tells them that the radiation is coming. Roan and Indra don't care and continue to fight. Clarke tries to convince them not to go to war, but it doesn't work.

Clarke approaches Gaia and tells her that she knows she has the flame. Gaia says that a commander can stop everyone from going to war, but only a Nightblood can do so. Clarke cuts her hand and shows Gaia that she is a Nightblood. This leads to Clarke demanding to be made commander.

Back at Arkadia, Bellamy finds out about Jasper's refusal to leave and wants to talk to him. Jasper then shows his hand to them and it says "DNR" on it. Additionally, he is locked inside the bar with everyone else that refuses to leave. Jaha then commands to put a timed explosive on the door, but it doesn't scare Jasper. He simply decides to turn up the music. Bellamy then tells Jaha that they want to stay and that they have a choice to do so. Jaha reluctantly agrees and tells everyone to stand down. He then commands everyone to move out. Monty doesn't agree with Jaha's decision, but Jaha agrees with Bellamy. He feels there's no point in saving people that don't want to be saved.

Back on Ilian's farm, Ankara returns with a group of people to confront Octavia. One of them attempts to attack her, but she holds her own. Ankara commands them to kill Octavia, but she continues to defend herself with a garden hoe. However, when one of them causes her to stagger, she goes into a rage and kills everyone. Ilian shows up and looks at her in disbelief. She simply tells him, "This is who I am" and walks off.

Moments later in Polis, Roan discusses war strategy with Echo. However, the ascension call is heard and Echo asks him if she can stop it. She feels that a new commander is bad for them and Roan agrees. They arrive at the ascension where Gaia is beginning the ceremony. She introduces Clarke as the new commander. Indra refuses to believe it, but Gaia cuts her hand and she bleeds Nightblood. This causes everyone to immediately accept her as the new commander.

However, just as Gaia is about to insert the chip into Clarke, Roan interrupts it. Roan then tells them to bring in the healer and to tell everyone how Clarke became a Nightblood. Abby then admits that it was through science. Roan says that since that's the case, they can no longer trust Nightbloods. As a result, he suggests a final conclave where each clan sends one champion for a final battle. The winner's clan will take full occupancy of the Second Dawn bunker. Indra agrees and Roan then asks Clarke whether she will fight or burn.

Back at Arkadia, Jaha and Bellamy are leading their people on the journey to the Second Dawn bunker. Bellamy approaches Jasper and Harper to tell them that it's not too late to change their minds. They ultimately decide to stay and Bellamy hugs them goodbye. Harper gets back to the bar and surprisingly sees Monty. He tells them that he hasn't changed his mind. He's actually there in case they do. The scene finishes with him kissing Harper and telling her he loves her.

Meanwhile, at Becca's lab, Jackson and Miller enter to get Emori and Murphy. Murphy approaches Raven and tells her that it's time to leave. She tells Murphy that she's not going and that she's dying. Murphy then notices a spacesuit and asks Raven if her plan is to go to outer space. She then asks him if he knows what it's like to be in pain all the time. All she wants to do is space walk one last time. Raven then tells Murphy to tell the others that she floated herself. She then hugs him and tells him to go and survive. Suddenly, the vision of Becca appears and gets Raven to working again.

Finally, back in Polis, Clarke and Bellamy are discussing the stipulations of the final conclave. Bellamy feels that it's a hopeless cause, but Clarke gets him to accept it. Octavia shows up on a horse and she says that she's there for the war.



Guest Starring[]


  • Ben Sullivan as Riley
  • Cole Vigue as Hardy
  • Melinda Michael as Ankara
  • Jojo Ahenkorah as Ark Guard/Costa
  • Alex Pangburn as Hayes
  • Matt Kennedy as Jacov
  • Alyson Bath as Bree
  • Jenn Forgie as Rhanda
  • Julia Dominczak as Singing Grounder
  • Ryan W. MacDonald as Flamekeeper Scout
  • James Michalopolous as Fio
  • Don Lew as War Chief #1
  • Natasha Denis as Guara (credited as War Chief #2)
  • Andre Tricoteux as Gael (credited as War Chief #3)



Jaha (to the people in Arkadia) "It won't be easy. There will be plenty of hard work to go around. But together, we have struggled. And together, we will rise."
Ilian (to Octavia) "Do not fear death for it is only the beginning of the next journey."
Roan (to Clarke) "Besides, if anyone can convince mortal enemies to move in together, it's you."
Octavia (to Ilian right after she killed three Trishanakru warriors) "This is who I am."
Roan (to Clarke) "Will you fight or will you burn?"
Clarke (to Gaia) "Make me the Commander."
Jaha (when the Sky People are leaving Arkadia) "No one, but us, saves ourselves. We, ourselves must walk the path."
Octavia (when she comes to Polis) "I'm here for the war."
Raven (to Murphy): I can deal with losing my leg, but... Losing my mind?

Notes and Trivia[]

  • "DNR" stands for "Do Not Resuscitate", which is used in the medical field to indicate that a patient does not want CPR or any advanced cardiac life support if their heart stops.
  • First episode where almost every living character appears in one episode, including recurring characters, with the exception of Bryan, David Miller, and Luna.
  • This episode marks Adina Porter's 25th episode on The 100.
  • Clarke was about to become the new commander, but Roan stops her.

Easter Eggs[]

  • When Jaha is looking into the room that Jasper and the others have locked themselves into, there's a brief reflection in the glass of his son Wells, who was killed in "Earth Kills."
DNR - EE3 - (Wells' Relection)

Body Count[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Even though this episode is the ninth episode of the season, the production number is 410. This is because it was the tenth episode shot. The tenth episode, "Die All, Die Merrily" (#409), was shot before this episode to accommodate Dean White's schedule.[1][2][3][4]



Song Title
Alive Warbly Jets Warbly Jets [1]
Kill Your Heroes Megalithic Symphony AWOLNATION [2]



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