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Bellamy "Previously on The 100..."
Clarke "Hundreds of your people are trapped inside Mount Weather. My people are prisoners there, too."
[HARPER screams]
Clarke "The only way to save both our people is if we join together."
Monty "That leads to an antenna on the ground. We could send a message."
Jasper, on radio "This is Jasper Jordan. We need help."
Clarke "You were right. Without someone on the inside, an army is useless. You should go."
Lincoln "There's a mine entrance closer to where the Reapers hand us over."
reaper "Teig em kam ran tribou de."
Dr. Tsing "Harvest. Harvest. Harvest them all."
mountain man "Get him up."
[BELLAMY gasping][Hissing]
[BELLAMY screams]
[grounder screams]
[BELLAMY gasping]
[BELLAMY gagging, retching]
[grounder screaming]
[BELLAMY screaming]
Jasper "Monty's been missing for two days, Harper longer than that."
Maya "We'll keep looking. We'll find them."
Jasper "We both know where they are."
Maya "I checked the harvest chamber last night."
Jasper "So check it again." "They took my best friend."
Maya "All right. I'll check again. You have to look like there's nothing wrong like everything is okay."
Jasper "Yeah..."
Maya "Don't do anything stupid."
Jasper "It's okay. Everything is okay. Everything is..." [door opens] "not okay." [door closes] "Time to do something stupid."
[horse neighs]
mountain man 1 "Target acquired."
Emerson "The riders from Tondc got here fast."
mountain man 1 "They're slowing down."
"Make that stopping. Hell, I could make that shot."
Emerson "Check that. We'll wait."
Clarke "Mom, why are we stopping?"
Abby [Sighs] "You need to drink, too."
Clarke "I'm fine. We're almost home."
"Our scouts patrol these woods. Be careful where you shoot."
grounder "Yes, ma'am."
Abby "The Grounders listen to you."
Clarke "Lexa told them to. We shouldn't have stopped. Mount up!"
Abby "Clarke."
Clarke "Mom, I need to get back to that radio to see if Bellamy has made contact."
Abby "Listen to me. I know you don't think you need my protection anymore, but you do. You have to trust that I know what's right for us." "Let's go home." "Let's move out!"
Emerson "There's your shot. Cross wind--five knots."
- [grounder groaning]
Clarke "Mountain men. Yah!"
Abby "Go with her!"
Indra "No! Her kill."
- [OCTAVIA grunting]
Emerson "No, no, no, no, no! N-aah!"
Indra "Finish it!"
Clarke "Octavia, no! He's from Mount Weather. We need to keep him alive. Check to see if he's got a patch kit. We've got to get him back to camp."
Emerson [EMERSON screaming, moaning] "It burns! Please! Please!
Clarke "What is that?"
Octavia "Clarke, you and Lexa were the targets."
Indra "We have to warn the commander." [speaking Trigedasleng]
[speaking Trigedasleng]
- [BELLAMY grunting, panting]
Echo [speaking Trigedasleng]
Bellamy "I can't... I-- I don't understand you."
Echo "Sky person?" [Spits]
Bellamy "I take it no one has told you we're not enemies anymore. I need to get out of this cage."
Echo "And then what?"
Bellamy "And then I'll kill everyone in this mountain." [BELLAMY grunting]
Jasper "President Wallace... Can we talk?"
President Wallace "What's on your mind, son?"
Jasper "My friends."
President Wallace "What about them?"
Jasper "Two of them are missing. One of them is Monty. Tell me where they are."
President Wallace "Jasper, I don't know what you're--"
Jasper "Stop lying."
President Wallace "Excuse me?"
Jasper "You lied about there not being any survivors from the Ark. You lied about Maya's accident. I don't even know how many lies you told about Clarke."
President Wallace "Please sit down, and we'll--"
Jasper "No! You're gonna tell me the truth."
President Wallace "Jasper, please put down the sword. "
Jasper "Why should I, so I can disappear next? Where are they?"
President Wallace "I told you, I don't know what happened to your friends!"
Jasper "Do I look desperate to you? Because I'm feeling pretty desperate."
President Wallace "You're right. I did lie to you about Clarke, about the survivors from the Ark, and about what happened to Maya. I'm trying to protect you, Jasper, all of you."
Jasper "Where are they? Where the hell is Monty?"
President Wallace "This is not a toy."
guard "Yes, sir?"
President Wallace "Could you please find out where Dr. Tsing and my son are at the moment?"
guard "Anything else, sir?"
President Wallace "Not presently."
guard [in background] "I need a location..."
President Wallace "Let's take a walk."
Jasper "Where?"
President Wallace "To find your friends."
man "Lock that down! Close the gate! Move! Move! Let's go. Go. Move."
Abby "Jackson, we've got two patients. You get the radiation burns, I've got the gunshot wound."
Jackson "Set him down."
Abby "I need blood-- O Neg., a lot."
Clarke "This guy is from Mount Weather. We need to keep him alive."
Jackson "Lock him down. Whoa."
Clarke "There was a tear in his suit, but we fixed it in the field. Anything from Bellamy?"
Raven "No."
Clarke "Then why aren't you at the radio?"
Raven "Octavia just took my place. How about you back off?"
Clarke "No. Leave it on. It's the only thing keeping him alive."
Jackson "Well, how can we treat a guy if we can't touch him?"
Raven "I can rig up some scrubbers in the airlock. Give me twenty minutes."
Abby "Damn it. I'm losing him. I need the blood now!"
Jackson "Move."
Abby "Okay. Come on. Stay with me. Come on. Fight!"
Abby [grounder groans, sighs]"He's gone."
Indra "Yu gonplei ste odon."
"A killer lives while a warrior dies? This is your way?"
Clarke "I'm sorry, Indra, but he can help us beat Mount Weather."
Indra "Then let me make him talk."
Clarke "No. We're not torturing him."
Abby "Clarke's right. He might just talk because we saved his life."
Indra "You people are so weak."
[door opens] [door closes]
Abby "Are you okay?"
Clarke "He's gonna need a transfusion with our blood."
Jackson "I'll type him as soon as we can take off that suit."
Abby "Someone tried to kill you today. It's okay if you're upset."
Clarke "Just another day on the ground. I'll be in engineering waiting for Bellamy to radio. Let me know when he wakes up."
[BELLAMY grunting] [Beeping] [Door opens]
Echo "Here they come. Quiet!"
[Door closes]
man "Yeah. This one'll do."
[BELLAMY grunting]
man "We got us a live one."
[Zapping] [BELLAMY coughs] [Zapping] [BELLAMY groans] [Motor whirring, chains clanking, EKG beeping]
Maya "Sergeant Lovejoy, hi."
Sgt. Lovejoy "Where's Thorpe? I need to go over the treatment schedule so I know how many cages to clear."
Maya "He just left."
Sgt. Lovejoy "Thanks. I'll try to catch him."
"She's done an hour early. Twenty-five-minute treatment. That's got to be a record."
Maya "You really need Thorpe now, huh?"
Sgt. Lovejoy "Yeah."
Maya "You know, I think he said something about going to the mess hall."
Sgt. Lovejoy "Thanks."
[BELLAMY gasping]
Maya "Who are you? You're from the Ark, aren't you?"
Bellamy "Yeah."
Maya "Do you know Jasper?"
Bellamy "Maya? How about getting me down, Maya?"
Maya "Lovejoy, hey."
Sgt. Lovejoy "What are you doing here? You're not cleared for this facility."
Maya "I know. I'm sorry. I just wanted to see what was so special about him, but... He's dead."
Sgt. Lovejoy "So he is." "You're a brave girl coming in here--"
Sgt. Lovejoy "Don't move. Don't move! On your feet. On your feet!"
Maya "Stop!"
Bellamy "Don't. They'll hear."
"Thank you."
"You all right?"
"Hey, you okay?"
Maya "I'm fine."
Bellamy "Help me get him undressed. We need to get rid of the body."
Kane "Raven did a good job. The airlock is radiation-free. When will he wake up?"
Abby "I don't know. Soon. Our blood heals them. It's incredible."
Kane "Yeah. That's why the kids in Mount Weather are in trouble."
Abby "My kid is in trouble. They tried to kill her, Marcus."
Kane "They missed. Clarke is strong."
Abby "She's not that strong. The Grounders look at her like she's our leader, and now Mount Weather does, too."
Kane "Clarke's holding this alliance together, and without that, the war is lost."
Abby "I didn't know I'd lose my daughter over it."
Bellamy "You've done enough. You should walk away."
Maya "You don't know where you're going."
Bellamy "So draw me a map."
Maya "No. I'm in."
Bellamy "Okay. I need to get to the radio so I can contact Clarke. We heard Jasper's SOS."
Maya "I helped them set that up. I know where it is. Bellamy... your people are disappearing, two so far-- Monty and Harper. I thought they'd be in here, but--"
Bellamy "I want to see the others. Now."
Maya "The dorm is on the way to the radio."
Bellamy "Okay."
Maya "Wait. Everyone here knows everyone. Put this on. Roll up your sleeve."
Bellamy "Tracking chip."
Maya "It'll trip alarms once we start moving. We have to take it out."
Bellamy "Do it."
Maya "How'd you know what my name was before I told you?"
Bellamy "Clarke. Clarke said Jasper couldn't stop talking about someone named Maya."
Maya "Put this in your cage."
Bellamy "I'll come back for you, I promise." "Take me to my friends."
[HARPER gasps]
Monty "Please stop. She's too weak."
Harper "Don't. Don't. Not again."
Monty [Drill whirring] "No. No! No!"
Dr. Tsing "Mr. President."
President Wallace "Put that down. Get away from that girl."
President Wallace "Release him."
Jasper "Open it. Open it!" "I was so worried." [MONTY crying]
Dr. Tsing "The ground is our birthright. You can't keep us from that."
President Wallace "Watch me. Lock her up."
guard "Yes, sir."
President Wallace "Go back to the dorm and tell your friends to pack their things. You're going home."
Jasper "Thank you."
President Wallace "Take me to my son."
guard "Yes, sir."
Kane "Please answer the question."
Emerson "Carl Emerson, Mount Weather security detail."
Kane "As you already said. You don't seem to be grasping the situation here. You should've died in the woods. We saved your life. Why not help us bring an end to all this?"
Emerson "Carl Emerson, Mount Weather security detail."
Clarke "He's not gonna talk."
Kane "He will if we open the door."
Abby "We are not doing that."
Kane "We need to know what he knows-- vulnerabilities, troop numbers."
Clarke "She's right. Torture doesn't work."
Kane "Clarke, it could save your friends."
Abby "I'm the Chancellor!"
Kane "Then act like one! I told you I would support you as long as I believed that you were doing the right thing!"
Abby "I am! And if you disagree, convene a vote and take my place!"
Kane "I don't give a damn about the title! I just want to save our people!"
Abby "So do I! I want this man under twenty-four-hour guard. Is that clear?"
Maya "There are three hundred and eighty-two people inside this mountain. If any of them realize you're not one of us, you're dead. We're on level two. The dorm is on five. There's a camera in the upper right-hand corner. Keep your head down."
man "Hold the elevator." "Hey, Maya. You know, I missed you in my expressionists class."
Maya "Yeah. I-- I had some work to do."
man "Ah. I'll get you the notes." "Hey, you're bleeding. You okay?"
Maya "You were exposed. We need to retrace your steps and find the breach. You better go."
man "What about you?"
Maya "This is my job. I'll be fine."
man "Keep the handkerchief."
man "Eyes on the Ark camp, sir."
Cage "Still no word from Emerson?"
man "Uh-uh."
Cage "There's something wrong. The team at Tondc hasn't checked in, either." "Everything okay?"
President Wallace "Tell me Dr. Tsing was working alone."
Cage "I can't do that. We've accomplished great things."
President Wallace "You've accomplished nothing. You're a stain on our legacy."
Cage "Our legacy? We've been bleeding people to stay alive for generations. That's our legacy. What we've done is gonna get us out of this prison. How could you not want that for us?"
President Wallace "You betrayed me."
President Wallace "You betrayed us all."
President Wallace "Take him into custody."
Cage "I never wanted it like this. All I wanted was to give you your dream."
President Wallace "I gave you an order."
guard "I'm sorry."
Cage "They take their orders from me now. Everyone wants to go to the ground. You can't blame them. Put my father in quarantine."
guard "Yes, Mr. President."
Jasper, over radio "This is Jasper Jordan. We need help. Forty-seven of us are trapped inside Mount Weather."
Raven "Yeah. I can totally replicate this frequency."
Clarke "Good. If we can neutralize the Reapers, the tunnels are an option. Get on it."
Raven "You don't need to give me orders, Clarke. I got this."
Octavia "Raven, any word from Bellamy?"
Raven "Nothing yet."
Octavia "Lincoln is still missing, too. He should be back by now."
Clarke "They'll be okay."
Raven "They better be. Your whole plan rests on Bellamy getting in."
Clarke "He will."
man, on P.A "Councillor Kane and Clarke Griffin, please report to the south airlock immediately."
Clarke "We'll finish this later."
Kane "Did he say something?"
Abby "No... but his blood did. Jackson found genetic marker anomalies that can only come from someone who was born on the Ark."
Clarke "It's started."
Kane "It didn't come from the blood transfusion that we gave him?"
Abby "No. I took the sample before that."
Clarke "They're bleeding my friends."
Kane "We don't know that."
Clarke "Yes, we do. We were genetically engineered. They weren't."
Kane "What are you doing?"
Clarke "Killing him. Get out of my way, Kane."
Kane "Calm down."
Abby "Clarke... You are not in charge here. We do things my way."
woman [Bell rings] "Okay. Come along. Inside."
woman, on P.A "Homeroom has now begun. All students should be in their classrooms."
Maya "Come on."
little boy Lovejoy "Mister... Are you on a ground unit? My dad is training for a ground unit."
Bellamy "It's pretty cool up there. I hope he makes it."
Bellamy [Sighs] "They're just kids."
Maya "What did you expect you'd find here?"
Jasper "All right. Listen up. There's gonna be questions, but there's no time. We're getting out of here. So pack your stuff."
Fox "W-- What are you talking about?"
Miller "What, they're just letting us go?"
Jasper "Yes, right now before they change their minds."
Fox "But, Jasper, what the hell is going on?"
Monty "They lied to us the whole time about everything. The Ark is on the ground, and we're not safe here. Do what he says."
Jasper "Now!"
Maya "There they are."
[Alarm sounds]
Jasper "No!"
Bellamy "What's going on?"
Maya "I don't know. It's not a breach but it can't be good."
Bellamy "Get me to that radio."
Jasper, on radio "This is Jasper Jordan. We need help. Forty-seven of us are trapped inside..."
Clarke "We're too late. They're already bleeding them."
Jasper, on radio "They've taken Harper and she may already be dead. We don't know how much time we have left."
Clarke "It's over."
Raven "No! You don't get to give up, Clarke. You killed Finn, and I didn't give up. I'm building a damn tone generator. You do your job!"
Clarke "What is my job?!"
Raven "I don't know, to come up with something."
Clarke "I have tried."
Bellamy, on radio "Camp Jaha, this is Mount Weather. Can anyone read me?"
Raven "Holy crap."
Bellamy, on radio "Camp Jaha, this is Mount Weather. Can anyone read me?"
Clarke "Bellamy?"
Bellamy "Clarke?"
Clarke "Are you all right?"
Bellamy "I'm fine. That's it for the good news. We have to talk fast. Something has changed. Jasper, Monty, everyone, they just locked them in the dorm."
Clarke "But they're alive, all of them?"
Bellamy "I think so, for now. Maya says that they're already using their blood, and things are gonna get ugly in here real fast."
Clarke "Maya is with you?"
Bellamy "She helped me escape. If not for her, I'd be dead. And, Clarke, there are kids in here. We need a plan that doesn't kill everyone. Please tell me we have one."
Clarke "I hear you, but we can't do anything until you disable the acid fog. Raven is gonna help you."
Bellamy "Got it. What else?"
Clarke "You have to figure out a way to free the Grounder prisoners. There is a whole army inside that mountain and they don't even realize it."
Bellamy "Trojan horse. Good plan."
Clarke "What does Maya think? Is it doable?"
Bellamy "She says it's not a problem. Clarke, if I'm gonna pull this off, I need you to buy me some time. It won't be long before they realize I don't belong here, and if that happens--"
Clarke "That can't happen. I'll come up with something."
Bellamy "Come up with it quick."
Clarke "Copy that, and, Bellamy..."
Bellamy "Yeah?"
Clarke "You came through. I knew you would. "
Bellamy "All I've done so far is not get killed."
Clarke "Keep doing that. You're up."
Raven "What are you gonna do?"
Clarke "I'm gonna keep them looking outside instead of in."
— ♪ No, our minds are full of freedom ♪
— ♪ We're in a world where we all come alive ♪
— ♪ Change, moments will be one ♪
— ♪ Our glory days are numbered, you're the one to count my love ♪
— ♪ No, our minds are full of freedom ♪
— ♪ We're in a world where we all come alive ♪
— ♪ No, when love becomes a reason ♪
— ♪ We'll fly with kings tonight and conquer with an empire of our own ♪
guard "Uh-uh."
Clarke "Don't. Get dressed. You're coming with me."
Abby "They're got Emerson."
Kane "Clarke, what are you doing?"
Abby "Clarke, stop."
Clarke "No. I'm letting the prisoner go."
Abby "Absolutely not."
Kane "He hasn't told us anything yet."
Clarke "He doesn't have to. He's gonna tell them something."
Abby "Get the prisoner back to the airlock. Now."
guard "Yes, ma'am."
[grounders unsheathe their swords]
Clarke "You may be the Chancellor, but I'm in charge."
Abby "Indra, tell your people to stand down before this gets out of hand."
Indra "No."
Abby "People could get hurt."
Clarke "Not if you get out of my way. You need to trust that I know what's right for us."
Kane "The Grounders trust Clarke. Maybe we should, too."
Abby "Stand down."
Clarke "Open the gate. Now."
Clarke "Can you hear me all right? Because I need to make sure you get this."
Emerson "Loud and clear."
Clarke "I have a message for your leader. We're coming for him. You're watching us, but you haven't seen a thing. The Grounder army is bigger than you think, and even if you could find it, your acid fog can't hurt them, and now, thanks to you... neither can the Reapers. So you have one last chance. Let our people go, and we'll let you live. It's just that simple."
Emerson "I got it."
Clarke "It's an eight-hour walk back to Mount Weather. You're gonna do it in six."
Emerson "Six hours? That's not enough. How am I supposed to deliver your message?"
Clarke "That's your problem. Now go."
Octavia "Hold on. You want to explain to me how this helps my brother?"
Clarke "I just told him we have a secret army to worry about. The more they're looking at us, the less they're looking at him. Bellamy is the key to everything, Octavia. If he dies, we die."