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You started a war that you don't know how to end.... The missiles you launched burned a village to the ground.... You're invaders. Your ship landed in our territory.... You knew we were here when you sent an armed raiding party to capture one of us and torture him. These are all acts of war.
Anya to Clarke Griffin [src]

The Coalition-Skaikru Conflicts are a series of armed conflicts between Trikru, Azgeda, and Skaikru. The conflict unofficially began when the Delinquents landed in Trikru territory on September 13, 2149, but officially began after a failed peace meeting between Clarke of the Sky People and Anya of the Woods Clan on the October 2.

After another peace meeting between Clarke and Commander Lexa of the 12 Clans on the October 25, the Woods Clan and the Sky People were at a strained truce. The two allied factions joined forces against Mount Weather until Commander Lexa made a deal with President Cage Wallace of the Mountain Men and thereafter the Woods Clan and Sky People were no longer allied but under a strained truce.

When Chancellor Griffin decided to allow Farm Station survivors to move into Mount Weather, she broke this tentative agreement, causing Azgeda to strike back, because using or living in Mount Weather was viewed as an insult and offensive to Azgeda, due to the fact that Mount Weather was viewed as a terrible place, where many Grounders have been killed. With the help of Carl Emerson, the last surviving Mountain Man, Azgeda blew up Mount Weather, causing the deaths of 49 Sky People. Because of this, the newly elected Chancellor Pike took a group of Sky People and massacred 300 sleeping Trikru warriors sent by Commander Lexa to protect Arkadia from any potential Azgeda attack.

In Season Four, the conflict between Skaikru and the Coalition has ended. After the Final Conclave, Octavia Blake reunites all remaining clans into a one clan, known as Wonkru.


This is the full list of those who participated in this war.


Many Trikru Grounders, including:

Many Azgeda Grounders, including:

Sky People

Many Sky People, including:

Individual Conflicts

  • Trikru-Skaikru Conflict
    • Trikru-Delinquent Conflict
    • Trikru-Camp Jaha/Arkadia Conflict
  • Coalition-Skaikru Conflict
    • Azgeda-Farm Station Conflict
    • Coalition-Skaikru Conflict


Jasper is speared by the Grounders

In Pilot, the Delinquents arrive on Earth from the Ark, their dropship crash landing in the middle of the Woods Clan territory. Unaware they are not alone, the Delinquents sent a party toward Mount Weather. As they near their destination they are attacked. Jasper was speared by Grounders; he was later found tied to a tree as live bait over a deadly pit trap. Notably, however, the Grounders cauterized his wound and left a poultice on it to try to prevent infection, saving Jasper's life. Though Jasper later developed an infection in Earth Kills, Clarke was able to use the poultice to develop a more effective treatment based off of the Grounders herbal medicine and Jasper lived.

In Earth Skills, a Grounder watches over the 100 camp, as they eat the panther Wells Jaha shot.

In Twilight's Last Gleaming, the flares set off by the 100 accidentally burn down a Grounder village. Octavia Blake is taken by a Grounder.

In His Sister's Keeper, Bellamy Blake suspects that his sister has been taken by the Grounders and forms a search party to find her. While out in the woods, the Delinquents come across Grounder territory. After the group splits, those still with Bellamy cross the territory and are unknowingly followed by Grounders. When the Grounders make themselves known, by killing Mbege, the Delinquents flee through the woods. In the process of fleeing, Diggs is impaled by a grounder trap. While searching for Diggs, Roma is speared in the chest, killing her. When the Grounders have the rest of the group surrounded, a Lincoln blows a horn, to warn of Acid Fog which chases off the Grounders, allowing the Delinquents to survive.

Later, when the group of Delinquents finds Octavia, they debate whether or not to kill Lincoln. Lincoln stabs Finn in self-defense and Bellamy and Lincoln fight. Lincoln almost kills Bellamy, but Jasper knocks him unconscious. The group race back to camp to try and save Finn.

The Delinquents capture Lincoln

In Contents Under Pressure, Bellamy takes a small group out to find the Grounder who had taken Octavia. When the Grounder is brought back to camp, Bellamy, Miller, and Drew string him up in the top level of the drop ship. They proceed to try and get information from Lincoln.

When Clarke Griffin reveals that Finn is dying from the Grounder poison, Clarke gives Bellamy permission to torture Lincoln further. When Lincoln still refuses to give them the antidote, Raven Reyes resorts to electrocuting him. Octavia, who had been watching, grabs the blade and cuts her arm. Infected with the poison, she approaches Lincoln and asks him which vial is the antidote to the poison. Lincoln reluctantly gestures to the correct vial, allowing Octavia and Finn to take the antidote. Later, Clarke tries to clean Lincoln's wounds but Octavia takes over for her.

In Day Trip, while cleaning Lincoln's wounds, Octavia learns that he does speak English and that his name is Lincoln. When Octavia realizes that Jasper Jordan is high off of Jobi Nuts, she hands them out to Miller and the rest of the camp. Once the camp is hallucinating, she helps Lincoln escape. Later that night, Bellamy asks Octavia if she helped the Grounder escape, to which she replies that she didn't.


Events at the Bridge

Finn With Clarke Before The Peace Meeting

In Unity Day, Finn follows Octavia sneaking out of camp where he finds her with Lincoln. Finn tries to negotiate peace with Lincoln. Lincoln explains that he does not have the power to negotiate peace between The 100 and The Woods Clan. After Finn explains that more soldiers will be coming down from the Ark, Lincoln agrees to try and set up a meeting between his leader, Anya, and their leader, Clarke.

Finn comes to Clarke explaining that he's set up a meeting with the Grounder and tries to get her to negotiate peace. Clarke agrees and tells Finn she'll meet him at the front gate soon. Instead of going to get her stuff, she informs Bellamy about the meeting. Clarke asks Bellamy to follow them and to bring guns as backup. While on the way to the meeting, Clarke leaves a trail for Bellamy, Raven, and Jasper to follow.

When they reach the bridge, Octavia approaches Finn and Clarke. Lincoln appears, as does a group of Grounders. Clarke meets with Anya and explains that she wants peace. Anya says that the 100 started a war they don't know how to end. When Clarke explains they didn't start anything, Anya tells her that the 100 burnt down a village. Clarke accuses Anya and the Grounders of spearing Jasper, to which Anya claims she knows nothing about. Clarke tries to put the past behind her and negotiate peace. Anya wants to know why she should negotiate peace with the 100 when more Sky People would be coming down, and asked if Clarke can guarantee that these people would hold to the peace agreements set by Clarke. Clarke tells her she will try.

Down below, Jasper, Bellamy, and Raven watch on. When Jasper spots Grounders in the trees with their bows at the ready, he panics and believes the Grounders are preparing to shoot Clarke, Octavia, and Finn. With the intent to protect his friends, he shouts for Clarke to run and begins to shoot at the trees. Clarke looks over to see Jasper shooting and Anya pulls out a knife to kill Clarke. Bellamy shoots Anya in the arm just in time, saving Clarke. Lincoln takes an arrow meant for Octavia and tells the Delinquents to run back to their camp. When the group of Delinquents return to camp, Octavia and Finn are furious. Finn at Clarke for not trusting him and Octavia at Jasper for ruining their only chance at peace.

Raven planting the bomb to blow up the bridge and delay the Grounder attack

In I Am Become Death, the 100 learn that Murphy was tortured by the Grounders for information about the Delinquents' camp. Clarke inspects his wounds and confirms he was tortured. Later, the 100 begin to get sick. Clarke orders all those sick into the drop ship. When Bellamy appears, Clarke explains that Murphy has been used by the Grounders as biological warfare in retaliation for what happened at the bridge.

When Clarke sends Octavia to go ask Lincoln for the cure, Octavia learns that there is no cure. His people use it to weaken before they attack, and they will be attacking the Delinquents at dawn. Octavia rushes back to camp to warn the others about the impending Grounder attack.

Later on, Bellamy, Jasper, Finn, and Raven try to come up with a way to stop the attack. Raven gets the idea to blow the bridge up. When Bellamy asks who plans to blow it up, Finn reluctantly accepts the job. When Finn goes to do it, however, he learns that Raven has already taken the bomb and is trying to do it herself. Raven sets up the bomb but before she can detonate it, she becomes violently sick with the virus Murphy brought to camp. Finn rescues her from the bridge as the Grounders approach. Jasper and Monty, after a few failed attempts, successfully shoot the bomb and blow up the bridge, delaying the Grounder attack on their camp.

Clarke and Finn captured by Anya.

In The Calm, Anya captures Finn and Clarke when they went out hunting for more food. Anya demands Clarke help a young tribeswoman named Tris who is Anya's second in command. Anya reveals that the girl had been injured in the bombing of the bridge. When the attempt to save the girl fails, Anya orders Finn to die and Clarke be kept alive. Anya plans to use Clarke as their healer because theirs died in the explosion. It is revealed to Clarke that the Grounders still plan on attacking the camp and that the camp would be gone by morning. Clarke kills a Grounder, Caliban, and tries to get back to camp to warn the others. She is caught in a Grounder trap, however, and knocked unconscious.

Run-up to the Battle at the Camp

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), the Delinquents prepare for the war against the Grounders. Raven sets up landmines while Bellamy and his militia set up fox holes.

Meanwhile, Clarke meets Tristan, a man who has been sent to kill her people. Tristan orders another Grounder to kill Clarke. The Grounder advances on Clarke and Clarke is once again knocked unconscious. When Clarke awakes she finds herself on a horse. The Grounder is revealed to be Lincoln. He saved both her and Finn, by killing one of his own people.

Lincoln takes the two into the Reaper tunnels which are the fastest way to get back to the 100's camp. Lincoln claims he only saved Clarke and Finn for Octavia. He believes that what his people are doing to the 100 is wrong. Later, Lincoln leads the Reapers away from Clarke and Finn. Clarke and Finn make it back to camp and warn the others. Clarke announces they are leaving before the Grounder Scouts that Lincoln warned them about appear.

The Battle at the Camp

In We Are Grounders (Part 2), The 100 leave camp for the ocean. While on their journey, Drew is killed by a throwing weapon. The 100 retreat back into their camp. The decision to stay and fight is made. Clarke and Raven come up with a plan to make the rocket "blast off". Bellamy plans to give them as much time as they need. Before the battle, Finn leaves to go find a coagulant that will save Raven's life. At Lincoln's cave, he finds Lincoln alive and well. Lincoln gives him the coagulant to save Raven and follows Finn back to camp to help Octavia. Before they leave, Finn gets a "really bad idea".

As the Grounders continue to bait the 100 to use all their ammo, Monroe flees one of the foxholes when she runs out of ammo. Bellamy tries to call her back but, their fox hole is attacked by Grounders. A Grounder injures Miller and another attempts to choke Bellamy to death. While trying to choke Bellamy, the Grounder is killed by Octavia. However, Octavia is injured by an arrow to the thigh. Bellamy orders Miller to get back to camp as he helps Octavia.

Later, Finn and Lincoln appear with a group of Reapers chasing after them. When the Grounders see the Reapers, Finn and Lincoln disappear from sight. The Reapers are quick to join the fighting and kill Grounders. Once most, if not all, of the Reapers are killed, Tristan continues the attack on the 100 by breaking down the main gate. Inside the camp, the 100 are preparing to enter the drop ship. Clarke claims that Jasper needs more time to get the rockets ready to fire. She orders all gunners to stay at their posts while everyone else is to get inside.

The Ring of Fire

Once the rockets are ready to fire, Clarke demands to wait until Bellamy and more of the others get inside. She goes outside to find Bellamy. When she does, she sees him fight Tristan and watches as Bellamy loses. Finn grabs a gun from one of the Delinquents and shoots Tristan just before he's about to kill Bellamy. Bellamy continues to fight Tristan. Finn gives Clarke a look and nods his head before he is grabbed by another Grounder. Clarke is led back into the drop ship by Miller and closes the door, leaving Finn, Bellamy and other Delinquents outside. Anya notices the door closing and quickly jumps in. Anya prepares to attack the Delinquents but is hit in the head by the end of Miller's gun. The 100 begin to beat and kick Anya. Just as Miller is about to stab Anya, Clarke stops him and announces that they are not Grounders.

Outside, Grounders being to climb on the outside of the drop ship. Inside, Jasper tries to fire the rockets but they fail. He quickly finds another source of energy and fires off the rockets killing every Grounder, Delinquent, and Reaper nearby.

Ongoing Conflict

In The 48, It is revealed that Tristan, Bellamy, Finn, Monroe, Sterling, and an unnamed Delinquent have survived the explosion. Bellamy finds Monroe and Sterling and asks them how they survived. Sterling mentions that they went to find the Ark in hopes to bring back reinforcements. They then hear movement and see Tristan on a horse with Finn and an unnamed Delinquent being dragged along behind him. The unnamed Delinquent falls and can't get back up. Tristan gets off his horse and grabs the Delinquent and slits his throat. Finn protests and Tristan mentions that he killed only one and he lost three hundred.

Back at camp, it is revealed that Raven, Murphy, and an unnamed Grounder have survived the explosion. The unnamed Grounder enters the drop ship and spots Raven lying on her side. He approaches and when he touches her, Raven rolls over and shoots him point-blank in the face.

Later, Bellamy tries to attack Tristan to get Finn back. However, Tristan once again defeats Bellamy. With Bellamy tied up, Monroe and Sterling watch on. Monroe tries to be brave and runs out to help Bellamy and Finn, with Sterling following. However, before the two can attack Tristan, he is shot by Marcus Kane.

In Inclement Weather, Octavia kidnaps the Woods Clan's only healer, Nyko, in order to get Lincoln back.

In Reapercussions, Finn kidnaps, brutally interrogates, and kills Delano, an exile from the Woods Clan, in order to receive information about Clarke's whereabouts. Indra also makes an exception and fights alongside Octavia against the Reapers.

Rivo is also captured by the Sky People and is brought back to Camp Jaha for interrogation by Marcus Kane and Major Byrne. Kane later decides to abdicate his Chancellorship and take Rivo back to his village in order to broker peace with the Grounders.

In Many Happy Returns, Anya abducts Clarke and tries to take her back to her own people. But Clarke gets the drop on her, taking Anya as prisoner. Later while Clarke is distracted, Anya gets up and starts to fight her. Clarke ultimately wins, however, she doesn't kill her but instead hits her in the face numerous times. As they approach Camp Jaha, Clarke sets her free in an attempt to end the conflict with the Grounders. This is quickly ended as Anya is shot down by a member of the Camp Jaha Guard, thus continuing the war between the Sky People and Grounders.

In Human Trials, Kane and Rivo arrive at Rivo's village. Kane orders the Camp Jaha Guard to return to Camp Jaha and disarms himself before Rivo knocks him out and takes him prisoner. When he is dumped into a holding cell, Kane is shocked to meet his fellow prisoner: Thelonious Jaha.

Massacre at Tondc

Finn and Murphy hold the town hostage.

Finn sets fire to a camp for the Woods Clan and tkaes everyone in that area hostage along with Murphy, after receiving their intel from Delano about their friends whereabouts. Nyko tries to mediate the situation so nobody gets hurt, as Finn is confused that his friends are nowehre to be seen. When Nyko overhears Murphy mention Delano, Nyko explains that Delano was a thief and an outcast for their clan, Delano lied so revenge would be brought upon his people. Once Finn and Murphy decide to leave, several townspeople try to escape, and Finn in a fit of rage begins to massacre 18 of them by gunning them down.

In Fog of War, Gustus forces Kane and Jaha to fight to the death in order to get justice for the massacre. Kane slits his own wrists and The Commander sees that Kane's intentions are honorable and allows his friend Jaha to go, with a message (Leave or die), back to his people.

Diplomatic Negotiations

In Long Into an Abyss, Clarke manages to work out a truce with the Grounders after showing them that she can turn Reapers back into normal people. However, The Commander states that she needs one thing in return, and Clarke agrees to give her anything. The Commander says she needs Finn because the truce starts with his death. Nyko also attempts to kill Finn because of the massacre he had committed.

In Spacewalker, The Grounders see Finn's death as a way to make amends. However, the Sky People refuse to give him up. Clarke tries to take Finn and help him escape. While running away a grounder ambushes Clarke, and Finn points a gun at the grounder, yelling at him to run away. Meanwhile, Indra threatens to march on the camp to Abby, as Indra says one of the grounders spotted Finn running through the woods in order to escape. Clarke, Bellamy, Murphy and Raven head to the dropship to hold their grounder and protect Finn. Ultimately, Finn gives himself up anyways. Just before his execution, Clarke comes in to say goodbye. She stabs Finn to prevent him from a more painful death. His death ultimately makes the relationship between Trikru and the Sky People less hostile, with several who still voice their concerns, however.

Sky People and Trikru feast on their new alliance

In Remember Me, Lexa gathers several Sky People to have a feast to make amends and discuss war terms against Mount Weather. When arriving at the village for the meeting many Grounders are unhappy to see Sky People free walk in their village, with a lot of Grounders yelling at them. Gustus is forced to beat one of them down in order to control the crowd. However, when an attempted assassination is thwarted when Gustus drinks poison, the Sky People are believed to have tried to kill Lexa. Raven Reyes is taken as prime suspect, and is taken to be executed. Lexa says that when she dies, the alliance dies with her. But, it is soon revealed that Gustus was the one who poisoned himself in order to break the alliance, because he believes the Sky People are a threat to Lexa. This results in Gustus's execution.

In Survival of the Fittest, one of Lexa's generals, Quint, argues with Clarke when they discuss how they will march on Mount Weather. When Clarke decides she needs to get air, Quint is seen attempting to kill Clarke by shooting at her with a bow and arrow. However, he is thwarted by Lexa, who stops him from killing Clarke.

In Coup de Grâce, when Echo discovers Bellamy is a Sky Person, she spits on him, not realizing they are no longer enemies. Bellamy promises to save her from the Mountain Men and does so later on.

Sky People and Grounders ready to breach the Mountain

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), the Sky People and Grounder army marches towards Mount Weather to finally bring back their people being held as prisoners. Fights ensue as the army tries to breach the main entrance to the Mountain. Although they were bound together to fight off the Mountain Men, the relationship between the Sky People and the Coalition is strained when the Grounder Commander Lexa betrays the Sky People by saying they won't march on Mount Weather with them because of their newly formed truce with the Mountain Men.

End of the Alliance

When the Mountain Men were wiped out, Lexa asked the Sky People to join the Coalition as the thirteenth clan in order to make peace with them. But when Chancellor Griffin decided to allow Farm Station survivors move into Mount Weather, this caused Azgeda to strike back, since using and living in Mount Weather is viewed as an insult and offensive to the Grounders, because Mount Weather is viewed as a worst place that was known to kill Grounders through the Harvest Project. With the help of Carl Emerson, the last surviving Mountain Man, Azgeda blew up Mount Weather, causing the deaths of 49 Sky People.

Nia is killed.

When Lexa brings forth the Ice Queen Nia to Polis for her crimes against the Sky People, Nia challengers Lexa for her throne, wanting Azgeda to be in power. Lexa chooses herself to fight, and Nia summons her son Roan to fight for her. Lexa ends up winning the battle but through executing Nia, and naming Roan king. This alliance puts Azgeda at bay for a short period of time, stopping them from engaging with the Sky People.

Pike's faction slaughtered Trikru soldiers.

In Arkadia, Sky People elect Charles Pike to be their Chancellor over Marcus Kane. Kane supported an alliance with Grounders, while Pike was angry over all the deaths they had caused. After the election, Pike took a group of Sky People and massacred 299 sleeping Trikru warriors sent by Commander Lexa to protect Arkadia from any potential Azgeda attack. This worsened the relationship between the Sky People and the Grounders once more and created an internal power struggle within Arkadia. Later Pike would lead another attack on a different Trikru settlement, where the Sky People would take heavy losses as Octavia Blake warned the village prior. Octavia was then taken by the chief of the settlement to Lexa to bring justice, but Lexa ordered that the clans not attack the Sky People, only more infuriating those around her.

In Polis, these tensions would eventually lead to Lexa's own Flamekeeper Titus, going so far as to trying to execute Clarke Griffin, as he believed a Sky person was having a negative influence on Lexa. However, this lead to Titus accidentally killing Lexa. After her death, a Conclave was to occur, and all of the Nightblood children were gathered up to prepare to choose a new Commander. Aden promised Clarke that he or whoever won would ensure the safety of the Sky People at all costs. This was cut short however, as all of the children were slaughtered by Ontari of Azgeda, leading to her becoming the Commander, forcing Clarke to flee Polis. Ontari informed Murphy that she would in fact slaughter of all the Sky People when the time came.

Pike is betrayed and handed to the Grounders.

Back in Arkadia, a coup was attempted on Pike by Marcus Kane and his followers. Things went sideways, and Kane's team was forced to escape, but lead to the eventual execution of Arkadia's loyal Trikru member, Lincoln. Eventually, Pike would be betrayed by one of his own subordinates Bellamy, leading to Pike being was overthrown and taken to Polis alongside Grounders and Kane himself.

War Against A.L.I.E.

Many of the Grounders, led by Ontari, fall under the control of A.L.I.E. and become enemies during the conflict that follows. Others, led by King Roan, side with Clarke and her remaining allies to destroy the AI. The war ends with the destruction of A.L.I.E. and the release of her followers, but the death of Ontari as well. Pike is killed by Octavia Blake for his actions, particularly the murder of Lincoln.

Renewed Tensions

After Pike was killed and A.L.I.E. was destroyed, the Grounders still blame the Sky People, due to A.L.I.E.'s cruel actions, but King Roan of Azgeda has reinstated Sky People as the thirteen clan and declared, "An attack against Skaikru is an attack against us all." As things go back to normal, the conflicts between Skaikru and the Coalition has ended.

The Restored Alliance

After the Final Conclave, Octavia Blake wished for everyone to be united and, as a result, all of the remaining clans are formed into a one clan, known as Wonkru, with Octavia as their leader.



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Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


"I understand. You started a war that you don't know how to end."
Anya accusing Clarke and the other delinquents of starting a war between the two groups in "Unity Day"
"Well, if we weren't at war already, we sure as hell are now."
Finn to the group about starting a war with the Grounders in "Unity Day"
"You expect us to trust a Grounder? This is our home now. We built this from nothing with our bare hands! Our dead are buried behind that wall in this ground! Our ground! The Grounders think they can take that away. They think that because we came from the sky, we don't belong here. But they've yet to realize one very important fact: We are on the ground now, and that means we are Grounders!"
Bellamy's speech to the other delinquents about the upcoming battle with the Grounders in "We Are Grounders (Part 1)"
"I'm letting you go. I'm not weak, but I'm not like you. Our only chance against Mount Weather is if we fight together. To beat them, we'll need our technology and your knowledge of this world. I know my people will help. The question is, will yours?"
Clarke Griffin to Anya in "Many Happy Returns"
"Deliver me the one you call Finn. Our truce begins with his death."
Lexa to Clarke Griffin in "Long Into an Abyss"
"So, now we're trusting Grounders to punish Grounders? I'm sorry Madam Chancellor, but I lost more than half of my remaining people yesterday. And four times the many since we landed. In my experience, Grounders understand one thing - strength. It's simple, we need to hit them now, we need to hit them hard."
Charles Pike to Abigail Griffin in "Watch the Thrones"
"Every life we honored at the memorial was lost because we trusted a Grounder."
Charles Pike to Bellamy Blake in "Watch the Thrones"
"This morning on the muddy field, our people paid tribute to those who have been taken from us by sending a message to the Grounders. This land is ours now. Resist and you will be met by force. Fight and you will be greeted by death. Today is a new beginning. Mark it down remember it, just like the Grounders will remember it."
Charles Pike to Arkadia residents in "Hakeldama"
"No. The Grounders are going to need him alive. They didn't get justice for Finn. We won't get away with that again."
Marcus Kane stopping Octavia Blake from killing Charles Pike in "Fallen"

Notes and Trivia

  • This is the first present-day (present-day in the show, i.e. in the years 2149-50) conflict to be shown in The 100.
  • The conflict officially started in "Unity Day" after a failed peace meeting.
  • Although the conflict went on for the whole first season, the final battle between Trikru and the Delinquents took place in "We Are Grounders (Part 2)."
    • The final battle consisted of Reapers, Trikru, and Delinquents.
    • The battle took place in the Delinquents' Camp.
    • The Grounder units involved in the war were Tristan's and Anya's.
    • The Delinquents used the idea of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" to get the Reapers to create a distraction by fighting with the Grounders
  • At least 300 Grounder Warriors were killed when Jasper set off the rocket fuel under the drop ship.
  • After the battle, Anya was captured by Mount Weather along with 48 of the Delinquents, and the Delinquent's Camp was abandoned.
  • After the battle, Tristan captured Finn, Bellamy, and another Delinquent and was taking them back to the Commander when he was shot and killed by Marcus Kane.
  • Another Grounder survived the final battle at the Camp due to guarding John Murphy and was shot and killed by Raven Reyes.
  • After Mount Weather, a strained truce held for 3 months. However Lincoln warned that just because Azgeda is part of the Commander's Coalition, doesn't mean they'll respect the ceasefire.
  • There have been at least 847 casualties caused by the conflict.


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